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Achtung Panzer: The Blitkzrieg, Myth and Reality

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Revan #41 Posted 27 October 2016 - 07:31 AM


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The other reason why Germany tried making super tanks was because fuel was a major problem for the whole war. 


 Its why the blitzkriegs were a once a year thing. They stockpiled fuel for a year and went for the knock out blow. 


 People think Hitler was an idiot but alot of his things that in hindsight were a mistake was because of Germany's dire fuel situation. Churchill worried whenever UK fuel stocks went below 10 million barrels, Germany's annual production was around 2 million for everything.


 Same reason Germany built 109's instead of FW 190's. They could run on a lower grade of fuel, same reason why they tried things like the ME 163 as it used different fuels so did not have to compete with other stuff.


 Its also why Hitler went for Stalingrad he was after the fuel in the Caspian area. 


 Germany could maybe have won in Russia but they did not need to DoW the USA and was not required to by their treaty with Japan. ANy alt theories about Germany winning basically have to knock ou the USS before Dec 11th 1941 or not invade the USSR and defeat the UK somehow. 


 Even Hitler jumping the gun in 1939 was somewhat sane. Sure Germany was not ready for war but neither were the allies. Everyone was rearming Hitler know the Allies could rearm faster though over the long term, Germany was rearmed the best in 39. 


Even the 2 years from 39-41 saw things like the KV and T-34 turn up. 

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mttspiii #42 Posted 27 October 2016 - 07:57 AM


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Won't supertanks be more fuel-inefficient than a similar squadron of smaller tanks?


Also, I heard that they made Panthers that burned wood oil or something like that. Same gas-strapped guys that designed the GT101 tank turbine engine.

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