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Premium Tank Review Contest "T14"

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Zetsumei89 #21 Posted 16 March 2014 - 10:04 AM


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ahh the t14 a body to die for, great at any angle too


EliteBrekkieRoll #22 Posted 16 March 2014 - 05:13 PM


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I never did became to like this tank main reason is i don't have a premium tank for the USA and had some gold lying around and bought her and gave it ago, this fat lady don't have the greatest transverse speed and seems like it will take forever to go 360. However what this fat lady has is the armor dressing, and with it  is sloped armor this thing can bounce a fair bit of shells that gets attracted to her and not to mention the riches that this lady can give you, but need to tread carefully against TD.Her guns are pretty weak, however it can get the job done but will have a bit of a hard time with some of the tier 5/6s luckly thats how high it goes.  To bad the US rejected her debut,  she could of done well during WWII


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Chocochew #23 Posted 16 March 2014 - 05:20 PM


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I never did became to like this tank main reason is i don't have a premium tank for the USA and had some gold lying around and bought her and gave it ago, this fat lady don't have the greatest transverse speed and seems like it will take forever to go 360. However what this fat lady has is the armor dressing, and with it  is sloped armor this thing can bounce a fair bit of shells that gets attracted to her and not to mention the riches that this lady can give you, but need to tread carefully against TD.Her guns are pretty weak, however it can get the job done but will have a bit of a hard time with some of the tier 5s luckly thats how high it goes.  To bad the US rejected her debut,  she could of done well during WWII


I dont know,i dont think the T14 will do much,i think M4 is still better

Plus the Churchill excel at supporting infantry...

It's on like Donkey Kong!

EliteBrekkieRoll #24 Posted 16 March 2014 - 05:31 PM


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View PostChocochew, on 16 March 2014 - 08:20 PM, said:

I dont know,i dont think the T14 will do much,i think M4 is still better

Plus the Churchill excel at supporting infantry...

properly as i never tried the m4 as t14 is the only US tank i'ved used andsome tier 2

Cronk #25 Posted 16 March 2014 - 07:13 PM


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Withdrawn, pls delete, must not write guides while drunk.

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nmdelrio #26 Posted 17 March 2014 - 03:33 PM

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The_Elite12 #27 Posted 17 March 2014 - 03:47 PM


