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Premium Tank Review Contest "Panther/M10"

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Elphaba #1 Posted 28 April 2014 - 12:29 PM


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Event Start Time: 2 May 2014 14:00 (UTC+8) 

Event End Time: 9 May 2014 14:00 (UTC+8) 


Hi Commanders,


Finding the right tank to add to your garage can be difficult. In our Premium Tank Review Series, we want to hear from our tank commanders their own personal opinions on our featured tanks to help other players make their choice when they finally decide to bring that long-coveted tank home!


This time, we'd like to read about your thoughts on the "Panther/M10"!


  1. Post your best review of the featured tank focusing on the following details:
    • Pros
    • Cons
    • Equipment recommendations
    • Crew Skill recommendations
    • Gameplay tips
  2. Use of images in your review is recommended but not mandatory.
  3. Contest is limited to one entry per account so make it good!



  • 3 winners of 1000 gold per language


27000ants #2 Posted 02 May 2014 - 02:31 PM


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Want a panther but hate the colour? The Panther M10 is your solution.


The tank is a tier 7 premium that gets SPECIAL MATCHMAKING (fights tier 8s max). This tank is a modification of a standard panther that was supposed to look like the M10 tank Destroyer to fool Americans, allowing German soldiers to infiltrate enemy lines during the Ardennes offensive in 1944.



Special MM^

Who does not love a panther?

Good health

Decent armour



Does not get the L100 75mm gun (special MM takes care of that)



Standard (to me) stuff for panther- Gun rammer, Improved vents, and spall liner (ramming is fun)


Crew skills:

Commander: 6th sense

Gunner: Dead eye

Driver: Preventative mantence (engine fires are bad)

Loader: Repairs

Radioman: Sit. awareness

More skills are good, but those are the basics



Play like a stock panther. Ramming is fun. Special mm prevents you from fighting tier 9s unless you asked for it by platooning. Through the use of trigonometry and math, you will find out that angling the tank 21 degrees will increase maximum armour thickness. Last tip: keep that lower glacis plate covered. Engine fires are bad.

ganbenj #3 Posted 02 May 2014 - 04:26 PM


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hi every body,it's me again!this time i'm reviewing the awesome Panther m/10!to check hpw awesome it is,check it out on wot wiki or check the link below.


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ganbenj #4 Posted 02 May 2014 - 04:28 PM


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and personally,i think this is a must buy!!!!!!

deny1993 #5 Posted 02 May 2014 - 04:41 PM


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  • Great accuracy for its tier, and decent accuracy on the move - even without the benefit of a Vertical Stabilizer
  • Excellent mobility and traverse
  • Decent acceleration
  • Excellent turret traverse
  • Low repair cost and high credit income
  • Highest hit points out of all tier 7 medium tanks, can take quite a few hits to its HP pool to share the damage
  • Never sees tier 9 fights unlike the regular Panther
  • Least expensive tier 7 premium tank
  • Relatively thick turret armor combined with a decent gun mantlet/gun depression and lack of easily targeted cupola make it pretty good at hulldown
  • Upper glacis is effective at bouncing shots from tier 7 and lower tanks due to the average thickness combined with the nice sloping on it
  • Excellent support tank for tier 7 heavies
  • Mediocre thickness on the armor
  • Retains the thin lower glacis weakpoint from the Panther. When penetrated, the tanks tends to light on fire (cover this as much as you can)
  • Low alpha damage, though normal for a tier 7 German medium
  • Barely sufficient penetration, expect plenty of non-penetrating hits in tier 7-8 battles
  • Inferior to even a stock Panther in almost every aspect
  • Worse view range than any other tier 7 medium, except for a stock KV-13
  • Outdated stats as of 8.8 rebalance; RoF and view range is lower than even the tier 6 VK 30.02 (M) with its 2nd turret

Equipment recommendations

Improved VentilationTank Gun Rammer Enhanced Gun Laying Drive Coated Optics 


Crew Skill recommendations

Commander: BiA, 6th sense, repairs, recon
Gunner: BiA, deadeye, repairs, snap shot
Driver: BiA, clutch braking, offroad driving, controlled impact
Radio operator: BiA, repairs, situational awareness, camo
Loader: BiA, repairs, adrenaline rush, safe stowage


gameplay TIPS

With this tanks strengths and weaknesses it can take on most tier 7's and under with minimal help, but only a teammate or two will help you do a bit more damage or prevent them from circling around. A big problem for this tank is its low Alpha, making this tank very weak against most tier 8 heavy's with their large health pools and high powered weaponry. Even though this tank has only an average of 140 damage per shot, you can still deal a good amount of damage even to tanks such as the T29 or Tiger II if you aim for their weak spots and disable critical modules allowing you to gain control of the situation.

You must always keep in mind that with this tank you are a support unit, with your role being to assist your teammates in battle. As a result, always aim for the enemies tracks, engine, or any other vulnerable parts of the vehicle that can disabled to make it easier to allow your team to finish the job. With its fire rate and accuracy, you are guaranteed to be able to continually disable them. Also, as a support unit, you should always be watching the flanks and trying to keep up with the movements of your enemies if possible, since you do not want to be the person that misses the scouts breaking through your lines of defense. Here, the good turret traverse, RoF, and accuracy make it excellent at tracking and killing scouts.
The M10 should not be driven head on against heavy tanks as the damage it inflicts can be rather low. This tank excels as a sniper or support unit, and it is very maneuverable, being able to assist tanks quickly on separate fronts, and can lay waste to any tier 7 (or lower) medium and light tanks with little effort. Keep in mind that heavy tanks are frequently encountered in tier 7 and 8 battles, so putting the M10 on the front lines can result in almost certain death.
This tank excels especially when played in a wolfpack of 2 or more in a platoon. A wolfpack is able to deal considerable damage to enemy tanks that have been separated from their allies.
Do not judge its armor too harshly - it is able to bounce shots from many vehicles in a similar fashion to the original Panther in game, even being able to occasionally bounce the KV-1S/IS' 122mm guns with a good angle. The Panther M10 also lacks a cupola; or any at all. This makes it good in hull-down locations. The gun mantlet has a habit of taking 0 damage from shots, but don't trust it too much. Due to its high profile, hiding from behind a bush will still reveal the tank's position even when sniping from long range (depending on an enemy tank's view range). Unless you're a dedicated sniper, training the Camouflage skill as early as possible is a must.


thank you  :medal:



