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Premium Tank Review Contest "Matilda Black Prince"

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salaja #21 Posted 27 March 2014 - 07:52 AM


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View Postneokai, on 26 March 2014 - 10:40 AM, said:

Quick question - this competition only open to those who own the tank or to anyone?

i'm pretty sure you need to own it.


starting with the t-25 review contest, they added the condition:


-Post your screenshot with your [tank] and your review of her on this thread.


judging by the number of entries in this thread that just steal images off the internet, and blatantly copy paste reviews from other sites, i would guess that almost no one actually owns the Matilda BP.

pbhawkin #22 Posted 27 March 2014 - 12:16 PM


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Hey, Buddy,....Yes YOU!

Have I got a deal for you!

Don't let those other shysters above confuse you by all their ranting and raving about this statistic and that statistic (we all know the truth don't we? (stat's don't matter!!)).

They will try and get you to buy this from them with all their fast talking and hyperbole about it and promises of it's performance and what it can do compared to it's opponents. 

BUT, I'm not like them! No sir'ee. You see I actually have one AND I know what a little beauty she really is.

So, now you have been confabulated by the numbers they quote let me bring you down to earth and tell you the real facts.

You see, this here machine is a monster truck in disguise. It has curves in all the wrong places but they conceal it's hidden ability to bounce shells from most opponents. I don't need to show you no fancy pictures of her in fancy soft mood lighting, no sir'ee. This girls a working girl and I mean a REAL working girl. She (aren't they ALL she's?) has a set of side skirts that your Granny would be proud of, and these give the old girl more protection than a chastity belt with no key! AND with her great gun depression and low profile and RoF she can lay down a wall of shells hidden behind a slope and be untouchable (whispers, almost). So don't you believe what they say about 'fat chicks', they really do have more fun, wink, wink say no more!

Full speed on the flat it is more anaemic than a one-legged 50/day smoker pushing a pram through treacle! BUT it sure can get there in the end which is more than can be said for all those fast rabbit like tanks she faces. She will take you on a ride (not a roller-coaster one mind you) but a wild ride anyway.

This one has low mileage (don't they all) and I can guarantee that no part of her is worn-out through overuse. Well, maybe one part! NO, not THAT part! I mean her gun. she fires like a Gatling gun and always keeps those on and below her tier tap-dancing to avoid her wrath.

She is the sort of girl that it is always comforting to come back to after an absence and make you wonder why you left her in the first place. She is a place to call home and what more can you want from your girl (and tank)!

So, what do you say? Have I sold her to you yet?


PS I accept cash, Gold and Paypal only! None of this modern stuff (MOL/CC/etc)


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on the improve,...... I hope!

Death2846 #23 Posted 27 March 2014 - 06:55 PM


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The Matilda Black Prince is a quirky tank. It is classified as a medium tank, although its horsepower to weight ratio is lower than all, but the slowest, of heavy tanks. As well as this, its top speed is also much lower than many heavy tanks. It has the turret of Centaur, another British tank which is similar to the Cromwell, instead of the standard Matilda turret, which means that the turret is quite boxy. The Matilda Black Prince is a small tank but it is heavier than most other Tier-5 mediums.
In terms of combat capability, the Matilda Black Prince has features that can be abused, like a ridiculously high damage per minute, but also has a few weaknesses, the most obvious are the slow speed and a very low horsepower to weight ratio. Because of this, the Matilda Black Prince can be a very frustrating tank to play, so new players or those who like a fast-paced game should not buy it.


Damage per Minute

The first advantage the Matilda Black Prince has over its Tier-5 medium counterparts is its high damage per minute output. At 1956.75, it is only beaten by the T-34 and the Type T-34, and it is equal with the M7 – whist, on average, the damage per minute for Tier-5 medium tanks is just above 1800.
The high damage per minute fits in with the main role of the Matilda Black Prince, as a supporting medium. This is because tanks that try and flank your heavies will quickly get destroyed, especially lightly armoured ones; like most medium and light tanks.
Also, you can use this when you are sniping. If you manage to spot a tank you can hold fire until that tank thinks that it is safe to go out. Once that tank far enough from cover, you can open fire, rapidly diminishing its hitpoints.



