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#454305 Gamers Mod Pack for 9.7

Posted Gamertech on 20 June 2013 - 08:48 AM


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Gamertech may refer to:

  • Gamertech, influential WoT player, modmaker and curator of the popular Gamers Mod Pack.
  • Gamers Mod Pack (2013-2015), a popular collection of hax mods used to transform the World of Tanks experience.
  • Gamer's Style Mod Pack (2015- ), a fan update of the same beloved pack by opearn.


Disambiguation icon This disambiguation page lists articles about makers/modpacks with the same name. If you seek the latest mod pack, you may click on this link to go directly to the intended thread.

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This page was last modified on 2nd June 2015, at 4.12pm.

This is a complete rebuild of the games UI and adds a range of features and information to make your time in WoT a lot easier. Just follow the easy instructions and play.



World of Tanks 0.9.7

Current Pack Version 0.6



Accurate Damage Indicator

Gives a clearer indicator of where the enemy is firing from

Ally Silhouette

Enables an outline around all allied tanks controlled by a toggle key

Anti-chat spam blocker

Greatly cuts down on map spammers and general annoying people by suppressing their chat. Easily customisable

ASIA Clan Icons

The clan icons for ASIA server

Aslains XVM Mod

Full contour and overlay XVM mod


Script that you can train to equip specific modules to your tanks


Automatically equips binocs, camo net and toolbox whenever you play a tank with free equipment slots

Barebones XVM config

Custom XVM config that allows a more vanilla UI in battle

Battle Assistant

Allows arty to change to a direct point of view

Choice of contour icons

Arasgrandpas, Artasans, Aslains, Druids, Jimbos, Nikodemsky, Webiums

Choice of sights - Jimbos, Meltys, Deegies, Roughnecks

Modified battle sights

Colourblind Support

Colourblind options are available for several mods

DIY Mod Loader

Adaptive mod installer made by SpudmanWP

Four's FPS Mod

Trades map graphics quality for fps for players with weaker PC's

Gamer's Anti-recoil Mod

Stops camera movement when firing while keeping the gun stabilisation
Gamer's HD Minimap

Combines a detailed minimap with Locastan's HD maps and XVM adaptive view range
Gamer's Multi Level Sniper Mod 2,4,6,8,10,12,16,20,24,30x

Adds extra zoom stages to sniper mode and spaces them out to give a larger view range
Gamer's Zoom-out Mod

Max camera zoom in arcade and artillery view
HD Icons

Replaces all icons with HD versions

Displays the total damage you've dealt and received that battle, also adds a popup to tell you who hit you and with what type of shell
Improved Crew Skill Descriptions

Changes the crew skill descriptions to provide more detail

Live WN8

Shows a live view of your rough WN8 rating earned in that battle

Max Farplane Mod

Removes the background fog to let you see further, in some cases can increase FPS (Does not increase your spotting range)

Multi-row Tank Carousel

Allows customisation of the hangar tank carousel so you can adjust the size and add more rows

Radial Menu by Locastan

Replaces the Z command rose in battle with a customisable version

Safe Shot

Prevents accidental firing at a recently killed enemy or at teammates

Scope Shadow Remover

Gets rid of the fps-killing black border around the sights in sniper mode
Scrolling Battle Chat

Changes the in-battle chat to a scrollable box and adds the ability to copy and paste

Server save login and password

Mod to re-add the remember login details for ASIA server

Serverside Crosshair

Brings back the dual client/serverside crosshair. (Activate the serverside crosshair in your settings to see it)

Startup Video Remover

Removes the video on game launch to speed up loading time

Tank Info Panel

Shows targeted tanks gun, reload time and view range

TeamHP Pool mod

Adds a bar in battle that shows the total HP of both teams

White Death

Makes tanks go white on death so you can see enemy tanks hiding behind where the highlight doesn't work

Yasen's Statistics Pack

Changes the after battle report and adds session stats in the service window

Pack for 0.9.7

Gamers Mod Pack v0.6


Standalone Mods

Save Login Mod


How to install

-Run the DIYmodloader file, double click the 2 red bars, the top one point to your world_of_tanks game folder, and the second point to my "Gamers Mod Pack v0.x" folder

-Switch to the main page tab and customise the pack features to how you like it and click "Load Mods"

-Load the game and in your settings go to the top right of the first page and untick "Display tier number" and "Enable optics effect in sniper mode"


Activate XVM stats

-Browse to modxvm.com and login with your WoT account. Click activate then update to enable XVM stats


Paypal Donations
Due to (very) popular request I have added a donations button, please feel free to use it as much as you want and thank you to all who donate

Update v0.6

Updated: Aslains 4.3.15, XVM Nightly 4286, HD Minimap, Radial Menu, Locastans Stat Pack. Fixed: Wotlabs 10 colour XVM




- Aslain for making a brilliant XVM config
- SpudmanWP for his DIY mod loader
- The many fans over the years that have donated in return for my mod pack. Big thanks to them :honoring:
If you enjoy my mod packs feel free to give me a +1...or some gear in Star Citizen if you feel like it :harp:


Thread updated with link to successor thread.



#1533908 Anniversary Kick-Off: E 25 Giveaway - Registration

Posted Elphaba on 27 July 2016 - 10:10 AM



  1. Let us know that you're joining by posting "Count me in!" in the comments.
  2. Players may NOT use a different forum account to register a different in-game name (IGN) for participation.
  3. Registration will close on 12 August 2016 at 14:00 (UTC+8).





#377190 Being "on Tilt" In World Of Tanks

Posted Darkshaunz on 04 May 2013 - 01:39 PM

This is a discussion about the concept of being "On Tilt" in World of Tanks. I think it's important to explore this concept because it can have adverse effects on the enjoyment of the gameplay. This is also more directed at players that are more proactive in their self-evaluation and assessments after each game - but it can apply to any player. I've not seen this term being used here, so maybe "Tilt" can be used as nomenclature to describe "abnormal game performance".

What is Tilt?

Tilt is originally a poker term used to describe a competent player beginning to perform well below his capability after a bad game or two. Tilt is caused by emotional frustration clouding the judgement of an otherwise calm and consistent player. The resulting emotional response results in increasingly aggressive play, frustration and pessimism - which ends in an irreparable losing streak.

Why is Tilt relevant to World of Tanks?

World of Tanks is inherently a competitive game, where you engage other individuals in pixel tank combat. AFKers and bots notwithstanding, this means that you are essentially pitting yourself against human beings that are governed by emotional reactions. As many of you know, the actions of a few can really swing the influence of a match - especially those players that place a high value on good winning performances. As such, the higher your own expectations of your own performance - the greater the effects of tilt that you will potentially experience. So here are my own observed qualities of tilt:
  • Tilt is relative, depending on a tanker's individual self-expectation of what is considered to be "normal performance/expectations" (ie: WR/WN7 etc.)
  • Tilt is governed by an emotional response to a situation, and is triggered by an event outside of normal expectations (usually a very bad round of tanks).
  • Tilt is a downward spiral that continues to get progressively worse until corrective measure are undertaken (ie: Loss streaks exceeding five or more)
However, I posit that even the best players suffer from tilt - except the better performers will know how to mitigate the effects of tilt itself (more on that later). Hence, this concept is important because everyone has the potential to suffer from it - and will find the consequences on their stats and enjoyment adversely affected.

Am I on Tilt, or are the pubbies just bad?

The most important thing is to recognize whether or not you may be on tilt to begin with. The pilot can't pull out of a stall over the ocean at night if he doesn't have the instruments to assist him out of the uncontrollable dive. So in essence, you'll have to calibrate your own instruments to determine whether or not you may be experiencing a negative/destructive emotional response to a particularly bad round. Pubbies being bad is something you will have to do your best to compensate for - and the blame will almost always fall to the random players on your team. Some of it is due to actual fail by your team, personal ego or even partly affected by mild symptoms of FG_'s Dunning-Kruger effect. This is just a normal function of the human brain, but let's focus on some tilt symptoms:

  • Nasty streak: Losing more than five games in a row
  • Unnatural aggression: Opting to rush the enemy in situations, taking unnecessary hull damage to hasten the game and take a quick win at all costs
  • Scapegoating: Exponentially angered by the actions of the platmates/allies, even though they are not doing anything particularly wrong
  • Self-Loathing: Performed below self-assigned WR theshold (ie: must achieve 55% WR or higher for the day)
  • Loss of Control: "Ah who cares, clearly everything is down to luck anyway! my losses so far prove that!". Player stops trying because he believes he cannot recover from the losses.
As from the list above, those are based on my personal observations - but I invite everyone to add to the symptoms. We've also experienced at least one, two or more of the symptoms of tilt - because a lot of the forum warriors tend to be more sensitive and alert to their own game performance. As I've just covered the symptoms, let us explore some of the potential triggers of tilt in our server:

  • Time of day: Playing very early in the morning or extremely late results in poor MM (and randoms). Losses incurred have high chances to make the player experience Loss of Control.
  • Stamina levels: Playing whilst tired and fatigued results in a shorter temper fuse and poorer acceptance of mistakes. Seeing a lemming when we're tired makes us a lot angrier than when well-rested.
  • Harsh self-expectations: Playing with a high WR benchmark (Say 75%+ or whatever) makes it easier for you to move into Scapegoating and Self-Loathing when something goes awry.
  • Guilty dive: Failure to carry a game, failure to cover a platmate, or missing easy shots (RNG, curse you!) can result in a tilt trigger. Especially if the person feels they have failed a comrade.
  • Taunting: Doesn't often occur with the mature performers here, but taunting and inciting can lure solid players to deviate from their usual game-plan. This can result in an unexpected loss.
How about some suggested ways we can mitigate tilt?

Methods of mitigating Tilt

Thinking about this section, I realized that it depends on the player's own preparation and steps they take to win a match. It also demands that the individual is honest and self-aware about their own emotional thresholds. Just how reactive and proactive are you in ensuring you don't fall into the trap of Tilt Spiral?

Reactive Measures
  • Stop Playing: "Maybe the next game I will win for sure!" No, just step away from the PC and do something else. Clear your mind and re-approach the game after you've calmed down.
  • Analyzing Gameplay: Take a good look if you were using a non-optimal strategy. Yes you got top damage, but did you sacrifice map control to do so? What adjustments should be made?
  • Venting Anger: You have to take out and manage that frustration somehow. Some people seal club in loltraktors and some make an angry thread on the forums. Find a way that works for you.

Proactive Measures
  • Reasonable Goals: Don't go into a day with unreasonable expectations, increase your goal milestones step by step. To some people that's 52% WR, and others 70%+. Everyone is different.
  • Maximum Loss Thresholds: Set a personal "You shall not pass!" barrier of losses. Be fair, if you lose five games - then make a commitment to take a break and do something else.
  • Positive Mindset: Make the best out of a situation, and play your hardest - tilts are a temporary phenomena. Platoon if that helps you maintain a more social and relaxed mindset.

I know there's an explosion of words here, but I would like to know what you guys think about applying the concept of tilt to World of Tanks - and if you believe it is a relevant phenomena on our server. I also invite additions to not only the symptoms of tilt, but also ways to mitigate tilt based on your experience in public games, tank companies and clan wars.


#748317 A thank you, and an early bidding farewell

Posted ArmsAndLegsGuy on 24 December 2013 - 12:48 PM

This post will be a bit long, a bit emotional, a bit personal and very sincere. But on the plus side, it will contain video footage of Ola dancing. You have been warned.


A short backstory - As some of you might know, I have been moderating during closed beta before NA/EU, on EU and NA after the release, and now here. That is a timespan of more than 3 years. I started playing sometime around July 2010 during the closed beta, and became a community contributor Moderator and Translator during that time. During the 3+ years I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people online, members of the community and staff alike, both in battles, chatting in the garage, on the Skype channels, and on the forums. Some of these people you might know from blogs, like Overlord and Vallter, from Videos, like the bubbly and beautifull Ola, from this server, like Tanitha and KaZanova, and some of them you might never have heard about. 


This post is a personal thank you to all these people, AND a personal thank you to all the members of the world wide World of Tanks community I've been fortunate enough to have had contact with over the last 3 years. (Yes, it also includes those who I have banned on all three servers over time ;) .)


Well, on with the back story : Shortly after release on NA/EU, around April 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer in the stomach, and after a chemotheraphy and radiation session, followed by a surgical procedure which left me offline for the better part of May and June 2011, I thought I had beaten that.


During my absence from WoT, the Support staff, Community staff and Developers in Minsk, and the Moderators on the EU server where I was one of the Lead Super Moderators, took the time to send me a 4 page letter with greetings and well wishes from all those I had been in contact with. People high and low in WG, players and community contributors  were genuinely worried about me and my battle with the Big C.