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The T14 Heavy Tank. Originally drafted by the British and Americans in order for both sides to supply an average infantry tank for combat use, thats right its original purpose is an all rounded infantry tank with increased manueverability and speed over the churchill the most common allied infantry tank of that  time even though only british and len-leased tanks for the USSR were he ones able to field it. It is to be armed with a 75mm M3 gun similar on the M4 sherman a low velocity gun and has average accuracy and penetration. Its armor is relatively weak, although sloping increases its effectiveness and what if it has been angled appropriately, it would be sufficient enough to bounce some AP rounds although it wont fare well against APCR rounds. Its only defense against HEAT rounds are its side skirts. Now lets talk about it in the game, the T14 is an Tier 5 premium heavy tank on the American Line. its famous because it is definitely well rounded it has average hull armor, excellent turret armor, excellent speed for a heavy it can definitely flank any heavy tanks of its tier such as the KV-1, T1 Heavy, BDR G1B, Churchill I, Churchill III, and the VK3001H. whiles its definite cons are mainly the features of its gun. Although despite being adequate for its tier it will have hard time to penetrate same tier heavy tanks especially if you do not aim a their weak spots. The gun is the 75mm M3 which is the Top Gun of the M3 Lee, and the stock gun of the M4 Sherman, but tanks such as the M7 Medium Tank posses the same weaponry as the T14. The gun has bad definitely bad accuracy but good and very bad penetration. It go head to head with same tier Medium tanks but if with same tier Heavy Tanks the fight will not  go well for you unless you have average knowledge of your tank and the enemys tank. With 92mm of penetration your advised to flank the enemy use you speed and manueverability to your advantage since many consider this tank to be a breed of a Heavy-Medium Type. Its 75mm has an average damage of 110 combined with a rate of fire of 15.75 rounds per minute and doing 1700+ average damage per minute on stock crew configuration and without even any equiptment on the vechile. The tank weights nearly 47 tons which makes it good for ramming other vechiles as long as you make sure that your are heavier than them. Now lets talk about its armor, the hull has 50mm on all sides but the only one that has truly a 50mm is in the rear. The T14 has 50mm of sloped armor on the front you could definitely bounce many low to same tier shots, But not all and be reminded that many  tanks higher than its tier will subdue you easily with your weak armor. but if you angle it sufficiently the miracles happen about this tank. Once you bought this tank its only faces tier 6. The most formidable gun in the tier 6 is the KV-1S 122mm D-2-5T which has 175mm of armor. Rumors spread that if you angle the T14 Properly youll bounce a 122mm shell in your front hull. Dont you believe it. Although sometimes it happens, as long as you have the terrains advantage you can bounce any round up to 200mm of penetration. Now the turret armor. Of course like all american tanks hull down is your specialty. the turret has 101mm of armor on all sides. Although take into consideration the famous part of a tank which is the "Gun Mantlet" the armor is 101mm not including the mantlet. Even the destructive SU-100Y tier 6 tank destroyer can ricochet its round on your mantlet its gun is the 130mm B-13-S-2 which has 196mm of penetration so take into consideration that the perfect tactic for the T14 is the hull down. Now mobility we use the T14s mobility in a weird way, we flank the enemy and not directly engage them is the secret to this vechile. while you can only reach 34KmH with it, you still accelerate very fast and reach 34 in a short period of time. When take into mind that the T14 is rather just a slow medium tank you can use it to flank. If you do this you will rather learn that your doing greater contribution for the team rather than directly engaging enemy tanks and get yourself damaged or killed instantly. So thats basically the secret about how  to play the T14 properly. Now talk about our opinions  about this tank. Faster than the KV1 which is considered to be the superior heavy tank of its tier you can out manuever it use your speed to your advantage. in my honest opinion, T14 is far better than the Churchill III in terms of speed, manueverability, damage. but in other aspects the Churhill III has better but its has one advantage over the churchill, its sloped armor on front side skirts and the gunmantlet. Plus the T14 can utilize hull down tactic well than a churchill III. basically The T14 is worth getting.

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Cronk #28 Posted 18 March 2014 - 05:53 PM


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NyanDora_Mech_Tank #29 Posted 18 March 2014 - 08:55 PM

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Talk about a tier V premium tank... In overall, they have some lack of important characteristics, despite the good income. T14 also included. Faced with this monster many times, i can give you my opinion about it: Heavily armored, but slight weapon
Of course nothing is perfect, but it's depend on the person who use it. Buying this tank is a good choice, but you should read this instruction before using it. Or else... :arta:

First is the history. Shortly, it's an US and UK project tank. failed in testing because of the weight. This is the boring part so I put it all in the Spoiler. 



Now let's start the fun. 

1. Survivability 

The most important thing about every tank is it HP and armor. Hence, we can determine what is this tank's position in the battle. 

In overall: 

Nothing special about it's HP. But, OMG!, a tier 5 heavy tank with the frontal hull armor only 50mm and equal to side and rear? OMFG then why should i buy this paper tank??? 
Well, i just want to say, in many cases, DO NOT TRUST THE PARAMETER! IT'S TROLLING YOU! :trollface: 


Here are some special characteristics about this tank's armor. Read this and you will know why.


A special sloped armor

First time i saw it, I was thought: "Oh, hello 50mm armor, say hi to papa!". But then i realized my 7.5cm KwK gun is not easy to penetrate him. Here are the reasons:



Thanks to the sloped armor, it's 50mm thickness were increased to 80~100mm in perpendicular view. So when the tank turning to about 15 to 20 degree, this 50mm frontal armor will equivalent up to 110~130mm. Time to say goodbye papa! :veryhappy:

Good chassis armor



Many players think that the chassis armor always slender than the other frontal parts. However it's not true in T14.

