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Premium Tank Review Contest "T-25"

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Scharfschuetzen #1 Posted 03 March 2014 - 07:57 PM

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Event Start Time: 07. Mar 2014 14:00 (UTC+8) 
Event End Time: 14. Mar 2014 14:00 (UTC+8) 


Hi Commanders,

Do you know the greatest charm of her(the tanks)? How did you be fascinate by her?

That's tell us what you saw? how you feel? And what's the story between you and her?

This time we'd like to know the story between you and the tank "T-25"!



  • The theme is the premium tank "T-25".
  • Post your screenshot with your "T-25" and your review of her on this thread.



  • The best 3 participants will received 1000 Gold each per.



  • Only submit once for each account



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jeric4 #2 Posted 07 March 2014 - 04:04 PM


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The T-25 is a German tier 5 premium medium tank it boasts great mobility and decent armor that could be very hard to penetrate when angled well this enables it to accelerate at the start of a battle by being able to get into good forward positions. being in a string position and angling your armor well will make it very hard for your enemies to dig you out. This is where this Amazing tank starts to have a bit of a poor gun it has good penetration at one hundred and sixteen millimeters which is enough to really go through any tank at tier six and dealing a healthy one hundred and ten damage per shot. So you may ask how is that bad with a gun that has a two point four second aim time and ten degrees of gun depression well that is where the story isn't a walk in the park with zero point four one accuracy you are not the most accurate and will probably miss some shots. The main kicker is the guns slow rate of fire at twelve rounds per minute so if you miss your shot you have a pretty long reload for a medium tank. This also means your damage per minute is not very high and if a T-25 and a T-34 were in a field with angling even if all of your shots penetrated and some of the T-34's bounces the T-34 would easily kill you with much higher damage per minute.With this being said you can be aggressive in this tank but need support to back you because of your low rate of fire. Overall for a premium tank at tier five it stacks up well with most medium tank characteristics for filled it would be a very fun tank to drive and able to adapt in many situations this would enable since it is a premium tank to make a lot of credits.

patrickshaun #3 Posted 07 March 2014 - 04:09 PM


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The Greatest Charm of her is its combination of High Hit Points, High Speed, my parry technique is really effective on this tank, it can receive tons of damage and can bounce a lot of shells, i love this tank so much that I sold my prized and multi-awarded, SU-85(Money Tank) for this, its overall killing power is monstrous, can kill tier 7 and or 8 easily if used properly.

I got my T-25 when a friend of mine in World of Tanks gave me gold as a birthday present, i patiently waited until it gets 50% OFF, and my patience really paid off, it is the best tier 5 premium tank out in the game.

I love my T-25 and I wont sell it.


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Subete_Yoi #4 Posted 07 March 2014 - 04:11 PM


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AnGeL2411 #5 Posted 07 March 2014 - 04:20 PM


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At the end of 1941 when the MAN and Daimler - Benz are competing to get the manufacturing-contract of the new 30 tons medium prototype tank nickname VK30 to fight against the last two tanks of the USSR , which was to T-34 and KV-1 .

Not follow the old views of Germany industry, Skoda has a secret design of the tank (if produced) to be the best at that time. A medium tank with 20 tons of 50mm thick armor inclined 60 degrees, the vehicle using the 75A18L55 gun with rate of fire up to 15 rounds per min (it’s the one of a kind RoF in that time, Skoda model guns were later designed for E10 can reach up to 40 shots per minute according to Professor Hilary Doyle) due to the blank-ammunition system which was later reproduced in French tank.

The engine of the tank is also designed by Skoda, generating 450 horsepower designed to be placed horizontally to save space.

The design of Skoda cannot compare with the MAN Panther tank but compared to the same “weight class" at the time in the world, it absolutely has no rival and if mass produced, it is a very promising replacement for PzIII and PzIV began obsolete.

Pros and Cons


  • Good damage and penetration
  • High HP
  • Good forward and reverse speed
  • Good gun depression
  • Best money maker among the German tier V (of course!)
  • Can scout in a pinch (although not advised)


  • Long aim time
  • Rather low view range - can be remedied through tactical use of Binoculars.
  • Has difficulties reaching top speed
  • Vulnerable to ammo rack damage
  • Poor armor
  • Slow turret and hull traverse

Compare with other tier V pre med


Firepower: 10 points, equal to M4A2 and Matilda at 110 HP damage
Penetration: 10 points, 118mm, the best in tier V pre med
Blood: 10 points, 610 HP seems a bit excessive in tier 5
Speed: 10 points, 60 km/h this is highest in comparison
Mobility: 4 points, less than Matilda in stand-rotating, but the reverse speed and acceleration is quite good (0 to 20km/h almost immediately)
Aim time: 3 points, not fast nor low
Accuracy: 10 points out with Matilda and MBP


Play-style (Recommend)

This awesome med can scout, snip, dog fight… You should be a sniper, cover your mates and scout-hunter. Flanker also is a good choice. Hull down every time and always be with your allies. Solo only when you sure you can get the enemy.