This show of support, I believe truely helped me on my way to recovery back then. It also showed me, that the people making up the company, are people with heart, empathy, and the ability to care.

Something that IMHO has been reaffirmed time and time, not just in my case, but in their general attitude towards the members of the World Of Tanks community. This goes for the community as well - Dispite different nationalities, ages, backgrounds and cultures, everybody in general are here to have fun, to enjoy the Corps d'Esprit that exists among the players of the game while playing the game. 


Even though the community rages at times against WG as an entity, as well as against fellow members of the player community we belong to, please remember that the people representing WG, which you come into contact with really DO care about you, as players, as members of the community, and as human beings. And that the fellow members of the player community really are here for the same reason as you : To play and have fun..


Now you may wonder - Why is he babbling about this, and where is that video with Ola - All in good time, all in good time.

This summer, I started to fall ill again. I have been through another round of chemotheraphy and radiation sessions, but alas they didn't have the desired effect. Unfortunately there is no possibility for a surgical procedure this time. A couple of weeks ago, the verdict was final, and the only option the doctors have for me is pallative care, to ease whatever pain there is laying ahead of me. The expectancy given was 3-5 months.


This has given me time to get my stuff in order, and the chance to do some of the stuff I have on my bucket list. Stuff that mainly involves my closest family - enjoying what time there is left, with quality time, travel and experiences, as well as trying to express my gratitude to those I have been fortunate to have been influenced by and whom I hopefully have influenced myself. This involves, as you might gather from my babblings above, the people in WG across EU, NA and here on ASIA, but also you, my fellow members of the player community.


When I told Tanitha, whom I have worked with across 3 servers now, and who have become a good friend even though we never have met face to face, things I never expected got set in motion.
Ola, whom I have known since she worked in support at Minsk HQ, and allways teased that she should dye her hair red (I am preferential to redheads, being married to one), actually dyed her hair red for me.

Overlord contacted me, and said he would try and get one of my crazy babblings from back in 2011 implemented, in case I didnt make it - an easteregg with my ingame name (AALG or ArmsAndLegsGuy), placed somewhere on a map in the game.

Motherhen WG NA (JewelThief), compiled a "carepackage", which included homebaked cookies, personal gifts and various WG merchandise, and got that shipped off from San Francisco here to Copenhagen where I reside. Unfortunately, due to the combined tardiness of the U.S Postal Service and the Royal Danish Mail, it hasn't arrived in time for Christmas, but just the knowledge that they went through that effort, brought tears to my eyes.


What prompted me to this post, and which really blew my gasket, including making me cry for a full hour, was when this video popped up in my inbox yesterday :



Again, IMHO it shows that the people that works for WG have a lot of heart, and that shines through in the whole philosophy of the company - They give back where they can (examples are multiple - donation drives for vets and relief organisations, support for excavating and salvaging wartime icons for posterity, etc etc etc).

So to you guys I have the following to say :


Mods, GM's, CM's, IM's, Devs, and everybody I have been in contact with over the years at WG, are absolutely awesome. Thank you for having enriched my life for the last 3½ years now.

You lot showing how much you all care, and the support you are giving me - I can not tell you how much it means to me, and how touched I am by your empathy and sympathy.

Just know that I am forever thankfull for having had the chance of having you guys in my life, and being part of the WG WoT experience.

I won't single anyone out specially, just saying that you all prove that WG is a company comprised by people with heart, and not just a big corporate entity just interested in the profit line.

YOU guys are what makes WG a great company, Your attitude towards your players, community contributers, and colleagues, is what defines the company.


I am honoured, having had the chance to be a part of it.


To my fellow members of the player community, thank you as well, for all the laughs, the battles in game, the "fights" in the chats and on the forums. Allways remember that there are human beings behind each nickname on the forums, and in game, that they are all part of YOUR community, and that at the end of the day, everybody are here for the same reason : To enjoy the game, and get the most fun out of playing it.


Now with the emotional part done, and the promised video showing Ola dancing, don't think that just because I am saying my goodbyes early, that I will be soft on the forums or in the chat. As long as I have the energy for it, I will be playing and moderating here on the ASIA server, but as things go with this illness, health status changes PDQ, and I just wont be online.

Also, when I have passed away, just be aware, that if you don't behave on the forums or in the game, I will then have the ability to get up from down below (yes, I will be going downstairs, I am a Moderator afterall), and haunt your accounts as a deux ex machina, ensuring that the "Jinxed and Spooked" flag will be forever set.



Babling over, comments on Ola's dancing abilities are wellcome


#896790 首波《少女與戰車》語音包 - 西住美穗

Posted hoha5432 on 31 March 2014 - 06:42 PM








想要知道更多《少女與戰車》語音包的細節嗎?請前往此網址: http://worldoftanks.asia/zh-tw/news/21/announce-gupmod-01/





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#1321752 [Tank Academy] Tiết 1 : Tổng quan về các quốc gia

Posted CounterMAN on 20 April 2015 - 06:19 PM

trung quốc : côn đồ phố chợ

Đúng bản chất của thằng hàng xóm ngàn năm bẩn bựa trung quốc của chúng ta, từ tier 1 đến 6 (bao gồm cả tier 7 IS-2), trung quốc copy paste nguyên xi tank từ gần như tất cả các nước khác (Pháp, Anh, Nhật, Mỹ, Liên Xô ) . Từ tier 7, trung quốc bắt đầu tự nghiên cứu sản xuất xe của riêng mình , NHƯNG VẪN TIẾP TỤC DỰA TRÊN THIẾT KẾ CỦA LIÊN XÔ. Đặc điểm của tăng trung quốc là COPY PASTE đặc điểm của LX. Sát thương từng phát của tăng trung quốc được xếp vào hàng khá. giáp của chúng cũng được đánh giá khá tốt. Điểm yếu nổi bật nhất của tăng trung quốcHẠ NÒNG, khiến chúng cực kỳ khó chịu khi phải chiến đấu ở khu vực nhấp nhô vì chỉ cần 1 mô đất nhỏ cũng đủ để tăng trung quốc ngắm giời luôn. Địa bàn chủ yếu của chúng là khu vực bằng phẳng, trong thành phố. Ngoài ra, cảm ơn WG, tăng trung quốc còn có tỉ lệ cháy nổ hầm đạn và bình xăng bá đạo hơn cả tăng Liên Xô


Tăng hạng nặng : trung quốc bắt đầu có tăng hạng nặng từ tier 7 (copy paste IS-2 của Liên Xô )  , tier 8 là 110, 1 phiên bản copy của IS-3. 2 HT cấp cuối là WZ-111 1-4 và 113, HT trung quốc đi theo hướng lai giữa med và HT (HT-med hybrid). Chúng có sự cơ động khá tốt của med, bộ giáp của HT. Hạn chế vẫn chỉ gói gọn trong từ HẠ NÒNG và sát thương từng phát trung bình cùng tốc độ bắn không cao

Tăng hạng trung : giống như HT, 2 med đầu tiên của trung quốc là 2 bản nhái của T-34 (Type t-34) và T-34-85 (Type58) của Liên Xô. Từ Tier 7, med trung quốc phát triển dựa trên T-34, cũng mang hơi hướm của T-54 với tháp pháo bo tròn, súng tốt so với med ngang cấp. Từ tier 8 trở lên, med trung quốc phát triển 1 đặc điểm riêng của mình : sử dụng chung súng với những chiếc HT đồng cấp, cho phép chúng gây ra sát thương từng phát lớn bất ngờ, lớn nhất trong tất cả các med cùng cấp. Điều này cùng với độ cơ động khá, biến chúng thành những tăng hỗ trợ và tấn công thọc sườn đáng gờm. Hạn chế của med trung quốc là độ ổn định kém, aim lâu chính xác kém, và HẠ NÒNG. và vụ HẠ NÒNG xem ra còn tệ hơn ở HT do med cần tận dụng địa hình hơn HT rất nhiều. HẠ NÒNG kém hạn chế rất nhiều khả năng của med trung quốc

<a href='http://worldoftanks.asia/dcont/fb/image/wz-132_1024x768.jpg' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'style=http://worldoftanks....32_1024x768.jpg" src="http://worldoftanks.asia/dcont/fb/image/wz-132_1024x768.jpg" style="background:transparent none repeat scroll 0% 0%;">

Tăng hạng nhẹ : từ tier 1 đến 4, trung quốc dùng tăng hạng nhẹ từ các nước khác, từ tier 6 trở lên, chúng được thiết kế bởi trung quốc, mang thiết kế giống với med LX. Chúng là 1 dạng lai giữa LT và med, trong đó yếu tố LT cao hơn nên nhìn chung LT trung quốc có độ cơ động khác, tốc độ cao, những khẩu súng tốt ngang và tốt hơn Med đồng cấp. Hạn chế của LT trung quốc là giáp mỏng, ổn định kém, tốc độ bắn chậm (chậm nhất trong số các LT 7 8 khác) và (lần nữa) HẠ NÒNG !


Nếu bạn thấy bài viết bổ ích, vui lòng ấn +1 (nút màu xanh lá +) ở tất cả các post, ủng hộ thanh niên ngồi nhìn ping 580 :great:

#1166762 Armoured Persona: IS-3

Posted Fendalton on 15 November 2014 - 04:22 PM




The helmet resembles the pike nose of the IS-3, and the green resembles it's colour.


The tiny, slanted eyes resemble it's view range. 


The simplicity of the design resembles the simplicity of playing the tank.

#1380559 Sayonara to everyone here...it's time to leave the forums unless somethin...

Posted _Spawny_ on 29 June 2015 - 11:32 AM

This is my 3000th post. I have played this game for nearly 4 years starting from the EU server and now ASIA. I was so happy when the SEA server was introduced. Meant the ping was amazingly good compared to 300ms ping on the EU server since I’m residing in Malaysia. WOT has been the 1st game that I was really serious in and I guess no other game will ever compare my attention to it for a while. It was cool, challenging and frustrating pitting your skill against other players. No thought about any hacks or cheats in game at all then. It was skill vs skill. Nothing more, nothing less. 


Most importantly, the forums is one of the factors of why I’ve been around here for as long as I have. It was the place to share ideas, stories, achievements, victory and defeat with players from all over ASIA.


However, lately the forums and game have degenerated into a farce and roadblock. Both from the the mods side and players side. I will still play the game for the fun of it and to keep up with the friends I have made here. And tourneys will keep me busy still. May even post some tank reviews of my favourite tanks. But I will not be constantly logged in to WOT ASIA forums anymore and participate in it as I have before till there’s some concrete action taken. The negativity is killing the forums and I want no part in it till there’s some posivite changes. Here are the issues that needed to be addressed but are still not :- (note : this are my views as a player alone and not DPS views)


1. Hacks/Prohibited Mods

WG (global)  lack of action against this plague is at a critical stage now and unless this problem is fixed, the hole dug here will be too big the cover up. It has infested random games, clan wars, strongholds and even tournaments. There are list of prohibited mods around different servers. And ASIA has just gotten it’s list (better late than never?). However the main question is, ENFORCEMENT. The complete lack of enforcement has led to numerous clans and players trying out the hacks. Some are disgusted by it and have even quit WOT because of it, some are jumping on the bandwagon cos since everyone’s using it. If you can’t beat them, join them is the motto of the day. Much like how RU server is now. Most everyone there is using it and it’s normal for them. But not for a small server like ASIA. Those who have experienced getting module damage numerous times from certain clan players from a certain nation would agree.  Most agree that the rot started when after Campaign 3 where there were numerous post about players from a certain country and clan was using prohibited mods to try to win the campaign.  Tournaments are also not free from prohibited mods and WG does not check for hacks, even in gold league. I know some teams that are using mods (legal or illegal) and nothing has been done. The mods that are required to be installed on every gold league players are only to transmit data to their twitch stream. Though this is more of a global issue and whether WG is serious about combating this issue or not, it is my hope that Tanitha and the WG ASIA team be the spearhead for the enforcement of usage of illegal mods in WOT. The day I have to rely on hacks to be competitive,  is the day I quit WOT for good.


2. Double dipping of gold leagues tournaments.

This has got to be the biggest joke ever in E-Sports. I can’t believe the WG is so casual in this. The implications are ridiculous. I hope that the gold leagues teams will stand up for fairness and allow the finals to be EL vs EL . Nuff said.


