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Premium Tank Review Contest "T-25"

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darktanker23 #21 Posted 08 March 2014 - 05:45 PM


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Suppose in late 1942 the Skoda Panther alternative design was accepted and put into mass production to replace the Pzkpf III . It would allow the heavier German panther design more time to work out all of the teething problems. In addition the T-25 is provided to the Hungarian and Romanian Armies thus allowing them to have a tank capable of fighting the soviets. Might this change the cource of the 1943 campaign?

Designed as a successor to the Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) and Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A. designs, the Skoda T-25 has a similar profile. It's larger, with sloped armor, and has a forward rather than center mounted turret. For its tier, the armor is sub-par, but still decent - though against heavies it will not last very long. The T-25 makes up for it by being very fast with a 60km/h top speed and can be achieved by its rather powerful engine, making the tank very good at breaching enemy lines, or moving from supporting one position to another in a hurry. However, it very much lacks in maneuverability. Don't expect to dodge shells like a light tank as it has a long chassis. The T-25 has an excellent rate of fire with the 7.5 cm A18 KwK, which is comparable to the 7.5 cm KwK 40 L/48. It is quite accurate and with its high rate of fire, the T-25 is capable of devastating lower tier tanks very quickly, but it is has trouble against stronger tanks' front armor. Overall, it's a decent medium tank. While it cannot stand up against heavies such as the Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger, it is still a valuable addition to any player's arsenal.

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T-25: The special war machine of Germany's intelligence

My most favorite tier V premium tank

     Hi every one, T-25 is the first premium tank I bought, and also my most favorite one up to now. This tank has a lot of interesting features that make it different from the other tanks, especially the other meds. I'll go straight to the review, with info and stuffs so that you guys can consider having this lady in your garage or not base on your style and favor. Btw, English isn't my native language so sorry for my bad grammar and mistakes.


 My dear T-25 in her beautiful garage


     Here's my review contents:

1. T-25 stats and improvement suggestions

     a) T-25: info and stats

     b) Necessary improvements (equipment and crew skill)


2. Recommended play style and battle performance

     a) Play style

     b) Battle performance and tips


3. Conclusion



Now, let's get the show on the road.


     1. T25 stats and improvement suggestions


     a) T-25: info and stats


_ Historical information (I skip it because there're stuffs you can find on the internet and it's not important here)


_ Stats (without load and crew skill)



     Fire power: Besides a little boost in penetration, the other stats of the T-25 are worse compare to the tier V medium tank (med) benchmark. This is normal as T-25 is a premium tank.


     Maneuverability: The accuracy is acceptable, but the aim time is a painful factor when combine with the large aiming circle spread (ACS), it becomes very annoying (I'll tell you later in the performance). However, one shiny point is the -10 depression which gives T-25 a great hull down ability. The slow turret traverse can be a serious problem (22 deg/s), but also decrease the ACS while turning.


     Mobility: The great specific power make T-25's acceleration the best in compare to other tier V meds. Unfortunately, the other stats are super ridiculous: 30 deg/s traverse will leave you circled by light tanks, and even some fast meds like Comet or A-43; high terrain resistance make your top speed on flat road only up to 53km/h, which decreases dramatically while turning.


     Survivability: All green, this lady has more rock than her look. 610 hp is quite funny since it's nearly equal to some heavy tanks (ht). This thing also increase the chances of survive and become the hero, along with the potential damage you can receive.


     Scout ability: All red means this lady cannot scout well. Especially the view range is only 320, it will make you being spotted before spotting something .


_ Armor design:



     Generally, on paper the armor isn't bad, it's quite enough with somehow good looking angle. However, this is the real effective armor



     The frontal armor is weak, even when it's already angled, the effective armor only boost up to 60 (imagine it's a 60mm flat armor), not as strong as some people's thought. As you can see, whatever you do, there always be a weak part of the armor expose to the enemy (when angle 30 deg, the frontal armor will only increase to 80, but also leave a 50mm plate right to the enemy's gun). The side, rear and upper armor are very attractive to self-propel gun (spg) bullets, as they'll have full damage on you (even if they're lower tier spg). To sum up, you can't count on T-25's armor in most situations (even a tier III tank can penetrate your frontal armor no matter what you do).

     However, there're other interesting facts of that paper thin armor.



