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Premium Tank Review Contest "SU-100Y" [Extended]

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Binh_An #21 Posted 29 March 2014 - 02:11 PM

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What a shameless action. He did not ask for the author's approval nor translate it himself.

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JEN_HERO #22 Posted 29 March 2014 - 03:21 PM


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Actually i dont have SU-100Y...but i know that tank have a nice gun with awesome damage...it really hurt if get shooting from SU-100Y....that tank is very helpful in fighting....I met most of the match with SU-100Y ... I would not be attacked that tank from the front...if i do that..i will get hurt.  

Peaky_xXx_Blinders #23 Posted 29 March 2014 - 04:49 PM

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View PostCounterMAN, on 29 March 2014 - 04:45 AM, said:


Wait the second, this is my su100y Review in Vietnamesse . He just just copy and Google Translate .


CounterMan liked :trollface:

KOW_TheBestSuperDog #24 Posted 29 March 2014 - 07:07 PM

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I have one in my gara. It have a big gun with great penetration and damage, but bad reload time.

If i am in top tier, i will rush with another who have good amor, so i can hide after shoting.

It's camo is bad, so if u want to snip, u have to keep away from battle

spencer_26 #25 Posted 29 March 2014 - 07:09 PM


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hard to see, easy get damage and you"ll see.

low armor, but  good damage rounds.......




well this tanks is good at hills probably. and good gun but armor to weak. but its worth it. you"ll gonna like it :)

Luziana #26 Posted 29 March 2014 - 07:54 PM


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i was SU-100Y ,in techtree tier 6 TD .WHO CAN BEAT MY DAMAGE ? WHO CAN BEAT MY PENT ?????


aldwinbull #27 Posted 29 March 2014 - 11:26 PM


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bakaniisan #28 Posted 30 March 2014 - 01:33 AM

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View PostCounterMAN, on 29 March 2014 - 11:45 AM, said:



Wait the second, this is my su100y Review in Vietnamesse . He just just copy and Google Translate .



so, what will happen to the guy? =))

baseboy1120 #29 Posted 30 March 2014 - 04:12 PM


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he will be eaten by the su100y familes


Rookie_TurtoizShellx #30 Posted 30 March 2014 - 07:36 PM


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The SU-100Y was a Soviet prototype self-propelled gun, developed from the prototype T-100 tank. It was developed during the Winter Warwith Finland to include a 152 mm gun to destroy concrete defensive structures like bunkers and anti-tank obstacles. It did not see service before the end of the war but was brought into use in the Second World War in defence of Moscow.





Historical Info

During the Winter War it was proposed to modernize the T-100 with a more powerful armament, the 152 mm M-10 gun, able to destroy concrete structures, particularly in dragon's teeth, a common anti-tank measure amongst Europe's fixed fortifications during World War II. A new turret to accommodate the 152 mm howitzer was implemented around March 1940. This new model was designated T-100-Z. However this project was abandoned because of KV-1 and the 152mm equipped KV-2 tanks were superior. In April 1940, the N°185 factory proposed a self-propelled gun (prototype 103) for coastal defence based on the T-100 and armed with the B-13 130 mm naval gun installed in a rotating turret with three 7.62 mm machine-guns. This project never went beyond the drawing boards.
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TacticaL_Mech_Tank #31 Posted 31 March 2014 - 12:54 AM

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Su-100Y: The big daddy

Mr. one hit K.O

     Su-100Y is actually my dream of a premium tank. The reason is that, on paper, it has almost no inferior stats compare to the other same tier tanks while the weaknesses can be reduced and dealt with by using the right tactic (unlike something such as low penetration or slow movement that are harder to neutralize). One more thing, this tank is also another 'alien' tank in my opinion with a lot of strange but interesting properties (like T-25, a medium tank (med) with the hp of a heavy tank (ht)). So now, today I'll help you to ride this beautiful monster on the battlefield.



     This is my review contents:

1. Su-100Y's stats and improvement suggestions

     a) Su-100Y's information and stats

     b) Necessary improvements (equipment and crew skill)

2. Other characteristics and recommended play style

     a) Other characteristic

     b) Recommended play style

3. Conclusion


OK, let's have some fun (reading the wall of text)


     1. Su-100Y's stats and improvement suggestions


     a) Su-100Y's information and stats


_ Historical information (a lot of guys did it, plus it's not important here so I skip it (bet you'll do, too))

_ Stats (without load and crew skill)



     Fire power: Marvelous penetration and god-like alpha damage, Su-100Y has the fire power of an ISU-152 compare to its brothers. Its ability to one hit any tier V tank is even better than the KV-1S, yet still have the same reload time. When take part in a tier VIII battle, Su-100Y meets almost no opponent with its penetration. On the other hand, Su-100Y has low average damage compare to other tank-destroyers (td), but no worry, the high alpha damage will take the charge.