This place's armor is around 110~145mm, much more than the upper hull armor (~90mm). So shooting at this is also a bad choice!


Incredible turret armor

Like many American tanks, T14 also have heavily-armored turret. You should use this as your tank's greatest advantage, especially when combined with the good gun depression (-10 degree).



Your turret have the average armor for about 150mm, some places up to 230mm and most of this part is invulnerable when hull down against other tier 5 tanks. Always try to use this method to deal with the enemy.

However, be advised that your lower parts: the upper hull armor, is only 80mm thickness. So you should choose a good place to hull down and hide all of your hull.


Spaced side armor

If an enemy tank trying to flank you from your side, don't be panic. Because most of your side armor have the space armor protected. Just increase the angle a little bit and the enemy will surprise about your magical side armor.


In the picture, the blue part is including the space armor. As you can see, it's increased from 50mm to 120mm, can immune to many enemy medium tanks. But notice that the orange part is still 50mm, so do not let any enemy moving around your side and rear is always better.


Great side-scrapping vehicle

Since the side armor have the assistance of spaced-armor and the turret is in the middle of the tank, then basically it's good enough to be a tank to side scrap.



However, please notice that in the turret, the place connect the front and the side turret armor is only 60-80mm. Keep the turret face-to-face with the enemy's gun is the solution for this issue.


Endure from artillery shot
Last thing to know about this tank's armor, as always, is about the ability to endure from artillery shot. 

This heavy tank is not too slow, thanks to the good terrain resistance. In additional, the turret armor is good, and the roof-top armor is about 25-50mm. Those characteristics above are quite enough to decrease the damage of HE ammo from low tier artillery.



Okay, that's all the information about this tank's survivability.
From above you can see that this tank have a decent armor, suitable for hull down and side scrap, BUT IT'S NOT VERY GOOD TO FIGHT IN THE FRONT LINE like other heavy tanks in some cases. 


2. Fire Power and Manoeuvrability

Because this is a heavy tank so i won't talk about the mobility, unless we are talking about some French heavy tank. :bajan:


Very poor fire power

As i told you from above, nothing is perfect. Heavy tank have a great armor so it must have some problems in other parts. For T14, it's the fire power.

Poor penetration and low alpha damage make this tank become an useless big metal things when attacking some higher tier heavy tanks. This is why you shouldn't attack in front line, 'cause you can't deal with the enemy heavy armored tanks like the KV1.

However, very nice aim time and ROF somehow compensated for that but notice the aiming circle spread after shot, this is also the reason why you can't fight with enemy HT. Furthermore, you can use your great turret armor to confusing the enemy and let your team have more chances to attack them.


Very slow chassis traverse speed

It's as slow as the KV1, 20 deg/s. You have good armor but when combined with poor turret traverse speed, then it will make you become an easy target for high-speed medium tanks. 


3. Other notable characteristics 



- Max tiers matchmaking is VI, help you to deal more damage with high DPM, good armor to against tier 3 or 4.

- Low accuracy so do not trust the high DPM and ROF too much. Aim carefully to get better results.

- Good camouflage value as a heavy tank, but low view range.

- Non-effective APCR ammo. 
- The weak-spot machine gun in your frontal armor is only 40mm, however if the enemy shoot into the surrounding parts from perpendicular, it will auto ricochet.



As i was always say: Nothing much for a tier 5 premium tanks. However, you can easily deal a lot of damage and bring the victory for your team, thanks to these advantages:

- Decent frontal armor.

- Very special turret armor. Nice gun depression. Perfect for hull down and side scarp.

- Low cost AP ammo. 

- High ROF. Good aim time.

