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Tank for Sale: "TOG II"

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WhatsThatSmell #21 Posted 18 January 2014 - 12:56 PM


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The Old Gang is selling their TOG MkII*, as they have bought a brand spanking new churchill. Thus they don't need it anymore

What is it about the TOG that should make you want to buy it

It's British so as long as it doesn't have any parts from Leyland motor company on it you can guarantee it will last.

It's slightly better than the TOG I

It has some fancy star next to its name for no real known reason

Makes a good troop transporter

Go over most obstacles with ease

Always wins at long jump


So yeah, Come buy the sole TOG II today

Warranty void if parts do actually come from Leyland this tank is in no way related to any submarine or battleship nor does it look like either, anyone caught referring the TOG to either will receive a shell in their engine bay colours may vary batteries not included

eLiEkO #22 Posted 18 January 2014 - 01:20 PM


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 Greetings Commanders,


I just wanted to thank you for your recent order and allowing us to serve you. New clients are the lifeblood of our business and you are one of them. I hope you are enjoying your new Japanese War Machine (Chi-Ha).

Let me show my appreciation by offering you a special offer. For the next 6 days if you need any New War Machine of 2014, I'll give you 1 extra FREE for every 3 you buy.


Buy 3 British Monstrous War Machine “TOG II” and Get 1 Free Japanese War Machine “CHI-HA”!




“Kindly see picture ”

Here are some additional:

Gold: 20,000 

WOT credits: 5,000,000

Crews: 80 % trained


Please take a look at the Pros and Cons of our British Monstrous War Machine (TOG II).I hope it will satisfy you after checking the interior and exterior of this tank.



  • Good Roof
  • Great gun with excellent accuracy and penetration, can damage anything it meets without any problems.
  • Superb health for its tier.
  • Armor can bounce several shoots-especially with angling.
  • Heavy weight makes it resistant to ramming.
  • Huge ammo capacity
  • Good matchmaking (always matched with tanks UP to VII tier)
  • The cheap repair cost considering its massive health pool (4.600 when destroyed) and the premium tank income modifier make it a good earner its tier if played well.
  • Humongous track HP means that it is difficult to be detracked.
  • Humor value. Players almost always comment on the tanks size in battles, usually referring to it (and quite correctly) as a land boat/ship or whale.
  • Constantly underestimated on the battlefield.



  • Largest tank in the game-contrary to popular belief, the Maus is not the largest.
  • Low alpha damage
  • Very poor top speed makes it 3rd slowest tank in game, the only tanks that are slower are Fcm36Pak40 and T95
  • Large ammo rack
  • Armor is mostly flat
  • Slow acceleration due to low power to weight ratio and unsprung suspension
  • Tracks are enormous and easy to hit
  • Crew members are easily killed, particularly the driver and radio operator
  • Humor value. Players almost comment on this tank in battles, which can get on your nerves sometimes
  • Crew configuration does not match any British heavy currently in the game. No other tank on the line has 2 loaders, so you will have an extra loader around just for the TOG unless you keep multiple British heavy crews.


There's no limit on this offer as long as you purchase during the next 6 days. The reason I'm making you this offer is to get you into the habit of ordering your New Tanks from us. I hoped that once you've shopped here a few times, you'll want to order from us over and over again. We want pleased customers like you. I would like to show you also our new Promoted latest War machine the (Churchill III) of SOVIET Tier Five Heavy Tank that was sent to you last week.


 There's no other way to put it--I want your business and I'm giving you an incentive to return.


Just bring this letter when you visit us. It's your ticket to a great discount!


Our sales manager, Jacke321, will be pleased to see you next week to set up an appointment with you. At that time he can explain our products more fully and answer any questions you might have.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship.