     Maneuverability: The accuracy isn't good for a td, but if you compare with the KV-1S using a similar crazy gun, Su-100Y is far better. Moreover, USSR's tanks usually have more centered shots than the other nations', so you'll see no trouble firing this gun. The aim time is long, but of course still faster than KV-1S's. Although it has large aiming circle spread (ACS), Su-100Y is a td, you'll shoot while stationary more than after moving, that's why this factor won't be unpleasant. Another disadvantage, -5 depression, also won't affect you much because you don't need to force yourself to fight on hilly terrain like front line tanks, but can chose a sniping position.


     Mobility: Yep, an amazing characteristic of Su-100Y is that, despite the ridiculous huge size, it's quite agile. The specific power is even better than the other td, although it has higher terrain resistance, most of the time, Su-100Y will reach top speed after 5-8s. Now if you combine it with Su-100Y's megaton weight, you can be a razing bull at any time :izmena:. Chassis traverse speed is 30, nearly equal to Jag Panther, so you won't find it uncomfortable.


     Survivability: The hp is 700, only behind Mr. AT-8 but higher than any other td helps Su-100Y has better chance of survival. The armor although seems paper thin, but still help Su-100Y have a good potential damage more than other td guys.


     Scout ability: All red! Yes, this is the most significant flaw of Su-100Y. Acceptable view range but having a ht camouflage (camo) value, the only thing that can assure you haven't been spotted by the enemy is the distance between you and them, and so you should count on your ally more than yourself in spotting the opponents. Another awkward stats is the radio signal which is only 440m. For a tier VI td this is very awful.


_ Armor design:



     Su-100Y has not much to say about its armor: Contra's armor :trollface:.




     The overall armor is nothing but a skin for the tank to build up. Anything will penetrate (pen) it no matter what you try to do. Although some believes that the big-looking gun mantlet can bounce shots, the real battles prove that even an A-43 can pen it with ease. It's real thickness lie around it, where the space armor also plus with its main armor, so expect not much from this. But, well, it's still rarely save you in some moments.



     One more thing that can create magic is: the sloped plate in the middle of your frontal armor. It serves like the same one in KV-1's, where most of the time, a long range sniper just want to smash the mouse :angry:. In the picture, the impact angle was decrease down by 5 degree already, so in real fight, it would become a bounce shot if the enemy shoot there. However, since your upper part is too big with the thin armor, they won't shoot down there often.

     By the way, you can see that, Su-100Y has very huge size, so try not to be spotted unless you want some gifts from the self-propel guns (spg) :arta:. With your skinny armor, their shots will hurt you badly.



_Summary: well, so here is a summary for Su-100Y's features.


     + Pros: - Awesome gun with OP penetration and alpha damage, other stats are acceptable

                 - Surprisingly fast for its huge size and heavy weight

                 - High hp compare to other same tier td

                 - Some magical places on the armor like the gun mantlet or the sloped middle plate

                 - Very good in ramming

                 - Excellent credit farming and crew training because of the 2 couples of gunners and loaders


     + Cons: - Very long reload, low average damage (but can be redeemed by using gold ammo)

                  - Long aim time and large ASC (not so unpleasant since it's the same to USSR's td)

                  - Ht's camo value and size (even bigger than same tier ht)

                  - Paper thin armor all around, you should watch out for the 1-hit-KO 152mm gun

                  - Expensive shells (for monstrous firepower, a fair deal)

                  - Low signal range


     b) Necessary improvements


_ Equipment: Su-100Y just need to use some same equipment sets for USSR's td.

     + Basic: Tank Gun Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Improved Ventilation


     You can change the equipment a bit base on your favor. The most obvious thing is that Tank Gun Rammer and Enhanced Gun Laying Drive are very important, so should only Improved Ventilation be optional.

     + Sniper: Tank Gun Rammer, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Camouflage Net or Binocular Telescope


_ Crew skill: There are some suggestion for your crew skill. They're listed in recommended order.


     + Commander: Sixth Sense, Camouflage, Brothers in Arms

     + Driver: Camouflage, Controlled Impact or Clutch Braking, Brothers in Arms

     + Gunner (2x): Camouflage, Armorer (1) and Deadeye (2), Brothers in Arms

     + Loader (2x): Camouflage, Safe Stowage (1) and Adrenaline Rush (2), Brothers in Arms


     You can change these skills into a simpler one, by replacing all second abilities into Repair (not recommended though, you should learn it after the 3rd ability)

     As stated above with the stats and some facts, you can easily get the idea of why using these skills and perks.

     Here are the stats after the improvement.


Using basic equipment


Using camo net


Using telescope


     As you can see now, most of the stats have improved. However, note that your camo value is still bad. So, make sure that Sixth Sense will be learned first, and always stay away from the front line. You can also see that the Su-100Y's performance is quite good. That's mostly because of its gun.



     2. Other characteristics and recommended play style


     a) Other characteristics


     Besides the standard stats, here are some bonus information that need to notice about Su-100Y that I read from some other sources.