     The gun mantlet is amazing, it can even ricochet the shot from some tier 7 tank destroyers (td) like Jag Panther, and the popular KV-1S's monstrous 122mm gun. So in battle, try to hide your hull and show only the turret, that mantlet can take some additional hits for you.



     The red out line parts of the armor can be used to ricochet a conventional shot when hit, but just low caliber guns. When you're force to dog fight with someone, they can save you in some circumstances.


_Summary: base on what stated above, here are the pros and cons of this tank


     + Pros: - Good penetration, good damage

                 - Good top speed and acceleration (only when you're going straight)

                 - Large hp (the best trolling factor is here)

                 - Good gun depression

                 - Best money maker for tier V premium tank

     + Cons: - Long aim time, mediocre average damage (don't try to gun fight with the T-34)

                  - Slow hull and (especially) turret traverse (as long as you stay out of the front line, it won't be so annoying)

                  - High terrain resistance, hardly reaching top speed

                  - Poor armor, vulnerable to HE ammo (imagine you're playing Contra with T-25 skin :trollface:)



     b) Necessary improvements


_ Equipment: There are some types of equipment set you can use to improve T-25's performance. Each of the set is recommended base on the stats and your play style.


     + Well-rounded type: Medium-caliber Gun Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Improved Ventilation

     + Scout/snipe-prefer type: Medium-caliber Gun Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Coated Optics or Binocular Telescope


_ Crew skill: There are also some suggestion for your crew skill. They're listed in recommended order.


     + Commander: Sixth Sense, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Driver: Smooth Ride, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Gunner: Snap Shot, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Radio Operator: Situation Awareness, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Loader: Intuition, Repair, Brothers in Arms


     Explanations will be in the performance section.

     With players who prefer scouting or better sniping, you can change Brothers in Arms or Repair to Camouflage.

     With players who like maneuverability, you can change Driver's skill to Snap Shot, Clutch Braking, Off-road Driving.



     This is the stats using my current equipment (well-rounded type) with Camouflage skill instead of Repair. As you can see, most of the stats now change to green, means the overall performance of T-25 has been boosted up higher than the tier V med benchmark.



     2. Recommended play style and battle performance


     a) Play style

     T-25 is quite good in almost all roles on the battle field after the improvements. However, only these are recommended:


_ Support/snipe: Use your speed to move quickly to position, beware of covers and bushes around so that you can retreat if someone spots you. When a target appear, wait for the aiming circle to shrink completely before you fire. Remember that your position should not be so far to the front line since your accuracy isn't so good for weak spot shooting. You should have Sixth Sense so you can shoot in peace without peak in and out of cover, since the long aim time will affect your shooting rate.


A good sniping position


_ Flanker: This is more suitable for T-25 but require good skills in combat analysis and positioning. You job is to move to a position where you won't be facing with the enemy and make sure there aren't any different directions that the enemy can suddenly pop out and toast you rather than the direction you're aiming at. Stay in that position and the enemy will appear, showing their sides and rears to your beautiful gun. Be careful, while doing this, always watch the map for incoming parties. Besides, you can choose the way to get behind the enemy and use your speed to give them surprise, however, make sure you have some friends with you, as your poor armor will make you burn up fast if the enemy focus back on you, and your large ACS will create some miss or bounce shots.


Hello, guys! I'm right here! (they don't even have a look at me):sceptic:


Surprise! (Mr. KV1 just got a one way ticket to garage from behind) :arta:


_ Brawler: Least recommended unless you and your comrades are outnumbered the enemy in a match that you're top. This tactic is best using if you and the other meds of your team going together to attack the enemy meds line. Your large hp will suck a lot more shots from them, and if your team do well, the fight will end with fewer casualties. Also remember to retreat if you're being focus fired, let another team mate take the pressure for you. The hull down ability is best use in this tactic, try to pick a hilly terrain and do your best behind it.


     I strictly recommended not to dog fight when driving T-25, since your pathetic hull and turret traverse speed will kill you fast. Besides, if there are more than 1 enemy, you'll be busted (B-U-S-T-E-D you are busted!) for sure.



     b) Battle performance and tips (troll out)

     Here are some situations I encountered on the battle field, with tips and also explanations for the equipment and crew skill I've chosen. They'll show you some real experiences when driving a T-25. Too bad the post only allow me to have 10 images so I'll post the links for you guys.