Thank you



eLiEko (IGN)

Chief Executive Officer

MULTO Garage Centers

Cebu City, Philippines

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mayma1 #23 Posted 18 January 2014 - 03:11 PM


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:glasses:THE TOGII:glasses: !!! Not only does the TOG II have the hp of a tier seven tank but it offers protection that'll keep you nice and cosy in your tank while you blow up tanks by the second:bush:. With a gun that deals  damage that will send tanks running but the penetration is enough to shoot through every tier 6 tank you come across .:trollface:


with the price for this tank being soo low and the benefits soo high it's amazing that not everyone has one of these yet. in fact if I had the gold I would buy one myself but that doesn't mean that YOU don't have the gold so buy one now while the developers don't realise how fantastic this tank is and raise the price. All it takes is one click *click*:veryhappy: and you have the best tier 6 tank of all time!:tongue:

YouOnlyLickOnce #24 Posted 18 January 2014 - 04:54 PM


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Why should you buy a TOG II?

1: its the perfect training ground for a heavy tank user

*a heavy tank with a gunner and driver dead is a pain in the head but if you have experiences with TOG II you will be just fine*

2: a good sniper tank

* TOG II gun is even accurate while moving* (cause the TOG is slow and a steady moving tank)

3: the TOG has the biggest HP in all of tier 6 tanks and on most tier 7 tanks ( that is 1400 hp)

* this HP is enough to important you teammates or important tanks in the battlefield*

4: TOG II has an angled body

* not many players know this but if you try to reverse the TOG II body and try to sides crape you can be a perfect wall*

5: TOG II may not be a fast moving tank but it has a fast reload time of around 5 secs (with brothers in arms and gun rammer)

* this fast reload enables you to shoot more targets and with this you can deal more damage and more damage means more credits plus consider the fact it is a premium tank you can earn an average of 30k credits per game(like me)*

6: if you can buy a superheavy spall liner arty shots and derp guns are nothing

* with that you will be able to last longer on the battlefield*

7: TOG wont be easily killed first

* the TOG is slow and because of that it is not always on the front lines of the battlefield but more located on the back of the battlefield which in some cases you can change flanks if you are in danger*

8: TOG II is one of the hardest tank to ACE, but if you do you will earn respect of other players

9: TOG II is perfect for tank company, 15 KV-1s are no match to 15 TOGs

10: WOT to serious? play a TOG and troll around on the battlefields


dropjumper31652 #25 Posted 18 January 2014 - 06:39 PM


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Welcome stranger! Today, I am selling a slightly used TOG II* which my friend bought recently but disliked it. Anyways stranger, would you like to know what are the PROS of the tank? You can look down to see it.



1. It has good RoF to blast away those lights, mediums, heavies, TDs and SPGs! 

2. It's great gun is very reliable because it is very accurate and has high penetration which means you can everything you can meet on your path!

3. Armour! Tsk Tsk! (Adventure Time biz) It has very bouncy armor especially when you angle it!

4. Your tank will be resistant to ramming due to it's weight like BIG SHOW. You could also use your weight by ramming enemies especially while going down a hill. BANZAI~! :izmena:

5. That huge ammo capacity. You can blast through their whole team without worrying you will not have enough shells until the end of the game.

6. It has Preferential Matchmaking! This means you will only get into tier 7 battles! That means more moolah! :medal:

7. The cheap repair cost for the tank when fully destroyed (4,600 credits) is pretty small for that big HP POOL(number will be seen at the #10 PRO). It will be totally compensated when you play a great game when all the nubs are at the other team and you got a great team that supports you and helps you to get Top Guns, Radley-Walters, Pools, and many more so that means MORE MOOLAH!

8.  It has very thick tracks which means it is very hard to detract except if you are using the KV-2's 152 mm gun.

9. You will be famous because the tank is called like "Hot Togs", "Battleships", a "whale", and a "land boat".



As you can see stranger, having a Big Hot Tog will get you so much moolah for your incoming tanks.


The TOG II* is a great moneymaker, has a big HP POOL, bouncy armor, and finally, blasting power. Use it for you will be famous in any game, gain some moolah, give your maids moolah to clean your tanks, buy cool new non-premium tanks, buy modules, retrain your crews or train your crews. This will make your tanking life very easy.


