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RNG Submission Thread

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Enforcer #1 Posted 28 June 2013 - 10:41 AM

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Attention Tank Commanders,
Have you seen our RNG Video Series?

Do you have a habit of recording replays?
Have you captured any funny moments that you wish to share with our World of Tanks Community?
Here's your chance!
  • Main point. All replays should obey to great RNG. In other words, the things passing on the screen should depend more on situation, and not on the skill of the replay submitter (random, silly actions of allies or enemies etc.)
  • When submitting a replay to this thread it's important to describe the situation you want us to add to the video. Pretend that you are a film director and tell us your vision!
  • All activities on screen should make a person laugh, and not create any frustration. That means no griefing!
  • It's really important to add the timing of the moment after description. For example, "funny jump over 2 vehicles at 11.40-11.20 of the battle timer"
  • No more than 2 replays from one player should be submitted for each video
  • Only replays selected by video engineers will enter the final composition

Please, follow the template below when submitting the replay. Otherwise post will be just deleted as off-topic. Only replay submissions should be added to this thread.
1. Link to the uploaded replay to http://wotreplays.org/
2. Description of the moment
3. Timing
4. Client version of video taken.

Please read the WOT Game and Forum rules: Game Rules - Forum Rules - EULA - TOS
For help and assistance try out our Wiki or contact Support
Dont for
get to also visit us on Facebook and Twitter !
And do like Enforcer's Facebook Page!

AALG #2 Posted 28 June 2013 - 01:12 PM

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This thread is ONLY for submissions. I've just had to move several posts from this thread to another thread (http://forum.worldof...cussion-thread/). In the future, if a post made in this thread is NOT a submission of a replay, it will be sanctioned as off-topic. In other words, this thread is going to be heavily moderated.

The ASIA server Moderation team


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Kampfzerstorer #3 Posted 28 June 2013 - 07:51 PM


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Replay Link:Defeat!, KV-13, South Coast, 6/26/13 11:42 PM: 873 nXP, 1,454 dmg (mwreplay is not available for Asia Server. Making do with noobmeter.com)

Map: South Coast
Spawn Point: North
Battle Type; Standard Battle
11 minutes and 40 seconds left before the launch of the ceasefire, my only ally, a French tank destroyer, was taken out by an enemy KV-2. I, in the unassuming KV-13, was left to his own devices as I witness not one, but three heavy tanks coming after me. Death was near, but I was unfazed. What I needed was guts, and follow a simple rule when I first met the crew of the French tank destroyer. Keep your friends close, but enemies closer.

With that in mind, I decided to lure the Porsche Tiger towards me. A shell fired off from my inefficient 85mm gun. It penetrated the commander's cupola, possibly taking out their tank commander. It went full tilt on me, despite the height difference between the both of us. As the Tiger got down to my level, I kept close to him, ramming head on. 2 more shots to the cupola. Porsche Tiger, done. I turned my attention to the KV-2, pulling off the same stint as the dead Tiger. I repeated the procedure, this time aiming for the driver's hatch. Second kill. The second KV-2 got into my sights as it rushed for a quick shot. My driver reversed in time as its 107mm shell deflected from my turret. I fired a shot, destroying its right tracks.

Its 107mm gun was intimidating as if locked onto my turret whilst I rushed my loader. A whistling sound came from above as I took notice of a tracer; our artillery's. Straight into the front portion of the driver's hatch. Instinct kicked in as the driver drove forwards, allowing my gunner to have a clear shot at the side of the KV-2. He squeezed the trigger. The 85mm shell shot out from the gun, penetrating the KV-2's side. 3rd kill. I beat the odds. Thank God for the artillery-

A loud blast rocked just next to our tank, knocking out our driver, who had been the star of the crew. Blast that enemy artillery.

KV-13, you ask? Lucky 13 would sound appropriate in this case.

Shortened Version of the Description: KV-13 meets 3 heavies, and beat the odds. Kind of hilarious in a way as they attempt to kill me to no avail.

Timing: 11:40 to 10:50 on the battle timer.

Client version: 8.6

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Xing_Agito #4 Posted 28 June 2013 - 08:36 PM


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Link:http://www.sendspace.com/file/mmat1u (Couldn't upload them anywhere, not even on Noobmeter for some reason so hopefully a Sendspace link would work while it still lasts)

Description: Before the battle started, I was dead set on going about systematically hunting other light tanks on the enemy team first before going after something else, like maybe their SPGs. 30 seconds in, my WZ-131 was already hot on the tail of a wayward scouting Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A. who immediately turned away from me. Seeing as I was on the move, I quickly snap to auto lock on it and fired my first shot at its rear to find it missed by a huge margin. No big deal, I can reload faster than it could turn its turret on me which was what it was doing. I fired again and was rewarded with the sound of a confirmed hit...

Only... I actually only tracked him and before I realize it, I rammed its rear at high speed and wedged myself under the poor thing before it exploded spectacularly without me so much as firing another shot under it as I was too surprised to do anything but watch. Counting myself lucky, I reversed from under its burning wreckage and drove on to hunt some more (which I never did.)