Coupled with the high per minute is also the quick reload. The loading time for one shell is around 2.3 seconds, which even is faster than some auto-loading tanks, like the AMX 13 90. The reload speed is the fastest, equal, amongst the Tier-5 mediums – the M7, T-34 and Type T-34 all have the same loading speeds as the Matilda Black Prince.
As a supporting medium, one of the main advantages of having a quick reload is that you can easily damage exposed modules on enemy flankers. An example of this is if a T-34 came to flank one of your allies, you could target the rear of the tank, hitting the engine and the fuel tank at the same time, which will quickly result in a fire.
Also, this quick reload will help when targeting multiple flankers; not much potential damage will be wasted when you destroy each tank, in comparison to a tank that has a huge alpha damage firing at a low hitpoint target.



Another great thing about the Matilda Black Prince is its maneuverability. The maneuverability of this tank is second worst out of the Tier-5 medium tanks, only better than the Matilda IV. But it is better than all of the Tier-5 heavy tanks, even though it has armour comparable to them.
This, in practice, means that it is almost impossible to flank the Matilda Black Prince. Inexperienced medium tanks, as well as light tanks, which try and flank you, thinking that your heavy armour will mean that your traverse speeds are very low, will be quickly dealt with as they can only shoot your frontal armour.
This maneuverability also means that driving in general much easier, improving the gameplay of the tank.



Like other Matilda and Churchill tanks, the Matilda Black Prince has great armour. This tank has frontal turret armour with a thickness of 76mm, with the sides being 63mm thick. This means that, even without angling, the front of the turret is too thick for almost all Tier-3 tanks and some Tier-4 tanks. As well as this, the turret has a hidden gun mantlet, adding to the thickness of the turret armour. The sides, with a thickness of 63mm, are thick enough to allow for you to expose some of it to angle the front of the turret, further increasing the thickness.

The hull armour of the Matilda Black Prince is also good. The front is 75mm thick and the sides are 70mm thick. For the frontal hull armour, about half of it is sloped at an angle that is impenetrable to all the tanks that this tank will meet –the only problem with this area is when a shell ricochets off there and hits your tank anyway. The unsloped area of the frontal hull armour is still thick, at 75mm, so that enemy tanks will have a hard time trying to penetrate it. To make it even harder for them, you can also stay at a distance, due to the supporting role of the Matilda Black Prince, and you can wriggle your armour left and right, to put off their aim to cause them to miss.
The sides of Matilda Black Prince’s hull are also thick, at 70mm. This means that it is possible to angle your tank at a near 45 degree angle with low tier enemies, making the whole hull impenetrable. The sides also have the addition of having tracks, acting as spaced armour. This means that shells that could normally penetrate your side armour can be absorbed by your tracks, and the tracks also absorb splash damage from SPG and howitzer shells. With these thick sides, you can side-scrape effectively too – using the sides of your tank, which some players will automatically assume are easy to penetrate, you can stick them out of cover and use them as bait. These inexperienced players will bounce off your side, leaving you able to pull out, put in a shot or two and then get back into cover.


Horsepower to Weight Ratio

The first thing you’ll come to know about the Matilda Black Prince when you come to play it is that it is slow. This isn’t a “heavy tank” type of slow; this is a “Matilda” type of slow. Whilst most heavy tanks can cruise at around 25 to 30km/h on flat ground, the Matilda Black Prince will struggle to get to its top speed of 22km/h. This is due to its extremely low horsepower to weight ratio of 6.33hp/t.
Having such a bad top speed and horsepower to weight ratio means that the Matilda Black Prince will constantly lag behind, which is the main reason why the main role of this tank is that of a supporting medium. Even then, if your team manages to defeat your enemies quickly, you can’t even do that.
There are only a few ways of reducing the effects of this, and even then their effects are minimal, which makes this weakness such a big disadvantage.
The first is to train your driver up. A driver at 100% training will make this tank so much easier to use, and if that driver has skills that make the tank go faster, like the Off-Road Driving, this is made even better. You can also permanently place a trained driver there, instead of using the driver’s slot to train a driver for a different tank.
Another way is to install Improved Ventilation, Class 2, to increase the major qualification of the driver, and also the commander as his training will also give a slight bonus to that of the driver. Buying Pudding and Tea also increases the major qualification of the driver, so that can also be used.
Even when using these methods for increasing the speed of the Matilda Black Prince, the tank will still be slow. This means that you should also think about where you want to go, choosing a place where you can support your allies whilst being an area close to your base.