TitanuzMech #6 Posted 02 May 2014 - 05:08 PM

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Ain't gonna lie to ya'll.. but I think this tank is shet.  But meh, what do I know? I dont own one and I dont plan to.. 
So if you are feeling rich and wanna throw your gold for a stock panth.. uhm.. I mean Panther/M10.. why not? At least it looks good.. 
Relive the days of sly nazis trying to make their panthers look like M10s! Too bad the disguise wont help in this game.. 
Imagine if you cant fool the enemy team that you are friendly but only to give it away when you shoot their rears!
But yet again, that will never happen. :deer:


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kkriyad #7 Posted 02 May 2014 - 08:25 PM


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Premium  Panther/M10

Germany Medium Tank Tier VII
Cost 5,750  Gold
Hit Points 1,300 HP
Weight Limit 45.96/49 t
Radio Operator
Engine Power 700 hp
Speed Limit 46 km/h
Traverse 38 deg/s
Power/Wt Ratio 15.23 hp/t
Pivot Yes
Hull Armor 85/50/40 mm
Turret Armor 100/45/45 mm
Damage 101-169 HP
Penetration 113-188 mm
Rate of Fire
Aim time
Turret Traverse
Gun Arc 360°
Elevation Arc -8°/+20°
Ammo Capacity 82 rounds
Chance of Fire 20 %
View Range
Signal Range
Parent none
Child none

The Panther/M10 is a German tier 7 premium medium tank.

During the Ardennes Offensive several Panthers assigned to Panzerbrigade 150 were disguised as M10 Wolverine tank destroyers. This was a part of a larger operation aimed to cause confusion in the rear of the Allied lines. On February 1945 disguised Panthers encountered the 120th Infantry Regiment (United States). One vehicle was destroyed, three were captured.

Contrary to what the ingame description says, the Panther/M10 actually saw action on 21 December 1944, not February 1945.

Anyone that has driven a Pz.Kpfw. V Panther will feel right at home. The Panther-M10 is basically a Panther without the magnificent 75mm L/100 gun, 50 less horsepower (which is barely noticeable), and a larger turret. No less of a good tank, the Panther-M10 has an improved aim and reload time with the well proven 75mm L/70 gun and it is still able to put its weight into fights. The tank's low repair costs and high credit income makes it more cost-effective compared to the regular Panther.

The Panther/M10 is the first tank to sport a different color from the rest of the tanks of its nation. Instead of German grey, it is American olive drab; and as of 8.6, it sports the American star rather than the Iron Cross. As of 8.9, American camouflage patterns and inscriptions are available for it.



Tier Name Armor Traverse Speed Traverse Arc View Range XP Cost Price Weight
VII Panther/M10 100/45/45 mm
--- --- 8,500 kg
Guns compatible with this Turret:
Tier Name Ammo Damage Penetration Shell Price Rate of Fire Accuracy Aim Time Elevation XP Cost Price Weight
VI 7,5 cm KwK 42 L/70 82 135/135/175 HP 150/194/38 mm 109 Credits/7 Gold/98 Credits

Front: -8°/+20°
Sides: -8°/+20°

Rear: -5°/+20°
--- --- 955 kg

Tier Name Power Fire Chance Type XP Cost Price Weight
VIII Maybach HL 230 P30 700 hp 20 % Gasoline --- --- 1,400 kg

Tier Name Load Limit Traverse Speed XP Cost Price Weight
VII Panther/M10 49 t 38 d/s --- --- 12,500 kg

Tier Name Range XP Cost Price Weight
VI FuG 7 Ausf. F
--- --- 70 kg

Historical Info

Note false final drive housing at bottom of bow.

In late 1944, Hitler was planning one last desperate offensive to attempt to obtain a separate peace from the Western Allies. The Wacht am Rhein plan was designed to split the British and American armies as well as capture Antwerp. This battle, of course, became known as the Battle of the Bulge in the West. As a part of the Wacht am Rhein plan was Operation Greif under the command of Otto Skorzeny. English speaking German commandos in American uniforms and using as much American equipment as possible would infiltrate American positions to seize bridges across the Meuse. This unit, innoculously entitled Panzer Brigade 150 was supposed to consist of 3,300 men, 15 Sherman tanks, 32 armored cars (U.S.), 198 trucks, and 147 jeeps which had been requisition from OB West. Unfortunately for the brigade, the required equipment never materialized. Panzer Brigade 150 went into battle with only about 2,500 men and a dozen tanks and assault guns. Several of the tanks were Panther usf. 's extensively modified to look like U.S. M-10 tank destroyers.

Vehicle modifications


Panther tank disguised as U.S. M10 gun carriage, showing hatch covers used in place of turret

The turret was disguised by using five pieces of sheet metal, two of which were cut to resemble the distinctive sides of the M10 turret and then were flanged on the edges, bent to shape, and stiffened with small angle iron. The gun shield was carefully formed from another sheet to the exact shape of the M10 shield, and a hole was made to the right of the gun hole in the shield for the co-axial M.G. 34, a hole which does not exist in the M10 shield. Two pieces of sheet metal made up the rear of the turret, one representing the bottom slant surface of the rear and one representing the counterweight. The pieces representing the sides and rear were joined together and braced with angle iron, and the whole was attached to the turret. The false gun shield was attached to the Panther gun shield, and all the lifting rings, brackets, extra-armor studs, etc., found on the M10 turret were carefully duplicated and welded to the false turret.

False Bow

Approximately four pieces of sheet metal, shaped to imitate as closely as possible the contours of the M10 bow, made up the false bow, necessary because the Panther bow is bulkier than the M10. The false bottom was shaped to give the characteristic appearance of the front drive sprocket housing of the M10, and the top was shaped carefully and various component pieces attached to the front of the tank. All the brackets, lifting rings, towing devises, etc., of the M10 bow were also imitated. A square opening was cut in the false bow to permit the use of the bow M.G. 34, but a removable cover attached with a small chain was made for this opening.

False Rear and Sides

Panther/M10, eventually all were destroyed by enemy fire
The false rear was made of sheet metal. It was a faithful duplicate of the M10 rear except for two holes to permit the twin exhaust elbows of the Panther to protrude. An attempt was made to imitate the skirting armor of the M10 which appears to hang lower than the side armor of the Panther and is bevelled in at the bottom. A long flat strip of sheet metal was attached to the sides parallel to the ground, and a vertical sheet strip was attached at right angles to this strip to give the appearance of low skirting armor. While a few of the jeep commando teams easily slipped through American sentries and roamed freely behind American lines, but the rest of the unit languished with Sixth Panzer Armee. When it became apparent that no breakthrough was going to occur, the "Ersatz M-10's" were committed along with the rest of the brigade as a normal combat unit. Ultimately all of the vehicles were destroyed or disabled in the fighting.

ouchthathurts #8 Posted 02 May 2014 - 08:45 PM


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The Panther/M10 is the higest-tiered premium German medium tank available and thus, with the best crew-training and credit-earning potential, deserves a serious look from anybody who plays German mediums. Though it's not going to earn as well as a tier 8 premium, which would be the preferred choice if you're looking strictly at earning credits, at 5,750 gold it's cheaper than all (and considerably cheaper than most) tier 8 premium tanks.