     Special premium shells

     Su-100Y has low average damage in exchange for the high alpha one. However, you can increase it by using gold ammo. Su-100Y's gold ammo is special like FV215b 183's: it has lower penetration than the normal shell (171 < 196), but gains more raw damage (510 > 440). So when you're in a low tier match, you can load gold ammo to increase your 1-hit-KO chance.


     Big daddy

     This is what I called him. Su-100Y is only a tier VI td, but its profile is pretty outsized.





     So now you can see that, Su-100Y is closely equal to a KV-5's size. But while KV-5 is a super bunker ht without caring about being spotted or not, Su-100Y needs to hide himself if he doesn't want to be riddled with bullet. This is one of the most difficulty playing this td.


     High speed + Heavy = Ultimate rammer

     As stated above, despite the huge profile, Su-100Y uses a strong engine that help it has a 13.91 hp/t specific power. About the weight, it's 64 tons of metal (without load). So when you're forced to fight in close combat, while waiting for reloading, why not giving your opponent a warm hug? This is why you can let your driver learned Controlled Impact, to upgrade your strong point to be the strongest one :medal:.


     b) Recommended play style


     Su-100Y is quite simple in the type of play style: only 1. However, to implement it well is a different story.

     Here is its suggested play style.


     Sniper/Support: You can do it just like with T-25 as I did state before. You'll have to move to a good position with bushes and covers around. However, with Su-100Y, this time you'll need to be more caution. First of all, make sure that you're staying near a cover (a hard cover is better) and having Sixth Sense, so that you can hide quick enough to not get hit. If you don't have Sixth Sense yet, retreat right away when any enemy get closer than 280m. Secondly, you should defend more than attack. If one line has many offensive allies, you should watch the other line and ask someone to scout for you. The enemy will be shocked if they think that they're on an empty line and rushing toward, 'BOOM!', 1 hit KO :justwait:. Thirdly, try to use a position where there is less way for the enemy to come (should be 1 way route). Finally, never let yourself expose, and you'll be good.



      3. Conclusion


     Thanks for reading my review. I hope you guys can find more help from the detail information above. Although Su-100Y has a very great firepower that suit for a super td, its stupid camo and armor are very hard to master. So once again, I suggest that this tank is a nice tank, but only for those who have good skills and experience. Su-100Y is also a good way to entertain since you don't afraid of anything at all with that big gun.

     Good luck, guys. See you on the battlefield.



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HE_Only_For_the_Weak #32 Posted 31 March 2014 - 07:16 PM


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someone sabotaged my entries

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HE_Only_For_the_Weak #33 Posted 31 March 2014 - 07:33 PM


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HiPSTRF0X #34 Posted 01 April 2014 - 12:37 AM


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Much poast. So long.




1) Russian Bias Best Bias

2) Big Stronk 130mm (russian bias) Gun

3) 1 pew, 1 tier 5 MT/TD dies.

http://wotlabs.net/sig_cust/FF850A/000000/sea/HiPSTRF0X/signature.pngTomatoes are Nice. 

Cut up, Smashed and Blended to Oblivion.



TacticaL_Mech_Tank #35 Posted 01 April 2014 - 01:25 AM

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View Postusimi, on 31 March 2014 - 11:20 AM, said:

someone sabotaged my entries 

Look up on page 1 and see why, mate :sceptic:

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SU-100Y Tank review



Overall tank overview:




Tier: 6
HP: 700
Max Speed: 35/12 (forward/backwards)
Engine: 870 HP
Engine Fire chance: 20%
AP (1,118 silver) pen/damage: 196/440
AP (10 gold) pen/damage: 176/510 (yes, less pen for gold rounds!)
HE (978 silver) pen/damage: 65/580
Vertical Gun depression range: -5 to +15  degrees
RPM: 3.75
Accuracy: 0.38
Aim Time: 2.9
View Range: 350
Radio Range: 440
Cost: 3,250 Gold




Recommended equipment:

1) Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer (reduce reloads)

2) Vertical Stabiliser (improved accuracy when turning to fire)

3) Improved ventilation (improve all skills; including reload)


Premium Vehicle

First thing to note is that this tank is a premium vehicle that and it can only be bought for 3250 gold. That said, it comes with all the privileges that premium tanks have:

1) Increased credit generation

2) (somewhat) better matchmaking

3) crew skills training (same nationality and type crews can be put into premium tanks with no penalty)


Additionally, the SU-100Y can fit 6 crews, 1 more gunner than the Obj 268 or Obj 263; meaning that all TD crews will have no problem being trained for the increased credits and skill training in this tank.


The Gun

I have no arguements with the gun; its one of the best in its tier with AP penetration of 196 and a 440 average damage. With this gun the SU 100Y is capable of 'one-shotting' any tanks below its tier and pen up to tier 8 tanks.


However, you have to note that the reload time is long even with rammer and vents at approx.~ 13seconds. This means that during the duration of this time you will be vulnerable to enemies and this tank is used best as a support fire. The gun also has features limited accuracy and long aim time (but still decent by russian standards) which means that it is not really suitable for a long range sniper role.