Time: Around 30 seconds into the battle. You can't miss it.

Client Version: 8.6

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nugimugi #5 Posted 29 June 2013 - 10:06 PM

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LINK : Defeat!, ARL 44, South Coast, 6/26/13 3:43 PM: 886 nXP, 2,614 dmg

Description : super pershing was on the right place to get stomped maybe the player thought to shoot me from below  :teethhappy:

Timing : 9:01 - 8:50

Client Version : 8.6

Isuzu_Hana #6 Posted 30 June 2013 - 09:23 PM


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Title : KV-2 Accuracy is Stellar! Even When It Missed, It......

Link : Defeat!, KV-2, Mines, 6/26/13 8:06 AM: 528 nXP, 1,636 dmg

Description : I was driving KV-2, when got thrown at tier 8 battle, map Mines. Of course, I tried to secure hill so no enemy would enter the hill. When my team killed enemy AMX12t that trying to climbed the hill, suddenly a Super Pershing popped out. I was ready to shot him, but because he was hull-down, I tried to snipe his cupola, but I failed because I didn't wait until the aiming became smaller. I shot too soon. Realized that I failed, I retreated. Unexpectedly, my stray bullet one-shotted and killed undetectable camping VK 36.01 H at enemy base's hill. Oh, so hilarious!

I suggest you to use first person view!  :glasses:

Timing : 14:05 - 13:49

Client version : 0.8.6

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UnknownPpl #7 Posted 02 July 2013 - 08:45 AM

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Link: Mediafire(Since my replays all inside mediafire ady)

Description : Saw the elc running around, since no one trying to kill him, so I decided to do the task. Close range fire, miss. Then follow by 3 continuous ramming until the elc die while I still full health with a damaged track~

I was actually want to fire and hit the elc once then flee away using my downhill speed but I ram into the elc accidentally using my track and even continue for 3 times until he die. And after ramming, someone fire at me and miss, so I able to flee at full health with just a damaged track. It was a surprise as my track just damaged but not destroyed as I was ramming him with my track if I not mistaken...

Timing : 13:30 - 13:00

Client Version : 8.6

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NiiKun #8 Posted 04 July 2013 - 06:53 PM


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Replay Link: Victory!,  KV-1S,  Highway,  07/03/13 – 8:25:10 PM :  1,433 nXP,  3,235 dmg

Map: Highway
Spawn Point: North
Battle Type: Standard Battle
Battle Number: 3,362nd (97th)
When we already have cleared the city, the 2nd enemy team started capping our base (09:35) and we rushed back to reset it but it become to 3 points-per-sec (max) which made us realized that we already losing. When we already have vision on the enemy tanks capping our base, it has already reached at 100 points but "doomscout" somehow managed to hit the Hellcat which reduced it by -14 (08:42) then later was killed. But the capping of the base is still continues which again, it reach to 100 points but somehow I also managed to hit & killed the KV-1 in matter of a second which reduce it by -14 again (08:36) then pawned them all and won the game.

Summary: doomscout hitted a Hellcat tank at 100 base cap points then later I also hitted and killed a KV-1 tank at 100 base cap points and prevented them from capping.

Timing: 08:47 – 08:31
Client version: 0.8.6

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Cronk #9 Posted 04 July 2013 - 07:49 PM


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I think someone might have directly submitted this on my behalf already but I will put it up again here just in case.

Replay:http://www.mediafire...rille.wotreplay (mwreplays is down).

Timing: It's an 8.5 replay so I can't watch it anymore to get the exact time, but it's a long streak of lucky artillery shots beginning with the kill on the Stug and Ending with the Aleccto kill.

Client: 8.5 (don't think this would have been possible in 8.6).

3 Blind Shots in a Grille.

Had a match in my Grille where the arty RNG gods were definitely on my side. Had 3 blind shot kills out of 4 shots. Caught sight of a TD just before he disappeared, fired a shell into his last known position, scored a hit then moved on to look for a new target, a few seconds later I got the kill message, must have lit him on fire, nothing special about that.

Second one was just a downright fluke snapshot with a fully expanded reticle at a luchs that was moving at speed towards me, I figured I would snap off a hail mary shot just before turning tail and running, didn't even wait to see where the shell landed, BOOM! dead luchs. Medium 2 messed up my blind shot streak, but thanks for driving into the shell at the last second and preserving my reaper combo :P. another lucky shot.

The last blind shot was pure luck as well, I zeroed in on the area where I suspected the remaining tanks might be located and saw a tree knocked down and fired a shot as soon as I was zoomed in, killed an Aleccto that had not even been lit at all.

What I feel qualifies me for RNG is the string of luck more so than any one particular blind shot, hope it's not too long a sequence.

Ended up with a 6 kill Reaper, Top Gun, Master Gunner and an Ace Tanker badge.