     Paper stats vs real performance



     T-25's real top speed is only about 53km/h on flat road (no turning). And a smallest turn could reduce it dramatically. The camouflage (camo) value is not good, if you don't have camo skill for your crew, any enemy spotted by you will also spot you even when you're stand still behind the bushes :bush:.


     Large hp pool: my salvation



     As stated above, this is the best troll factor ever. Most of my opponent wanna say **** after a gun fight and I still survive thanks to the beautiful number 610.


     T-25's 'great' accuracy on the move



     Yeah, this is why I choose the skill Snap Shot and Smooth Ride for my crew. These skills will decrease the time you need to wait for the aiming circle to shrink (they work as a Vertical Balance). However, you still need to hold to have a good shot. Therefore, I suggest even in tight situations, don't try to shoot on the move (70% of them will miss).


    Hull down ability and armor: fail moments



     Don't count on hull down ability all the time, as the gun mantlet doesn't cover all the turret. Moreover, Pz38nA has 67mm penetration with AP, and the turret is 60mm thick, still all of his shots penetrated, that means the effective armor of T-25 is also bad.


     How to avoid enemy shots? Are the special trap places on the armor effective?


     T-25 has good forward and reverse speed, but the traverse will reduce them significantly. To avoid an enemy shot, you can push forward (don't try to turn) then suddenly go backward at the moment their trigger is pulled (need good skill to time it), the sudden change in speed will surprise your opponent, result in a miss shot.

     Yes, the trap places on T-25 can sometimes bounce shots, but just sometimes. I think that 'sometimes' can give you hilarious moments to post to RNG :trollface:.


     T-25's HE: the secret power



     If you notice, T-25's HE has x1.5 damage compare to AP, with reasonable penetration (38mm), if they can't penetrate the armor, they still deal about 50-70 damage. And in your opponent list, there're Hellcat and T49 :justwait: (plus most people think they're OP, so you'll encounter them quite often). Now you can understand why I let my Loader learn the Intuition skill, I also suggest you should bring up to 15 HE rounds (got a match where I kill both 2 of the enemy 60% win rate Hellcats in a platoon, used a lot of HE rounds there :teethhappy:).



     3. Conclusion

     Thanks for reading my review. I hope you guys can find more help from the detail information above. To those who have a little of gold and want a good premium tank, T-25 won't disappoint you. You guys can check for my T-25 rating (62% win) to see how good this lady is.

     Good luck, guys. See you on the battle field.




Term adjusted. The term used is German, not the ruling party of Germany at that time.

Please use the correct terms, the incorrect one may lead to warnings.


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AufklarungsPanzer #23 Posted 09 March 2014 - 01:50 AM


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The Czech's Panther design.



It looks like a VK 45.2 P Ausf.A in the sides and back,An AMX 50 100 on the front,and the turret is similar to the Schmalturm.


But that's not all,It's WAAAAAAAY better than expected.


All current Czech tanks are currently are good on it's tier.(Yes,Even the Pz.38t.nA!)

If anything,They're very OP when used by a certain gameplay that is reminiscence to that of higher tier German tanks

And this,Is not an exception.


It's health is high,The same health pool of the stock VK 30.1 P.Which is at tier 6!

It's gun,fast firing,accurate,have good gun depression,and comparable to the Pz.IV's 75 L/48,But with better stats!

It's armor,Quite inadequate at it's tier,But with good angling,It can bounce the 85 rounds of the KV-1!

It's maneuverability,Really absurd when turning,But it's speed is decent,Useful for escaping and relocating!


How to prove it does well?









USN_Missouri #24 Posted 09 March 2014 - 06:29 PM

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* Totally has nothing to do with the other Skoda


The Skoda T-25 Tier V premium medium tank

AKA. "Sledge Coffin" (Very appropriate) 


Cost: 1500 Golds



Hit points: 610

Weight: 19.9 / 23.5 t

Engine power: 450 t

Power/weight ratio: 22.61 hp/t

Max speed: 60/-20 km/h

Tank traverse speed: 30 degrees/sec

Terrain resistance (hard/medium/soft): 1.26 / 1.49 / 2.97

Turret traverse speed: 22 degrees/sec

View range: 320 m


Gun: Tier V 7,5 cm Skoda A18

Average damage: 110/110/175

Average penetration: 116/167/38

ROF: 14 r/m

DPM: 1540/1540/2450

Accuracy: 0.41 m/100 m

Aim time: 2.5 sec

Elevation/Depression: 20/-10


Where the hell is my crew? Oh, I just transfer them to 30.02 (M)....those useless empty garage slots though...