As with many, though certainly not all, premium tanks, the Panther M/10 receives preferred matchmaking, matching in to only tier VII and VIII battles. This should be kept in mind when comparing it with the standard Panther; the generally slightly worse stats are much less of a disadvantage when you never meet tier 9 tanks. Of course, the other side of this coin is that you are also less capable of overwhelming tanks at your own tier than you are in a fully upgraded Panther.


The tank itself falls in to the "sniper/damage dealer" category of mediums, and is thus best in a supporting role through the beginning and middle of a battle. The following description of the tank should make it clear why this is so.


The hull and turret are that of a stock Panther, albeit with cosmetic changes to make it resemble an American tank. This includes the camouflage, which is offered in American rather than German patterns, providing a refreshing change. The front armour is reasonable for a medium of its tier, with good sloping, but the sides are rather thin and cannot be relied on to stop even lower-tier shells. Compared to a fully upgraded Panther, the turret armour is somewhat weaker meaning that you need to be nearly as careful when you are hull down as when you are not. One significant advantage over the standard Panther however is the increased turret traverse speed (38 deg/sec over the Panther's 30), which mitigates one of the Panther's more annoying disadvantages. The additional 100 HP you have over a standard Panther is a smaller, but still not insignificant advantage, especially given that the Panther already has more hit points than usual for a tier VII medium.


The acceleration is even slightly worse than that of a fully upgraded Panther, since though they have similar engines the Panther/M10 is slightly heavier. However, again we have a nice bonus in traverse speed, the hull traverse being 38 deg/sec rather than the Panther's 32. Along with the better turret traverse speed, this gives the Panther/M10 a decided advantage in manoeuvrability, especially in a brawling situation. This improvement, however, is not enough to let this tank compete with the flanking mediums such as the T-34-1 and the T-44 or even the VK 30.01 (D), even without considering that the tank's inherent camouflage also cannot compete with them.


This brings us to the gun, the key feature of sniper/damage-dealing mediums. The Panther M/10 is equipped with the 7,5 cm Kw.K. 42 L/70 gun, the second gun of the Panther and the top gun of most of the tier VI German mediums. While not having the brilliant penetration and accuracy of the Panther's top gun, the 7,5 cm Kw.K. L/100, at 150 mm penetration and 0.35 m accuracy it's quite capable for a tank of this tier, fairly easily penetrating the front of lower-tier and some same-tier tanks and the back and sides of any tank it will meet. The damage output rate of about 1800 damage per minute (DPM) is not as good as the best tier VI and VII German mediums, but is still reasonable for its role.


This tank is best compared to the tier VII Panther and the tier VI VK 30.02 (M), both of which fill similar roles. It's perhaps closest to the latter tank and plays very similarly, with the fact that it never meets tier IV tanks balanced by the Panther/M10 having more armour and considerably more hit points.


The tank should be played as a support tank in the initial part of the battle, standing off somewhat from the front line and dealing damage to tanks already under attack by your teammates. It's reasonable to attempt some flanking, but you should avoid putting yourself in to a position where you're alone against an enemy tank of equal or greater tier, and under no circumstances should you try to scout, either actively or passively. Under such conditions you're likely to come out of such encounters even at best, and more likely worse off.


As the battle moves on, the improved manoeuvrability of the Panther/M10 over its cousins allows you to take a more forceful role in pressing the attack; you can usefully use your armour and hit points in the late battle to help face off against remaining enemy tanks, especially if you are working with others. The Panther/M10 is also a fairly heavy tank (nearly half again as much as most tier VII mediums) which makes ramming a viable option when you no longer need to be as careful to preserve your hit points.


As with any tank that serves primarily as a damage dealer, a (Medium-Calibre) Tank Gun Rammer is essential equipment. The aim time of 2.3 seconds is average, and benefits from an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, but given that you're not as focused on movement as in a flanking medium, this is not as essential. Improved Ventilation (Class 2) is a good option to help give a slight boost to the gun handling and accuracy, and binoculars can be worthwhile to bring the slightly inferior view range (350 m vs. the 370 m of the Panther and VK 30.02 (M)) up to and beyond that of competing tanks. Keep in mind that, even though as a support tank you're not generally reliant on your own spotting, the binoculars can also help ensure that you are not giving away half of your XP from dealing damage to the tanks that are doing spotting that you otherwise wouldn't be doing yourself.


Since you'll optimally be using crews from other tanks to crew this tank, the crew skills will be optimized for those other tanks. A medium tank will general prioritize camouflage or repairs, depending on whether you prefer to work more as a scout or a brawler. Both will work fine for this tank, though camouflage won't provide nearly the benefit it will on a tank that has better inherent camouflage. Snap Shot and Smooth Ride, to improve gun handling, will of course work well.


As mentioned before, the Panther and, even more so, the VK 30.02 (M) are the credit tanks most comparable to this one. If you want to get a feel for how this tank would work for you, I recommend playing a fully upgraded VK 30.02 (M) and seeing how you like the playstyle. If you can make that work for you, you'll almost certainly do well in the Panther/M10.


If you like the German medium tanks, the Panther/M10 is pretty much the best premium tank option available within that category. I'm not sure I'd recommend it if you're not a fan of the German medium tanks, but if you aren't you won't likely be able to take advantage of the crew training capabilities of this tank anyway. Try out the VK 30.02 (M) and, if it suits you, this tank will work. It's likely that if you consider the VK 30.02 (M) a "keeper," you can substitute this tank for it, and gain the advantages of being able to use a better crew from another tank and better credit generation capabilities. It's perhaps not quite as good as a replacement for the Panther if you're a big fan of the insane penetration of the 7,5 cm Kw.K. L/100, but you should at least downgrade the Panther to the L/72 gun (which has better DPM) and see how well you can make that work. If you can make that work out well, the Panther/M10 is an extremely good substitute for the Panther.

All pre-9.5 tier I through VI tanks played and elited.

ouchthathurts #9 Posted 02 May 2014 - 08:47 PM


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(Not an entry but a comment: I notice that several of the "reviews" in this thread contain substantial chunks of text copied from the Panther/M10's wiki page. I'm guessing that these are not desirable entries, and it might be good to, in the future, place a note on the contest description page that such entries will be discounted.)