Equipment (Recommend)

  • Medium gun rammer
  • Improved ventilation
  • Enhanced gun laying drive

Crew skill

Premium tank is used for training crew; you should let them learn the skill that necessary for primary tank.





ps: I haven't afford a t-25 yet, I played it several time borrowing my friend. It seems pretty good so I hope I can get enough gold to have one after this :d Really helpful for my German-tank-account!


Term adjusted. The term used is German, not the ruling party of Germany at that time.


Please use the correct terms, the incorrect one may lead to warnings.



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DADDYCOOLS #6 Posted 07 March 2014 - 04:58 PM


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Rockstarred #7 Posted 07 March 2014 - 05:26 PM


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The T-25 makes me feel so alive, bustin' faces with my 7.5.

The sloped frontal armour makes me bounce while I farm her,
Flying quick and fast with my high horse power praga

Front on heavies make me sad in the belly,
but a shifty flank rush makes them die nice and steady.

Those lights they hate me, I keep burning them lately

with my high rate of fire it's their time to expire.


Her forward mounted turret makes her not that bad a poker

but abuse this power and you might look like a joker.

Bustin the line makes me feel so sublime, my shells are flying and I'm lookin mighty fine.


My boys they look worried, no doubt they're feelin hurried, help calls fallin it's my time to go ballin'

60 k an hour and i'm there, my enemies cower.
They're feeling mighty sour at the though of all my power.

It's over in a flash, flamin tanks, enemies abashed.

T-25, you make me feel so alive.


(I don't actually have a T-25 so can't take a pic, but if I did i'd super impose a gold chain and a glock into the picture. Maybe even a gold tooth.)


Cheers ;)

PLA_LONGC #8 Posted 07 March 2014 - 06:30 PM


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T-25 is a good German mt,when you look his protect may be you will say he do not have a good thick armor,but the sloped armour which is use on this tank's hull can really give you surprise especially when you face your enemy with a small angle.With him you can got a lot of sniper medals since when you aim circle is the ready you can fire at your target 100 times without a single miss and the incredible rate of fire can let you kill them efficiently.As an MT the motility is very important,the 60's max speed and nearly 23's Wt ration can let you do your job with skill and ease in the battlefield.So why not call him up and defeat other commanders in the World of Tanks.


Term adjusted. The term used is German, not the ruling party of Germany at that time.


Please use the correct terms, the incorrect one may lead to warnings.



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Strike_Blitz99 #9 Posted 07 March 2014 - 07:12 PM


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Intelligence Bulletin no. 09829289

Profile: T-25 Medium Tank (Germany) - Tier V


       A prototype medium tank designed to compete for Germany's medium tank specification (which led to the Pz V Panther) in 1941 from Skoda in then German-occupied Czechoslovakia. Never entered service due to Panther being put into service


SPEED: Above Average

Surprisingly, I found it fast for a medium tank on its tier. At 60 kmh, its nearest competitor in the speed department would be the Russkie T-34. Even the Panzer IV and M4 Sherman look slow compared to this one. This tank would be ideal for blitzkrieg and flanking strikes, punching pockets into hostile lines even before the enemy gets a bead on the situation.


ARMOR: Average

At 50 mm , the T-25's front hull armor may look as thin as the Pz 38 nA, but this one has copied the USSR's sloped armor concept, making it thicker than it looks. Side armor is still average at 45mm, but its 20mm rear armor plate makes its engine vulnerable to most guns above 37 mm calibre.


GUN - 7.5 cm A18 Kwk :  Average

The T-25's gun fires the same shells as its German-made 75mm counterparts, such as the KwK 40 L/48, but thanks to its turret layout, rate of fire is improved by 0.5 rpm (compared to the stock Pz IV). Also, its longer barrel gives a respectable 116 mm of armor penetration, rivaling even the T-34's 57mm ZiS-2 rapid fire gun. Also to mention its superb accuracy, aided by years of German optics R&D.

But it is still outperformed by the American M1A1 76mm, British Vickers 75mm HV



710m radio range. Any same-tier recon tank would blow up in envy :p

19.85 t weight, lighter than most other Tier V MTs


Handling is poor, turns like a mule. Not recommended for scouting.

Gasoline engine makes it more prone to fires

320m view range restricts its scouting role



Final Verdict:

Overall, despite of its poor handling and view range, the T-25 excels best as a sniper and flanker, much like its Tier VII competitor, the Pz V. Perfect for breaking into hostile bases in a straight line, this tank when handled correctly, could turn the tide of the battle and will net you a lot of credits. A must-buy for players seeking to train in sniping.