Overview and Performance:

"The vehicle was developed by the Skoda company under the Panzer Development Program initiated by the Heer (German Army land forces). The T-25 existed only in blueprints."

         The Skoda T-25 is pretty much the result of letting the T-28 mated with T49, resulting into one fat yet attractive SOB. It has speed and acceleration of the 49 as much as the slow turret traverse. It also has large profile and classification as medium like the T-28 (also name similarity) but not very agile and maneuverable as T-28.

          For a tier V medium, the T-25 has one of the highest HP pool along with Matilda Black Prince and Ram II. Its armor is also one of the weakest in tier V mediums although you can't expected it to bounce shots, it can absorb some shots from enemy fire thanks to its high health pool. The frontal armor can still withstand a shot from 105mm HE pretty well if not shot into the MG port.

         Any artillery you face (with the exception of troll platoon) will hurt you BADLY if you just sitting there and shoot shoot shoot shoot, so keep moving is the key to survive....actually not only against arty but for EVERYTHING. Your role is a flankable mobile sniper, neither assault or scout. Fighting at range is its greatest asset and done correctly can help win the game. You must keep distance between you and the enemy, using the excellent speed and acceleration to help you run away.



+ Good damage and penetration and reasonably accuracy

+ Whopping HP for a tier V medium, especially even for the speed it has

+ Can accelerate forward and backward quickly

+ Said to be best credits earner of its tier

+ Good gun depression allows some peeking over hills

+ Can quickly charge at unsuspected enemy

+ Bouncy gun mantlet

+ Surprisingly high survivability in higher tier matches thanks to its speed


- Lightweight, don't even think about ramming ANYTHING even if it's a light tank

- Low view range with large,poor camo profile make this tank a tasty credits pinata when spotted

- Low armor against ANYTHING, though frontally thicker than the T-34, it has much worse slope

- Long aim time combine with terrible tank movement accuracy dispersion will make you to stop and shoot too often

- Mantlet is small compare to the wide, flat turret front

- SUPER POOR suspension and turret traverse, if anything circled you, you're as good as dead

- Also SUPER POOR terrain resistance, don't expected it to reach top speed on flat ground

- Fragile ammorack and turret, expected them to knockout often

- Performs too good for a premium tank so the MM can occasionally put you in the tier VII matches


My sweet, sweet experiences:

The T-25 is my 2nd most played medium for some reasons.

My first ever Steel Wall on this thing....such skoda much confusion wow 

I didn't know I have 7 Steel Wall on this thing already....


Equipment and Skills:

Recommended equipment

 Medium Caliber Tank Gun Rammer: Improve the reload time from about 4.0 sec to 3.7 sec

 Enhanced Gun Laying Drive: Improve the aim time from 2.5 sec to 2.25 sec

 *Binocular Telescope: Improve the view range when stationary from 320 m to 400 m

 *Coated Optics: Improve the view range from 320 m to 352 m


Recommended skills (Other common skills are at your own preference)

Commander:  Sixth Sense, Recon, Jack of All Trades

Driver: Clutch Braking, Off-Road Driving, Smooth Ride

Gunner: Armorer, Snap Shot

Radio Operator: Situational Awareness

Loader: Safe Stowage


Final Verdicts:

        This tank, unlike another premium tank, has its own personality and didn't inferior to a fully upgraded researchable tanks. Though many of its flaws, it can still be a very capable tank that can support your team to victory even in higher tier matches.


7.5 / 10 Good


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The vehicle had an armament consisting of a 90 mm anti-tank gun, two .30 MGs, one mounted coaxially and one in the bow, and a .50 Browning M2 mount on top of the turret. The vehicle had a crew of five, a weight of 35,100 kg, used the same 474 hp, GAN V8 engine as the earlier T23, and had a top speed of 48 km/h.