All pre-9.5 tier I through VI tanks played and elited.

Nikolaevna #10 Posted 03 May 2014 - 12:32 AM

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The Panther/M10 has very good mobility. Its hull & turret traverse are faster than the regular Panther. It has one of the highest hit points of all tier 7 medium tanks in the game (1300, same as the Type 59 & T-34-3), which makes it durable should it be forced into a brawl with enemy tanks. Besides an increased credit income, perhaps most importantly is that the Panther/M10 only sees up to tier 8 battles. So unless in a platoon, it will never see the likes of T-54s, T95s or E75s.




In spite of its pros, the Panther/M10 has some very serious drawbacks. These became evident when the regular Panther was rebalanced in update 8.8. Its stock gun, the 75 mm KwK 42 L/70, has a rate of fire of 14.29 rounds per minute compared to the Panther/M10's 13.33. The Panther, though slower in traverse, has a top speed of 55 km/h which is significantly faster compared to the Panther/M10's 46 km/h. Last but not least, the Panther's stock turret, the Ausf G, has 370 m view range. While the Panther/M10's 350m view range is not low, it makes it less efficient at spotting targets from a distance. The only thing both Panthers have in common is 135 damage per shot, which is paltry for tier 7 & 8 battles.


Perhaps the Panther/M10's greatest weakness is its penetration, 150 mm. Expect alot of non-penetrating hits when using regular AP ammo. You can forget about penetrating the likes of the Tiger II and IS-3 if their front is facing you, and heavily armoured tanks are very common at tier 8.


Equipment recommendations

The most vital is improved ventilation. A slight improvement in view range and rate of fire can really help this tank. Secondly is binoculars. Use Coated Optics if you prefer brawling or flanking. Lastly, Gun Rammers for brawlers, Gun Laying Drive for snipers, or Toolbox if your crew members have the Repair skill. Camouflage Net is only necessary if all five crew members have learnt the Camouflage skill and the Panther/M10 has exterior camouflage applied.


Crew Skill recommendations

IMO the most vital skill is Brothers in Arms, which works very well with improved ventilation. All five crew members should learn it first. This can be followed by Sixth Sense for the Commander. When playing the Panther/M10 in a sniping role, you'll want to know if you've been spotted by the enemy. Otherwise, learn Jack of All Trades, as you are almost certain to lose a few crew members in a brawl. Another important skill is Recon, as it is cumulative with Binoculars, Coated Optics and Situational Awareness.


Unless equipped with Automatic Fire Extinguishers, the Driver should learn the Preventative Maintenance perk, as the Panther/M10 is very prone to catching fire. Learning the Repair skill is only necessary if you're brawling in the Panther/M10. It's useless for snipers as you should not be getting shot at to begin with. Otherwise learn Firefighting, as the massive firepower in tier 7-8 can make short work of the Panther/M10 before it even repairs itself. Only learn Camouflage if you're a sniper.


Gameplay tips

When playing as a sniper, prioritize on lightly armoured tanks like the Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger or AMX 50 100. Keep in mind that its gun has very poor penetration, so attack heavily armoured tanks from the sides, rear or even weakspots whenever possible. Alternatively, the Panther/M10 can also passive scout enemy tanks. Only do this if you're equipped with binoculars, and don't shoot lest you risk being spotted. A combination of Camouflage Net equipment, Camouflage skill and exterior camouflage will significantly reduce the enemy's chance of detecting the Panther/M10 when hiding behind foliage.


Brawling should only be necessary when the Panther/M10 does not have any sniping or ambush position. Its armour is virtually useless against any tier 7-8 tank, even when angling. Always join friendly tanks in support and never advance alone. A lone Panther/M10 is as good as dead. Expect module damages and/or crew losses when in close combat, so don't forget to have the Toolbox equipment and Repair skill.


Don't be fooled by the Panther/M10's false armour. They do not provide any added protection whatsoever, and they do count as part of the tank's hit points if shells were to hit them. Its armour is exactly the same as the regular Panther.

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Aoyama_Blue_Mountain #11 Posted 03 May 2014 - 08:43 AM

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I would actually try this one IF the judging criteria is to convince players to actually buy the tank in game IRL.


But the tons of entries saying TOG has armor left me a bad taste.

ouchthathurts #12 Posted 03 May 2014 - 10:18 AM


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View PostBluefunk, on 03 May 2014 - 09:43 AM, said:

I would actually try this one IF the judging criteria is to convince players to actually buy the tank in game IRL.


That strikes me as a poor criterion, since it would make for a poor review.


A good review should convince you to buy it only if it's a good tank for you. Otherwise it should give you reasons why you should buy another tank instead.

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SatellizerElBridget #13 Posted 03 May 2014 - 10:06 PM

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Advertisement: You are confused:unsure:, you want to buy a premium tank but you don't have much money:amazed: .Let's buy PzV/M10.
It's a good tier VII premium medium tank with criteria good and cheap with these great reason :
- High top tier rate
- Good at fighting
- Good money marker
- Good support tank

And more great reason...... 
Let's review the pros and the cons of this tank through my review :smile: :
                                                                                      Pz.kpfw.V Panther/M10 - PzV/M10 - Premium Medium Tank

I/ History circumstances:
In late 1944, Hitler planned for the final assault plan called "Wacht am Rhein"  to disruptive forces in the western Allies and occupied Antwerp.

This battle is the Battle of the Bulge is considered in the West. Part of the plan is Wacht am Rhein Greif campaign under the command of Otto Skorzeny. German commandos English speaking Americans in uniform along most U.S. troops may need. This unit can penetrate into the position of U.S. troops, which occupied the bridge in the Meuse. This unit Brigade tank codenamed 150 need 3300 soldiers, 15 increased M4 Serman, 32 U.S. armored cars, 198 trucks and 147 jeep seized from the Western Front. Unfortunately, all the equipment and that The soldiers were not provided sufficient. Brigade only about 2500 people with about 12 units including tanks and 8 arty, 4 truck. In that 4 tank Panther G (Panther Ausf. G), 4 Panther was modificate to look like Tank Destroyer M10 Wolverine                                                                      

December 21, 1944, then 150 Brigade tank clash with 120th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. armed forces, 1 destroyed and 3 captured by american.


                                                            Take a look and distinguish PzV/M10 with a U.S M10 

II/ Firepower : 

VI 7,5 cm KwK 42 L/70 82 135/135/175 HP 150/194/38 mm 109 Credits/7 Gold/98 Credits

Front: -8°/+20°
Sides: -8°/+20°

Rear: -5°/+20°
--- --- 955 kg

The PzV/M10 using the famous 7.5 cm 42 L/70 of the German.