The TOG II* also comes with a tea set, leather seats (colors could be chosen), fancy cushiony head sets for the crews while in-battle, and the famous Grumpy Cat.

  Well, she said no but I prefer her to be in there for no reason.


So stranger, what are you waiting for? Buy the TOG II* NOW! Call 715-TOGS today!



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injil7 #26 Posted 18 January 2014 - 06:52 PM


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wer to by that Tog 2 i have ? Tog1* n Tog2* is difference

markones #27 Posted 18 January 2014 - 07:31 PM


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I love my TOG, stop buying them and taking away all my fun. end....


P.S It is MY fun, go away...

bettersky #28 Posted 19 January 2014 - 01:48 AM


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Hi ! :)


I heard that you have been considering whether you should buy TOG.2 . No one is perfect and no tank is best in all aspects . Therefore, why you so hestitate with this tank let choose it immediately because it has some advantages others dream .



First of all , TOG has long body even it is longer than MAUS that everyone recognizes from far distance .TOG

 2 is really easily the target of almost enemy tanks if it is detected . Therefore it is not only the wall protecting for allies but also it makes enemies more concentrate on , ignore other members in your team result in one TOG 2 can exchange many enemies .


Secondly, I want to show you that , TOG 2 has quite good armor about 76 in hull and turret is 114 , very many guns even tier 5 , 6 can bounce if in bad direction . Moreover, TOG can not be easily killed by tier 6 , 7, 8 tier gun , since it has high HP 1400 . If you have tier 8 tanks with damage about 200-400 , you need at least 3 shoots to kill Tog 2 , while loading time others can kill you more easily


Finally ,I notice you about gun of TOG

. TOG is not scared by any tanks as it owns tier 7 gun high pen , quite short loading as well as aiming time , It can kill many tanks tier 5 , 6 , even 7 before sacrificing . :v


Oh , I think if you have TOG 2 , you can easily die because you are too long like 2 or 3 tank in a queue , but your team has more chance to win .


They are some advantages I show you about TOG 2 , it is not useless if you play in right way depending on it's benefits . I think TOG 2 has strange strategy to play because it is stranger :)) . So , why you don't buy it to explore this by your own.

with 3500 gold , you can use it without only watch in photos in internet . LET GO AND BE CREATIVE!!!

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RazorRabbit #29 Posted 19 January 2014 - 06:56 AM


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If you want the Tog we'll listen up! The tog 2 looks as good as a Maus. It may not be quick but it can block up an ally way and hold of multiple enemy's. You are getting great value because it has more hit points than an indien pz, T69, just to name a few. It's only 100 how short of the super Pershing and boy is that great. THOSE ARE TIER 8 TANK your a tier 6, your definitely getting value. 

The tog 2 can way up to 85 tons fully equipped, and that's real heavy. This means you won't be getting pushed around by puny KV-1S 

it has a crew of 6, commander, gunner, driver, radio operator and 2 loaders to decrease the reload time.

it has an engine of 600 h.p which means you can push little annoying enemy's out of the way.

Speed limit is 14km/h which is slow, but it has to have some draw backs.

Traverse speed is 20 degrees per second 

Turret traverse is 32 degrees per second so you can keep up with enemy's circling you.


Now for the armour

now the tog 2 may not have good hull armour but with angling you can increase the thickness, the tog 2 is very good in hull down positions.

hull armour front 76mm, side 76mm, rear 50mm

turret armour front 114mm, side 76mm, rear 53


 Now the bit you've all been waiting for, the gun

The gun is good for constantly pounding the enemy's this will really annoy the enemy.

QQF 17-pdr Gun Mk. ll

you will be able to carry 144 pieces of ammunition so this means you can fire away at anything. 

The damage is 113-188 hp and 128-214mm so if you come across a Maus u can penetrate its's front with your shells. And you can put out 12 rounds per minute now with 100% crew, gun rammer and the skill brothers in arms who knows how fast you can get the reload to be.

View range 360m that isn't very good

Signal range 570m which isn't very good either.