Submitted by:





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_Sikwati_ #10 Posted 07 March 2014 - 07:13 PM


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this tank sux...thanks :)
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ZtrikerZeero #11 Posted 07 March 2014 - 07:49 PM


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I got my T-25 Tank and it is a good farming tank...although I tried it to face with tier 7 and 8 tanks...somehow I hit one of them and gave my entire team a winning spot. It is fast and can greatly help my team mates in spotting enemies lurking around the bushes and forest. My best part for my tank is I will not sell this tank because it is one of my best tanks I can really rely on when it comes on earning funds and experiences.

DFaultPlayR69 #12 Posted 07 March 2014 - 08:23 PM


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Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening depending on wherever you players are. I'm DFaultPlayR69 and welcome to my review of the German Tier 5 premium tank, the T-25.


Lets have a brief history lesson about this tank shall we?

The T-25 was designed by Skoda to compete with the Panther projects of DB (Daimer Benz) and MAN's proposals, unfortunately their porposal was rejected. The T-25 was supposed to be the successor of the old Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) of the Czechoslovakian Army. It was supposed to be a 20 ton tank, fitted with a 450 HP engine and equipped with the Skoda 7.5cm/55 A18 cannon, which was a semi auto cannon with an autoloading mechanism.


Now that we know a little bit about the history of this beautiful tank, let's look now on how it performs in World of Tanks.

First of all, the hull looks pretty much like the Russian T-34 medium tank. That's because it was somehow based on the T-34 itself because the Germans needed a tank that could counter the T-34.


Now lets look at the stats of the the stats on the T-25:


The gun, 75mm A18 KwK is comparable to the 75mm KwK 40 L/48 but with a slightly better penetration value. Historically, the A18 KwK should've been an autoloader (too bad Q_Q) which would have been very effective ingame. It has all the good traits of the L/48, good RoF,decent Accuracy, and good pen. To top it off, the turret can point the gun down to -10 degrees which is just like the Americans which makes this tank a good at hull down positions (yay!)


The armor is 50mm thick which is not much but with the sloping it gets, the armor effectiveness increases which enables it to bounce a lot of shots mostly from lower tiers. It's armor layout is comparable to the Non-Premium  Pz. III/IV medium tank, both have almost the same raw thickness and angles on their armor, only that the T-25 has better credit farming ability thanks to being a premium tank. the turret has good armor values of 60mm but this wont help much against higher tiers because of the fact that it is all flat with little protection.


The engine is a 450 HP Praga C9 engine which provides a 22.61 hp/t which is pretty good. Unfortunately, it doesn't have good track and traverse but it still can reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h on flat terrain and downhill. Now that being said, since it has a good top speed and a decent hp/t ratio, it can do a little active scouting but this should not always be done as this is not always the most effective way to use the tank's full potential and the view range of 320m makes it a now so effective active scout. It can be played somehow just like the Pz. III/IV, as a flanker or midrange sniper.


Now for the summary of this tank:

Overall, the T-25 is a decent premium tank. It can outclass most premium medium tanks of the same tier. It has a decent gun which is good for its tier coupled with good sloped armor and somewhat good maneuverability makes it a versatile tank which fills the role of a midrange sniper, flanker, or even a close range supporter behind heavy allies. It also has a high HP pool which makes it survive some shots before going down, and again, with that armor thickness and sloping, increases its survivability rate. It has the greatest credit farming ability even surpassing the Churchill III.

Here are some Pros and Cons of the Tank.


- Great gun damage and penetration

- High HP pool

- Good Top and Reverse speed

- Can scout but is very limited by its view range

- Great Depression, as good as the Americans

- Best credit farmer of its tier

- Sloped armor, can bounce some shots from lower tiers



- Gun has low aim time

- Does not always reach its top speed unless on flat terrain or when downhill.
- Slow Turret and Hull traverse speed

- Armor, while its sloped, is not effective against same tier TDs and tanks that have a higher tier than itself.

- Vulnerable Ammo Rack



Here's my recommendations when trying to use the T-25:

Play style and Tactics

The tactics to be used in this tank differs from its situation and tier placement. If it is on the TOP TIER placement, then the T-25 should be used as an aggressive flanker. on HIGHER TIERS however, this should use the role of a mid sniper or if you have the time, you can use it to raid bases and hunt arty.


Recommended Equipment

For flanking tactics, you should equip:

- Gun Rammer, for better RoF

- Gun Laying Drive, seriously, this is the most important equipment that has to be put on the T-25 as it has terribad aimtime.

- Ventilation/Binocs, either you use the last slot to increase the crew's performance, or you can increase the tanks viewrange for spotting.


Crew Skills

Commander- Sixth Sense

Gunner- Snap Shot

Driver- Off Road Driving/ Clutch Braking

Radio Operator- Situational Awareness

Loader- Adrenaline Rush


That's all for now everyone! This is DFaultPlayR69 and I will post another review, next time. :glasses:

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wilfredleung747 #13 Posted 07 March 2014 - 09:55 PM


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T-25: The tier 5 premium tank which I chosen, and why you should choose it.