Damage quite weak,135/135/175, but if it compared with the other tier 7 German tank was quite normal.

Penetration: 150/194/38. It's difficult to penetrate the frontal armor of tier 8 tank, but it's better than the  D5t-85BM  of the T-43.

The cost of ammo is very cheap. So you can spamming your ammo.

Aim time: 2,3s, high accuracy and reloading time is about 3,7s make this tank good at sniping.

Moveshot ability of this tank is good even when not use the Vertical Stabilizer.

Specially, this tank have gun depression = -8 degrees, thanks for new style turret designed to be similar to M10, deleted the greatest weakness of most of the German tank are bad gun depression.


Tier Name Power Fire Chance Type XP Cost Price Weight
VIII Maybach HL 230 P30 700 hp 20 % Gasoline --- --- 1,400 kg
Tier Name Load Limit Traverse Speed XP Cost Price Weight
VII Panther/M10 49 t 38 d/s --- --- 12,500 kg


Hp/t rate: 15,23 hp/t.

This tank is good at acceleration, uphill is not too slow.

Afford to flank and shoot slow HT and TD.

This tank has more maneuverability than the Panther because it has the same engine as Panther and lower weight.


Hull armor: 85/50/40

Turret armor: 100/45/45

Manlet gun is virtual, sometimes can swallow  damage of ammo. But don't too trusting the manlet  as the U.S tank

The armor of this tank is like as Panther armor with good tilt armor, if you know to angle your armor , you can get bounce from ammo of Soviet 122mm  D25t.

Hit points: 1300, like the Panther, more than some tier 7 heavy tank : IS,T29 and same as Type 59, T-44, so this tank has more survive rate than others tier 7 medium tank.

Weaknesses: This tank still is a Panther, so it still have the weaknesses like the Panther.

Actuators is set at the front chassis, so when it got hit, the engine may be damaged or seriously is got fire.

Ammo rack is big and it's set along both sides hull of the tanks, side armor is weak, so ammo rack is often damaged or blow up.

V/View range, Radio and Match Making:

Because this tank is premium, so it never get in tier IX battle. And it's always get top tier.

Viewrange: 350m, Worst of all tier 7 medium tank. Still better than a KV-13 stock :trollface:.

Radio is good even though it's tier 6.

Tier Name Range XP Cost Price Weight
VI FuG 7 Ausf. F
--- ---

70 kg

VI/Price and money making performance:

Price:  5,750 gold , Cheapest of all tier 7 premium tanks.

Good at making money when got top tier. With 2k damage will get 20-30k credits, Premium will be about from 40-60k credits because repair cost is not high.



- Good spamming gun, aim time and reloading time fast, high accuracy.

- Good gun depression.

- High hitpoints, acceptable armor.

- Manlet gun is virtual, but don't too trusting the manlet gun.

- Good at moveshot.

- High mobility, good at acceleration.

- Turret transverse speed is fast

Good at making money.

- Good at support heavy tanks.

- Number of crews are  match for all german medium tanks (5 crew members).


- Low damage but it's normal for German tier 7 medium tanks.

- Low penetration, always bounce when shoot tier 8 tanks, but it's better than the T-43 :trollface:.

- Easily got fire in engine and ammo rack damaged.

- This tank is big, weak armor.

- Have the worst view range of all tier 7 medium tanks.

- Parameters doesn't change after patch 8.8, worse than Panther and VK 30.02 (M) at gun and view range.

VIII/ Playing styles:

- Hide and sniping, support heavy tanks, dog fight with tier 8 medium tanks if possible.

- When you're in city terrain, flank enemies because your gun can't penetration most of tier 8 tanks.

- You can use the advantage of the terrain to hull down by your manlet gun and your good depression gun .

- Priority to kill tanks which have weak armor and lower tier first.

- Bullying tier 5-6 tanks when got top tier, support, destroy track of tier 8 tanks if you can't penetration it (Ex: KV-5).

IX/Crew skill build:


Please vote for me if you like it :great:!

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  • Good Accuracy
  • Good Traverse Speed
  • High Income
  • High HP for Tier 7 Medium Tank
  • Great Turret Traverse Speed


  • Decent Armor
  • Decent Damge and Penetration
  • Decent Speed

          Equipment Recommendation:

  • Coated Optics
  • Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer
  • Improved Ventilation Class 2
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive
  • Camouflage
  • Binocular Telescope

         Crew Skill Recommendation:


  • Eagle Eye
  • Recon
  • Sixth Sense


  • Dead Eye
  • Designated Target
  • Snap Shot


  • Controlled Impact
  • Off-Road Driving
  • Smooth Ride

          Radio Operator:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Signal Boosting
  • Repair


  • Safe Storage
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Camouflage


        Gameplay Tips:

         Panther/M10 is a support tank, this tank has a decent damage and penetration so you should find the tank weak spots, you can also shot the tanks suspension and others parts so your teammates can destroy the enemy fast, if you are a sniper you should always stay stationary at the bushes so the enemy should not easily detect it.



ASRITHDOESMC #15 Posted 05 May 2014 - 03:17 PM


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- Good spamming gun, aim time and reloading time fast, high accuracy.

- Good gun depression.

- High hitpoints, acceptable armor.

- Manlet gun is virtual, but don't too trusting the manlet gun.

- Good at moveshot.

- High mobility, good at acceleration.

- Turret transverse speed is fast

- Good at making money.

- Good at support heavy tanks.

- Number of crews are  match for all german medium tanks (5 crew members).


- Low damage but it's normal for German tier 7 medium tanks.

- Low penetration, always bounce when shoot tier 8 tanks, but it's better than the T-43 :trollface:.

- Easily got fire in engine and ammo rack damaged.

- This tank is big, weak armor.

- Have the worst view range of all tier 7 medium tanks.

- Parameters doesn't change after patch 8.8, worse than Panther and VK 30.02 (M) at gun and view range.

VIII/ Playing styles:

- Hide and sniping, support heavy tanks, dog fight with tier 8 medium tanks if possible.

- When you're in city terrain, flank enemies because your gun can't penetration most of tier 8 tanks.

- You can use the advantage of the terrain to hull down by your manlet gun and your good depression gun .

- Priority to kill tanks which have weak armor and lower tier first.

- Bullying tier 5-6 tanks when got top tier, support, destroy track of tier 8 tanks if you can't penetration it (Ex: KV-5).