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BishopDeath #10 Posted 08 July 2013 - 11:09 AM


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Replay: http://www.mediafire...stery.wotreplay (http://mwreplays.com/ is down)
Description: A Jadgpanther appeared shot my suspension and failed to destroy my tank. I shot him back while my Comet is on maximum speed, I missed Jadgpanther but luckily, a Pz.IV was hiding next to him destroyed by my blind shot (he haven't appeared yet).
Timing: 11:15 to 11:05
ClientVersion: 8.6

Kenn_Ethic #11 Posted 08 July 2013 - 05:33 PM


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Replay:Victory!, AMX 13 F3, South Coast, 7/4/13 8:23 PM: 702 nXP, 1,852 dmg


Tiger P's five shots failed to destroy an arty.

Map: South Coast
Vehicle: AMX 13 F3

Half way into the battle, I was inside our base circle, supporting the north-west flank when an enemy Tiger P infiltrated our base from the north-east flank at A8. I react to the invader and tried to relocate, but I was already on his line of sight and shot me. Luckily, the RNG only damaged my cannon and no HP was reduced to my vehicle.

As I was running away towards D8 I used my small repair kit to fix my cannon. One of my allies got the Tiger distracted I decided to go A8 and go TD mode and flank the distracted Tiger. When I got close, it shot me again, Luckily, again the shot only damaged the gun and no HP was reduced to my vehicle.

Then, I got really close to surely hit him with my damaged gun. Both of us fired at the same time, both were tracked and damaged by my splash. His shot missed. lol

This is when it gets funny, As we waited to get our tracks fixed, the Tiger P could not get an aim of me due to his poor gun depression. He fired, but missed that's when I realized I was safe being close to him due to my vehicle's low profile. His tracks got fixed first, but he's still reloading. Not too long mine got fixed I started to keep hugging him to avoid being shot until my gun reloads completely.

He manages to separate from me and fired the fifth time, but it bounced! Finally my reload was complete and fired at him at point blank range. Both of us got destroyed by my blast, making him failed to kill me at the fifth time despite of ramming damage.

Summary of shots made intentionally for me:

1st shot - Gun damaged, zero HP reduced
2nd shot - Gun damaged, zero HP reduced
3rd shot - Missed
4th shot - Missed
5th shot - Ricochet

Other damages were caused by ramming and by my splashes.

Timing: 8:10 - 6:10

Client Version: 8.6

Director's Vision: I'll try to make the situation funny with camera views.

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LtBonBon #12 Posted 09 July 2013 - 11:14 PM


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Link: http://wotreplays.co...siantanker-is-8

Description :

I call this one "THE GERMAN KAMIKAZE"

Amidst the chaos and carnage of the battlefield one Maus dares to be different!

Basically, it's just a MAUS trying to give a surprise butt s** from above

I could just virtually feel the ground shaking after the giant behemoth touches down

R.I.P. IS-7 :P

Timing : 08:50 - 08:33

Client Version : 8.6

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Orion03 #13 Posted 10 July 2013 - 06:32 AM


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1. Link: https://www.dropbox....10_40.wotreplay
2. Description of the moment:  I jump on top of a T32 and kill him, I got way more air then I thought I would
3. Timing: 10.40 on the mission timer
4. Client version of video taken. 8.6
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karl0ssus1 #14 Posted 14 July 2013 - 03:48 PM


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I ram into an ELC in my vk 36, and just keep pushing him into a wall. Get him mounted vertically as a hood ornament on very low health and then he goes and fires an HE round at point blank and blows himself up.

Timing ~12.30-12.00

Client version: 8.6

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MDvn #15 Posted 16 July 2013 - 01:47 PM


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IS-3 took down a tree and I took out his ammo rack, 1500 damage done!
From 13:20-13:10
Version 8.6

MDvn #16 Posted 18 July 2013 - 12:12 PM


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Batchat wanted me but I rammed him, tracked and disabled his ability to move, killed him right at the moment the T57 killed me.
From 9:00-8:15
Version 8.6

Lyve #17 Posted 21 July 2013 - 10:08 AM


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Description :

"Pushing the enemy into the water plan backfired"
The VK4502 sped downhill in an attempt to push and drown me(T69), however the plan backfired when the VK4502 ran straight into the water while I blocked his path and drowned him instead.

Timing : 11:00 - 10:25

Client Version : 8.6

TE_Deathskyz #18 Posted 22 July 2013 - 06:06 PM


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Linky Link. http://www.mediafire...ooj7wuq3hpunmis

Description : I think this Youtube Video explains whats going on...

Timing. 13.00 to 10.50.

Client Version. Update 8.6.

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SniperGhostWarrior2 #19 Posted 27 July 2013 - 03:58 PM


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Description :elc made a Amazing kill
Client Version : 8.6

dragoncrusher #20 Posted 28 July 2013 - 12:03 AM


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http://www.noobmeter...534254183901293 The link dont work so i gotta use noobmeter~
Description of the moment
I saw a T-50, and i decided to chase it, when i go to where it was, the T-50 was not there, then i hear an engine noise, and turn my camera around and there he was, he tried to flank and ram me, but i turned and dodge his ram and he missed his shot, then he decided to take a jump and die. Map was Dragon Ridge
Video of it in progess of being uploaded

12:02 to 11_50
Client version of video taken.

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