Why choosing a tier 5 premium?
    3 months ago, I started to think of buying myself a premium tank as a credits farmer. After discussing with my friends who also played World of Tanks, I found out that tier 5 premium tank is really the most suitable for me, because I am only a secondary students, and a tier 5 premium only cost me 1500 to 1750 gold, I can really afford one of them.
Why choosing T-25 out of all tier 5 premium?
    There are totally 8 tier 5 premium tanks, and at first I really face a big difficulties in choosing one of them. I usually prefer a good gun with high penetration first, because without a good gun, you are not going to penetrate the enemy tank, nor getting any credits from it. So, the priority goes to the tank with a better gun. The counterpart of T-25 such as Ram II and Churchill 3 also have a very good gun, the 6 pdr gun, they have low alpha damage but the high rate of fire compensate that. So this lead to a new level of comparison, accuracy. Well I can't argued that the T-25 tank gun is as accurate as laser, but at least it is more accurate than than the 6 pdr gun, and the 6 pdr on the Churchill 3 has a big problem, it reloads faster than you aim! This means that the high rate of fire gun is not going to perform all its strength, and this is not good.
So 2 tanks left: Ram II, T-25, and wait! We have forget the Chi-Nu Kai!
    Oh sorry that I have totally forget about the Japanese premium tank, because suddenly the Japanese Chi-Nu Kai is out, and this also dragged my attention, because it has a high penetration gun, and it is more accurate than the T-25. Hmmm... Things are getting more interesting, and I seemed to lose interest on RAM II, simply because it can't snipe, which I think that it is not good. So the only 2 tanks left is Chi-Nu Kai and T-25, so this is really a big question, which one is better? T-25 lose some penetration for more speed(60 km/h) and more hp(610 hp),while Chi-Nu Kai gains more penetration which will have a higher chance to stand up against tier 7 tank. Alright, hold on here, use a tier 5 tank to exchange shots with tier 7? The Chi-Nu Kai has a good gun, but it is not a good idea to use it to fight against the tier 7 alone, as the big guys are going to eaten you up alive. Why I am saying that? Because you have a bad armor and the hp pool is not high. You can't flank them, because you are not fast enough! So at this point, the T-25 will come into handy, you are fast enough to flank, and you are not going to worried a lot about getting hit because you have a high hp pool.
More words for T-25.
    This tank is awesome, and I am in love with it! Although the armor is not the strong point of this tank, you can get some lucky bounce! Thanks to the strong gun mantlet on the turret. So this extra factors make this tank very enjoyable to play!You will never forget how smart that you do the decision of buying this tank, a real credits farmer. Recently I decided to start the Germans medium tank line, and this tank extends its role as a crew trainer, now the Germans medium tank crew can enjoy the daily double of the first win of the day two times, so my crew experience now have an extra boost! If you are looking for a credits farmer and a good all-round tank which is able to flank, snipe and support, don't resist, get the T-25!

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blackshark362 #14 Posted 07 March 2014 - 10:34 PM


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the German t-25 is the best of tier V MT

is the fast tank but slow hull traverse and turret traverse speed, the fast speed is enough to relocating from cover to the cover ,it very versatile tank from sniper,flanker and fast support .don't cyrciling enemy because your slow speed hull traverse ,The high RoF for it gun and average pen can penerated almost all tier III-VII tank


the gun mantle can be lucky bounce if enemy fire at there. don't solo playing because this group tank or you die faster.it good for credit maker tank

Recommended Equipment:

Gun Laying Drive: because this tank have bad aim time

VENT: this add your crew performance
Medium calliber gun rammer: add RoF this very important for this tank


Term adjusted. The term used is German, not the ruling party of Germany at that time.


Please use the correct terms, the incorrect one may lead to warnings.



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eddie3576 #15 Posted 08 March 2014 - 06:31 AM


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The Story of me and my T25

First of all where does our story begin?


Our history goes back over 15 months, back to when 2013 was a fresh new year. Nelson Mandela was still with us, Edward Snowden was still content with his job at the NSA, and the whole world was eagerly awaiting Triviums new album to come, Vengeance Falls(maybe my little world!). My clan mates were trying to convince me to buy a tier 8 premium, but with funds were a little tight. I was recommended by me mate Elvo that the tier 5 T25 was a great little tank, and that it would be the well worth the 1000 gold I would pay at the time(it was on special). 222 games on and I still enjoy taking this tank out, and for an average player like myself the results speak for themselves!

From here im going to review this tank, so you can see the good and the bad sides of owning this premium tank.