Aim Time

The aim time of the Matilda Black Prince is also another problem. It has a value of 2.3 seconds, when the reload of the tank is pretty much the same at 2.3 seconds when rounded to one decimal place. The problem with this is that shots that you fire when you are moving will almost always miss, because the reticle bloom whilst shooting and moving is too high. Also, you might not shoot straight after you reload, because you might be unsure about whether you are fully aimed, especially when you are tracking a fast moving target.
To get around this, you can install an Enhanced Gun Laying Device. This will make sure that, most of the time, your aim time is faster than your reload, meaning you can shoot with confidence – as you know that almost all of your shots will be fully aimed.
A more time consuming method is to train your gunner up, which isn’t advised. This is because premium tanks are supposed to be used as a crew trainer, in conjunction with being a credit earner, and having a gunner specifically for the Matilda Black Prince is a waste of a slot, especially when the aim time isn’t as significant a problem as the low horsepower to weight ratio.


Shell Capacity

Another reason for increasing the aiming time of the Matilda Black Prince, using an Enhanced Gun Laying Device, is because of the tank’s low shell capacity. The tank only has 55 shells, and when it can spit them out at a rapid pace shell conservation is a key thing to remember when using this tank. There are two reasons why this affects the Matilda Black Prince.
The first is because of its bad aim time. You should aim carefully before you take a shot, because each shot is valuable.
The other reason is because this doesn’t allow of flexibility in shell selection. This basically means that you have to predict how many of each shell you will use in a battle, because if you don’t pack enough AP shells you will end up using expensive APCR shells or low damaging HE shells. It could also work in the opposite way too, you might not have enough HE shells to deal with a heavily armoured capping tank or you might not have enough APCR shells to deal with a tank with heavy frontal armour right in front of you.
The solution to the first problem is stated in the beginning of this section; you can use an Enhanced Gun Laying Device. This is an expensive method but it can be worth it in the long run, especially if you predict that if you will use the tank a lot in the future. Another solution, as discussed before, is to have a trained gunner but this uses up a crew slot that could be used for training a gunner for a different tank.
For the second problem, the solution is also stated; you just have to predict what shells you will use throughout a battle. When you first buy this tank you can look around on the internet to find out what shell load outs other players use. Then, after playing a few games in it, you can finally determine which shells will suit what you will do, overcoming this problem.



Here are two play styles for the Matilda Black Prince.


Supporting Medium

The first is playing as a supporting medium. This will happen a number of times, as its low top speed and horsepower to weight ratio means that the battles between your team and the enemy will often happen before you can get to the front lines.
In this role, you will be around few hundred metres behind your allied tanks. You should choose to shoot at relatively low armoured targets when you are doing this role, because you will still get a few unlucky bounces on the more armoured tanks, even though the penetration of your shells are enough for most tanks on paper. And, unless you don’t have any other targets, avoid trying to shoot the small weak spots of high armoured tanks, like the AT 2, because your gun has a relatively bad accuracy of 0.41m dispersion every 100m. Only shooting at targets with weak armour means your high damage per minute is used to its full potential, netting more credits and experience.



If your team is especially slow or you receive a push from a faster heavy, like a friendly T1 Heavy, you can also play the role of a brawler.
In this role, you’ll be battling it out with other tanks, mostly heavies, whilst taking a few hits for your allies with weaker armour. What you should do, if you choose to take on this role, is use your armour to lure your enemies into shooting you, so you and your allies can take shots of their own in relative safety. The safest way of doing this is to stick out the sides of your tank at a very steep angle, somewhere in-between 65 and 85 degrees – this is dependent on how much penetration the shells of your enemy have; if there are low tiered enemy tanks you could use a smaller angle, which is more likely to bait them into shooting at an impenetrable area, but a higher tiered enemy would need a steeper angle because otherwise they will deal damage to you. Once the enemies have fired at your sides, you can reverse out of cover, fire a shot or two and get back into cover to repeat the process.



Here are a few recommended pieces of equipment for this tank.


Enhanced Gun Laying Device

As discussed before, the Enhanced Gun Laying Device is used for increasing the aim time, so that you are fully aimed as soon as you reload. This means that you don’t have to waste time aiming or so that you don’t waste valuable shells to misses, as your shell capacity is only 55.


Medium-Calibre Gun Rammer

Although this negates the aiming advantage of the Enhanced Gun Laying Device, the extra damage per minute output can be useful at times. An example of this is if a group of enemies come from around a corner. The extra damage per minute will help deal with the enemies quicker, and you don’t have to wriggle, your armour to put off their aim to avoid taking damage, for as long. This is also helpful in those rare moments when you and an enemy have the same hitpoints remaining and the same base alpha damage and reload speed; those extra milliseconds that you shave off can save you an early trip back to the garage.


