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Joining a clan.

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Tanitha #1 Posted 25 March 2014 - 03:46 PM


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Looking for a clan


Tank Commanders,

If you are looking for a clan, then you have come to the right place.

In this section, players can post looking for a clan, and COAF (Council of armored forces / Clan representatives) may reply to the thread.

Players may not reply within this section. So this also means you can't reply to your own thread.


So please make sure all the information you need for a clan to recruit you, is within your opening post.


1.     Reason to join a clan: A successful clan usually has a purpose, and a common play style and goals.


  • Are you after a Social clan?
  • A clan for Company Battles, Platoons, historical battles?
  • On the ground meetups?
  • Cyber Cafe Play?
  • Occasional CW / or heavy Clanwars activity?
  • 7v7 Mode, Esports, Tournaments?


2.     Usual online time and your Location / Time Zone


  • Where are you (state / country) , what timezone are you in, and when do you normally play?


3.     Voice comms availability and languages spoken/preferred.


  • Do you have voice coms available ( Usually an ability to use either Teamspeak / Ventrillo / Mumble & a Headset)?
  • What languages do you speak?


4.     Current highest tier and what you are working towards.    


  • Your gaming career, It will be important if you are aiming at joining a clan for clans wars or tournaments.


5.     Your recent (60 day) stats. (go here: http://wotlabs.net/sea type your IGN in etc.)


  • Depending on the type of clan you wish to join, you stats may be important to clans.



The Recruiting Station


The World of Tanks team is proud to announce the release of the new Recruiting Station. Since the start of its operation, the Recruiting Station has served players and clans alike in finding the best candidates possible, and undergone many upgrades and enhancements.


Firstly, it is now easier for you to find the Recruiting Station. You will be able to see the Recruiting Station button in dropdown menu simply by clicking on the Community bookmark.


The possibility to fill in a 'Personal File' and to look through clans of interest will be available for all players with the arrival of the new version, even for those who are already in a clan.


Besides that, the list of parameters that were used to make the process of clan or recruit searching easier will also be vastly expanded with new details available.


Now you are able to indicate and browse the following new parameters in a player's Personal file:

  • Number of days played per week
  • Experience in Field Commander position
  • Ideal number of players in a clan that player wishes to join
  • Battle efficiency of the player


These are just a few of the new features to be included in the updated Recruiting Station.


Visit the Recruiting Station

Go to the Clans Page

Participate in Clan Wars


Reasons for joining a clan



There is many exciting up coming features designed around team and clan play.

Some minor rewards, and some major expansions.


Either way, if your not in a clan yet.. Its a great time to hunt for the clan that suits you!



Rules for the looking for a clan section.






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