AIM! For this tank, it is crucial that you take aim carefully as a missed shot will leave you vulnerable for 13 seconds and ultimately dead by that point.


Camouflage and Armor/HP

The SU100Y has a relatively large silhouette and poor camouflage values which adds to the fact that the tank is not suited to be a sniper.



The armor is also relatively poor and you can be sure that most guns will be able to penetrate you anywhere other than from the gun manlet. This also adds on to the fact that you are completely vulnerable when reloading and works extremely poorly without support.


However, the SU-100Y has a relatively large amount of hitpoints for a TD in its tier which means that it is able to absorb some hits (even with poor armor) and dish out a relative amount of damage before exploding.



The SU100Y has a large size and the speed on it is relatively slow compared to other tanks; especially when compared to its premium cousin the SU-122-44. However, it is still relatively mobile compared to other russian heavies (e.g. the KV-2) which means that the gun can be aimed more effectively. 


Point of comparison: The KV-1S

A very close rival to the SU-100Y is the KV-1S; which is also a tier 6 tank with a gun with the similar reload time (with 390 dmg and 175 pen). The lower damage and penetration comes with the trade-off of better armor and a turret on the KV-1S. The KV-1S also has lower accuracy on its gun, which translate to it being a poorer sniper and a limited ability to hold down choke points as compared to the SU-100Y. 


Overall, the KV-1S is a better brawler with better armor but on the other hand the SU-100Y is able to hold on strategic choke points better AND comes with all the benefits of being a premium vehicle.



The SU-100Y is currently a tank that blows fish out of the water in lower tiers; and works as an excellent support tank in higher tiers. It is extremely satisfying when you see your shells hit for a 440 damage in games, knowing that you are actively contributing to the outcome of the match.





EliteBrekkieRoll #37 Posted 01 April 2014 - 08:34 AM


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Now you see me it now you don't


With its high caliber gun(which is similar to the the IS-7 a tier 10 tank in regards to alpha damage) it can basically as a high potential to one shot kill tanks which can get you a top-gun and high caliber badge easily if your into that stuff -_-, the other features this tank has to its disposable is that is it is surprisingly agile for a tank destroyer of that size the top speed is a healthy 35Km because of the 890 HP engine, and a decent transverse speed of 30 not to bad for a box, however there is also the down side to it  because of its huge gun, it has  a massive silhouette which means it has really bad camouflage values, you properly need to hid in front of multiple bushes or  massive one to hid yourself properly. Another thing to consider is that it has a very long reload time even for a  crew with 100% and the accuracy is pretty mediocre but not bad and differently not great and need some time to aim to hit your targets. This tank destroyer is properly best to be used as a defensive unit or a supportive unit. You can play this tank aggressively but not recommend as its HP pool is decent for a Tank destroyer of 700HP, but the  armor will not handle well against some caliber gun, it can bouncy some shots if angle right but don't rely on the armor as it is only 60mm all round and so you can be easily killed and not to mention SPG and the Low signal range may hinder you as well.


My Recommended Equipment/consumables

  • Improved Ventilation
  • Binocular Telescope
  • Large Caliber tank Shell rammer
  • Repair kit
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire extinguisher


  • Surprising speed and agility for its large size.
  • One of the most powerful guns of its tier, boasting superb penetration and alpha damage.
  • High hit points for tank destroyer.
  • Great credit maker due to the massive damage per shot.


  • Very large silhouette and poor camouflage values.
  • Reload is slow
  • Low signal range.
  • Expensive ammunition
  • Long aim time



  • Engine power = 890 HP
  • transverse speed = 30
  • Torrent transverse speed = 26
  • Top speed = 35Km



  • Gun = 130 mm B-13-S2
  • Ammo capacity = 30
  • Damage = 330-550
  • Armor penetration= 147-245 mm


  • View range = 350m
  • Radio range = 440m
  • Armor = 60 all round
  • Aim time = 2.9 sec
  • Rate of Fire = 3.75
  • Accuracy = .38




In a nutshell i would buy this tank as it is fun to play with and also a great credit maker due to its high alpha damage, its a decent TD with a gun like/similar the tier 10 IS 7's 130mm caliber gun which means tanks below or on your tier will fear you and can still do pretty hefty damage to higher tier tanks. If you need to train your TD crew or just love TD or a great credit maker this tank is worth while your time  :smile:

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AwsmPie #38 Posted 01 April 2014 - 01:51 PM


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SU 100Y Review: T6 Premium Tank Destroyer 

The SU 100Y is a BEAST of a tier 6 premium tank destroyer. It is an interesting proposition for a newcomer to World of Tanks, because it is one of 2 premium USSR TDs that are available for purchase, the other being the very well regarded SU 122-44. I decided to give this tank a look..