- Matchmaking with tier VI only.


Everything have its advantages and disadvantages. Here is the bad news :trollface:

- Very bad penetration and alpha damage.

- Slow chassis and turret traverse speed.

- Poor accuracy
- Frontal hull armor easily penetrated from others same tiers heavy tanks.


From those above characteristic, we can see that the T14 Heavy tank is a front line support tank in close range. Always try to hull down and keep a low profile. Don't try to attack enemy heavy tanks like KV1 because your gun only can bring Steel Wall and Cool-Headed to them :trollface: (Low penetration and poor accuracy, even you're trying to shoot their weak spots, it still hard to work. Unless you're attacking them from behind or you shoot exactly to their weak spots). Help our team to destroy them by attract the enemy shots to your turret or make them confuse with your special armor. Keep distance from the enemy because you have a lot of weak spots and very slow traverse speed. 
You still have to move in front line, especially in tier 5 battle, so please do not stay at home and try to be a sniper with your stupid gun. :deer:


To decrease the effectiveness of disadvantages, I recommend you to buy some equipments below: 

Improved Ventilation Class 3

- Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer

- Enhanced Gun Laying Drive


Remember that, the tank will love you only if you love it. Don't force it to do what it couldn't. Be a good friend with it and be a good soldier in battle! 

Good luck! :playing:


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TacticaL_Mech_Tank #30 Posted 18 March 2014 - 11:42 PM

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T14: The bullet bouncer with secret armor stats

Low tiers' nightmare

     Hello everyone, I'm back after the preview for the tank T-25. Althought T14 hasn't in my garage yet, but I've encountered him several times on the battlefield. This guy has a lied stats about his armor, and is really a tough nut to crack for lower tier tanks. However, with the same tier tank-destroyers (td), heavy tanks (ht) or self-propel guns (spg) and all of the tier VI tanks, T14 is not that powerful if you don't know how to use him wisely. Well, now it's time for my review.



     This is my review contents:

1. T14's stats and improvement suggestions

     a) T14's information and stats

     b) Necessary improvements (equipment and crew skill)

2. Recommended play style

3. Conclusion


OK, let's begin.


1. T14's stats and improvement suggestions


     a) T14's information and stats


_ Historical information (It's not important here so I skip it)

_ Stats (without load and crew skill)



     Fire power: Weak penetration and alpha damage, this is the same unpleasant characteristic of most premium tanks. Of course, T14 has a great rate of fire in return to increase the average damage, so with low tier tanks and most of the same tier tanks (except ht) T14 is still a formidable opponent.


     Maneuverability: The accuracy isn't good at all, but the aim time is quite fast so you can shoot faster after braking. Unfortunately, large aiming circle spread (ACS) will affect your move shot ability (unlike most of the American vehicles). The depression is -10, a vantage point for hull down. The slow turret traverse isn't a problem since T14 is a ht.


     Mobility: Good news here: T14 is agile compare to other tier V ht (most of the stats are green). The specific power is good (if you've driven the IS-3 with the same stats, you'll know) bonus with low terrain resistance help T14 find no trouble reaching and maintaining his top speed. Chassis traverse speed is low, means that you should becareful not to let yourself circle by light tanks (lt).


     Survivability: Another plus for T14. The hp is 690, only lower than the Churchill III's. The armor on paper isn't good, but it has more secrets within that make T14's potential damage is higher than the other ht.


     Scout ability: Poor view range and bad camouflage (camo) value, T14 of course isn't a good scout; but with fancy armor, in low tier matches, you can still move up and be the torch for your team :izmena:.


_ Armor design:



     On paper, T14 only has good turret armor (101 all around) while its hull is quite paper thin :sceptic: (50mm all around). However, its true power is hidden from what you can read.