3. Campaign 3

This campaign was the critical mass that imploded the community and splitting it in half with all the alledged rigging involved. It was a sad day for me, especially when DPS won fair and square. Rigging with sub-clans was ok (everyone was led to believe that it was against the rules since we all thought 4S was penalized for it in a previous campaign, but in actual fact they were penalized because they did not submit replays as requested, the fallout from this was great and anger and disgust grew towards WG ASIA). WG incompetence was again shown when they announce that Campaign 3 was over and congratulating the victors without naming the victors (huh?) Trying to save the mess, DPS was asked to give the victory post to WG. However someone posted a replay of DPS during Stage 1 where we played with the last tank alive after we stomped the rest of the enemy for alleged rigging, DPS were then threaten with punishment and removal of the prize tank for those involved in the battle. Now you know why DPS didn’t bother to submit our victory post. After that, when it was apparent that WG ASIA can’t keep up with the uproar over the farce that was Campaign 3 over other incidents, and extra Obj. 907s were given out to placate the masses, it was forgotten and everyone moved on after that. Ever wondered why most DPS players were disinterested in Armageddon? The lack of faith in WG ASIA was real from there onwards.


4. Rigging of Strongholds/Team Battles

Ever wondered why the hostility towards that particular country? Though the entire clan was nuked, the damage was already done in the public eye because of the bad apples.


5. Rigging of Personal Missions

Punishment was metted out, a week of holiday for the offenders or whatever, then in the end, it’s just a minor delay for the offenders to get the Obj 260. And again, the offenders have shamed their country again with their act. Further reinforcing the players perception of players from that country. That’s why I am not in the least interested in this missions anymore.


6. Forums

Senior forum warriors have become too frustrated and are leaving because WG ASIA are not listening, being inconsistent and turning a blind eye. This perception was ingrained in our minds because of the lack or non-existent news about what was happening and the direction that WG ASIA was taking coupled with some forummers getting punished for speaking there minds. Here are some example :-

  1. Bought accounts being made moderators
  2. Being banned for minor things e.g. a senior forum warrior getting ban for saying “CW 2.0 will fix everything”
  3. Double jeopardy in being banned. Cases of some players being RO for 6 hours by 1 mod, then getting another 7 days RO from a different mod for the same offence.
  4. Banning/RO of English players when using google translate to type Vietnamese in the Vietnam forum, whilst Vietnamese who come to English forums and using google translate is OK. Double standard much.
  5. The locking of CRD…..unprecedented imho. Instead of banning players for posting offensive and racist post, the whole section gets locked up. Too personal and unprofessional on WG part.
  6. The riots/revolt by frustrated players and forummers – whilst I don’t agree with some of the post (and there were some in bad taste), you got to ask why did it happen? What sort of boiling lava that has been simmering for so long, to have made it suddenly explode? Why the revolt/riot? Has the WG ASIA team lost touch with the players base that it has come to this? A tit for tat? WG ASIA needs to seriously look at themselves and open their eyes. As far as I know, without the players/community, there will be no WOT. Players are what made the game. Sadly most players grievances are rugged, ignored or kept in the KIV jar.
  7. Racism….yes I agree it needs to be nip in the bud.I live in a mutli-cultural society and I have no qualms about being friends with all races. DPS is pretty much the same being filled with members from numerous countries. However, you cannot fully blame some players that cannot separate race from the offenders because they have their nations/political party/army name on their clan. If lets say Malaysian players keep getting caught flouting, cheating, rigging the game, then they would also be getting the same treament. 


I am sorry for the long essay. But I am passionate enough to put my account on the line. Punish me if you must for speaking my mind. I am ready for it. I hope it is not too late to make a turn around. Everyone make mistakes. That’s part of being human. It’s what we choose to do with the right path that makes the man, truly honorable.


The errors of a wise man make your rule rather than the perfections of a fool.      -- William Blake (1757-1827)


Goodbye to everyone here for now and peace out.



#359884 Reapers Mod Pack For 9.8.1

Posted StormCrowReaperManyHat on 25 April 2013 - 03:56 PM



Project has moved homes to WoTlabs

#66892 M0rdds Mod Pack - Now better than ever!

Posted M0rdd on 27 September 2012 - 09:59 AM

Now 8.11 compatible!! ~ Updated 27th February 2014 (pack v.11.x / game version 8.11)

Had trouble getting XVM mod working or need some good mods in general to use and not sure which to pick or how to install them? These mod packs are designed to make life easier for you by bundling together different mods into packs for you to choose from!






None of these mods are made by me, this is a collection of mods that I like to use together - original names of the mods are listed below.



The packs consists of:
1. XVM Mod 5.1.0 - Efficiency stats / Clan icons / custom OverTargetMarkers w/ Win Rating.
2. J1mB0's Crosshair Mod - A popular reticle mod that replaces the default reticle, see pictures.
3. Damage Panel by Demole_s - Enhances the original damage panel, lots of new features.
4. Hit log panel - adds hit log to damage taken list and enhances the XVM OTM.
5. Scope Shadow Remover - by Locastan, removes the black scope when in TD mode.
6. Minimap by Locastan/Artasan - enchances the default minimap with view & spotting ranges.
7. Radial Menu by Locastan - enhances the default radial menu look and textual options.
8. Sniper Zoom Out by Artasan - adds a 2x/4x/8x/16x zoom options to enhance zooming out.
9. Accurate Damage Indicator - shows much more clearly where damage is coming from.
10. Visible Rail Carts - adds yellow warning symbols to side of low rail carts for better visibility.
11. Gold Premium Tanks - makes your premium tanks in garage gold colour for easier searching.
12. Save Password - adds check box option to save password on login to client.
13. Coloured Battle Results by Locastan - adds colouring to the results list in the bottom right corner.
14. Vertical Tech Tree - changes tech tree back to "classic" style with vertical arrangement. **

15. Realistic Gun Sounds by HRMOD - adds realistic and more dynamic gun sounds. **
* = optional download seperate to the main pack





* Mod Pack 1 (v 11.0) - All mods (except VTT & RGS). (30MB)
* Vertical Tech Tree - optional download for those who prefer it.

* Realistic Gun Sounds - optional download for those who prefer it.


1. Delete the existing "0.8.x" folder in your "World of Tanks\res_mods" as some files may have been removed in the update!

2. Extract the mod zip file into your "World of Tanks" folder (say "yes" to replace any existing folders if needed).

Not using the optional mods? Then you are all done, otherwise also do:

3. Then run the setup file for the Vertical Tech Tree if using that mod.

4. Extract the Realistic Gun Sounds zip file to your "World of Tanks" folder if using that mod.




Screenshots - Version 8.11 (coming soon!):

#970787 Video Game Addiction, coping and dealing with it.

Posted _stevethegecko_ on 26 May 2014 - 03:54 PM

Hi my name is FeeT and I am a computer game addict, or at least was.


Video game addiction is a real thing, and it has the ability to wreck lives and cause all sorts of havoc. Luckily I hadn't gotten to that point, but i'm not going to get into my own personal issues, but i'd still like to discuss the topic here in SD, rather than OT.


Addictions normally occur as a coping mechanism and an escape from reality. When your brain isn't releasing enough dopamine, you end up feeling down. When you're down and out for a while, you will start to find ways to get a dopamine release to start feeling good again. It is the brains natural reward system. Most computer games these days have acheivements or are competitive in nature. Winning or achieving a goal gives you a feeling of satisfaction and feeling good because your brain has rewarded you with a shot of dopamine. Sex, alcohol, drugs and adrenaline addictions all come down to the same thing as well.


To illustrate without going into too much detail, for the last two years my wife has been studying part time and working full time. In order to cope with the loneliness associated with this I turned to a hobby, online computer gaming. I am a competitive person by nature and I got addicted to winning because it made me feel good. The downside of this is that with the addiction I withdrew from the realities of life and became obsessed. I became a bit of a jerk to everyone in my life, I had no motivation to do anything except play tanks as soon as I got home from work and whenever my wife was busy with uni. It was slowly eating away at my marriage and my work life was suffering from the lack of sleep and motivation.


How did I deal with it? Due to the RL issues my addiction was causing me I started to see a counsellor to find the heart of the issues and work it out. By reflecting on my life and seeing what was causing me to withdraw I have been able to deal with the underlying issues. I have been able to find more enjoyment out of other things and have been feeling a lot better about who I am.


So if you have any of these symptoms, I suggest getting help.

  • Getting too emotionally involved with the game, raging when losing, getting irritable over bad players and whatnot
  • Constantly looking at how long it is until you can play again
  • Prioritising playing over real life responsibilities. This can include depriving yourself of sleep, taking time off work to play, neglecting family and household chores.
  • Finding no joy in playing unless you're winning
  • Finding less joy out of things that you normally enjoy


As stated earlier, the best way to deal with an addiction is to deal with the source and work your way out. Some of the things I changed to help with my gaming addiction are:

  • Restricting myself to playing only on certain days of the week for a specific time.
  • Preventing myself from getting annoyed when losing by playing vehicles I absolutely love that I know I am good with.
  • Keeping myself busy when i'm not playing and spending more time with friends, family and pets.
  • Playing other games with different reward systems
  • Accepting that I had a problem and that things had to change


If you live in Australia and want help, I highly recommend looking into Beyond Blue and seeking help. http://www.videogameaddictiontreatment.com.au/ is another wonderful service you can use to help overcome your problems.




Posted ForkUrEyes on 10 February 2013 - 05:00 PM



Disclaimer: Everything in this thread is based of experience. It's not necessarily fact nor is it necessarily correct.

What NOT to do :

1. Stop throwing yourself at the enemy one brave (stupid) tank at a time. Either move as a group and support one another or don't go at all.


For the same reason a choke point is effective at killing your enemy, attacking a larger force with a few tanks or one tank at a time is a great way to get yourself killed. It allows the enemy to deal their combined damage to one target, whilst spreading that target's firepower over multiple tanks.

2. Don't haphazardly run around out of cover. Cover is everything; you love cover and want to hug it like your mother.


It's ok to make a break for it and rush the enemy line, given the right time and place. That time and place almost never comes two-minutes into the game on the open field of Malinovka and similar maps. Watch what the higher tier (and hopefully more experienced) players are doing on your team if you have any doubts. Of course, staying behind the same cover (camping) can be equally detrimental to your team. Good players will learn how and when to move between cover.

3. Don't stand still when brawling with an enemy tank. You're letting them flank your sides and rear. It seems some players get tunnel vision when they're engaging an enemy and forget about their surroundings.


When brawling an enemy tank, you should be aware of your aim, direction, speed, enemy and friendly locations, enemy artillery, etc. The worst player is the one that puts on blinders once they see a target, focused only on aiming and firing. It's this player that's easily flanked, baited into traps, and is a liability to their team.

4. Watch your aim! That last round just went into my side.


Nothing is more frustrating than when your team is working against you. Whether I'm a medium circling a heavy tank or just simply sitting between you and the enemy, you have to know where to aim and when to pull the trigger to avoid shooting me. This goes the same for artillery firing at targets with friendlies in close proximity. If I got a dollar for every time I've taken friendly fire from some idiot with an itchy trigger finger, I'd have $500.

5. Learn how to balance training matches already! Don't assume that smaller tanks are weaker tanks or that many tanks will defeat fewer tanks.


"T1 is heavy tank, T-34-85 is medium tank. I KILL YOU EASY! LOL", I get this a lot in training matches while I'm sitting there thinking the same thing. When balancing, tank tier, tank type and player skill should both be considered. Unfortunately, when it comes to random battles, the currently matchmaking system doesn't account for the latter.

6. You're wasting your breath whining that I "stole your kill". I'm going to kill everything I can, without exception.


Players that whine "kill stealer" are either ignorant or selfish. Because a tank with 2% health is as effective as a tank with 100% health, I'm going to fire at everything I can, regardless of its remaining hit points, lest it get one more shot off into me or my teammates. You whittled that guy down to 12% by yourself and then I killed it, tough sh*t, it happens to all of us.

7. If you're an IS-7, don't fire at the well-covered TD in the tree line when there's an IS-4 sitting right next to you hammering your side with shells.


Be smart with how you prioritize your targets. That TD sniping you from half a click away is going to be a hell of a shot compared to that serious threat right by your side. Kill that guy first; use him as cover while you're at it.

8. If you're one of the two mediums left searching for the one remaining heavy, don't run out from cover and go Rambo on it when your friendly medium is trying to get to you from across the map.


This is just an extension of throwing yourself at the enemy one by one. When I'm across the map or valley, I won't be able to help you in a brawl; the best I can do is snipe. Don't throw away the power of two coordinated tanks by taking it on solo. Regroup and work together.