A huge plus of this tank is that its gun is an absolute beast for its tier. It mounts a variant of the Tier X IS7’s 130mm, that outputs 440 dmg per AP round. This will give you a decisive advantage in first-shot situations and dominion over all other tier 6 tanks.



To put this in perspective, this is higher than the 390 output of the KV1S, which is already quite the brute for its tier, and the 2nd highest damage for a non-artillery piece at tier 6 (1st place goes to KV2 derp, which is inaccurate and reliant on gold rounds). 440 dmg is enough to 1 shot any Tier 5 scout and medium, and severely cripple any heavy, so you will feel useful and a game-changer in almost any matchup.


The gold round of this tank is a special AP round that trades 25 penetration for 70 extra damage. Carry a couple of these for clutch situations where you need to finish off a wounded higher tier opponent.


+ High AP round penetration

+ 2nd highest damage for a non-arty in tier

- Situational gold round

- Aim time (2.9s) and accuracy (0.38m) limit sniping ability

- Long reload (15s) penalizes hasty/mistimed shots



Armor Scheme of the SU 100Y.

60mm of front, side and rear armor, except for the mantlet which is spaced armor. You should expect few bounces from shells with the exception of enemy scouts. Because the tank has below average gun depression, and the box-shape exposes the 60mm superstructure to the right and left of the gun mantlet, peeking over hills is ruled out.


Camo comparison:

Camo on this tank is shockingly poor given its large size. On par with heavies of its tier, and worse than its TD brethren. This necessitates 2nd line gameplay early on, and only relying on HP as a last defense / to trade shots.


+ Has good hp/ton and accelerates nicely on flat ground

+ Pivots well for a large tank of its size

+ High hp (only AT8 has higher)

- Worst camo in class, can be spotted easily in the open

- Has weak, unangled armor. 

- Large size



The SU 100Y has SIX crew slots – Commander, Driver, 2x Gunner, 2x Loader. This will come as a surprise to many, as by comparison the non-premium SU 100 houses only 4 crew (1 of each), and the ISU 152 at tier 8 runs only 5 (2x loader). Therefore, it will require recruitment of at least 1 new crew which may not necessarily carry over to future tanks.



Here I run my existing crew from my ISU 152, and bring in an additional gunner from my Obj 704.


The SU 100Y runs your typical USSR TD setup: Enhanced Gun Laying Drive / Rammer / Vents. This is to mitigate the poor aim time of its weapon and maximize damage output. The tank does not get much benefit from optics due to its role and its already poor 350m view range. Vents can be swapped out for Camo Net to mitigate camo weakness of this tank. Camo insignia is also a plus.


Crew skills should be:

  • Commander: 6th Sense -  Repairs – Camo
  • Driver: Repairs – Camo – Snap Shot
  • Gunner: Repairs – Camo – Smooth Ride
  • Loader: Repairs – Camo – Safe Stowage




Early Game: Get to easily controlled single lanes of fire (Think 2-3 line on Himmelsdorf) or dense forested area (9-0 line) on Murovanka. Your focus early game should be to take a support position behind allied lights and heavies, and rely on your alpha to send enemy scouts back to garage. Left unchecked, enemy scouts will have little trouble spotting you later on, or circling you to death in the late game. Conserve HP as far as possible as the early game gives way to the….


Mid Game: As a relatively mobile TD, you will be called upon to relocate and shore up falling flanks, or to support an allied push. This is where the SU 100Y begins to shine in its role as an assault tank, as you will be able to count on allies to soak hits for you, while outputting generous damage that few tanks can ignore. As with the early game, HP conservation is still key and some part of playing the SU 100Y well is knowing when enemy attention is focused on you, and when it is safe to peak around the corner, with allies covering your reload.


Late Game: The SU 100Y comes into its own as a finisher of weakened / crippled tanks. Now is the time to go on the hunt, and trade your HP in order to finish off other heavies and TDs that your teammates have trouble penetrating.



I evaluate premium tanks according to three criteria: How effective they are as money makers, how effective they are as crew trainers, and how fun they are to play (factoring in their playstyle and matchmaking spread). A USSR TD driver has two choices: the SU 122 44 and the SU 100Y.