     The frontal armor is divided into two parts. The lower one, usually considered to be thinner, is upto 100mm (yes, I used to shoot this part and just 'What the heck!'); upper plate armor is thinner, but very sloped, and with proper angled, it can increase up to 105. Moreover, imagine if you're hull down, the angle can even reach to 70 degree, an auto bounce angle :ohmy:. One good thing for the enemy is that the machinegun is a weak spot that can be exploit, but you can troll them by dancing with the combat music (shake your hull). If the frontal plate is that hard to penetrate because of the angle, may be the side with same thickness but flat will be an easier target? Guess wrong! :playing:



     The side armor is a LIE. It has space armor for the lower plate, which is 120 when you hit directly, even tougher than the frontal face (experienced once with my T-34, I couldn't scratch a T14's side in a flank). So if you're trying to flank him, aim for the higher part of the side. Upper and rear armor are thin of course, but the tank has a centered turret, so most of the bullets from spg will fall right to the tough 101 armor :arta:.


     With the turret armor, there isn't much to say.



    Yes, it's just like the other American cousins: very strong turret, protected by another strong gun mantlet that cover most of it's face. When combine with -10 depression, T14 becomes the winner for hull down champion league :medal:.



_Summary: well, so here is a short description of T14's main features.


     + Pros: - High average damage with fast aim time

                 - Good gun depression for hull down

                 - High acceleration and speed

                 - Large hp pool

                 - Magical side armor, super angled frontal armor and a strong skull.

                 - Exellent credit farming.

     + Cons: - Very weak penetration, weak alpha damage (but be pround that you still bettet than the Churchill III :trollface:)

                  - Large ACS and bad accuracy

                  - Slow hull and turret traverse (looks like till your next birthday to turn 360)

                  - Armor cannot against td's or higher tier's shells

                  - Weak against other ht


     b) Necessary improvements


_ Equipment: T14 is easy to upgrade and improve, as its weaknesses are easy to see. Here is my recommended equipment set

     + Medium-caliber Gun Rammer, Toolbox (or Enhanced Gun Laying Drive), Improved Ventilation


     T14 uses the same standard equipment for a ht.


_ Crew skill: There are some suggestion for your crew skill. They're listed in recommended order.


     + Commander: Sixth Sense, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Driver: Smooth Ride, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Gunner: Snap Shot, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Radio Operator: Situation Awareness, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Loader: Adrenaline Rush, Repair, Brothers in Arms


     You can change Driver's skill to Snap Shot, Clutch Braking, Brothers in Arms.

     As from the stats analysis, T14 has low view range, large ACS while moving, and good armor with high hp, that's why we should learn Situation Awareness, Smooth Ride and Snap Shot, Adrenaline Rush; Repair and Brothers in Arms are vital to all type of ht.



     As you can see now, most of the stats have improved. Of course those that belong to fire power cannot be upgrade, so they remain in red color. Another point to concern, the tank has a bit low performance stats, means that it's somehow difficult to master. So if you're new, you should think carefully before taking this tank to your garage.



     2. Recommended play style


     Although T14 has a bouncy armor, it is recommended that you should stay out of the front line. Use your gun to the right enemy at the right spot.


_ Support:

     + In ht line: Go along with your friendly ht, but remember not to go first. When you encounter enemy's ht, pick a good place to hull down or side scrap (in cities). Try to aim for the weak spots, as every gun can penetrate them. With good speed, sometimes you can go around and flank the enemy (only in the city, where there're a lot of coners and streets). Don't expect much bounce shots if you use this tactic.

     + In med line: You can also come with your med guys in case there are so many strong ht (KV1, T1 Heavy, ...) and become a live bait. This is somewhat a better tactic for T14, since its speed can keep up with med, and its armor is superior compare to the same tier meds' armament, plus the med line in most maps have hills and stuffs for you to hull down. Another advantage of this tactic is that the poor penetration won't be a problem anymore because most med between tier V - VI have auto-pen armor :justwait:.