RazorRabbit (AUSEZ)






RalphTheTheatreCat #30 Posted 19 January 2014 - 08:25 AM

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"My hovercraft is full of eels."

Major_Septic_Tank #31 Posted 19 January 2014 - 09:37 AM


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Selling this thank  requires a LOOOOOOOONG sales talk.. =)

nmdelrio #32 Posted 19 January 2014 - 12:40 PM

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CloveXD #33 Posted 19 January 2014 - 03:06 PM


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Greetings  Tank Commanders!


    Today i will be selling the magnificent Tank built for Trench Warfare the "TOG II*" :glasses:


Brief History behind the TOG II*

           The TOG II*... the name TOG actually stands for the "Old Gang" thats the name of the manufacturer who built this monstrosity called themselves... The TOG II was Developed for trench warfare. Initially, armament was to be placed in the front part of the hull and side sponsons. However, later it was decided not to add sponsons but to mount a turret. By 1943, when TOG 2* was completed and ready for trials, it was already obsolete. The vehicle never entered service.


Now lets go to the Stats of the TOG II*


   The TOG II* has the most Health among all of the tier 6 tanks in the game. The TOG has 1400 HP enabling the TOG to take more punishment  than any other tier 6 tanks in the game.


The TOG weighs just shy of 81.28 tons making it the HEAVIEST tier 6 heavy tank in the game. The TOG has a 600 break horsepower with a top speed of 14km/h. Now if you wanna ram someone to death you might ram him on top of a hill and use your massive weight to decimate his tank.


The TOG has a traverse speed of 20 deg/sec which is slow and a turret traverse of 32 deg/sec.


The TOG's hull armor of 76mm at the front and sides and 50mm at the rear now on paper thats very thin armor but if u angle it by about 40-45 degrees it will double the chance of a ricochet, Now the TOG's turret armor is better with 114mm at the front, 76mm at the sides and 50mm at the rear.


The TOG gets a lovely punchy OQF 17-pdr Gun Mk. VII gun that has the average penetration of 171mm and an average damage of 150mm with its regular AP ammo, however if you load APCR you can get an average penetration of 239mm and damage of 150mm. whats great abou this is gun is its amazing rate of fire of 12 rounds a minute which means u get to fire twice as quickly than any other tank in same tier.


The TOG has a view range of 360m and signal range  of 570m.


Now the TOG II* might not be the greatest tier 6 heavy tank in the game but when ever anyone sees a TOG on the Battlefield either it be in your team or on the enemy team everyone just seems to cheer up and have a great game and the jokes start flying around. The TOG is an absolute Joy to drive yet just as dangerous as any tier 6 tanks in the game...



So if you are interested in a tank which makes everyone happy and yet still performs just as good as its brethrens then the TOG II* is the tank for you so what are you waiting for? PURCHASE A TOG RIGHT NOW...and have as much fun without losing your pants! 


Attached Files

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mttspiii #34 Posted 19 January 2014 - 06:38 PM


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Hot-TOG*s, get your Hot-TOG*s here. Fresh Hot-TOG*s, not made from worm* meat or chicken-shi*, but from true British steel* to make you a real-steel gentlemanly* deal. Long, juicy, meaty Hot-TOG, fortified* with 17-pdrs of solid iron to make you's long* and strong* and able to take a beating all day-n-night* long. Show it off, poke* it around, whip* it in their faces, be the mighty penetrating* behemoth of a man* shootin* everyone around with that relentless* 3-inchin' 17-poundin' piece* of yours.


Now gives you an extra* 3 inches for improved* all-around robustness*; you don't have* to use protection*. 


- TOG II*, it takes the man out of you, and adds more man to it. -

I'm fierce and I'm feeling mighty,

I'm a golden girl, I'm an Aphrodite



Ryubei #35 Posted 20 January 2014 - 08:23 AM


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Featuring the all new TOG II Main Battle Tank!


The heavy tank built to outlast and outmaneuver any other long chassis heavy tanks out in the field.