It also used a modifiedT23 medium Tank hull, and had a new turret mounting a heavy 90 mm antitank gun, the same later used in the M36 Motor Gun carriage and the tank's predecessor, the M26 heavy tank The length of the T25 prototype was about 7 meters and the armor protection was about 88 mm thick. The T25 utilizes a 3 speed forward, 1 speed reverse transmission system and about forty-two rounds of 90 mm ammunition could be stored on board.



The T25 was developed with a variant which itself was virtually the same, the only difference was that the T25 was built with horizontal volute spring suspension, and the variant T25E1 had the torsion bar suspension later adopted for use in the M26. Only 40 T25 and T25E1 prototypes were built.


The T25 was originally supposed to compliment the heavier T26, which was also in development at that time. The T26 was identical to the T25, except for thicker armor. Eventually, the Army ground forces rejected the 90 mm gun design, and opted for a 76 mm antitank gun in the same large turret, as the 90 mm encouraged the stalking of, and direct conflict with enemy tanks, a role saved for the tank destroyers. Not long after, the project was cancelled. However, the T26 did not meet the same fate. And after a struggle between the office of ordnance and the Army Ground Forces, the T26E3 was standardized as the M26 heavy tank


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Jerry_Da_Slime_8 #27 Posted 11 March 2014 - 04:31 PM


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The T-25 is addressed in "Czechoslovak Armored Fighting Vehicles 1918-1948" by Vladimir Francev and Charles Kliment


It never left the drawing board in 1941, but here are details:


It was to be fitted with a new eight cylinder engine generating 450 HP, giving the vehicle a 22 HP/ton power/weight ratio and projected top speed of 60km/hr.

Length: 6.04m
Width: 2.75m
Tracks: 460mm wide, 0.68 kg/cm^3 ground pressure
Vehicle to be designed to cross a 265cm wide ditch, wade in 120cm of water, and climb a 40 degree incline

The main gun was to be a semiautomatic 7.5cm A18 KwK gun with drum auto-loader - both to be designed by Skoda. The gun tube was to be cleaned using compress air and the turret was hydraulically operated.

The Germans rejected the design, no reason is given for rejection. My theory is that Skoda just missed the boat, and DB and MAN designs for the "Panther" were just too far along by the time Skoda pitched their design. Skoda could have also been lucky and proprosed the 20 ton T25 at a time when the DB and MAN designs were going from 20-24 tons to 30+ tons to meet an ever increasing armor requirements. (this than whould make me feel so great if i owned it, but sadly i dont so i cant take a pic :(. but owning this tank whould make me feel very happy! :) 




e10pE.jpg                        Best Regards Jerry_Da_Slime_8     



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Do you want a new medium tank in your garage, one that is fast, relatively cheap and has a high hitpoint pool? A tank that can act as a sniper when you want to conserve your hitpoints but can actively scout or make quick attacks if you want to play more aggressively? Or do you just want a new addition to your garage? Well, if so, the T-25 is just the right tank for you!



This German medium tank is equipped to do almost any job, with decent stats in almost all fields, this all-rounder can adapt to whatever style of play that you have - and, more importantly, it can also suit almost any need that the game that you are in requires.


A few examples of this:

If you are an aggressive attacker, you can utilize the high top speed and high hitpoint pool of the T-25 to make a dash into enemy territory. The speed will take enemies by surprise, making some miss their shots, and the high hitpoint pool means that even if you get hit you still have some hitpoints leftover. Also, the T-25 has a relatively high reverse speed, so if you accidentally run into too many enemies you could still reverse fast enough to get into cover before you get shot.


A sniper can also do well in this tank. It has a decent penetration of 116mm so most Tier-5s and 6s can pen damaged without the use of gold rounds. The accuracy is also decent, at 0.41, which means that almost all your shots under 400m will hit your target. Also, the gun depression of the tank is -10 degrees, which is only 2 degrees less than the M4 Sherman's depression. This means that if you employ hull-down tactics at 200 or more metres hostile tanks will find it hard to hit you.


If you want a medium tank that can also scout, the T-25 will fit this too. Its high top speed means that if you scout while hiding your hull, and if you are experienced enough parts of your turret too, your enemies will find it very difficult to hit you. The radio range, at 710m, is also high enough for any allies to shoot at the targets that you have spotted.



