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Random battles are now too bad, even for a baddie like me.

Tomatoes Random Battles Bye

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southerner #81 Posted 01 March 2014 - 06:42 AM


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View PostThingol, on 27 February 2014 - 07:40 PM, said:


that one sounds like a bot.


But hard to tell bot from stupid sometimes.


hetzer sat in base until we were badly losing - I was sure it was bot or afk.

but when enemy came near, it started reversing slowly away from them until they finally shot it - presumably for cowardice.


It's pretty bad when even a noob like me is left astounded at the lack of intelligence shown over and over.

- ignoring the base in encounter.

- having 3 or 4 spgs and leaving them so unprotected they spend the whole game running instead of shooting.

- trying to solo everything you spot when the arty could easily take them out

- attacking the last enemy one tank at a time when he already has 3 kills up and knows how to shoot

- yelling for help when you're 3:13

- yelling for help when you've charged into an obvious killing ground on your own


On the plus side, there are those times when you team up with the one intelligent player on your team and that's enough to carry a flank and maybe the game.


I must say I was somewhat disconcerted to find that I was guarding one whole flank by myself in Karelia  my lone Jagpanther !!!. Thought  B*******R this and went and joined the rest of the team on the other flank,  The enemy team didn't even  come  down  the unguarded  flank and  our team  won by sheer weight of numbers. Our team was stupid, but the enemy team was uber stupid. I think all the stupid comes down to poor map reading and tactical skills.:coin:

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