IX/Crew skill build:




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Panther/M10: Tank in disguise

 Low tier bully

     After a long time no see, now we're back to the high tier premium tank again. As most of the premium tanks have inferior stats compare to their counter-part, the Panther/M10 doesn't suffer this disadvantage so much. The point is, most of the tier VII medium tanks (med) are weaker in compare to the other type of tanks (they often use the same gun carry from their predecessor with some upgrade, heavier but use the same or just slightly improved engine,...). However, when they're top, they can control the battle situation better than any other tank type. If you want to invest your gold in a tier VII premium (much cheaper before jumping onto tier VIII, but gain a nearly same profit), Panther/M10 is one of the best options.



     This is my review contents:

1. Panther/M10's stats and improvement suggestions

     a) Panther/M10's information and stats

     b) Necessary improvements (equipment and crew skill)

2. Recommended play style

3. Conclusion


OK, let's go.


     1. Panther/M10's stats and improvement suggestions


     a) Panther/M10's information and stats


_ Stats (without load and crew skill)



     Fire power: Although Panther/M10 equip a low penetration and alpha damage gun, it's acceptable if compare to other tier VII med like T-43 or VK 30.02D. Its reload time is about 4.3s result in a 1k9 average damage (can reach 3.8s and 2k1 average damage after upgrade), not too bad at all. As you're a med, you should flank or find good position where the enemy will show their weak part to you, so this is not so unpleasant. A hidden fact is that this gun uses cheap ammunition, plus a quick rate of fire, you can become a bullet spammer at any time :justwait:.


     Maneuverability: The accuracy is very good, as you're driving a German tank. The aim time is 2.3s, fairly fast; aiming circle spread (ACS) is small, so you can move shot easily even without the vertical stabilizer, plus the ability to shoot once after braking. Then, we have a -8 depression, not so good but also not bad, can be used for hulldown as the tank's gun mantlet is strong.


     Mobility: After the 8.8 update, the specific power and the terrain resistance has been optimized a bit, now Panther/M10 has better mobility if compare to its cousin Panther. Chassis traverse speed and turret traverse speed are not German tanks strong point, and Panther/M10 isn't an exception, however, it doesn't affect the performance much and still good enough so that lt cannot circle you like the Panther.


     Survivability: In return, Panther/M10 gain the German power in its hp and armor. 1300 hp is high, even higher than some tier VII heavy tanks (ht) like IS or AMX M4 45 and equal to some tier VIII med like the Type 59. The armor is great that you can use it to bounce some of your same tier med's shots.


     Scout ability: Too bad that our panther wears glasses as its view range is only 350m :glasses:, and the camouflage value is also awkward (somewhat nearly equal to the same tier ht), you'll be spotted as soon as you come into the opponent's range. It's better you should keep a distance if you want to make good use of your gun and other advantages.


_ Armor design:




     Most medium tanks usually can only withstand against light tanks (lt) fire power, other than that, everything will auto pen. However, Panther/M10 hold a little more weight in its armor that can absorb most tier V shots and quack them to the sky.



     As shown above, the frontal armor when facing is up to 110 (the lower plate in fact, is equally strong like the upper one 'cause of more angle) so most tier V tanks cannot pen you in a re-union warm hug. If you're facing tier VI tanks, you can still out class the med and lt. When it comes to tier VII, you still bounce the T-43 and some low penetration gun if angle properly like below.



     Next, the gun mantlet, as stated above, can be a good shield to defend yourself from most conventional shots, and sometimes, even 200mm penetration gun can bounce off it :arta:.



     Other than that, Panther/M10 side, rear and upper armor is weak, you shouldn't expose them a lot, especially your side since there are ammo racks lying there, which can be easily damage if you don't pay attention. Besides, German tanks mutual weakness that also presents in this tank is the frontal engine set up. Any shots made through your lower glacis (although it's not likely to happen often) can knock off your moving ability at once.


_Summary: this is my summary about Panther/M10 main features


     + Pros: - Fast reload, good average damage

                 - Great accuracy even on the move

                 - Good acceleration and maneuverability compare to some German med

                 - Great hp pool plus a bit strong armor help you survive longer in the battle

                 - Low maintenance cost, high income

                 - Cheapest tier VII premium tank, with prefer mm that only meet up to tier VIII

                 - Familiar play style to other German med, easy to train crew


     + Cons: - Low penetration and alpha damage

                  - Large weak spots, especially the frontal engine that can be set on fire easily

                  - Stupid view range for a tier VII med

                  - Armor is relatively thin all around


     b) Necessary improvements


_ Equipment: some sets of recommended equipment for Panther/M10

     Basic: Medium Caliber Gun Rammer, Improved Ventilation, Camouflage Net or Toolbox

     Snipe/Support: Medium Caliber Gun Rammer, Improved Ventilation, Camouflage Net or Binocular Telescope or Coated Optics


_ Crew skill: You can use any German crew for Panther/M10 as it doesn't required special improvement in any aspect. If not, you can build them this way, the skills and perks are listed in recommended order.


     + Commander: Sixth Sense, Camouflage, Eagle Eye

     + Driver: Camouflage, Smooth Ride or Off-road Driving, Controlled Impact

     + Gunner: Camouflage, Deadeye, Snap Shot

     + Radio operator: Camouflage, Situation Awareness, Signal Boosting

     + Loader: Camouflage, Safe Stowage, Adrenaline Rush


     You may want to alter Camouflage by Repair, or just try to learn the fourth skills and put it there. My upper stats analysis has already explained these suggestion of improvements, about why learning Controlled Impact ,it is because Panther/M10 is quite heavy, plus the great acceleration, learning this skill is somewhat useful in some cases.

     Here are the stats after the improvement (with Camouflage for all crew and camouflage net basic set up)



     2. Recommended play style



     Panther/M10 is much like the Panther and most German med in play style and tips.

     Sniper/Support: Much likely to happen in a tier VIII battle. If you use the equipment set for sniper, this tactic is more effective.

     Flanker: Useful for urban maps or some maps with many routes and complicated terrain like Tundra. You should try doing this in tier VIII battle along with the sniper style.

     Brawler: Lol, this is when you're on top. Remember to brawl only in the med line, stay away from the ht line at all cost. You can make good use of your thick mantlet and good gun depression by applying hull down tactic.

     In any cases, your priority targets are low tier tanks and enemy's weak spots. You can read my old review about T-25 for more details on the tactics above.




      3. Conclusion


     Thanks for reading my review. I hope you guys can find more help from the detailed information above. It's quite rare to have a premium tank like Panther/M10: a German tank with decals and stuffs of The American, plus having an overall good stats but still gain prefer mm. Although E-25, the same tier td, is somehow more joyful to play with, Panther/M10 still have a good crew training ability and also help you familiar with the German med style if you intend to go any further.

     Good luck, guys. See you on the battlefield.