  • Credit income: Advantage to SU 122 44. Vbaddict lists the average income of the SU 100Y as the 2nd highest at 11233 credits/match, and the SU 122 44 marginally behind at 10205 credits/match. The SU 122 44 is no doubt a better GROSS credit maker by design, but this is balanced out by the high ammo cost and higher number of non-penetrations on its anemic 175 pen gun, which is the KV1s 122mm. The SU 100Y on average bounces less, and hits harder, thus guaranteeing a consistent GOOD NET level of income. Expect 40k profit on a win, and 20k on a loss with premium. At higher levels of play, a good player will be able to utilize the better camo, higher hp pool and mobility of the SU 122 44 to exploit more opportunities and achieve BETTER consistent GROSS and NET income.
  • Crew training: Advantage to SU 100Y clearly. The advantage of being able to train both loaders of the SU/ISU 152/Obj 704 family is important. The SU 122 44 can only train 4 of the 5. Clearly, this point is moot if you are grinding up the Obj 263 line. Advantage to SU 100Y.
  • Fun factor: Advantage SU 100Y. This is my subjective opinion – The SU 100Y works better in its tier 6-8 mm spread than the SU 122-44 does in its tier 7-9 mm spread.
    • Top of the food chain: Both can brutalize their opponents. The SU 100Y is more than a match for tanks of its tier, though it relies on first strike alpha to bring them down. Whereas the SU 122-44 is a premier brawler that can put out sustained damage.
    • Middle of the food chain: The SU 122-44 loses a lot of its shine. Tier 8 is a very diverse tier, with the introduction of high alpha turreted TDs and autoloader heavies and meds. The SU 100Y can still pull its weight and some vs Tier 7s.
    • Bottom of the food chain: Both tanks are relegated to support roles for the most part, due to their relatively small health pools. At Tier 9, 175 pen on the SU 122-44 is just laughably bad, and there is not much to do other than to farm damage off opportunistic side-shots. At Tier 8, 198 pen on the SU 100Y is still very workable, though careful play becomes paramount.|


The SU 100Y is a T6 premium that punches above its weight. It hits hard and maintains its lethality vs higher tier tanks than itself. Unlike other tank destroyers of its tier, it is large and not well armored, and is also fairly blind. These are manageable deficits because most TDs are meant to play in support of other tanks.

It is fun to play because of its blend of alpha and high-risk reward mechanics, at a tier where there are more un-upgraded tanks running around. It teaches you to bide your time, to time your shots, to react to the ebb and flow of battle, which are key skills to doing well in TDs in a high tier environment. All this while earning you a GOOD stream of income and training your crew.

At 3250 gold, I highly recommended it if you already possess or are working towards the SU 152.






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The SU-100Y is a Tier-6 tank destroyer. It is unusual, as it has many characteristics that make it stand out – some of which are good where the others are bad. Examples of this are its box-like shape, resulting in some players calling it the “Boxtank”, and its ridiculously low radio range of 440 metres. Some of the good characteristics are its surprisingly good manoeuvrability of 30 degrees a second, which stops the slower mediums from being able to circle you, and heavy weight of 64 tonnes, higher than every Tier-6 heavy tank.
It is overall a good premium tank destroyer, and can even be friendly towards new players, because of its high alpha damage and shell penetration. But, whether you are an experienced player or not, the SU-100Y is generally more suited to players familiar with tank destroyers, as its low armour and large silhouette means that it should rarely approach the front lines.


Alpha Damage

One of the things that many people attribute to the SU-100Y is its huge alpha damage. At 440, it is higher than almost all non-SPG Tier-6s, apart from the KV-2 with the 152mm M-1 and any Tier-6 Russian heavy with the 122mm U-11 – although they both primarily use HE shells, so the SU-100Y is more consistent when dealing damage. Even in Tier-8 the SU-100Y is still very good in terms of alpha damage, as only other tank destroyers and SPGs have a higher alpha damage than this tank.
In the field, the high alpha damage means that you can one-shot many Tier-4 and 5 tanks. Tier-6s will be crippled by a shot from you and even Tier-7s and 8s will still have to be careful when you’re around in an SU-100Y, because a shot from you will still reduce their hitpoint pool by a large margin.


Shell Penetration

Coupled with the high alpha damage is a high shell penetration value of 196mm. The result of this is almost every shot you take penetrates your target, unless you get an unlucky bounce or shoot at a heavily armoured tank; like most British tank destroyers and heavy tanks. It is about average in comparison to other tank destroyers, which is good for a premium tank as many have a sub-par shell penetration.
This means that your expensive shells won’t be wasted when you shoot, maximising your credit income, and you don’t often get annoyed by a shot bouncing off a target.


Hitpoint Pool

Unlike most tank destroyers, the SU-100Y has a high hitpoint pool; with 700 HP. This is 76 hitpoints more than the average Tier-6 tank destroyer, and it is only beaten by the AT 8; which has 800 hitpoints.
This feature is especially helpful for the SU-100Y, because its low camouflage values, large silhouette and weak overall armour means that it will be spotted and damaged often. A higher hitpoint pool means that, if you don’t have Sixth Sense, you can absorb slightly more shots when you are shot at, meaning you have better survivability and you can still stay in the fight.