Built with unmatched British technology and ingenuity. This heavy tank was built to maneuver on mud-lands, craters and even across deep trenches. Allowing you and your crew to get to where you are headed when you are needed.


The TOG II Heavy tank also known as the "British steel wall" is well known for its impenetrable armor. An armor that can protect itself from a wide range of enemy shells. You can be sure that your crew is safe and protected in a TOG II, allowing you to focus more on shooting down enemy tanks. The new entry port also allows for easy loading and unloading of tank personnel.  


The TOG II heavy tank has also been mounted with the A30 challenger turret to provide unparalleled protection and view range coupled with the QF-17 pounder (76.2mm) gun, to give enemy tanks something to be scared of and keep them thinking twice about showing up in front of you.


Power-wise the TOG II is equipped with twin generators to provide its electro-mechanical drive with uninterrupted power that keeps the tank moving, even under adverse situations. 


The TOG II heavy tank. One of the industries finest pioneer in the tanking world! For a very low price of only 3,500 Gold! Own one now! 


Click on the gold shop link on your World of Tanks home page to purchase. Happy hunting!







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ganbenj #36 Posted 20 January 2014 - 05:24 PM


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hi there!I see you are interested in my tanks for sale?well then,come on in!                                   

                                 what? you are interested in this huge,monstrous tank?hhhmmm...its quite a good tank,to begin with...it has 6 crew members,and,contrary to popular belief,is the biggest tank in the game.its armor is also very tough(76/76/50,to be exact).Now,I know what you are thinking,with its big size, wont it get shot?Why of course!you'll probably be a tempting target for spgs and other enemy tank.But dont you worry, just hide behind building and rocks and you'll be just fine.Also,it can soak up alot of damage,It's also probably the only tier 6 tank that can survive a penetrating hit from the KV-2's 152 mm cannon! Can you believe that!but you wont be losing much health out there when the armor can bounce several shots.The tracks are also huge making it hard to detrack.got you interested,didn't I?well to top it up,its only 3500 gold!Can you beat that?!


sebastian93921 #37 Posted 21 January 2014 - 12:40 AM


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IF YOU HUNGRY, eat Hot dog !!

IF I AM A HOT DOG, you will say "Try to eat me !!".

This fact makes TOG II becomes a famous tanks ever 

jerung_puteh #38 Posted 21 January 2014 - 12:54 AM


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Tired of waiting for World of Battleship ?

Have dream of becoming an Admiral?

so eager to try different things?


wait, what? its not a ship? well its the closest thing you can have on land!  its in fact not a tank nor a land cruiser..


have one now and starts to know the difference this tank has to offer with its uniqueness as it IS   



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je17 #39 Posted 21 January 2014 - 08:53 AM


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Mercenary9814 #40 Posted 21 January 2014 - 09:24 PM


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Hello tankers! This is from Mercenary9814

Now let me ask you this

Are you tired of being easily Killed,Tracked or Rammed?

Now let me introduce you to the Tier 6 British Heavy Tank : TOG II

Yes you heard it right a TOG II 

A marvelous tank with superb perks such as:

Insane Health: now what scare's your enemies more than showing "Is that all you can do to me! My health isn't even halved by that!"

Good Gun Penetration featuring the 17 Pounder :Rate of Fire, Penetration, and Damage What more could you ask for!

Along with those great perks the playstyle of this tank is rather simple:

Go forward while absorbing enemy fire while your allies pick off your enemies one by one and with the unfortunate depletion of your health becomes dangerously low Don't fret with your size and length you can block off a narrow path which can ensure your allies don't have to worry about enemies getting through there, and who do they have to thank? You driving a TOG II If you buy one today 

Its not even that expensive a Tier 6 Premium Tank with a cost of 3500 GOLD now that's a bargain

Affordable, Powerful, and Multi-Purpose a TOG II is sure to be a tank which you are sure to treasure in your garage

Power,Armor,Gun,Size,Inexpensive necessities and (possibly) Thankful allies to boot

All Thanks to the TOG II

What are you waiting for? Get your TOG II now! 

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