_ Brawler: Only use when you're top with not many same tier ht. This time, your armor is almost impenetrable, so just go up and up and shoot anything you see. Of course, don't rush 'cause there are lt that can circle you if you're alone, and spg that can leech your hp slowly. Keep a safe distance between you and your ally, so that you can suck up hits for them while they can provide you with cover fire in return. Shake your hull so that the enemy cannot aim for your machinegun. In some camp-fest map like Malinovka or Prokhorovka, you can go up to spot out the enemy for your team to barbecue (and enjoy the ding dong in your headphone, too).



      3. Conclusion


     Thanks for reading my review. I hope you guys can find more help from the detail information above. T14 is a tank with a lot of interesting secrets that are not on the paper and only show in the real fights. If you're a fan of Uncle Sam, if you like the sound of ringing bell and an agile ht, then T14 won't disappoint you.

     Good luck, guys. See you on the battlefield.

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View PostNoob_Inside, on 14 March 2014 - 08:52 PM, said:

A bit of history:

The Assault Tank T14 was a joint project between the United States and the United Kingdom. The T14 tank was supposed to be a design that was to be shared by both countries to give a heavy infantry tank for both countries.

The pilot model was not produced by 1944 by which time the British Churchill tank had been in service for two years and greatly improved over its initial model. The T14 project never came to fruition. US efforts working on a similarly well armoured tank but with a higher speed for use other than in infantry support led to the T20 Medium Tank.


Copy and paste from Wikipedia?

Death2846 #32 Posted 21 March 2014 - 08:57 AM


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The T14 is a Tier-5 premium heavy tank. It is a good choice for people who haven’t bought, or don’t own, a premium tank, because of its low cost. As all premium tanks, the T14 is great for credit earning, so those who are low of credits, but don’t want to save up twelve thousand gold for a Tier-8 premium tank choose this as an alternative.
The T14 also sports good armour, has a high DpM and has a high gun depression, amongst other things, which can make the T14 a fun tank to use. It isn’t without some weaknesses though; like low manoeuvrability and a high shell dispersion.
It should be noted that the T14 shouldn’t be used by beginners, as its low penetration and alpha damage will make it hard to play effectively.




The T14 has thick frontal armour. The hull has a nominal armour value of 50mm but is angled at 65 degrees, meaning that it is actually 118mm thick. Angling the frontal armour at 30 degrees increases it further to 136mm. This is either very hard to penetrate or impossible for Tier-5 tanks. Even the KV-1, with the 85 mm F-30, will struggle to get through this armour, as it only has 120mm of penetration. The lower glacis of the T14 isn’t a huge weak-spot as well. It has an armour value of 102mm; so many tanks shooting it will find that their shots to that spot also bounce. This thick frontal hull armour can be used effectively when leading a charge into a group of enemies or saving you from a few shells if you are spotted away from cover.
The sides of the T14’s hull are also good. The armour is only 50mm thick but the tracks provide extra protection. The tracks provide extra armour but they are also spaced armour, meaning that HE and HEAT shells have less effect. Because of this, the T14 can also side-scrape reasonably well, and it can also be used as a lure to get less experienced players to shoot at a place that can’t be penetrated.

As well as good hull armour, the T14 has thick armour protecting the turret. The turret has a nominal armour value of 101mm, but a large portion of it is covered by the gun mantlet. This further increases the amount of armour, making it even harder for enemy tanks to damage you. If enemies try and aim away from the gun mantlet, they could also hit the corner of the turret; bouncing the shell. You can also stop them from shooting away from the gun mantlet by moving forwards and backwards; the T14 has a fast reload so turning the turret to put off their aim will have a negative effect on you, as your damage output is largely reduced. So, due to the strong frontal turret armour, the T14 can perform hull-down techniques effectively.