One of the things that people think when they see a SU-100Y in the open is an easy target. This is firstly due to its extremely thin overall armour. All the armour on this tank destroyer is, on paper, 60 millimetres thick. In reality, the parts of the front and sides are thicker but not by much.
The front has its gun mantlet and sloped frontal hull. The gun mantlet is spaced armour, which means that some shots can penetrate the first layer of armour without dealing damage, and the sloped area of the frontal hull almost impenetrable and it can often bounce badly aimed KV-1S shells. But the spaced armour of the gun mantlet doesn’t always stop shells from penetrating your tank and the sloped frontal hull is relatively small, meaning that little shells will come in contact with your tank there. The tracks on the side armour also act as spaced armour but, like the gun mantlet, it doesn’t stop all the enemy shells from damaging you.
This basically means that your armour is near useless. Experienced players will aim for the checks of your upper hull frontally and almost everyone will aim for the top half of the tank destroyer when they see it side on, meaning that the spaced armour of the tracks won’t help you at all.
The main way around this problem is simply to stay well away from the front lines, where you will easily be spotted, because of the low camouflage values of the tank destroyer. This basically means that your low armour will never get exploited, unless your team is overrun. At a range of 350 metres, or more, whilst being behind a bush is generally enough, especially if you are further than 15 metres from the bush when you fire. Just make sure that you have enough foliage to cover all the areas where your enemies are, because a mistake will cost you a lot of hitpoints – and it could even destroy you.



As well as your famously thin armour, the SU-100Y is well known for its large silhouette. Its length is comparable to tanks like the Maus and E-100, and is even longer than other tanks; like the Jagdtiger. The same goes for its height. It is just lower than the KV-2 and it stands out amongst all Tier-6 tank destroyers, shadowing every one of them.
This is a big problem for the SU-100Y because of the fact that it has bad armour and it has bad camouflage ratings. If you are ever spotted, shots will fly towards you, because they know that you have weak armour and because your silhouette is so large, meaning that even tanks with bad accuracy can hit you reliably.
The best way out of this, like for your armour, is to make sure you don’t get spotted in the first place. Again, like your armour, if you aren’t spotted your large silhouette can never be used against you. Always keep a bush nearby and, in the scenario where you are spotted, hard cover that can cover your bulky frame completely.



As discussed in both the armour and silhouette of the SU-100Y, the camouflage values are very low. It is lower than every Tier-6 tank destroyer and it also manages to get lower than some Tier-6 heavy tanks; the Churchill VII and the KV-1S. Needless to say, after this comparison, this tank destroyer has virtually no camouflage and it can only be relied on when you are at a distance and you are hidden by foliage.
Also, as discussed in the armour and silhouette, you will be one of the first to be targeted when you get spotted. Thin armour and a large silhouette means an easy target – and if you shoot an easy target you get more credits and experience, as your shells will almost always hit and go through.
Unlike your large silhouette and low armour, you can reduce the effects of your bad camouflage; as it is impossible to change the dimensions of a turret-less tank and the only way to increase your armour is using a spall liner, which only helps if the shell is HE and it doesn’t penetrate or if you ram an enemy.
The first, and arguably the easiest, is by purchasing and installing a Camouflage Net. At a cheap price of 100,000 credits, it should be bought, as it largely increases your survivability whilst being affordable. The Camouflage Net will increase your camouflage ratings by 25%, after you are stationary for three seconds. This means that whenever you are supporting your allies, your Camouflage Net will be adding to your camouflage value.
Also, another opinion is buying camouflage paint. This increases the camouflage values no matter what your tank is doing. This increase is based on a percentage of your camouflage value, meaning that it benefits a tank with a higher camouflage rating more than it would for a tank with low camouflage ratings, but this shouldn’t deter you from buying it. The exact increase in the camouflage values are hidden, although before the 8.6 patch they were at 5%.
The third way is to increase your camouflage skill in your crew members. The choice is dependent on whether you want this tank to train crew members, to gain credits or just for fun. If you are going to use this tank for training up your Russian crew members you shouldn’t keep a permanent crew in this tank – or if you do, only keep less important crew members; in most people’s eyes, the radio operator is a prime example. If you are using it to only gain credits or using it for fun then keep a permanent crew and train them in the camouflage skill.


Damage per Minute

The SU-100Y also has another disadvantage, although this time it is not related to it generally an easy tank to shoot and destroy. It is its low damage per minute. At 1,650, it is lower than all the other tank destroyers apart from the ARL V39, but that is compensated by a high shell penetration – and it can be swapped for the 90mm AC canon DCA 30 for an above average damage per minute of 2,028. But this problem is, arguably, a much lesser problem than the last three, because its effects can be reduced by a large margin.
The first, and most effective, way that this can be done is to install a Large-Calibre Gun Rammer. This reduces the load time by around 1.45 seconds, which increases the damage per minute output to 1,815; which is on par with half of the Tier-6 tank destroyers, even though you have a much higher alpha damage than all of them.
Furthermore, you can increase the major qualification of your two loaders by installing Improved Ventilation. This will increase the major qualification of all of your crew members by 5. This only reduces the loading speed by a small margin, around 0.2 seconds, and increases the damage per minute to 1,853.9, meaning that you may decide not to install it if you are running low in credits. But, still, it helps and your other crew members also receive this bonus.
There is a third way, and it is also quite a rare feature. This is to load premium AP shells instead of regular AP rounds. The reason why is because the premium AP shells for the SU-100Y do 510 damage each, 70 hitpoints worth of damage more than the regular AP shells. It trades this for having less shell penetration, 171 instead of 196, but the reduction is minimal, in comparison to the large increase in damage. Combined with a Large-Calibre Gun Rammer and Improved Ventilation, the damage per minute output is increased to a ridiculous 2,148.8. This is higher than all Tier-6 tank destroyers apart from the Jagd Pz.IV, at 2,316.6 – but it doesn’t have the low shell penetration that the Jagd Pz.IV has. Without the extra equipment the damage per minute using the premium AP shells is 1,912.5 but this is still better than most Tier-6 tank destroyers. The only problem with using this is that each shell costs an expensive 10 gold, or 4,000 credits, so you will be costing yourself a fortune in whichever currency you use.