9. Stop jumping in front of my fire!


Unless I just fired and you're able to get in and out in time for me to reload and re-aim at the target, just don't. Know that you're not only blocking my fire, but ruining my pinpoint aim on whatever target I have my making my reticle jump to you. Or even worse, I accidentally shoot you.

10. If you are asking for artillery support, please don't be too close to the target you want your artillery to eliminate.


Contrary to popular belief, artillery isn't laser accurate and splash damage doesn't discriminate. If you're too close, most artillery players will hold fire. Those that do risk the shot means that you run the chance of getting splashed, or even worse, getting directly hit.

11. Stop whining to me in chat that I let you die after you walk into an ambush at an obvious choke point or kill zone where I didn't/couldn't support you.


Learning these maps is a trial and error affair, but it helps by watching more experienced players (often with higher kill counts). There are open no-cover areas and choke points all over these maps where experienced players choose to avoid. Don't cry to me because you made a poor decision and I didn't follow you to my death.

12. The next person who uses me as cover and drives right up to the back of me so I can't retreat will become my primary target.


By all means, use the thick hide of my stronger tank to protect you, but don't get in my way as I retreat to cover. A key tactic is firing from cover by ducking out, firing, then ducking back in. If you're stuck to my rear, I can't back up and I'm left exposed to enemy fire. I may yell at you on chat to move, but if you don't get out of my way before my next round loads, it's going into you.

13. Stop firing randomly at the ground and in the air for no apparent reason other than you're bored.


It gives away your position and mine. I'm very tempted to just kill you right there and then so you're not a liability.

14. High-tier tanks, especially heavies, don't camp and force the rest of your team to advance/defend the line.


Unless you're a sniper tank, your team needs your heavy armor and boatloads of HP to tank damage and dish damage on the front line. In matches where the top three tier tanks are the heavies for your main push, one sitting back leaves the other two to take the brunt of the enemy's top tanks. This effectively results in you feeding your enemy one tank at a time until you're out of tanks.

15. If arty is firing at you behind your little bush, please move, you've been spotted and chances are that next shell won't miss.


In general, if an artillery shot hits near you, you've been spotted and it's time to move before they reload. Even if you kill the spotter, the arty player isn't stupid--he'll anticipate your movement based on your speed and direction last he saw you. If you were last seen standing still camping/sniping behind a bush or ridge, expect arty to fire in that spot once more for good measure.

16. Know your tank's strengths and weaknesses as well as your enemies.


If you're observant, by trial and error, you'll learn how to engage enemy tanks depending on what they and you are driving. This is critical to deciding whether you can take that derp KV while it reloads. Take a look at the tech tree to find new tanks you've seen in battle and see how they relate to what you're driving; playing them yourself helps as well. Over time, you'll learn how to approach tanks on the field, so you're not that guy in the A-20 trying to peck a Tiger to death.


17. Don't expect me to know what you're thinking. I can't read your mind and something obvious to you might not be obvious to me.


Use chat to give commands and state your intentions. It's awful, but it's the best you've got for communicating. WoT voice chat is archaic in its inability to tell you who is saying what and where they are for such a tactical game. A quick, "setup ambush here *click* D5" or "I'll distract, you flank" can go a long way.

18. Stop running head first into TDs, that's where their boom-stick points.


Flanking a TD makes for a quick victory, charging its front doesn't. Get to its sides to flank it; if he keeps turning to face you, fire at his tracks to track him. Even the largest TDs and artillery are prey for mediums, especially with their ridiculous reload times.

19. Um, are you sure you want to sit there?


Every few games, I see one player who accidentally his strategy, parked in the worst place possible. This guy is just waiting to be hit, spotted or ambushed. Be aware of your surroundings and position yourself accordingly, which often means in or behind cover. Also, stay off of bridges unless you intend to block them with your corpse.

20. Don't pile up! If 85% of the team takes one flank, things are looking grim. 85% is 15% less than a committed "All IN" rush, and 35% more than is needed to push that flank (assuming two possible routes).


It's been dubbed "lemmings", as in, "Wee! I'm going to follow the guy in front of me to my death!". If the team bunches up on one line, the enemy will push the weak flank and defeat you. Even it out, teams of 15 mean you can push 5 tanks per line on three-line maps and 7/8 on two-line maps. Groups over 5 become increasingly less effective as they can only bring so many guns to bear given the available cover on any one line.

21. Dammit, learn how to counter a cap already so we don't have to debate the greater tactics of capping/defending while it's happening.


Every instance of capping is different and you have to make the decision based on that circumstance, but let's take a look at a common scenario: Enemy has two tanks remaining and you have four. All of your four tanks are right next to the enemy base when the enemy begins to cap. Do you, A, all simply drive into their cap and out-cap them 4:2? Or do you, B, **** up? Given this scenario, why try to get across the entire map in time when your group can cap faster than theirs? Alternatively, if most of you are in the center of the map when the enemy begins capping, someone is going to have to slow or stop the cap by hitting or killing the enemy capping; you won't be able to counter-cap in time. If you know the enemy capping is in a high-tier tank, then that "someone" probably shouldn't be a lone mid-tier medium. Think of it this way, once the enemy starts to cap, your match depends on either stopping the cap by killing them or capping theirs faster than they can cap yours. Given the remaining tanks and their locations, you need to quickly choose one of these or a combination there of.

22. "Arty, you suck."


Arty is not the orbital laser cannon everyone makes it out to be. Not only do they have to worry about their arc of fire hitting obstacles, but higher tier arty has 1000+ credit shells, long aim times and can seriously damage friendlies within the blast radius. Sure, sometimes arty does suck, but the battle has never hinged on any one unit--chances are, if you're losing, you and the rest of your team sucks too. Why is it only arty's fault? Better to just keep your mouth shut unless you've been watching him the whole time and are an elite infallible arty player.

23. Sun Tzu didn't wing it and neither should you; have a game plan and adapt with changing battlefield conditions.


Always, always, always have a plan and be prepared to adjust that plan as conditions on the battlefield change. Keep your eye on the minimap and strategize for an end-game victory. Avoid risky maneuvers that trade tanks of high value for tanks of low value; your selfish kills cost us a T-44 and them a Leopard and T1 Heavy

24. Don't let a few tanks stop your entire advance.


Your 8 tanks can steamroll a couple heavies guarding a flank. Don't let them hold you long enough for the enemy to take your weaker flank or reinforce theirs. Push through.

25. TDs, you may have the big gun but you're not the best assault vehicle. As much as you want to go Rambo on the other team, you'll be more effective supported so you don't get popped.


Again, TDs have their armor and boom stick up front, which leaves side and rear shots are deadly. Every once in a while some hot-shot TD goes on the assault to slug it out with the mediums unsupported--it often doesn't end well if said mediums happen to know what they're doing. This is just a matter of knowing your strengths and weaknesses. 


26. Quit yelling at me to "stop capping" so you can kill the last two enemies; if victory is in my grasp, I'm sure as hell going for it. What happens if some remaining ace kills you and your little pals and then comes gunning for me? I'm capping.


Only fools would give up the opportunity to win the match by cap. Don't waste other players' time by running around searching for that last tank. If you can take the cap, do it. It should be noted that unless otherwise stated, you should NEVER CAP or stay in cap in training matches. The unspoken rule is that these are to the death and end when one team is out of tanks. In addition, while effective and ok for use in standard battles, camping cap in training matches to draw out your opponent is a piss-poor dishonorable tactic and, as host, I'll kick you if you do it.

27. Don't rage quit because the battle isn't to your liking.


Ragequitting poorly reflects on you and your clan; I've heard all the excuses ("my precious time", etc.) and I think it shows poor character. Matchmaking and bad teammates can be frustrating, but you're already committed to the match. If a fiery death is inevitable, make the best of it. The right mentality: "If I'm going to hell, you're coming with me."

28. You're allowed to retreat.


So when facing unsurmountable odds, why don't you? Sure, sometimes your only choice may be to push on to cover or continue what has become a suicide venture, but often you can pull back and regroup. If a scout uncovers a massive force headed your way, your best option may be to retreat or fire while retreating. Only dig in and hold ground if you must and never advance on a larger force.

29. Stop knocking down tress and cover.


Enemy tanks and arty can see you hitting trees and crushing objects (fences, cars, houses, etc.) on the map. Avoid it when possible. In addition, if you just crushed a bunch of stuff, you might not want to sit right there as exploratory arty might blindly plop a shell down. Thirdly, destructible cover is still cover; please don't destroy all the cover, especially if I'm behind it.

30. Matchmaking sucks pole, no need to remind us.


Whining is your prerogative, but you can take comfort in the fact that we all know the matchmaker blows. When your anchors are mediums and theirs are heavies, it sucks. When you're repeatedly tossed in a 3 or 4 tier spread, it sucks. When you're on a dopey team with mostly un-clanned players vs four platoons, you know it's gonna suck. Until the matchmaking is improved, there are going to be endless things to complain about. Unless it's miraculously unbalanced, save your breath in-game; after 3000 battles, seeing an awful match-up shouldn't surprise you.


31. Don't play when you're lagging.


What's the point of playing when all you can do is teleporting yourself and shooting an air when the target is no longer there.

Better log out and do something else rather than making yourself looks stupid in the game. 

#1512463 59 for a Type 59 - Register Here!

Posted Elphaba on 25 May 2016 - 07:39 PM


Don't miss this chance to win the Type 59! Make sure you register by 22 June 2016 at 14:00 (UTC+8)! :honoring:

#117720 Infamous Historical Dictator transfers to SEA Server

Posted FG_YOLOs on 10 November 2012 - 07:18 AM

for the lolz

#241632 Newcomers: Don't do what I did.

Posted wozron on 17 February 2013 - 09:36 AM

Okay recruits, listen up. I'm going to give you all some advice here that may help you in the long run.

Firstly I'd like to congratulate you on coming to the forums looking for advice. That shows that you're looking to learn. This game is deceptive, in that the basic game can be learned quickly, more advanced concepts slowly, and the real finesse stuff? Well, a lot of people just never get that at all. A willingness to learn is going to help you a lot through your tanking career.

Secondly, why should you listen to a guy like me with barely average stats? Well, I'm going to give you some advice that should help your win rate over time.
If I had known back in April 2011 what I know now, I reckon my win rate would be a good 5-6% higher than it is currently.
My account is my 'first and only'. Hopefully a few things I put in here will be of use to you, at the early stages of your career, even though they really can't help me much at my current stage.

So here goes; stay with me, it may be a bumpy ride :)

Don't rush tiers.
My primary focus for my first 2500 games was getting a big, bad Tier X. I did it all. Premium tanks, XP conversion with gold, whatever it took.
When I finally got my Tier X, there were a couple of problems.
First was that there was basically no use for it. Tier X games tend to have five SPG's and one or two tanks- not fun. I wasn't in a Clan so there were no Clan Wars for me to play in either.
Second problem was that without significantly more experience per-tank as I climbed the tiers, I really had no idea how to play the IS-4 (and haven't played enough of it, even now, to have changed this).
I'm forced to come to the opinion that if you absolutely must grind for a high-tier tank, aim for Tier VIII; this is the highest Tier at which you're likely to get decent matches.

Retrain your crews.
This is a big, big one. Every time I roll out in Tier V or higher, I'm facing off against players who have 100% crews with 1-3 skills/perks each. This gives them a big advantage, all other things being equal.
The reason is that when I started playing (literally days after release), the standard practice was to keep tanks and crews rather than discard tanks and retrain crews to the tank in the next Tier.
So now I have a garage full of tanks, some of which have crews that haven't even got their first skill or perk, and none of them have more than one.

If you want the comparative advantage that comes with good crews, you must keep the crews. To do this:

-Play your chosen vehicle until all crew reach 100%, then select your first sets of skills. As a general rule, Repair for mediums, heavies and TD's, and Camo for lights and SPG's are solid choices.

-Remember that these skills are averaged over the crew, so a four-man crew all with 50% camo skill will give you a 50% camo bonus, while having one man with 100% camo bonus in a four-man crew  will only give a 25% camo bonus overall.

-Do not pick perks for the first slot. If you keep your mouse pointer over the skill/perk in the selection screen, a pop-up description will tell you whether it's a skill or a perk. Skills work on a 'sliding scale' of effectiveness from 1% to 100%. Perks only work once they are at 100%, which means you'll be doing a lot more play before you see any benefit if you pick a perk.

-Once you have your first skills selected, if you're ready, you can move up to the next tier. Research and buy your next chosen tank. When you buy the tank, get it without a crew. Remove the crew from your old tank and put them in the barracks- right-click, 'send entire crew to barracks' (careful not to dismiss them by accident!).