The T-25 has a few advantages, in the battlefield, over other tanks. Here are them all:


Horsepower to Weight Ratio:

The T-25 has a high hp/weight ratio, at approximately 22.61hp/t. This is just lower than most light tanks, although higher than some of the slower ones - like the Covenanter and the AMX 12t. This allows for decent acceleration and speed when climbing up hills and other slopes.


Top Speed:

It also has a high top speed of 60km/h. This is higher than most medium tanks in the game and it also the best equal out of the Tier-5 medium tanks, equal with the M7. Needless to say, the top speed is around the same as most light tanks. This means that the T-25 can perform well by actively scouting at between 200 and 280 metres (as it only has 320m view range, it can't scout too far from the enemy) whilst hiding its hull and about half of its turret. The top speed will allow almost all shots fired at you to miss, because of the high speed combined with a small target area.


Radio Range:

A good radio range is also another good thing about this tank, something that is generally overlooked. At this tier, some tanks don't have a high enough radio range to see targets that you might have lit - concerning SPGs more than all other classes, as are generally furthest away from you. But with a radio range of 710m, your allies will almost always be able to target hostile tanks that you have lit up. As well as this, you will be able to see where more of your allies are on the battlefield, which is good for situational awareness.


Gun Depression:

At a moderate range, at around 200-300 metres, you can use hull-down tactics to shoot enemies easily without them being able to easily hit you. This is due to the T-25's gun depression angle of -10 degrees. At -10 degrees, the gun depression is about the same as many American tanks. As well as being able to use hull-down tactics, the high gun depression is just generally useful in the battlefield; like being able to shoot at enemies at the top of a hill when you're climbing it when they can't because of their lack of depression or having enough depression to hit enemies after driving on a small bump (which is a problem for many Russian tanks).


Hitpoint Pool:

Another advantage that this tank has, which is shared by the Matilda Black Prince, the Matilda IV and the Ram II, is its high hitpoint pool. Strangely, even though it is a light medium tank with low armour, the T-25 has a hitpoint pool of 610 HP, which is just under most Tier-5 heavy tanks. The ability to soak up a large amount of damage is good for two reasons. The first is the ability to spearhead an attack, taking some hits so that your allies can attack in relative safety. But this isn't advised because you won't do this effectively because of your weak armour letting in almost all the shots and because you don't gain any credits for taking shots. This will also hurt your stats, if you are concerned about them. But the second is so that you can survive longer in a battle. This is because a higher hitpoint pool means that you are less likely to get one-shotted (although high calibre tanks and SPGs can still do this, like the KV-2) and because if you are taken by surprise, going around a corner only to find some enemy tanks waiting, your high hitpoints means that it is more likely that you can get out of the situation before they manage to drain your hitpoints - meaning that you can still fight later on.



There are also a few additional advantages that this tank has, although they don't add to the combat capability of the tank:


Being a Premium Tank:

The T-25 is a premium tank. One advantage of a premium tank is the fact that it earns more credits than other tanks of the same tier. This means that if you're low on credits all you need to do is play on a premium tank for a few rounds, compared to playing the same amount of rounds and earning less credits in a non-premium tank. Premium tanks also have the advantage of being able to have any crew, of the same nationality, operate that tank without any penalties in the crew gaining experience. The T-25 also has the same crew slots as almost all Tier-5 and above medium and heavy tanks, minus five, with a commander, a gunner, a driver, a radio operator and a loader - although the crew slots are much different to the slots of German light tanks, tank destroyers and SPGs. This means that you could place a lot of your German crews using this tank to increase their training, in either their major qualification or their skills, whilst earning some credits - due to the increased credit earning of premium tanks.



Like all premium tanks, the T-25 costs gold to buy, instead of regular credits. But the good thing about this premium tank is that it is quite cheap to buy, at only 1,500 gold. This means that those who want to get one don't have to buy a heap of gold, unlike Tier-8 premium tanks, with the most expensive Tier-8 premium tank costing 12,500 gold - which is over 8 times the price.



Well, that's the end of the review. If you managed to make it to the end, instead of falling asleep about half-way through, then you have probably been convinced to buy a T-25. But just to sum it up, for those who think that this review has been too long, the T-25 is a nice premium tank - with a great top speed and acceleration, for aggressive attacking, a large hitpoint pool, for better survivability, and a good radio range and gun depression, for general ease of use.

So grab 1,500 gold and get that T-25 now!

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