Medium Spall Liner

This is mainly used to protect you from indirect SPG fire. The high armour of the Matilda Black Prince means that a lot of enemy SPG shells won’t penetrate your armour, meaning that a spall liner will reduce the damage you tank by even more. This is good because your slow speed means that you could easily be targeted by an SPG, and the extra protection means that you will survive more penetrating, or splash, hits.


Improved Ventilation, Class 2

The improved ventilation is just the standard equipment used to improve the performance of a tank. It is relatively cheap to purchase, at a low 200,000 credits, in comparison to the comparatively high cost of an Enhanced Gun Laying Device, at 500,000 credits. This saves you from choosing a piece of equipment if you want don’t want to think too much about it. The best parts about the improved ventilation is the fact that it will boost the horsepower to weight ratio of the tank, due to the driver being better, and improving the aiming speed, from the gunner.



The Toolbox is a handy piece of equipment. This is because the 25% increase in repair speed means that the improvement in repair speed will largely reduce the amount of tanks that can shoot your tracks faster than you can repair them. This saves you from using a repair kit for repairing damaged tracks, and it is also helpful because other destroyed modules will also be repaired faster.


The Matilda Black Prince is a deadly tank, if used in the right hands. It has a high damage per minute, which is near the top of Tier-5 medium tanks, and great armour. All of its disadvantages, apart from its slow speed, can be nullified to a bearable level, which means that an experienced player can easily do well in it.
But, bear in mind, that, if you are an inexperienced player or a player that likes fast tanks, this tank might not be the right one for you.

Thanks to all who have read this review, and, if you have this tank, make sure you take some of this advice  :tongue:

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TacticaL_Mech_Tank #24 Posted 28 March 2014 - 06:44 AM

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Matilda Black Prince: Funny looking - No funny fighting

  The tiny mobile bunker

    Greeting everyone, this is my third review about premium tanks. Today is about the Matilda Black Prince (MBP), a ridiculous looking tank with a huge Black Prince's turret on a tiny cute Matilda's hull. Like the traditional Matilda, MBP also has very amazing armor compare to the other tier V medium tanks (med), and a speed of a snail. It is another interesting tier V premium tank to play in my opinion, just after the T-25 (in fact, it's a bit contradict to the T-25 on all aspect). Here's my review about it.



     This is my review contents:

1. MBP's stats and improvement suggestions

     a) MBP's information and stats

     b) Necessary improvements (equipment and crew skill)

2. Recommended play style

3. Conclusion


OK, let's begin.


1. MBP's stats and improvement suggestions


     a) MBP's information and stats


_ Historical information (It's not important here so I skip it)

_ Stats (without load and crew skill)


     As you can see, MBP has almost green stats compare to tier V med, that's why its price is a bit higher than other premium tanks.


     Fire power: Normal penetration and small alpha damage stat, MBP appears to have an average efficient weapon compare to other tier V med, plus a machinegun's rate of fire. However, the real penetration is bad, sometimes you can bounce lower tier tanks; another thing is the very low ammo capacity while having a super rate of fire will push you in trouble sometimes. The gun has same characteristic with that one on the Churchill III or T-34 so if you're familiar with them before, MBP will be a piece of cake.


     Maneuverability: The accuracy is normal, but the aim time is slow just like Churchill III, so most of the time, you'll shoot before you aim. However, aiming circle spread (ACS) is very small that helps MBP usually has accurate shots on the move, or when spamming bullet. The depression is -12.5 degree, the best in tier V (even more than M4's 12 degree). The turret traverse is fast enough for not being a problem in driving this tank (it's slow but not as bad as the T-25).


     Mobility: All red! The specific power is pathetic which is even lower than a heavy tank's (ht) terrain resistance is also worse in comparision with other med. Chassis traverse speed is slow but not so uncomfortable.


     Survivability: This time MBP has the same bonus like T-25. The hp is 610, equal to T-25 and of course, the best in tier V med. The armor, on the other hand, is way different that create a high potential damage for MBP, unlike T-25 when almost all shots (even from tier III) will auto pen.


     Scout ability: Good view range and camouflage (camo) value, MBP is good in being a scout, but the speed will not allow him to do so. You can only be a passive scout if you're driving MBP, however, may be that will be at the very end of the match :trollface:.


_ Armor design:



     MBP has a little higher armor stats, but because of the heavily angled and some space armor, it becomes a true tiny mobile bunker.