-Right-click on the crew 'slots' in the new tank and put the crew from the old tank into the new one. Then right-click for the crew's dossier, click the training tab, set it to retrain for 'current tank', and retrain. You should retrain with gold if you can (zero loss of XP), silver if you can't (20% loss of all XP so far), or for free if you're saving up for a pack of two-minute noodles for lunch tomorrow (50% loss of all XP so far- ouch!). The more you spend during this retraining, the less you lose when you do it. Friends don't let friends retrain for free.

By repeating this process you will continue to develop the same crew and their skills, while gaining more experience with each tank.

-You should aim to have one skill at 100% early in Tier III, two at 100% by tier VI, and be working on your third by tier VIII.

-The only time you should not retrain crews is if you find a tank you love so much that you intend to keep it.

-If you want a particular perk, but don't want to grind it to 100% (gaining no benefit from it the whole time) train a skill instead, then once the skill is at 100%, use the training dossier to retrain the skill into your chosen perk using gold (to avoid loss of XP, which will drop you back down no nonfunctional staatus on the new perk).

-Watch out for some perks (Brothers in Arms springs to mind). BiA only works if all crew members have it at 100%, making it useful but also hard to get- especially in tanks with large crews.

Grind one line at a time.
When I started playing, I was grinding US SPG's, German Lights and TD's, and Soviet Mediums and Heavies. As a result I had too many tanks to play taking up too much room and all of them going nowhere fast. Even now, over three thousand games in, my efforts are spread too thin to really be of value. I have over thirty-five tanks in my garage and on a good day I might get to play six of them.
Your best bet is to start with a good general tank line and play it until Tier VIII. US mediums are fantastic for this. They have great gun depression and a high profile, meaning that ridgeline hull-down 'shoot and scoot' tactics are both viable and profitable. As an added bonus, once you move up from the excellent all-rounder M4 Sherman at Tier V, you can experiment with the M4A3E8 'Easy Eight' if you want a more conventional Medium tank experience (mobility) or the slower, much better armoured M4A3E2 'Jumbo' (survivability) if you find yourself wanting to experiment with a Heavy playstyle.
Regardless of which nationality you choose to play, you should play one line until Tier VIII. This will make you intimately familiar with the capabilities of the tanks you've played, and form a basis of skill. Then when you start playing other lines or vehicles, you will quickly catch on to the differences between the new vehicle and your primary line. If you do what I did, you will not form that 'skill basis'; the varying differences between tanks will not be as clear and you will not be driving them to the best of your ability.

A word on Eliting (Thanks to Basher515).
By completing all the research on a given tank, including all the tanks that come in the next tier, the tank becomes Elite.
Elited tanks can equip any combination of gear available (top shelf is normally the best) but can also put all their XP into crew development.
To do this, go to the garage and tick the box above your tank commander that says 'Accelerate crew training'. This box will only appear when every option for the tank has been researched.
Premium tanks get this option automatically, meaning that you can get a nice bonus from them if you're using them as a crew training bed.
I have some tanks that were elited and sitting on the better part of 20,000XP because I hadn't used crew training acceleration; this cost me gold, and therefore real money, to turn into free XP.

Free XP vs. XP.
Every time you gain XP, 5% of your gain is converted into 'free XP'. This is XP that can be spent by any tank once its own XP is spent.
Free XP is awesome and will make you a better person for having it. Try to avoid spending it as much as possible.
When WG released the Chinese tree, they had a competition to see who could get the top-tier Chinese tanks first: If I remember correctly, someone won this competition in about two minutes using free XP without having to grind a single game. How cool is that?
You can convert XP into Free XP using gold, but it can be quite expensive; you're better off Eliting a tank and using 'Accelerate Crew Training' and picking up the 5% bonus as you go.
About three times I've blown through my entire stock of free XP: once to skip the Soviet A-20 ("I regret nussink!"), once to get straight to an ELC AMX ("I regret maybe a little, 'ow much turret traverse did you say??") and once to get Lorraine 39 L AM ("Arrrrgh I hate zis tank, if I 'ad only stayed away from my CO's daughtair!"). Before you spend Free XP, you should really really make sure you're spending it on something you're going to like.

Don't play SPG as a primary line.
Seriously, don't do it. Your damage output, XP, hit rate and win rate will all suffer. SPG's have been getting nerfed pretty hard over the last few patches and are apparently going to continue getting nerfed until the server population of SPG's decreases significantly. SPG's (and consequently their best friends, Light Tanks) are rapidly becoming a dead-end in this game.

Don't assume heavies are your best option.
After I ground all the way to Tier X in Soviet Heavies, I figured out that Mediums were more my thing. That's a pain I wouldn't wish on anyone else. Many players, having read some posts, think that the Heavy tanks are the easiest to use. This is not always the case. Many heavy tanks are agonisingly slow, and the appearance of premium ammo for credits has rendered their armour less effective lately.
Sure, they generally have guns that have high alpha ('first strike') damage or high DPM ('damage per minute'), but it's generally counterbalanced with long load times or squiffy accuracy. Plus, given their reduced mobility, it's easy for a new player to push a little too far and get caught out, or to be caught on the wrong side of the field and not to be able to relocate to where the action is.

Have fun. (no, not the hipster band).
Yekaterina, in a follow up to this post, has pointed out that playing a tank you enjoy is important, and this is the case. If you really want to play Heavies, go ahead, but just be aware that they lack flexibility. If you want to play Mediums, be prepared to be one-shot-killed once in a while. If you find yourself really getting annoyed with a particular tank (A-20, Leopard, I'm looking at you two), consider whether you really want the tank on the next tier, then consider free-XP'ing past it.

Premium tanks.
Premiums are a great way of keeping the silver flowing as they provide a significant credit bonus to offset their purchase cost and less-than-top-shelf performance. However, don't fall into the trap of buying a Premium that is less than optimal.
An optimal Premium is one that meets the following criteria:
-Is of a Tier you have already played through (i.e. getting a Tier V premium when you are on Tier VI is fine, but getting a Tier VIII premium when your current highest Tier is V is going to be a problem).
-Is of a similar line to a line and nationality you are already grinding (ie, if you're doing the Soviet Medium line, the Matilda Premium is a good choice).

By getting a Premium that fits these categories, you:
-Are getting a tank that fits roughly within the playstyle you are already learning;
-Are able to put crews from your non-premium tanks through more daily doubles.

That last point is very important. I'm grinding the Soviet Medium line at the moment and I have a Matilda Premium. I'll play my T-43 Medium to a win to get the 'daily double', then transfer the crew into the Matilda, which is also a Soviet Medium, and get another daily double on it, too. This is because any crew from a Soviet Medium can use a Premium Soviet Medium without the need for retraining- same goes with all other nationalities and lines.
Lastly, if you've got the Barracks space and you're intending to use Premiums as training beds for other tank crews, you can save quite a bit by not buying crews for them.

Game mods.
I strongly recommend installing mods to increase your in-game effectiveness. M0rdd's mod pack http://forum.worldof...-83-compatible/ is an excellent choice. I just installed it literally days ago and I now wonder how I ever played without it. It will tell you who on your team is brilliant, who on your team is average, and who on your team is me.  :Smile_sad:
It also has an excellent reticle pack and heaps of other neat stuff. Install takes less than 5 minutes and I reckon it'd be good for 50 more wins over a thousand games.

Stay active on the forums.
The forums really contain some great info, so keeping abreast of them will often clue you in to good tips and tricks. At the same time, be aware that there are a lot of people out there that will troll you over your stats as you learn. Ignore the haters: if they're not actively helping you increase your skills and knowledge, they're not worth paying attention to.

Platooning and Clans
One of the best things you can do is to platoon, and to use Teamspeak or Ventrilo to coordinate your actions within your platoon. The easiest way to find platoons is to join a Clan, though most Clans won't take on an unknown.
Being in a three-vehicle platoon is probably good for about a 10% increase in win rate across the board. You may want to consider getting up a thousand games or so to determine your general level of aptitude, then start a conversation with a few Clan recruiters to see if any of them may be interested (protip: try to have at least a Tier VI in the garage). Being platooned for most of your play time will make a huge difference to your eventual win rate.

Gold (Fool's or otherwise).
Gold is incredibly useful in this game, if you use it right.

Smart uses of gold include:
-Premium account time
-Premium tanks (if Premium tank meets optimal guidelines above)
-XP conversion (sometimes)
-Some Premium items for certain tanks (ie premium auto-extinguishers for fire-prone tanks).
-Training and retraining

Dumb uses of gold include:
-Buying credits (seriously, this is the worst use for gold, buy premium and grind instead)
-Many consumables (given you only have 3 slots, filling them with sub-optimal choices is not a good idea)
-Premium ammo (unless on sale- if you must have it, buy with credits)
-Gold camo (unless the tank in question really needs that extra 5% stealth- ie Scouts)
-Customisation (do you really need to spend money to have 'Hell on Wheels' written on your turret?)
The SEA server, despite grumbling to the contrary, often has great specials. Keep your gold saved up and wait for the right time.

'Free' gold!
Some mobile phone plans (especially pre-paid) have a 'premium SMS' value included in the package. If you have a mobile on one of these plans, you can spend that included 'premium SMS' value on in-game gold using the MobilePay/SMS system in game. It's one of the most expensive ways to buy gold, but if you're on the right phone plan and letting the 'premium SMS' allowance to go unspent, it's better than nothing!


So there you go, recruits. I hope some of the above will be of use to you. I'll continue to add to this post as I think of more boneheaded things I've done, in the hope of helping you avoid my mistakes. As Bismarck once said, "A fool learns from their mistakes; a wise man learns from the mistakes of others". Don't make the same mistakes I did, and good luck on the battlefield!

#91301 Aslain's XVM Mod + ModPack Installer w/Picture & Sound Preview

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- OVER 700+ MODS 











#192476 Unofficial F.A.Q. *Please read before posting*

Posted Mick42 on 15 January 2013 - 03:05 PM

Proof that I have WAY too much time on my hands.
TexWalker volunteered to have his name used in this thread.
And if you think of an ordering or category system, I’d love to hear it, as well as any more common questions to add to the game. And if there’s a mistake or a typo, please tell me.

Using control + F to search for your questions probably a good idea.
I've tried to display as few opinions as possible, if I have and fact is available (Or, Wargaming's opinion), inform me and I'll change it.

Table of Contents:

1. Common Questions. (These are the most often asked questions. They aren’t ordered.)

2. Future Content and suggestions. (Questions relating to upcoming content like and proposed content)

3. Gameplay. (These are questions that directly relate to gameplay. It includes anything that is a literal part of the game, including matchmaking, balance, tank questions and game mechanics, among other things.

4. User interface and the Client. (Anything directly relating to the interface and the client. This means invites, platoons and commands).