History of the T25 starts with the Daimler Benz and MAN putting the tender out for a 30 tonne tank capable of defeating the Russian T34. Skoda put their tank in( the current T25) and sadly it did not pass the test. the reasons being;

1. They were not invited

2. They did not mount the mandated 75mm L70 gun. Because of its weight and the forward turret, they used their own gun, the A18 75mm L55 gun. The benefits of this gun vs the L70 was that it was an autoloader with drum feed, with 15 rounds per minute. Because it had a lighter weight gun, the turret was hydraulically traversed and elevated, compared to the panther which was hand cranked. If the L70 cannon on the Panther was depressed below 0 deg, the weight of the breech was such that the crews would struggle to hand crank the turret left or right.

However the result, they did design a modern tank of the time, with modern era hydraulics, the first ever 75mm autoloader and a vertically mounted engine that saved vital space and improved HP/tonnage ratings.



The obvious reasons for purchasing the T25 are, if you want to train German medium tank crews, or you are looking to farm credits.

The crew slots are the same as the German medium tanks, with a 5 man crew of commander, gunner, driver, radio operator and loader. This formation matches all the mediums, with the leopard line dropping the radio operator.

The credit income for this tank is great, with the Chi Nu Kai being the only tier 5 premium with a higher net income(10200 ave net vs 9500 ave net) than the T25. Within the german tech tree, the Panther M10 earns an ave 12300 net per game, Dickermax earns 11300 ave, Pz IV Schmalturm earns 9800 ave, and E25 9300 ave. When you compare these numbers to the purchase cost in gold you get the following results.

vs Dickermax it is 47% of the purchase cost and earns 84 % of the credits

vs Pz IV Schmalturm 40% purchase cost and earns 97% of the credits

vs E25 22% of the purchase cost and earns 102% of the credits

vs Panther M10 26% of the purchase cost and earns 76% of the credits.

As you can see a great earner compared to the purchase cost(great value for money)


Tank Armour

The hull armour is 50mm frontal, 45mm side armour,and 20mm rear armour. This means that you cannot brawl frontally. Turret Armour is 60mm front, 60mm side and 30mm rear. To use this armour effectively you can reverse side scrape, which at 20 degrees will give a side armour of 132mm, which will stop the pen of the 85mm KV1 gun. When doing this you need to point the turret armour away from the enemy, as the flat armour of the turret is easily penetrated.


Gun Characteristics

The gun is a 75mm A18 L55 rifled gun. Penetration is 116mm AP or 167mm APCR or 38mm on HE. The penetration is 110 damage ave on AP/APCR and 175 on HE. Gun statistics for 100% crew are;

Accuracy is 0.393, aim time 2.397, reload time 4.114 and DPM of 1604 per min. 

Recommended equipment needs to lower the long aim time, and improve accuracy. I recommend Gun rammer, Vents and Gun laying drive. With these mounted and a crew with 100% BIA the gun stats are;

Accuracy is 0.376, aim time 2.064, reload time 3.542 and DPM of 1863 per min. Thats a 14 % increase in both aim time and reload!!!



This tank has a 450hp engine, and this gives a hp to tonne rate of 22.67. The Chi Nu Kai has a rate of 11.27 and the Pz IV Schmalturm has 10.04. This means it has great acceleration. However it does have a high terrain resistance, which means you bleed a speed when turning. This tank also has a large turning circle. You have to apply this to when you conduct flanking manoeuvres. The best way to do this is not to attempt to ring around a flanked enemy, as your turning circle gets wider and wider, and this slows down the needed traverse speed for the enemy to trakc and kill you. Instead use the maneuverability and your peers to flank from multiple angles, and take a bound within some cover, thus causing the enemy a dilemma of who to shoot at.


View Range

This is 320m view, and 740 signal. Compared to the Chi Nu Kai the T25 loses 30 view range, but has a much increased signal range by over 300m. To use this to your advantage, you cannot stand alone snipe the enemy. You can use your view range when flanking, and push past to depth targets, using your signal range to send the enemy positions to friendly snipers and artillery supporting you.



This is a fantastic premium tank that give you a lot of flexability when training your German crews. It is a tank that can provide you with good amounts of credits. It is a great medium, with the great ability to flank, spot and destroy using its signal range, speed and maneuverability. I hope you all get to make the relationship i have made with my T25.


















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Original_JuiceCo #16 Posted 08 March 2014 - 07:05 AM


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Do you like tanks with a bit of attitude? Well look no further, the T-25 might be for you!


The tier 5 German premium tank is anything but a premium cut of meat. It's glacial aim time means you will have to spend even more credits on a Gun Laying Drive!

Good news though!

You can purchase in-game credit via the gift shop, which will not only save you valuable time grinding credits in real tanks, but it'll cost you the equivalent of another tier 5 premium tank! Absolute bargain! 


So that means it's under-powered right? Definitely not! The T-25 has the equal highest hit points of the tier 5 medium premium tanks, and nearly equal to that of the stock KV-1.

This giving you ample time to get at least 5 shots off before you turn into a smoking wreck!


