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Announcement: Moderation FAQ

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To clearly communicate our forum moderation policies, below is a collection of responses to some of our most frequently asked questions on these procedures:

What is a Forum Warning?
Warnings are issued for educational purposes, to inform the player of the breach of rules, what rule was breached, and to advise the player that their forum post has been corrected to fall within our rulings. They are most often issued for minor violations of our Forum Rules and Community Guidelines.

Do I need to receive a warning before a sanction is given?
No. Warnings are used as informative notifications were the rule violation was not severe enough to warrant any sanctions.
More severe rule violations will result in sanctions placed on first offenses without any previous warnings being issues.

I received a warning, but now I can't post. What do I do?
Users are required to acknowledge their warning before they can post again. Please refer to this guide on the process. You will need to acknowledge your sanction when it expires as well.

What are Warning Points?
Warning Points are given when players are found to have breached our Forum Rules and/or Community Guidelines. The number of points varies depending on the severity of the offense.

Sanctions are usually weighted by the following.
  • Warnings - 0 points.
  • Sanctions - 1-3 points depending on severity

What is an R.O.?
A Read Only (R.O.) is when you will not be able to post on the forums but will still be able to read content. Those in R.O. have violated our Forum rules.

Do Warnings and Points expire?
No. You can view your warnings on your profile page. Only you and the moderation team can see your list of warnings.
If your sanction history becomes excessive, your complete past history will be considered in the decision of escalating your sanctions.

What happens when my points increase in value?
There is no arbitrary point where automatic permanent sanctions are placed. We believe more severe sanctions should only be placed personally after a manual investigation and review by senior staff. However repetitive or severe rule violations within the forums may result in permanent forum sanctions or permanent game bans being placed.

When are permanent sanctions issued?
When the rule violation is severe enough in nature, or are repetitive enough to warrant permanent sanctions.
Some severe rule violations such as account selling, may result in permanent forum sanctions and a permanent game ban on first offense.

My post/topic is no longer visible. Has it been deleted?
No, it has been unapproved and is therefore pending or undergoing moderation. It will reappear soon. Nothing is literally deleted on our forums.

I Wish to Dispute my Warning or Rule Violation. Who Should I Contact?
Please contact Support if you wish to dispute any rule violations. DO NOT message the Wargaming staff or moderation team about disputes or post about the dispute into the forums; We value your feedback and thus require that these issues only be handled by our Support team where the rule violation can then be referred to management and investigated thoroughly.