5. Mods. (Anything about mods, how to install them, what the more common ones are, and any rules relating to them.)

6. Rules. (Rule based questions. This means forum rules and in game rules as well.)

7. The Forums. (Any questions relating to the forums).

8. Moderation. (Questions relating to the moderation of the forums and ingame.)

9. Misc. (Unsorted questions that don’t fit into anywhere else, like stuff about clans.)

Common Questions:
  • When will 9.1 be released, and what will it contain?
    Completely unknown at this stage, but Havok will not appear until 9.2 at least.
  • Why is my account banned?
  • Whatever the reason for your account ban, discussing or appealing it on these forums will not help you. You need to take it to support, where you can appeal it.
  • Can I transfer back to NA?
    There are no transfers for anyone back to any server. If you want to go back, you'll either need to start again or wait for the paid transfers. To my knowledge, there have been no accounts transferred to another server, from any server.
  • Which tank is the best?
    There is no best tank. Each has their own weaknesses and strengths. Find out what you enjoy playing in, and find out what tank suits your play style. Often, the best tank is the one you enjoying driving the most.
  • Will the Type 59 be added into the gift store?
    It is unlikely to be re-released into the gift store, ever again.
    The Devs are considering a new T8 Chinese premium they will add to the game that will mean they will not have to sell the Type again. {SS}
    However, Tan has stated that it will still be given away in competitions.
  • Can I use red text or swear in these forums?
    No, red text is reserved for mods only, and swearing will get you in trouble with the mods (how much depends how much you swore).
    Also, naming and shaming of Teamkillers, blockers, AFKs, bots, people who revealed your position, bad player and anyone that has done something in any way negative in game, is not allowed on these forums.
  • How do I get one of those updating signatures with my stats and name on it?
    Head over to WotLabs.net and type in your tanker name. Below the grid displaying all your stats will be a link stating "Forum Signature Image". Clicking that link will take you directly to the generated image. Place that direct URL into your signature (To change that, click on your name in the top right on the forums, and hit My Settings, The Signature tab will be available on the page it takes your too) and the image will be displayed.
    Try MyWotStats.com as an alternative.
  • What are these WG_RTGFEP_XX players doing in XX tank ruining my game?
    These are promotional accounts with every tank in the game added to them. Unless players who already have a WoT account turn up to try the really rare tanks, they're going to be effectively Tier 1 players at Tier 10. This cannot be helped, and will be over soon enough. Hey, it makes it easier to get those Ace Tanker badges, right?
  • There's a WG_ account in my game. Is it a scam?
    No. A WG_(Name) account is an event account. They are driven by moderators and GMs. If you see a WG_Hunt account, it is part of the hunt us down event.
    However, no Wargaming rep will ever ask for your account details, and if they do, report them immediately to support at http://support.worldoftanks.asia/
  • How do I upload pictures to the forums?
    Upload your picture to www.tinypic.com or imgur.com and paste the text in the third box it gives you into the forums reply box. You'll know its the right code because it'll start with ><span style=.
Future Content and Suggestions:
  • Will there be more tiers added?
    The developers have stated many times that Tier 10 is the highest the game will go, because it would become very unbalanced and most lines wouldnt continue very far past their current state (TDs mainly, lights as well.) The unbalanced part would be that missiles- their addition to tanks is the cutoff date for tanks being included into World of Tanks- would be so accurate that any sniper and support role tanks would be made useless, and the game would be reduced to aiming with a ridiculously tiny dot. Taking into account reactive and ceramic armour... the game would cease to be interesting or balanced.
  • Will the P.1500 Ratte be added to the game?
    Chances are you saw the 2011 April Fools video, with had a mock up of the Ratte in game. Short answer is no, that would be very OP, very slow and useless on almost every map. The developers have stated this will not be entering the game, in any form. Not even in the background of the game, as a backdrop.
  • Will the machine guns on tanks be activated?
    Beyond the point of being completely redundant and a waste of code, the machine guns would be unable to harm anything in the game and only slow down slower computers even further. Again, the developers have stated machine guns won't be added for these obvious reasons.
  • Will infantry be added into the game?
    In no form or shape will people (even inside tanks, because this would raise the rating of the game) be visible in game. This is a tank game, so people (whether as a lucky target or an equipment) aren't shown. Again, the developers have stated this several times.
  • Will artillery be removed?
    Artillery is a valuable, if slightly unbalanced by matchmaker, part of the game. The developers have refused to remove artillery from the game, and are planning on adjusting artillery so that they are a valuable and not over powered aspect of the game. So no, artillery is remaining.
    The tiers will be padded out so that the the current Tier 8 and 7 arty will be become the Tier 9 and 10 arty. This will fix their MM and hopefully balance them more.
  • Will the Italians and Japanese be added?
    Eventually, both trees will be added. Both have the issue of not having very many high tier competitive tanks.
    EDIT: The Japanese tanks are a low priority for the game, and won't be seen until the end of the year. Their high tiers will effectively be rolling costal defence cannons (according to Silent Stalker), 128mm and bigger for the cannons. {SS}
  • Will the M1 Abrams be added?
    No, never ever ever. It is too modern and ridiculously OP.
  • When will Clan Wars be released/leave beta?
    Clan Wars will be released hopefully at some point in 2013, and is going to be termed released when the global Clan Wars map is released.
  • Will destructible bridges be added into the game?
    The developers have ruled against adding this into the game, since destructible bridges would make travelling across the map much longer (especially on Swamp and Komarin) and make crossing the map impossible on some maps (like Erlenberg). It would make the game far more annoying to players than it is worth.
  • Will side skirts/ sandbags be added into the game as equipment?
    They are planned, but no time frame has been given.
  • What is the end design on Clan Wars?
    Clan Wars has been revealed to eventually go between all three Wargaming games, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warship. A common, global map. This will mean globally interconnected IE interserver. Also, in the short term, seasons and historical campaigns will be run.
  • Will all three games be merged into one at some point?
    No. Wargaming has stated that the games will remain seperate. They will share the ingame currency- credits, gold, free exp- and compete on the same Clan Wars map, but they will remain seperate games.
  • When is the Second German TD line expected to arrive?
    The second German TD line has been in the works for a long time, and needed to undergo some rearrangement after the Dicker Max was included as a premium tank. Currently, it is expected to arrive this year. An 8.x release is hoped for, but no signs have been shown.
  • Will the Sherman Firefly be included into the game?
    Wargaming has made no hints on the inclusion of the Sherman Firefly- however, it is expected to join the game as a T6 medium. What we are not sure about is whether it will be a premium tank or not.
  • Will Australian Tanks enter the game?
    Not as their own tree, no. But, like the Canadians, they will appear as premium tanks in the British line- there are not enough tanks to create their own line.
  • Why are no more new maps being added with the updates?
    Currently, the developers have put making new maps on hold while they redo the current maps with the new physics engine. Once they are done with that, new maps will be added once again.
  • What is the latest on Historical battles? {SS}
    Currently the Devs are focused on CW, so no further news on the Historical battle mode is available.
  • Will we be able to deselect a map from rotation? {SS}
    This feature is being added, but only one map can be deselected.
  • What will happen to the T-50-2?
    It may return as a hull module for the T-50 when the hull module system is added.
  • What future content is on the list to come next?
    A rebalance of the German medium line, some new german tanks, and the second Soviet Medium line. After 8.8, the 2nd German TD line is due soon.{SS}
  • Will the Americans get a dedicated second medium line? {SS}
    Yes, it is planned.
  • Will the WZ-113 be added to the store? {SS}
    Silent Stalker stated it may appear later in the year for the EU server, so that may happen for us.
  • Will the T23 return? {SS}
    Yes, most likely as a T6-7 premium tank.
  • Will voice chat appear in random pubs? {SS}
    This is due in 8.8
  • Will nation specific voice accents be added? {SS}
  • Are the arty nerfs over? {SS}
    A further rebalance of arty is unknown, but possible.
  • Are any new premium artillery going to be added? {SS}
    The Brits will get the Sexton as a premium arty, the French will get the R35 AC and ACL135 as additional premium arty.
  • Why is every team of ASIA players full of bad players?
    The ASIA server is still young. These players have only just begun to understand the tactics required to play World of Tanks. As the server grows and matures, one can expect to see the tactics of teams to improve. Even on NA, the first six tiers are the same. The difference is, over here, your efforts can influence a battle more greatly. See Revan's guide on how to play solo and carry the game more effectively to better your win rate.
  • Why do Germans ignite frontally?
    The transmission for the German tanks is located in the front of the tank. Hitting this is like hitting the engine, so you can damage, destroy or ignite an engine of a German tank from the front. This is added because the transmission fluid is flammable. The Russians have a similar weakness- you can hit their ammo racks from the front.
  • Why does it take so long to get a match in a Tier 10 tank, or a Tier 8 artillery?
    It takes so long to get a match in a Tier 10 because it can only see Tier 8 at the lowest. Not many people have these tanks, and those that do often choose not to run them because of the prohibitive repair and rearming costs. Tier 8 artillery, however, has its own issues because it can only see Tier 9 tanks at the lowest. This means it needs a lobby of the two least populated tank tiers in the game, and scouts.
  • Why does my M5 Stuart/Panzer 38 nA/A-20/M5A1 see Tier 8 and 9 tanks?
    Those tanks see higher tier tanks because they are Tier 4 lights. At that stage, they are no longer bound by the two tiers above or below match making rule, and deemed scouts (which have +5 tiers above them matchmaking.). This applies to dedicated scouts like the T-50 and the Luchs as well.
  • Why doesn't matchmaking take into account stats?
    Because that would eliminate win rate as reliable statistic, as well as making the game more boring. World of Tanks is based on chance, and that is portrayed in the match maker. Sometimes you get bad teams, sometimes you get good ones. If match maker gave each side a balanced statistic, then the win rate of players would balance out, since their wins were more based on luck than skill. Wargaming has stated that they will never, ever include stats into the matchmaking system.
  • Why does my Tier 5 light/ Tier 10 tank/ Tier 8 artillery cost so much to repair and rearm?
    These tanks are end tier tanks, and as such will cost a lot to maintain. This is done so that the people don't just play their Tier 10 tanks all the time, and ignore all the lower tiers. This means players will be more likely to play the middle tiers as well. The Vk 2801 also gets very high repair costs because it is the end of a line as well.
  • Why aren't I dragged down when I platoon with a tank lower than me?
    When platooning, the matchmaking of the highest tank is taken into account only. This stops top tier tanks getting pulled down into Tier 1 games. You should really only platoon with tanks that your tank would normally see anyway.
  • How does artillery shoot across the map so accurately? (relatively speaking)
    Through the use of artillery mode, arty gets an overhead view of the map. One can access it by hitting shift (default setting).
  • Why do my shells sometimes deal no damage?
    There are several reasons for this. If you hit the tracks, the shell is absorbed by tracks and no damage is dealt since the shell didn't penetrate the hull. If you shoot the mantlet, you have effectively shot two layers of armour- spaced armour really- and often the shell will be stopped by this and deal no damage, even though it says penetration. The third reason is that you're shooting spaced armour, which will force the shell to explode early for no damage. The Super Pershing has this on it's front, while the E-Series tanks (E-100, E-50, etc.) have spaced side armour. The final reason you may get a no damage pen is when the shell disintegrates while penetrating. This has been confirmed that it can happen. It's pretty rare, but quite annoying when it happens.
    See this video for further information.
  • How am I killed in my arty when I'm not spotted?
    It's possible for good arty players to deduce the position of an enemy arty by the contrails left by their firing. It's faint and not easily seen, but can be quite deadly. To avoid this, reposition after every shot to avoid counter battery. This really only happens at Tier 4 and higher, since the lower tiers lack the range to cover an entire map.
  • How can I avoid being spotted?
    Bushes and camo nets provide bonuses that will prevent you from being spotted. Depending on the size of the tank though, no amount of camo may help you. Sitting behind a bush instead of in it will greatly increase your chances of not being spotted when firing, while sitting behind two bushes (one in front of the other) can make it almost impossible for you to be spotted.
  • How do I know when I'm spotted?
    Generally, if you can see the enemy tanks, you'll see a few start turning their guns in your direction. If not, once shells start landing around you, you're spotted. The six sense perk will alert you when you get spotted, but there's a three second delay.
  • How do some people repair their tracks instantly?
    These players are using a repair kit. They can fully repair any damaged module, instantly. Without a repair kit, a module can only stay damaged.
  • Why can our barrels dig into the ground for no damage?
    The developers experimented with this back in closed beta. It was incredibly annoying and took a lot of the fun out of city battles. Long barreled tanks- not just German L100s- were severely handi capped trying to peek a boo. So, it was tried but rejected.
  • Why are some tanks in game, but not able to be bought?
    These are tanks that were in the gift shop or store at some point, then removed for balance or gameplay reasons. The Type 59 falls into the balance reasoning. The Panzer B2 and the Mini Maus were removed because the French were added into the game, so people could acquire them normally.
    Other tanks were part of special pre-order bonuses, like the Panzer V-IV and the M6A2E1. And then there are those like the A-32 and the BT-SV that were introduced for public testing, and never made it into the game.
    Tanks that fall into the first two categories have a chance of reappearing into the gift shop. Those that fall into the pre-order category have a very very slim chance, and the beta tester ones are something of a mix. One is available on the Russian server via a card from the German retail box version.
  • Why are my French T5 and higher lights so cheap to repair?
    Because they are not end tier tanks. They are part of a line that goes to Tier 10.
  • Why do artillery and lights have a wider Matchmaking spread?
    Artillery mounts more powerful guns and only goes to Tier 8. So, their Matchmaking spread is a bit more skewed. Once the arty line is stretched out to Tier 10, it'll be more normalized. Lights are placed at a wider spread because they aren't designed to engage in combat directly, but be scouts. The main reasoning for the limited match making for other tanks, is that will have extreme difficulty in engaging and damaging other tanks beyond two tiers above them. With lights, they have no armour anyway, and have limited need to engage non-arty tanks (at least from the front, and definitely not in a duel off). Therefore, they are not disadantaged as much with high tier battles. This applies to French lights as well.
  • Why do people buy premium tanks?
    Premium tanks earn more XP and credits than other tanks. They can also train crews that can be placed in the same nation's class of tank (as in, an IS-6 can train a Russian heavy tank for no downside, but not a T62-A crew). This makes them very valuable for supporting higher tier tanks and buying higher tier tanks. Premium tanks are not pay to win tanks, since they are worse than elite tanks of the same tier, and have a major flaw to make up for their massive credit earnings.
  • What is the highest credit earning premium tank?
    The tank earning on average the most amount of credits is the Type 59. Second after that is the Jagdtiger 8.8cm. See this website to see the collated and average earnings of every tank in the game.
  • What is the highest credit earning non-premium tank?
    Currently, the tank earning the most on average per game (that is not premium) is the T1 heavy tank, followed by the T-34 medium tank. For a full list, consult this website.
  • Why is Province limited to lower tiers?
    Province is limited because in higher tiers, the map is so thin that anyone who moves is spotted from the opposite side of the map. Lower tier tanks lack the view range to do this. It is therefore, unsuitable to higher tiers, especially with the amount of co-ordination found in public battles.
  • Why do tanks with autoloaders have such low ammo counts?
    This is the balance for them having such a rapid rate of fire when loaded. On average, an autoloader will put out more damage than a non auto loader tank- with normal ammo amounts, this would be even worse.
  • What advantages do a more well trained crew offer?
    A more well trained crew is better than a lesser trained one in every way. The commander can see further, the gunner is more accurate and aims faster, the radio range is increased, the loader will load faster, the tank will accelerate faster. Every personalized aspect of the crew is improved. Things such as damage and penetration, however, are not affected by a crew.
  • How many crew skills can one crew member have?
    A crew member can have as many skills as are available. Additionally, if a single crew member does two or more roles, the skills for said roles (say, if the Commander shoots the gun, he gains access to Gunner skills) are made available.
  • Why does it take so long to train a skill in the higher percents, and take so much longer on the third and fourth skills?
    The XP requirement for each skill increases dramatically with each skill. The lower percentiles of a skill need but a fraction of the exp required at the top end. This is done for realism- learning the basics of a skill is easy, but it takes time. Balance also plays a part- if it was too easy to grind up all your skills, it would become unbalanced. See this graph on the increasing EXP requirements.
  • Why is there a camp set up inside the flag?
    The pile of boxes and the wooden pole structure have two roles. One, they make the base not look like some arbitary position on the map, but a used position. Two, they serve as cover. Both will block exactly one shot each. If one is capturing the flag, this cover can save them and allow them to finish capturing.
  • Which tank has the best gun depression in the game?
    The elite M2 MT has the best depression in the game, with -20. The elited M5 Stuart also shares this, but only with the derp gun. The next closest rival is the Dicker Max at -15.