I hear it's a really mobile medium tank? Correct! The T-25 has a whopping top speed of 60km/h and a 22.6hp/tonne ratio, giving you ample power to get to where the battle is, and fast. Make sure your Driver is trained in at least Clutch Breaking and Off-road-driving though, as it's traverse is like that of a wet rag on a dirt floor! 




Buy yours today for the extremely overpriced Gold 1,500 !!!





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Eraser_HEAD #17 Posted 08 March 2014 - 09:10 AM


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  I do not own the tank, but seeing LOTS of it in the battles I have fought in tier 5 I think I can give a fair review as an opponent-and as a teammate-of the Czech T-34.


  The German Panzer Waffe came shocked in the Spring of 1941 when their seemingly unstoppable Panzer II's, III's and IV's were pitted against the soviet tanks for the time. Although te USSR secretly supported German war development in the previous years (the LOLtraktor project being one of them), the Germans were rather unprepared in facing soviet heavy metal.  Apparently the biggest shock for the german tankers in the campaign was the effectiveness of sloped armor. The  t-34 was very difficult to penetrate and yet somehow its armor was just as thin as their tanks. And, compared to their sophisticated panzers, the soviet tank was a child's toy-easy to run, built for abuse, cheap to produce. In my honest opinion, the t-34 was the impetus for the fastest arms race the world has ever known, and the single greatest reason why WoT has so many tanks in the first place :D.


   In 1941, Guderian asked for the integration of sloped armor into German tank design after hearing the t-34's combat prowess. The competing designs for the 30-ton medium tank project are tanks we are quite familiar with in WOT-the VK3001DB and the VK3001M. Czech company skoda, creators of the reliable little PZ. 35's and 38's also had its own project, the t-25 30-33 ton medium tank, in response to a german request for the same specifications. However, it was not until 1943 that the fearsome Panther tanks appeared on the battlefield.


   I first saw the t-25 in my t82 TD, in Karelia (wow 3k+ battles and I still remembered). My first impression with the tank was "German t-34." It was rather unconventional looking, more a raw prototype than a real tank, less graceful than the t-34 but still beautiful in its own way. The turret is way too out in front, and the wheels undoubtedly came from the 38(t). Yet it is an effective machine in the hands of a good player.


  I'm not gonna do a "pros vs. cons" review here, as most people here probably know the t-25 too much already, but I will try to review it based on battlefield experience-why you have be careful engaging it, and why it deserves attention on the battlefield. I guess my goal here is to convince you why you'll eventually want one. :D


So here we go.


One thing I observe with t-25 drivers is that they tend to scout with the tank. it's pretty viable, as the tank is VERY fast for a medium and has a fast firing gun typical of scouts. It is also quite small, hehe laughably almost as large as the Leopard scout tank, and this helps its camo probably to some degree. The tank is also very effective at ramming; most t-25 drivers also do this during cleanup after the main skirmishes are done and all that's left are the enemy's spg's, campers and slow tanks. It can reach places rather quickly, and this is a great advantage if you know the sniping areas  and ambush points of a certain battlefield; it can get there and scout passively while the heavies are still moving in. I think of it as a T49 with better armor and twice the health. In the hands of a skillful player this is a deadly flanker and sniper; it can get to sniping areas very fast, and run to the rear to the of the enemy's flank while they are busy with the larger tanks. Either way, it has a fast-firing, accurate, high damage gun that can make short work of anything in its sights. it is also very good in hilly terrain; I've dueled against one with my Vally (which when stock also has insane depression) in steppes recently with only our mantlets visible. This last sentence is proof of its cons: even as a slow valentine I have never really feared the t-25 as an opponent.


  Despite its sloped armor it can be penetrated rather easily, and despite its speed its turret and hull turns rather slowly; the vally's turret traverse is almost twice as fast. it cannot circle enemies with its tendency to make large turns, and its tracks do get broken rather frequently. In many of my battles in tier 5 t-25's are mostly the first tanks to die, probably because the drivers are not aware of this. this tank is fast, accurate and can unload a hail of lead in a short time...but it can't turn. Any tier 4-5 tank can reliably kill it, and some tier 3's too: it's armor is not as illustrious on the map as it is on paper. The gun is accurate and fast-firing, but thick-skinned tanks can be a problem; my hetzer can shoo it off from the front, and this tank is a tier lower. And one more thing; this tank burns very easily XD


   In short, the t-25 is not for the aggresive player who goes straight to the middle of the map and trades shots for a living. It is more suited to those cautious players who believe in camo and speed for survival, always wary where the enemy points his gun, and try to position themselves as far from it as possible, be it in terms of distance or angle. A true medium tank that can exploit all gaps in the enemy's side, this tank is no lone wolf, but a good t-25 player is a golden asset to the team, especially for its brawlers. if you loved the t49, the t-34, the t-28, and the japanese tanks then this tank is worth a try for you. Best recommendation? load the BRC combo (that's binocs/rammer/camo), familiarize yourself with all your potential enemy's weakspots, familiarize yourself with all the maps' sniping areas and run there as fast as you can. You have the speed to flank if needed, and the slope on your armor will allow effective angling should you be tasked to brawl. But sniping should always be your first love.