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REVIEW: PzKpfw V/M10 (i often called it Panther x Wolverine :trollface: should be a nice couple)

If you check my profile you'll see that i'm a big fan of German tank. (or sniper tank :bush:) Generally, they are slow. heavy, good accuracy, decent DPM and armor. I think it's quite hard to get started with this country if you are new in this game (just look at the winrate of some vehicles in my profile, it's really makes me wanna cry).

But, the Panther/M10 have many differences with her brothers because she is trying to disguise as a US Tank destroyer, but the play style won't change much after all. 


Before showing my opinion about this pretty good premium tank, i will give you my general view in this vehicle: It's the combination of US Tank destroyer turret and tier VII German hull, or Camping Panther, again :trollface: as you know, dogfight with a Panther is so fun =)))) 


Panther/M10 (further) and a M10 Wolverine. Nice try, German :) 


The Panther/M10 appeared in 8.0 version as a super test vehicle and officially published in 8.1 as a premium tank in the shop, along with PzIV Schmalturm and SU-122-44. The price to bring her home is 5750 gold


The history of this tank is a bit interesting. In brief, it's a Panther disguised as a M10 Wolverine to mingle with the US tanks. Anyway it's long and not necessary so i'll put it all in Spoiler.




Now let's start the fun. 

1. Survivability 

It's somewhat the same with the Panther, but have a lot of upgrades. Yes, UPGRADES! Happy now? :trollface:


In overall...

This illustration is just reflecting the armor parameters with no deeper details.

Hull armor is 85/50/40. The angle of the frontal armor is 55 degree, equivalent to about 120mm. It's enough to bounce most of the shot from tier V vehicles, allow you to bring them down very easily. 

Turret armor is better, 100/45/45. Thanks to the attempt of trying to create a US turret, Panther/M10 possess a very special turret armor, much more better than Panther. I will talk about this in details later.

HP is 1300, rated as very good for a tier 7 medium tank. It's allow you to survive easier and take damage for your teammate in some situations.


A magical chassis armor...

Fixed parts to disguised to a M10 Wolverine are included chasis armor. With an addition of this, the chance to bounce ammo in this place is increased a lot.

BUT in fact, it's just because of the angle of addition parts. The armor in this place is about 110mm (counted angle effection). Shot directly with a 150mm penetration will easily get through the chassis armor and bring down the engine, like other German tank. Anyway, it's a bit harder to pen than a Panther. 


Inherit turret armor from American design...

Thanks to the spaced and curved turret armor, 100mm is now up to 210mm in some parts. At the centre line of the turret, it's only 100mm, but if the shot is inclined to the edge of the turret, then it'll bounce for sure. The average armor in this place is from 120mm to 170mm, increasing from the center to the edge. Good enough to deal with tier VI and VII vehicles. Much more better than Panther, right? :coin:

It's can be compared with some American turrets, good armored but included some weak points. You have a decent gun depression (-8 deg) so use this as your advantage is not a bad idea. 


2. Fire Power and Manoeuvrability



Poor firepower...

This is why i don't like this tank. It's using the same gun with the PzIV Schmalturm and most of tier VI German medium tanks, the 7.5cm KwK42 L/70. 

As you can see from the illustration above, 150mm penetration and 135 alpha damage must be a bad deal for a tier VII vehicle. In fact, it's a tier VII with a gun for tier VI. 

Even an APCR shell won't help you much, the penetration will be 194mm but think wisely we will see that it's even can't be compared with Panther and the price is 7 gold/ ammo, the same in damage. In summary, you can't do anything while facing with most of tier VIII tanks, except de-track and troll them :teethhappy:


Speedy shot...

Good accuracy, aim and reload time somewhat compensated for the firepower. 4.3s without any bonus items, the enemy will not know what the hell is shooting at them so rapidly. (mostly bounced :trollface: )

Move shot is possible, despite this tank cannot mount the Vertical Stabilizer. Anyway the speed is not much more better than the Panther, so... 


3. Mobility

If you can bear the mobility of Panther, then this should be better for you.

Basically, it's using the same engine with the Panther, but the weight is lighter thanks to the different turret and gun, so it's a bit faster with the h.p/t is 15.2. With the high terrain resistance, time to reach the top speed 46km/h will be very long... 

Anyway dogfight is strongly not recommended because you'll just show your side and rear to the enemy while they're even not moving :sceptic: But you still can attack some slow HT and TD, you're still a medium tank after all. 


4. Other notable characteristics 

- Matchmaking: VIII is maximum. (Of course =)) tier 9 will laugh at you with your gun =)) ). Chance to be in the top-tier is high, but don't expect too much.

- Poor view range (350m). Ranked as the worst in tier VII medium tanks.

- Bad camouflage value (the worst too). Combined with the view range, it sometimes make you have to move with other meds as a wolfpack for better result.

- Good money maker. In average you'll get 30k credits for a normal battle (deal 1,5k-2k damage)

- High shell velocity.

- Like many German tank, the engine is at the front in the vehicle. Easily damaged and burned.

- Ammo rack is big and placed in the side of the tank, easily vulnerable and explode.


- The color of Panther/M10 is the same with US vehicles, in order to disguise as them. It does not affect to the (poor) camouflage value.

- From 8.0 to 8.5, Panther/M10 have the Iron Cross logo on the turret. The camouflage and epigraphy for Panther/M10 is German standard. Since version 8.6, the Iron Cross has been replaced with US logo (the white star) and all changed to American standard in version 8.9.





Comparing with Pz IV Schmalturm and E25, the Panther/M10 cleary show the average point between them: about fire power and mobility. After researching with me about most of the parts of this vehicle, now you can get the conclusion about the advantages and disadvantages, some advices in gameplay... 



You can easily deal a lot of damage and bring the victory for your team, thanks to these advantages:

- High HP. Improved Panther armor.

- Special chassis armor, but be advised that it still can be easily penetrated.

- Good turret armor combined with decent gun depression.

- Fast reload and aiming time, good accuracy.

- Move shot effectively.

- Good turret traverse speed (40 deg/s)

- Standard number of crews (5) suitable for most of Germany vehicles. 



- Poor penetration and alpha damage.

- Worst view range and camouflage value for a tier VII medium tank.

- The armor is upgraded but the engine and ammo rack still easy to be damaged.

- Very normal mobility, which is very important with a medium tank.


Recommended play style

- From the above characteristics, we can see that the Panther/M10 using the same play style with most of German vehicles: A gifted sniper :glasses:

- At the early time in the battle, find a bush in a safe and open-view position and be a sniper/supporter. Remember about your poor view range so don't hide too far from the front line.