  • Can the Luchs/T-50 get top tier?
    Not without some incredible circumstances occurring in the Matchmaker. I have yet to see a Leopard or a T-50 get top tier in ASIA, but it is possible (about the same odds as a T5 scout getting into a T6 match at the highest.)
  • Why are T5 dedicated scouts at the same level/above some T6 tanks?
    Tier 5 scouts (The Vk 2801, the Chaffee, the T-50-2) are weighted by matchmaker as T6 tanks. They have T6 light HP as well.This helps prevent them from being too close to the top in a battle, where they would dominate.
  • If I enable accelerated crew training, will I still earn XP for my tank?
    You will continue to earn free XP, but you will not earn regular XP anymore- that is distributed into the tank.
  • Why do some modules have different stats between tanks?
    Some modules are affected by which tank they are in. Mainly this is Rate of Fire, because that is not specific to the gun, but rather the layout of the tank. In the French line mainly, the aim time of the 90mm DCA 45 decreases with each subsequent tank. Some stats, however, are gun specific and will not change- mainly damage, penetration and accuracy.
  • Does the Deadeye perk increase the chances of a fire? {SS}
    Not directly it would seem, in a recent Q&A, it is said that it affects it indirectly (by destroying the fuel tanks.)
  • What happens if the fuel tanks are destroyed?
    Your tank will catch on fire, 100% of the time.
  • How will I know if my ammo rack was destroyed?
    Down the bottom of your screen, around where the consumables and ammo are displayed, a line of text will be displayed- 'Device [Ammo Rack] was destroyed by Tex Walker (T29).'
    You can use this to find out what is shooting at you when a module is damaged or destroyed.
User interface and the client:
  • How do I do the "Alert to C1" action, where a grid on the map flashes?
    You can do this by activating your cursor in game (Hold down ctrl) and left clicking the grid you want to alert. Don't spam this.
  • My FPS is low in Sniper Mode. How can I fix this?
    The Farplane mod can help you better the amount of FPS you have, as well as allowing you to see further targets. You can install it by downloading it, and placing the 8.3 folder found in the zip inside your res_mods folder, which is located in your World of Tanks folder (C:\Games\World_of_Tanks for most people).
  • How do I say in chat "(TexWalker) follow me!" or "(TexWalker), fall back!" ?
    You can do the former by pointing your reticle at an ally, and hitting the T button (Default). The latter is done by aiming at an ally, and holding down the Z button (default), and moving your cursor in the direction of the "Fall back!" option until it lights up. Then release the button and the order will be given. The radial menu has different options depending on what it's aimed at- friend, foe or nothing.
  • How do I record a battle?
    You can enable replays by going into the Menu -> Settings -> Game and ticking enable battle recording. It's recommended that you have this enabled, since if you get banned, you have undeniable proof of your innocence (if you are, that is.) Replay files are located inside the World of Tanks folder, inside the Replay's folder. The default directory address is C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\replays.
  • How do I stop my TD or SPG from turning around out of sniper mode?
    The X button (default) will engage the handbrake. This means that when the reticule reaches the edge of the traverse limit for the gun, the tank won't re-position or turn. It is not available for TDs with turrets, and does work in arty mode.
  • How can I look around without moving my turret?
    By holding the right mouse button (default), your turret will lock. You can check around corners or behind you without your turret moving an inch.
  • How do I go "Requesting fire at (TexWalker)" or "Attacking (TexWalker)" ?
    You can do the former by getting the red outline of an enemy tank, then hitting the T button (default.) Doing the same thing in arty will create the 'Attacking' effect.
  • Why is my teammate / enemy blue?
    They have done sufficient sufficient team damage for it be to deemed not an accident, and to be intentional. At that point, no compensation is giving to said player if he is attacked by his own teammates (only attack him if he wont stop killing team mates).
  • What is meant by the little shields in game with a number inside of them?
    These represent platoons. They are marked by different numbers to differentiate between them. Three players can be in a single platoon, and a those sharing the same numbered shield are in the same platoon. These should not be confused with the Master Tanker badges, which can be awarded after battle for receiving more than the average xp of a % of drivers.
  • Why can I sell only five tanks a day?
    This is a fail safe in case your account becomes compromised. A hacker can only sell five of your tanks, not all of them in one hit. It is quite rare that you will need to sell more than five tanks in a day anyway.
  • How do I chat amongst my platoon only, or to everyone in the lobby?
    To cycle the channel you will type into, hit TAB when the chat box is opened.
  • How do i add friends in World of Tanks?
    In a battle, activate the cursor (hold ctrl) and right click someone's name and click 'Add to friends list'. Out of game, click the Contacts tab in the bottom right, click Find Contacts and search the name of the user you want to find. Alternatively, in clan chat or a channel, you can right click on someones name and go 'Add to friends list'.
  • How do I start a Tank Company?
    First off, you need to have a premium account. Then you open the Tank Company tab and select Create, and select the level (like the tier of matchmaking) that you want the Company to be and the name you want to.
  • How do I accept a platoon invite?
    In the bottom right of the screen in the garage is a speech bubble with three exclamation marks in it. Open that up and your invite will be in there. Click it and hit accept.
  • Why are there two different coloured stars in my garage?
    The white star in the top right hand corner is the vehicle specific EXP. It is earned in game in said tank. The other yellow star is free xp. Normal exp can be converted into free exp on elite tanks with gold. Otherwise, 5% of the exp you earn in any tank (not just elite, and not deducted from said tank. This is a bonus, not a subtraction from the other value.) Free exp is used last when buying modules and unlocking tanks, and can be used on any tank.
  • What happens if I swear/abuse others too much in game?
    If reported, the mods will issue you with a chat ban. This will also stop you from using the in game quick commands and flashing the map features, making you effectively muted. You can still play however.
  • Can I disable the in game censor?
    Yes, you can. It is found in Settings menu, in the Game tab. Disable it at your own risk.
  • How do I check how much experience until my crew members reach the next % on their current skill?
    Right click on a member of your crew that is now training a skill. Click Personal File on the drop down menu that appears. In the box that appears, on the left hand side will be a heading called 'Training'. This is in the Service Record tab. The first value it gives you is 'Experience Required to Upgrade Skill', which is how much XP you need to earn to go up 1% in that skill. The second value is the average amount of experience this crew member earns per battle (they don't all earn it with the same equal amount), and how long it's expected to reach the next %.
  • How are the lists on each side of the battle sorted?
    The tank lists displayed on each side of the screen during a battle are sorted by: tier (the highest tier tanks go on top), class (heavy tanks go to the top of the tier pile, everything else goes below that) and alphabetical order (the heavy tanks at the top of their are sorted alphabetically, but stay at the top of their tier still. The other tanks are sorted without any order, just by alphabetical order. For example, a KV-1S would be above a Vk 3601H.)
  • Can I trade/exchange credits/XP/gold/tanks with another player?
    This feature is not in game right now, and it is unlikely that it will be added, since it will add more incentive to hack accounts and allow clans to 'boost' players into higher tiers.
    There is always the gift shop, however.
  • How do I install a mod?
    You install a mod by placing the folder/files inside your res_mods folder, inside the current version folder (currently 8.3). This folder is found in your World of tanks folder. Usually, mods will include instructions on the exact placing of a mod, but most of the time they just come with the res_mods folder or 8.3 folder in the .zip.  Just dump it straight into the respective folder- if the zip has a res_mods folder, place it in the World of Tanks folder and merge it, if it has an 8.3 folder, place it in the res_mods folder and merge it. Then restart your client and away you go!
  • How do I get the 'Remember Password?" box back in my client?
    Mediace has created a mod that saves your password, or just your email.
  • How do I get the reload time next to the reticule?
    By installing a reticule mod, you can add the reload timer. There are multiple options, but the best out there are J1mbo's and the vanilla reticle with a reload timer added.
  • Are any mods disallowed on the ASIA server?
    Currently, no mods are disallowed. However, several mods have been made illegal on the Russian server, and it is expected that the other servers will follow suit soon.The banned mods on the Russian server are Improved visibility tracers, Removal of tree foliage, 3D hitbox skins, Free zooming camera and the Laser sight on the tank (red line coming from the barrel.).
    Tan states that it is only likely to move to ASIA, as each server is managed locally.
  • What is XVM?
    XVM is a modification for World of Tanks. It displays in game the efficiency of each player, their win rate and their battles played. It also displays one sides chance to win based on the efficiency and win rate of each team. The mod is colour coded as well, with purple being the best and red being the worst. It is currently not banned on any server.
  • TexWalker was AFK on my team. What do I do? Can I team kill him?
    First off, look at the name of the player. If it is greyed out, then the player has not loaded into the game (usually due to hardware issues). In this case, it's not their fault, and there's nothing you can do. If the players name is the same colour as everyone elses, then they have loaded in. You can report them, which may result in a ban for them. You can do this by activating your cursor (Hold down ctrl) and right clicking their name. A drop down menu will appear, and one of the options available will be 'Complain (5)'. Click this and select Idle/Botting. This will add a complaint against them. If you want to to take it further, or run out of complaints, open a ticket with support to get some action taken. Make sure to attach a replay.
    And no, you can never team kill someone.
  • TexWalker team damaged me. Can I retaliate? What if he kills me?
    Under no circumstances can you return fire on an allied team mate. This will make him the victim as well. Every time your team mate damages you, he will have to compensate you for the repairs and the exp you would have gained. If he does enough team damage, he will eventually go blue. This means he can be attacked without penalty. But even then, just disable him and drive off. If he does enough damage, he'll get an automatic ban. Every bit of damage is compensated though, so you'll get your money back.
  • TexWalker revealed my position/pushed me out/blocked me. What can I do?
    If you have another report to reveal, you can report the pesky TexWalkerby activating your cursor (Hold down ctrl) and right clicking their name. A drop down menu will appear, and one of the options available will be 'Complain (5)'. Click this and select the appropriate complaint. This will add a complaint against them. If you want to to take it further, or run out of complaints, open a ticket with support to get some action taken. Make sure to attach a replay.
  • Can I have more than one account?
    It is against the Game Rules to own more than one account. One account per person, per server.
  • Can I sell my account?
    It against the Game Rules to sell your account. If found out, said account can be banned or reset.
The forums:
  • Can I get myself banned ingame for something I do in the forums?
    Very rarely. Breaking forum rules will only inflict a Read Only ban on your forum account. The same applies in reverse- in game transgressions don't get your forum account banned.
    Excessive swearing in game is stopped by the filter, but in huge amounts it can lead to a global ban. Attempting to sell your account on your forums can lead to a perma ban for that account however, so a bad enough offence can impact your ingame account.
  • How do I upload a replay?
    You can't upload a replay directly to the forums due to a file size limit. You can, however, upload it http://wotreplays.com/ or noobmeter.com, a site which will display and host your replay files, as well as giving you a fancy banner with your stats from said battle on it.
    WotReplays requires an EU account though.
  • How do I display an image on the forums? The forums have an image blacklist. You'll need to upload it to a third party site that is whitelisted for it to be accepted. Tinypic.com and Imgur work.
  • I got a warning from a mod, and now I can't post. What do I do? Please refer to http://forum.worldof...warning-system/ for more information.
  • This mod is abusive! Can I make a topic about it? No. That's breaking forum rules, you will receive an RO for your efforts. If you wish to raise a complaint about a mod, please contact support or a CM.
  • I want to contest my warning/RO. Do I contact the moderator who warned/RO'd me? No. Moderators are not able to revoke your warnings or able to argue the point with you. If you wish to contest your warning, please contact support or a Community Manager. Feel free to contact a moderator if you have a query about your warning- asking them to explain it further- and they will be happy to help.
  • Why is this mod in a clan?! They're WG! Incorrect. Moderators are Community Contributors, not employees of Wargaming. They are fully allowed to be within a clan. Actual Wargaming employees are not allowed in a clan however.
  • Why is this persons name red in game? It means they have moderation powers. If they're telling you to stop doing something- listen to them.
  • My topic/post got deleted! Can I repost it? First off, nothing on these forums gets deleted. Ever. Moderators simply hit the 'Unapprove' button, making it hidden. If they've done this, it means that it's broken forum rules, and they're either dealing with it, or awaiting a GM to assist them. Don't repost the topic or post- it'll have the same fate, and may worsen your sanction.
  • My clans recruitment thread has some negative stuff on it, can I get it removed? If you are a clan officer for said clan, then you can report it using the report function and a moderator will remove it. If you're part of another clan, then this report won't really get far- unless the post in question is say, another clan advertising or an ex clan member trying to shame them.
  • Am I allowed to use non english in the general chat or TC chat? No. English is the language of these official channels. If you want to use your own language, seek out a channel for it using the Channels function. A moderator will warn you if you keep trying to talk in a non english language, and if you do not cease, you will receive a chat ban.
  • How do I join a clan?
    You can join a clan in a number of ways. You can apply directly on a clan's page, by clicking the 'Apply for clan' button in the menu on the right hand side. If you're not fussed about which clan you want to join, make an offer in the Looking for a Clan section. Describe how good you are, what tanks you have, what tanks you aim to get, and when you can be online, among other things. You can also be invited into a clan, if they know you and want you in their clan.
  • How do I accept a clan invitation?
    You can accept a clan invitation by first going to the portal, logging in, and clicking your name in the top right hand corner. Then select 'My profile' in the drop down box. In the page it will take you to, select Invitations in the menu on the right hand side of the page. Just find the application you want to accept, and hit accept.
  • How do I play a replay?
    Your World of Tanks client can play the replay. You just need to close it and double click on the replay file.
  • What does o7 and 555+ mean?
    o7 is a salute, where the o is a head and the 7 is the arm and hand. 555+ means Ha Ha Ha. Both are very common in World of Tanks.
  • What is efficiency?
    Efficiency is the arbitrary measuring tool by which people measure their own skills, and the skills of others. The higher the number, the higher the amount of efficiency points you have. It is further explained here, but for the most part it is simple. The equation rates you based on how much damage, cap and defense points you have achieved. It is believed to be more accurate than win rate.
  • Are there any hacks in World of Tanks?
    No, there are no hacks in World of Tanks. Everything is done server side, unlike modern FPSs like Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Black Ops. This means that you can't have an aimbot, or a damage hack, or an armour hack. The server holds and sends all that information out. Nothing is really controlled from the client side- it just displays the information. Anyone offering a hack is trying to get access to your account or your personal details. Don't try a hack, it's not going to work and will cost you.
  • Who's in charge of ASIA?
    The head honcho is Tanitha, the head of the community. He's in charge of the ASIA server community. Above him, no idea.
  • Why is there a 48 hour waiting period after leaving a clan?
    This stops people A- backstabbing in clan wars. They find out the tactics a clan will use one night, then leave five minutes before the battle, join the enemy and counter that tactic and B- stops very large clans using the same pro team in every clan wars battle. Since some clans are quite large, and have reserve and secondary clans, they could swap out their best players amongst them.
  • How do I get into the Wargaming clan?
    It's only for Wargaming employees, so there is no conflict of interest when dealing with clans or competitions. So, get hired. Otherwise, you ain't getting in. It stops corrupt officials being created.
  • How do I get onto the Council of Armoured Forces?
    You must be a member of a clan that has at least thirty members, and be nominated as the representative for said clan. If your commander wants to seek it out, they can read the thread and PM Conan.
  • Can I merge my account with another?
    Wargaming is not in the business of merging any account, for any reason. Even in the transfers, the inbound account over rode the native account.
  • The server went down for scheduled maintenance, but there's no announcement?
    If it occurred on a Monday at about 11am Australian time (about 8pm for Singapore) then it's the weekly routine maintenance. There's no announcement for it, but it takes about half an hour.
    Any other downtime will be announced on the forums or the portal, though not necessarily with a large amount of forewarning.
  • Why do people back away when someone (alone) shoots them, instead of attacking while they reload?
    Basic human instinct is to get away from danger and pain. In World of Tanks, that's rather stupid, because they're now defenseless until they finish reloading, but as an instinct people may subconsciously flee without realizing that it's the wrong path to take.
  • Will there be an Australian server?
  • Do daily doubles affect crews?
    Contrary to Wargaming's statements, it has been confirmed that a tanks daily doubles do indeed affect the percentage of a crews skill.
  • When do doubles reset?
    The daily doubles reset automatically when the server ticks over to 12:00am. This is in Singapore, in Time Zone +8. So, for Australians, doubles flick over at 3am in the morning for players in NSW, Tas or Vic, 2am for Queensland, and 1:30 for SA and NT. Western Australia is in the +8 Time Zone, so to them, it resets at 12am.
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#1246832 WG you have a problem