   True ancestor the Panther? mmm...more like the russian t-43. Why don't you get one, and you decide :D



by Eraser_HEAD


Term adjusted. The term used is German, not the ruling party of Germany at that time.


Please use the correct terms, the incorrect one may lead to warnings.



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T-25 (premium) Tier V German Medium Tank Review




The T-25 is a premium tier 5 German medium tank. At the time of writing it is available for 1,500 gold, however you can get this tank for a reduced price when they are on special (I think I picked mine up for half price). 



The T-25 boasts pretty descent stats for a premium tier 5 medium tank. Let us compare the T-25 to some other premium tier 5 medium tanks, the American Ram II, and the Russian Matilda IV:




As can be seen in the link above, whilst the T-25 has slightly lower armour (which we will discuss later) than the Ram II and Matilda IV, it is however a significantly faster tank with a top speed of 60 km/h. The T-25 has 610hp which is the same as the Ram II and Matilda IV, and has the best signal range of the three with 710m. The T-25 also has the best HP to weight ratio of the three (let us say significantly more) with 22.67hp/t which means you can get your tank around the battlefield much more quickly. In relation to mobility, where this tank is let down is its track traverse speed which is a very sluggish (for a medium tank) 30 deg/sec. Combine this with an even slower turret traverse speed of 22 deg/sec, and this combination is in my opinion the weakest aspect of this tank as it means that you can not circle jerk heavy tanks or counter being circle jerked by light tanks very effectively When it comes to effectively putting damage on enemy tanks, the T-25 does shine in this area when compared to the other 2 premium mediums.The T-25 has significantly higher penetration with standard ammo  of 116mm when compared to 105mm and 86mm of the Ram II and Matilda IV respectfully. This means that the T-25 can be an effective tank when matched against tanks of higher tiers. It is worthwhile noting however, that the Matilda IV does get preferential matchmaking and will not see tier VII tanks. Whilst the penetration of the tank is excellent, the gun is let down slightly with both aim time (which is 2.5 seconds), as well as rate of fire. This means that the dpm of the gun is actually lower than both the Ram II and the Matilda IV at 1540hp/min.


In relation to armour, let us look at the T-25 in tank viewer:



As can be seen in the above image, the T-25 has descent armour in comparison to its speed. The armour stats are as follows:


Hull: Front 50mm; Side 45mm; Rear 20mm

Turret: Front 60mm; Side 60mm; Rear 35mm


The front of the hull is fairly well slopped and can be angled to get some bounces from some lower tier tanks. Side and rear armour are pretty much rubbish, so do not expose them if can avoid it. There are a two diamond shaped weak spots on either side of the turret where the armour is actually 55mm, and as can be seen the mantlet has spaced armour at 60mm thick. There are also two commander hatches at the top of the turret (however they are pretty small targets) where the armour is 10mm thick. The top armour of the tank is also rubbish, so avoid arty wherever possible.



- Very quick for a medium tank

- Good penetration with standard ammo

- Good gun depression

- Front armour is descent for a tank with this amount of speed and can get a few bounces from lower tiered tanks when angled correctly



- Bad track and turret traverse speed

- Lower dpm than other tier V premium mediums



Here is a replay on Fjords demonstrating some of the strengths and weaknesses of the tank, earning me 3,486 exp for my daily double, and 52,831 credits: http://wotreplays.com/site/667515#fjords-poopenshoot-t-25



If you like quick tanks that can move around the battlefield quickly, then the T-25 might be the tank for you. With its good penetration with standard ammo, the T-25 is a threat to higher tiered tanks, and can hold its own when matched against tanks from a higher tier. Where the T-25 is significantly let down is with its terrible track and turret traverse speed, which means that you are somewhat limited in terms of manoeuvres and strategy. It is a premium tank, so your silver earning potential in this tank is fairly descent, however, you may want to compare the T-25 to the other premium tier V medium tanks to see which will suit your game style better.


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Want to get a tank with a low price but high income and have many special characteristics? Well, if you can't buy a tier 7 or 8 premium  tank, then the T-25 must be a good choice! 

After driving this tank for more than 1000 battles, I've got a lot of remarkable moments and expression. Before showing my review, I have to say that my final opinion about the T-25 is "A very good tank, but hard to use it". So if you are planning to buy this tank, please read this carefully, for the better future. :trollface: 

Here is my T-25 and her crew. Beautiful, right?:girl:


First is the history. Shortly, it's a Czech project tank. never left the drawing board since 1941. This is the boring part so I put it all in the Spoiler. 



Now let's start the fun. 

1. Survivability 

The most important thing about every tank is it HP and armor. Hence, we can determine what is this tank's position in the battle. 