Supporting Sniper

Like most tank destroyers, you will mainly be playing a support-type role in a game. As discussed in the first three cons, you need to make sure you shoot from a distance and stay behind a bush, to keep yourself undetected. As well as this, hard cover is also recommended, as your camouflage values are too low to be solely reliant on. Having Sixth Sense is highly recommended, as it will save you on numerous occasions. Also, increasing your camouflage values in any way is also recommended.
If all these are done, you will be able to snipe enemy tanks with ease, your penetration making short work out of the armour of most tanks you’ll encounter and your high alpha damage putting in a scare factor, making it more likely that they will make mistakes later on in the game.
Because the speed of the SU-100Y isn’t terrible, especially for its size, it can keep up will allied heavies, meaning that you will almost always have a shot on the enemy tanks your allies are engaging.



Here are a few recommended pieces of equipment for this tank.


Large-Calibre Gun Rammer

Due to the SU-100Y’s long reload and low damage per minute, this is the most important single piece of equipment you can get. It costs 500,000 credits, but it is definitely worth the money if you are going to be keeping and using the tank over a long period of time. As discussed in the Damage per Minute section, the load time is reduced by around 1.45 seconds and the damage per minute is increased to 1,815. This is helpful because the increased damage per minute helps you deal more damage in your support role and the increased reload speed is useful in moments where you find yourself and another tank, with a similar reload to yourself, shooting each other, because that extra second shaved off can be the difference between you surviving or being destroyed. One of the most common situations where this will happen is when you and a KV-1S both shoot each other at the same time, where both of you will destroy the other in two shots. If you have a gun rammer installed you will beat the KV-1S to the second shot by just over a second, saving yourself from a trip to the garage.


Camouflage Net

This is another important piece of equipment, and should be mandatory if you buy this tank destroyer. This is because it will increase your poor camouflage ratings, in turn increasing your survivability. It only costs 100,000 credits to buy, so it is not expensive to buy. As well as this, it can be moved from tank to tank without charge, like the Toolbox and Binocular Telescope, so you don’t have to purchase one if you have one already, unless you have an abundance of credits or are lazy. The Camouflage Net will help keep you hidden from sight, which is important because of your low armour and large silhouette.


Improved Ventilation, Class 3

Buying and installing Improved Ventilation for the SU-100Y is not that important. This is because the increase in the major qualifications for your crew members is small, especially in comparison to the cost of buying them; 600,000 credits. For this reason, you should only install this if you are going to use this tank destroyer for fun and you have a large amount of spare credits. The most important effect of this is the reduction in the loading time for this tank destroyer, which results in a slightly higher damage per minute output.


Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

Like the Improved Ventilation, the Enhanced Gun Laying Drive is not necessary. This is because, like the Improved Ventilation, the cost to buy one is high whilst the improvement it does is not important – as this will only help you if the enemy tanks get close enough to spot you. Again, this should only be bought if you are using this tank for fun and if you have spare credits – and even then installing Improved Ventilation is probably a better choice, as it is more useful.


The SU-100Y can be a brilliant tank destroyer, provided that it is player correctly. The high alpha damage of its gun is comparable to Tier-8s; it is enough to one-shot many low tiered tanks and higher tiered tanks will be fearful of getting shot by you. Its high penetration also means that you will deal damage almost every time you shoot, making it easy on newer players and experienced players, as the accuracy is low, whilst making the tank destroyer much less frustrating, as there will be less unlucky bounces on targets. Also, something that hasn’t been mentioned, the high calibre of the shell can result in armour overmatching – resulting in a penetration even though you hit an enemy tank at a steep angle.
One of the main problems is the fact that the SU-100Y is an easy target – if you are spotted in it, many will aim at you; because it is hard to miss, due to your large silhouette, and most of the shells will cut right through your tank, due to the lack of armour. The other main problem is the low damage per minute output, but this can be negated using equipment and the SU-100Y’s premium AP shells, which have a higher alpha damage than its regular AP shells.
But, overall, the advantages that this tank has mean that it a brilliant tank to have, especially if you are used to playing other tank destroyers – whether you are experienced at the game or not.

Thank you for reading this review and I hope you enjoyed it  :smile:



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