Posted OzNemesis on 22 January 2015 - 10:49 AM

It appears multiple clans are disbanding or becoming inactive, players are leaving the game or just not bothering to show up for CW games, and strongholds seem to be dropping off.  WG I think you have a problem that needs to be addressed.


From what I can understand from talking to other players there are a two key issues that are causing a change in attitude to the game and simply chasing players out of sections of the game or from the game altogether.  #1 The perception of condoned cheating and #2 bad ping lag, even with the Indonesian cable in-tact


Cheating:  There is a wide spread perception of cheating by some sections of the WOT community that does not appear to have been adequately addressed.  In fact it seems to have been tacitly allowed (see posts from Tanitha post the last campaign re “management” of games with sub clans and the use of Warpack).  I have personal experience with multiple clans where we very carefully avoided any games with affiliated clans.  This was not the case with some notable non Aus/NZ clans in the last campaign. 

Cheating in any form is abhorrent to me and I’m sure I’m not alone.  Anecdotal evidence points to wide spread use of Warpack in at least one section of the player community, NOT Aus/NZ, and WG appears to at least ignore its use.  Not fair WG.  It should be possible to detect some of the components of Warpack and “fix” this.  Yes I use some mods however they are cosmetic in nature and should be part of the game already.  The mods I use do NOT tell me where the enemy is in any way, do NOT intelligently assist auto aim, and do NOT tell me which way the enemy is facing or anything like that.  I see this type of mod as a cheat and they should not be allowed.  Maintain at least some sort of realism to the spotting and aiming model!

Ping/Lag:  The ping/lag in Australia/NZ that was bad before the cable was cut but it is now the same or worse than playing on the NA server for a lot of us – why play Asia when the ping is less for NA?  I’m glad I still have an account over there!  We are up against a substantial player base in the geographic regions close to the server with presumably substantially better ping than us.  This is very obvious in the game and is very demoralising.  We just don’t have a level playing field.

I and members of my family have played since closed Beta.  I for one have injected many thousands into this game, at one stage I was putting in hundreds per week for myself and my family.  I play premium and use gold to convert XP, call me a wallet warrior if you like however people like me keep the game free for others. 

My children now rarely go near the game, youth has less patience with games that do not satisfy their desire to win on an even playing field.  I have now inherited five accounts that I maintain just in case there is a change for the better in the game.  There is still no level playing field so I doubt they will be back and I, like many others in the Aus/NZ region am losing my patience with the game.  I certainly won’t keep spending money on accounts that are not being used.  Once I/we used to play for many hours each day but now I only come on occasionally for short sessions.  With CW failing the need is not there to show up, only the friends I have made and the love of the game gets me back and that is waning fast.  A lot of my friends have left already or are ready to move on.

The current state of the game seems to have the clans in close proximity to the server in a position to farm gold via perceived cheating and substantially lower ping.  They simply won’t need to inject money into the game, they can get it for free by owning land.  WG misses out in income because it has failed to take notice of one section of the player community by taking action against the cheating, real or otherwise, or considering the location of the server.

Now – back to my favourite OTHER multi player team game…


#863441 Code nhận gold anh em vào nhận nào

Posted MotKichDuaTang on 07 March 2014 - 10:44 PM

WGLGRANDF1NAL     100gold.

ALTA2014BC                3 ngày víp (code cũ nếu bạn nào quên chưa nhập).

nhập và ấn like nào nhé anh em.


#1506978 Rampage mission exploitation - Sanctions

Posted Tanitha on 11 May 2016 - 07:58 PM

Dear Players.


Please note that not only do mission objectives need to be accomplished, but it is also a requirement that they be accomplished within the spirit of the game and normal play.

Upon completion of our investigations into complaints of unfair play .. the following actions are taken on a battle ("One" processed today for example / from many processed daily)




xxxxxxxx (renamed to "xxxxxxxx" Cooperating with enemy team, passive action in battle   T-22 Completed, T-22 7 days game ban, remove T22 [VPA]
xxxxxxxx Cooperating with enemy team, passive action in battle   T-22 in progress Personal reserves and 150,000 7 days game ban, remove 150,000 credit [GVN-D]
xxxxxxxx Openly discuss mission rigging in battle chat, Cooperating with enemy team, passive action in battle.   T-22 in progress Personal reserves and 150,000 30 days game ban, remove 150,000 credit [-NS-]
xxxxxxxx Openly discuss mission rigging in battle chat, attacking/feeding damage to teammates or enemy team.   T-22 Completed, T-22 30 days game ban, remove T22  
xxxxxxxx(renamed to "xxxxxxxx" Openly discuss mission rigging in battle chat, attacking/feeding damage to teammates or enemy team.   T-22 Completed, T-22 30 days game ban, remove T22 [VPA]
xxxxxxxx Openly discuss mission rigging in battle chat, attacking/feeding damage to teammates or enemy team.   T-22 Completed, T-22 30 days game ban, remove T22 [VN-F]
xxxxxxxx Attacking/feeding damage to teammates or enemy team.   T-22 Completed, T-22 7 days game ban, remove T22  

Openly discuss mission rigging in battle chat, attacking/feeding damage to teammates or enemy team.

  T-22 Completed, T-22 30 days game ban, remove T22  
xxxxxxxx Openly discuss mission rigging in battle chat, attacking/feeding damage to teammates or enemy team.   T-22 Completed, T-22 30 days game ban, remove T22 [VPA]
xxxxxxxx Openly discuss mission rigging in battle chat, attacking/feeding damage to teammates or enemy team.   T-22 Completed, T-22 30 days game ban, remove T22 [__S__]
xxxxxxxx Attacking/feeding damage to teammates or enemy team.   T-22 Completed, T-22 7 days game ban, remove T22 [SWA]
xxxxxxxx Openly discuss mission rigging in battle chat, attacking/feeding damage to teammates or enemy team.   T-22 Completed, T-22 30 days game ban, remove T22 [__S__]



Please note from the above that sanctions vary, and renaming doesn't avoid sanctions.

Please ensure to play WOT fairly, as designed, and work with those on your own team only.