In overall: 


A tier 5 medium tank with 610 hit points! Yup, this is one of your best advantage against the enemy (most of the tier 5 medium have only ~400 HP). But do not waste it, will decrease very fast if you don't use it wisely. The reasons are below.



Basically, it's fine! You can't asking too much about this premium tier 5 med. 


But here are some special characteristics about this tank's armor:

- First, never trust the frontal sloped armor! Even a tier 3 tanks can penetrate it!



Despite the hull is a sloped 50mm, however the truth is all of this "beautiful armor" is equivalent to 60~70mm only. So don't try to face-to-face with the enemy higher than tier 4. 


But don't worry. Since you have a good gun depression (-10 deg), why don't you try to hull-down to hide the paper-armored lower hull? 

I tried this, and have a "super effective" results. Definitely, this tank is born to hull down :trollface: 'cause of its special turret armor: 



Near the gun, it has the incredible spaced armor (pink colored). In average the equivalent is 160~190mm, some places up to 220mm, even auto ricochet, strong enough to bounce almost every tier 7's shot.  

This is the greatest charm of this tank and that's why I loved it!


Always try to use every objects to make it becomes your advantage, such as small hills, destroyed tanks, barriers. 

But notice that the other parts (darker pink colored) of the turret is only 60mm. So keep moving backward and toward while hull down is strongly recommended.  


- Another notable point is the chassis armor. It's thicker than the upper sloped armor (about 100mm).




- Side scarp is quite good, but not recommended because the turret is on the front. Only use it when you feel it's convenience. 



- Last thing about the armor that you should know is the roof. Never stay too long at one place without any cover or the artillery will kill you very quickly. 



Okay, that's all the information about this tank's survivability. From above you can see that this tank doesn't have a good armor, suitable for hull down, have to be advise while hunting artillery.


But how about the Fire Power, Mobility and more? Similarly, its also show that this tank is NOT for dog fight or scouting.


2. Fire Power, Mobility, Scoutability 



Fire power

Like many German medium tanks, T-25 has a nice gun with high penetration and shell velocity even in the long range. However, mediocre ROF and aim time make it has the poor DPM, only 1600. 

Be advised that despite the good accuracy, the ammo have more potential to move lower than the cursor. So make sure that you have to aim carefully before open fire, or you will never hit the target.


Mobility and Scoutability

You want to get back to the garage soon? The best way to die is scout and try to dog fight! :veryhappy: 

In fact, you can scout. But never try to maneuver! Just moving straight ahead. The max speed 60km/h only available for moving down the hill, even not in the stable road way (51 kmph at most). Do not trust the specific power 22.67 h.p/t, because of your bad tracks. It's very hard to increase the speed, often take 6 to 8 seconds to reach 40 kmph at good condition. 





Poor view range, camouflage values decrease very fast and have a low point even you're at stationary, high terrain resistance, high aiming time while moving, low traverse speed, bad turret traverse speed.  You still want to scout and dog fight? Good luck next time. :trollface: 





3. Other notable characteristics 

HE ammo have good acceleration so it can deal much more damage to some slight armored vehicles. The alpha damage maybe up to 220, tested while shooting at Hellcats. 

- It has slow turret traverse speed, so only flank when the enemy is doesn't moving or make sure that they don't know you are coming to them. 

- APCR ammo are not recommended, since the price is much more higher than AP and remember that you're driving a premium tank. 

- Good reverse speed to fall back quickly, especially when hull down in the hill.

- Lighter weight than most of tier 5 vehicles (about 20 tons). Ramming is definitely a bad choice!



Nothing much with a tier 5 premium tanks. However, you can easily deal a lot of damage and bring the victory for your team, thanks to these advantages:

- High HP. 

- Very special turret armor. Nice gun depression. Perfect for hull down.

- Low cost AP ammo. Effective HE ammo. 

- Good penetration and acceptable accuracy. 

- Be a great sniper and lower tier tanks will be your easy target.


Everything have its advantages and disadvantages. Here is the bad news :trollface:

- Poor armor. Even some tier 3 tanks can penetrate you from the front.

- Weak against artillery shots.

-  A medium tank with a heavy tank's traverse speed, especially for the turret.
- Low acceleration. Hard to reach top speed.
- Aim time will make you angry, combined with trivial ROF 
- Dog fight? Combat at close range? You are dead. :trollface: (Of course won't be if you have some skills.)





From those above characteristic, we can see that the Skoda T-25 is a sniper tank at medium range. Always try to hull down and keep a low profile. Use your good gun depression and penetration to bring the enemy to hell. Only flank in safety. Try to keep distance and find a cover when you have to fight at close range. Do not turn too much when attacking. 





To decrease the effectiveness of disadvantages, I recommend you to buy some equipments below: 


Remember that, the tank will love you only if you love it. Don't force it to do what it couldn't. Be a good friend with it and be a good soldier in battle! 

Good luck ^^! 



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