- If necessary, move along with other mediums as a wolfpack, but always stay behind and cover them. Don't be too self-motivated.

- In close combat situation, always try to hull down. Using terrain, objects, destroyed vehicles as a cover.

- Focus fire in light armored vehicle such as low tier tanks. 


Recommended crew skills

- Thanks to the standard number of crew, you can use any of your German medium tank's crew. If you don't have, then try to learn these important skills first, respectively

For Commander: Sixth Sense - Repair - Camouflage - Eagle Eye

For Gunner: Camouflage - Repair - Snap Shot - Deadeye

For Driver: Camouflage - Repair - Off Road Driving - Controlled Impact

For Reloader: Camouflage - Repair - Safe Stowage - Adrenaline Rush

For Radioman: Camouflage - Repair - Situational Awareness - Signal Boosting


Recommended equipments

- As a standard for a supporter, i recommend you to use these equipments:

Tank Gun Rammer + Improved Ventilation + Camouflage Net


Tank Gun Rammer + Binocular Telescope + Camouflage Net

For me, the aim time 2.1s is pretty good enough, so i didn't choose the Enhanced Gun Laying Drive. But it's all depend on your choice.


Remember that, the tank will love you only if you love it. Don't force it to do what it couldn't. Be a good friend with it and be a good soldier in battle! 

Good luck! :medal:


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                                                                    All warfare is based on deception. - Sun Tzu “Chapter I, The Art of War”

Historical Overview
The Panther/M10 was conceived for Operation Griffon (Unternehmen Greif); a behind the enemy's line operation planned for the Ardennes Offensive (Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein). Five Pz.Kpfw V Panther tanks assigned to Panzer Brigade 150 were disguised to resemble American M10 GMC tank destroyers and painted olive drab with American markings for this clandestine operation. Due to setbacks, the tanks were never used in their intended role and fought as normal units taking part in an operation to capture Malmedy in the Ardennes offensive.


Panther/M10 in World of Tanks
The Panther/M10 is a German Tier VII Premium Medium Tank with preferential matchmaking encountering up to Tier VIII tanks in battles unlike the standard Panther V. Essentially it is a unique looking stock Pz.Kpfw. V Panther with U.S. White Star and Circle emblem and optional U.S. camouflage patterns instead of German Beam Cross (Balkenkreuz) emblem and camouflage patterns.. Several of the performance characteristic differences are highlighted below:




Panther V (Stock)

Panther V (Elite)

Hit Points

1300 HP

1200 HP

1300 HP

Speed Limit (Fwd)

46 km/h

55 km/h

55 km/h

View Range (m)




Shell Penetration AP/APCR/HE (mm)




Accuracy (Dispersion) at 100 m




Net Credit Income (Credits) (stats @ vbaddict.net)





The high credit earning potential of the Panther/M10 priced at 5750 gold makes it an attractive  purchase for players whom need credits to keep their current tanks repaired in addition to purchasing new tanks, equipment, consumables  and ammunition at half the cost of a Tier VIII premium tank.


Moreover, the Panther/M10 can take part in the training role to increase skill and perks for standard Panther and VK 30.02 (D) tank crews from xp earned in battles without penalties. Apart from good credit earnings and  highest hit points, the Panther/M10 has no outstanding characteristics compared to other medium tanks in its tier.


Panther/M10 Gameplay Tactics
Medium tanks are suited for the support role . They can be used as scout replacements, in the absence of light tanks particularly from the middle towards the end of the battle. Nonetheless, the Panther/M10 have low camouflage values and players should carefully choose the routes when advancing towards enemy positions. Sixth Sense is an high priority perk that should be chosen from the beginning.


Tier VIII tanks with their superior guns will have no problems penetrating the relatively thin armor of the Panther/M10. Avoid confronting them frontally if possible; engage lower or same tier tanks; distract, attack the weak spots and detrack enemies to assist tanks on your team from the side or the rear of the enemy tank(s) from a suitable position.


Use the armor effectively by side scraping particularly in city maps. Higher chance of deflecting enemy shells even from heavy tanks.


Situational awareness is important. Be aware of the enemy locations and find a safe approach to attack from another direction.


A surprise attack by a pair of Panther/M10s against an inattentiveT-29 heavy tank. Two guns are better than one to send it back to the garage.


Effective coordination between team players brings results and ultimately victory!


Utilize the good gun depression on the Panther/M10. Use the terrain features effectively for cover, exposing only the turret. If spotted, this presents a smaller profile to the enemy and makes it more difficult for them to aim quickly and accurately. This includes using destroyed tanks, indestructible objects, windows and openings in buildings for cover.  Keep moving as much as possible to avoid shells from SPGs.


The Panther/M10 does well in long and medium range attacks with its accurate, quick aiming and fast reloading gun. If spotted, don't stay still after firing; keep moving to prevent the enemies from taking an accurate aim; find another suitable location to attack again.



  • Low price for AP and APCR ammo and repair cost.
  • High credit earnings
  • Preferential matchmaking
  • Good for training Panther V and VK30.02(D) tank crews.
  • Equipped with an accurate, quick firing and fast reloading gun.



  • Low hit points damage compared to other Tier VII medium tanks equipped with their top gun.
  • Lower view range than stock Panther V.
  • Low camouflage values
  • German tanks prone to engine fires and engine damage when penetrated on front lower glacis armor plate. Never leave the garage without an Automatic Fire Extinguisher.


Equipment Recommendation



Configuration A

Configuration B

Configuration C

Coated Optics

Coated Optics

Coated Optics

Gun Laying Drive

Gun Laying Drive

Gun Laying Drive

Camouflage net

Improved Ventilation Class 2

Med Cal. Tank Gun Rammer


Suggested consumables to supplement the selected equipment: Automatic Fire Extinguisher, Large or Small First Aid Kit and Large or Small Repair Kit.


Crew Skills and Perks Recommendation









Sixth Sense






Snap Shot


Designated Target




Smooth Ride


Off Road Driving


Clutch Braking

Radio Operator

Situational Awareness




Call for Vengeance



Safe Stowage

Adrenaline Rush




German tanks have low dispersion accurate guns with good view range. With their low hit points damage and venerable front lower glacis plate that causes fires and engine damage, they are more suited to engage enemy tanks from longer ranges than their counterparts from other nations. Crew skills should be chosen to take advantage of this superior characteristic of German tanks to enhance their capability from the beginning of Tier I onwards.


At the end of completing the 2nd level skill and perks set together with the recommended equipment, this will extend the view range and improve the attack and spotting capability of the Panther/M10 in the absence of light scouts. After completing the 4th level skill and perks set, the crew is ready for promotion to operate higher tier medium tanks.

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