     The frontal armor is divided into two parts. The lower one, has very good angle that will bounce shots; upper plate armor is the same, with a flat plate like the KV1. Unfortunately, it also has a sloped part like the IS, the one that usually cause even a super gun like the BL9 to bounce. Remember that MBP has a quite small silhouette, so in mid or high range combat, its armor design will become even more powerful.



     The side armor is good just like the KV1. MBP has a space armor on its side, so expect some ding dong shooting there. Upper and rear armor is thin but small so most of the self-propel gun (spg) blocks will fall to its tough armor than this paper part. :arta:.


     With the turret armor, there are some notes for you.



    Although it has the Black Prince name, the turret's armor is not that tough. It's only a copy version (same looking) of the legendary Black Prince's turret. So just like Churchill series, you should try to turret down (which can't be done, just kidding here). The only good way is to make sure that you'll get rid of your opponent quickly before he can do some damage on your turret (most of the important crew members sit here). The poor turret is a waste since MBP has very good depression.


_Summary: here's a conclusion about MBP.


     + Pros: - High rate of fire and average damage

                 - Average accuracy but small ACS gives you great move shot ability

                 - Good gun depression for hull down

                 - Large hp pool, nearly equal to ht

                 - Small profile

                 - Thin side armor that may save you, heavily angled frontal armor

     + Cons: - Weak real penetration, weak alpha damage

                  - Slow hull and turret traverse

                  - Super stupid acceleration and speed

                  - Low ammo capacity

                  - Although the stats is good looking, it's still inferior compare to the other med (even the lower tier Matilda) but has a higher cost


     b) Necessary improvements


_ Equipment: MBP is easy to upgrade and improve, as its weaknesses are easy to see. Here is my recommended equipment set

     + Medium-caliber Gun Rammer, Toolbox (or Enhanced Gun Laying Drive), Improved Ventilation



_ Crew skill: There are some suggestion for your crew skill. They're listed in recommended order.


     + Commander: Sixth Sense, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Driver: Smooth Ride, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Gunner: Snap Shot, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Radio Operator: Situation Awareness, Repair, Brothers in Arms

     + Loader: Adrenaline Rush, Repair, Brothers in Arms


     You can change Driver's skill to Snap Shot, Off-road Driving, Brothers in Arms.

     Or you can change Brothers in Arms with Camouflage skills.

     As from the stats analysis, MBP has high aiming time but somewhat small ASC, good armor with high hp, that's why we should learn Situation Awareness, Smooth Ride and Snap Shot, Adrenaline Rush; Repair and Brothers in Arms are vital to all type of med just like ht.



     As you can see now, most of the stats have improved. However, the most flaw is the mobility won't increase much, so MBP still be a super slow med that require you to have some good experience in driving turtle tanks (T95, Matilda) before you can master this tank.


     2. Recommended play style


     Although MBP has a bouncy armor like some ht (KV1, T14), it is recommended that you should stay out of the front line, keep a good distance from the enemy. Here are some suggestions for MBP play style. You can read my old T14 review to see some details in tactics.


_ Support: Go with your med in a med line. Your speed will prevent you from helping your ally if they're driving fast tanks, so in some cases, just simply get to a good sniping position :bush:. About how to support well, you can read again in my T14's review 'cause it's just the same.


_ Brawler: Only use when you're top with not many tank destroyers (td) or tanks that has high penetration gun. This time, your armor is almost impenetrable, you can enjoy moving up while the enemy ringing the bell. About how to fight in this way, my T14's review is also the same.


      3. Conclusion


     Thanks for reading my review. I hope you guys can find more help from the detail information above. MBP is another interesting tanks with opposite features compare to my T-25. Although driving it is not easy, the performance stats tells the truth: most of the players who play it use it very efficiently. So if you have some good experience before, MBP will be a good pal in your tanker career.

     Good luck, guys. See you on the battlefield.

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neokai #25 Posted 28 March 2014 - 11:15 AM

    hunts pixels from red line

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View Postsalaja, on 27 March 2014 - 07:52 AM, said:

i'm pretty sure you need to own it.


starting with the t-25 review contest, they added the condition:


-Post your screenshot with your [tank] and your review of her on this thread.


judging by the number of entries in this thread that just steal images off the internet, and blatantly copy paste reviews from other sites, i would guess that almost no one actually owns the Matilda BP.


Fair enough, wanted confirmation from a mod or community manager - a lot of people have no idea what is going on with this contest.


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