Gun Depression

As well as good armour values, the gun depression of the T14 is also good. It has a rating of -10 degrees, two degrees off the gun depression of the M4 Sherman. This allows for you to take shots at enemy tanks from wherever you, or the enemies, are.
For example, you can shoot enemies at the top of a hill when you are on the slope of it, without being shot back. Your gun depression will allow you to shoot over the edge of the slope while they can’t shoot you because the angles are too large.
Another example is if you drive onto a small bump in the ground. A tank with a low gun depression can’t shoot any enemies because the bump would put the hull at an angle to the ground. But, with the T14, the gun depression will still allow you to take shots at the enemy.


Reload Time

The T14 has a quick reload, of 3.81 seconds. This is equal to many medium tanks of its tier, and even faster than others.
This has a scare factor; as someone getting shot multiple times in a short space of time is more liable to panicking than someone getting shot once.
Also, the fast reload means that you don’t waste as much potential damage done if you shoot at a damaged enemy to finish them off.
A rapid reload also has the advantage of being able to permanently track an enemy tank whilst damaging them. In the T14’s case, it is possible to shoot some enemies twice before shooting their tracks.




The penetration of the T14 is 92mm. This makes it hard to penetrate some Tier-5 tanks, mainly heavies, and a lot of Tier-6 tanks. The low penetration of this tank means that, as stated before, beginners should stay away from this tank.
Having only 92mm of shell penetration means that the T14 has to constantly aim for weak-spots in the enemies armour, like the driver’s view port for a KV-1. This reduces the amount of damage you can put out, even though the T14 has a high damage per minute. It is also made harder by the low accuracy of the tank. To counter this, you can use fight enemies at a close range, utilising your thick armour and negating the effects of the low accuracy.
Another way of dealing with the low penetration of the T14 is by using gold shells, although this is quite expensive; each shell costs 7 gold, which is worth 2,800 credits.


Traverse Speed

Another weakness of the T14 is the low traverse speed. The hull has a traverse speed of 20 degrees a second and the turret has a traverse of 26 degrees a second. This means that the T14 can be annoying to use, as the slow traverse speed means that turning around your tank, to get to a different flank, is a lengthy process.
But, more importantly, the slow traverse means that medium and light tanks can easily flank you, avoiding the thick frontal armour of your tank. To counter this, you need to stick with your allies. Keep some around you so that any flanker that comes can be dealt with by them.
Also, if you find yourself alone, you can turn the rear of your tank into solid cover; meaning they can’t circle around you.


Machine-Gun Port

Although the T14 has a strong frontal armour overall, there is one weak-spot on the hull; the machine-gun port. This weak-spot is large and easy to hit. The nominal armour rating is low, as with all weak-spots, but, unlike the rest of the hull, is also un-angled. This means that almost every tanks, with the exception of Tier-3 tanks with flak-cannons, can penetrate this area.

To stop this from happening, you can get some solid cover. Hide the machine-gun port behind this and angle your tank so your sides stick out at a large angle and you can shoot enemies at the same time.

If you are caught out in the open you can wriggle your hull from side to side. This will throw their aim off, meaning they will hit your thick frontal armour instead. They might also get too caught up in trying to aim for the weak-spot, meaning they don't shoot as often and you can finish them off easily.



There are a few pieces of recommended equipment for this tank.


Gun Rammer

This is to reduce the amount of time spent reloading a shell. It is useful because you increase your DpM and to make the reload of the tank even faster than it is.



This is to boost the overall performance of the tank. The loading speed is also increased, the rapid-fire effect of the T14 is much better.



This is to reduce the amount of time spent repairing your tanks damaged modules, especially the tracks. Useful for saving a repair kit for later.



The T14 is a great Tier-5 premium tank. It has great armour, a high rate of fire and good gun depression. The main disadvantages of the tank are it's low penetration, slow traverse speed and the large machine-gun port on the hull of the tank, although they can all be negated to a certain degree.

It is great for experienced players who haven't yet bought a premium tank, as it requires some knowledge to use properly and it is also cheap to buy.


Thanks for reading this review, and have fun on the battlefield  :honoring:

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