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Premium Tank Review Contest "Excelsior"

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Elphaba #1 Posted 12 May 2014 - 12:20 PM


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Event Start Time:16 May2014 14:00 (UTC+8) 

Event End Time: 23 May 2014 14:00 (UTC+8) 


Hi Commanders,


Finding the right tank to add to your garage can be difficult. In our Premium Tank Review Series, we want to hear from our tank commanders their own personal opinions on our featured tanks to help other players make their choice when they finally decide to bring that long-coveted tank home!


This time, we'd like to read about your thoughts on the "Excelsior"!




  1. Post your best review of the featured tank focusing on the following details:
    • Pros
    • Cons
    • Equipment recommendations
    • Crew Skill recommendations
    • Gameplay tips
  2. Use of images in your review is recommended but not mandatory.
  3. Contest is limited to one entry per account so make it good!



  • 3 winners of 1000 gold.

Ismael91 #2 Posted 16 May 2014 - 05:22 PM


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Very thick frontal armor with no weakspots

Quite nice speed for a heavy

Decent maneuverability

Very thick rear armor might protect it from flankers

High ROF on gun

Thick front armor with decent acceleration and weight allows effective ramming

Good gun depression

Slightly better gun handling than T14, even with 1 less mm of penetration.


No gun mantlet

Exceedingly weak penetration

Side armor is very weak even with the tracks and skirts, making angling and brawling more difficult (although definitely not impossible)

Armor is more vulnerable to gold rounds, since it is flat

Large tracks that may be shot off more often

Paper roof armor makes it take full damage from most artillery and vulnerable when on lower ground

Low accuracy and shell velocity

Armor won't stand up to higher tiers and same tier TDs



Equipment Recommendations:

Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

Improved Ventilation Class 3


Crew Skill Recommendations:

Commander:Sixth Sense,Eagle Eye,Repair,Brothers in Arms

Gunner:Dead eye,Snap Shot,Fire Fighting,Brothers in Arms

Driver:Off Road Driving,Clutch Braking,Repair,Brothers in Arms

Radio Operator:Situational Awareness,Signal Boosting,Fire Fighting,Brothers in Arms

Loader:Safe Stowage,Repair,Fire Fighting,Brothers in Arms


Gameplay Tips:

As a heavy tank go and support your allies and dont rush wait for your ally to cover you and ask for help to break their defence and invade the enemy.


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ouchthathurts #3 Posted 16 May 2014 - 05:48 PM


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What are the criteria for judging the reviews?

All pre-9.5 tier I through VI tanks played and elited.

iDie #4 Posted 16 May 2014 - 07:03 PM


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Since we are reviewing tier 5 premium again. So to speak, the tier 5 British premium heavy tank Excelsior is a jack of all trades tank that closely resembles a medium tank with it’s mobility. As most of the tier 5 premium tanks suffer facing the regular heavies, the excelsior does it just fine, along with russian kv220. To me, it is the best premium tier 5 tank currently available.


All information you need to know


#stats (without crew skills and equipment)



In my opinion the Excelsior will currently be slotting in between the Churchill 1 and the Cromwell having the best of both aspects, the model seen has the A33 Christie type suspension and not the M6 type that was field tested, leading to a faster tank.

Armour was a mix between the Cromwell and the Churchill, with 114mm on the front, between 31 and 20 on the sides and surprisingly 108mm on the rear of the hull. Turret armour is 63mm + on sides and back with 114mm on the front. The lower closed drivers hatch is not a weak spot like many other designs and neither is the bow BESA MG, the upper "mantle" area is a weak spot and can be penned with a high chance of knocking out the gun. Others may note the cupola, distinctly flat and hard to get at.

The left and right sides are covered with a heavy armoured skirt offering spaced armour, with two large hatches situated parallel to each other on the hull sides and will most likely be a weak area.
Compared to her rivals the Excelsior is one of the heaviest armored tier V tanks in the game, surpassing the M6 with a stronger turret than the Churchill, armour is better than the KV1S, T150 and KV2 all of which are a tier above, and even thicker than the Tiger at tier 7, when sloped or angled correctly armor thickness can easily hit 150mm + which is more than adequate for any tier 5 tank. Top armour is very thin and arty will have no issues with damaging you, compounded by the fact it is large target for its tier.

Hitpoint wise the Excelsior has 670 hit points, which is plenty for its tier/size and while a fairly hefty beast at 40.7 tons the RR Meteor does not let you down; giving 15 hp per ton, for 38.6 Kph on a flat, but a mere 13 in reverse (which is still twice as fast as the Tog in 5th gear). The Christie suspension enables a respectable turn radius of 36.6 degrees



The Excelsior comes with a 75mm Mk Gun with an Ammo capacity of 64 rounds and a reload of 3.6 seconds
Firing AP Composite-Rigid APCR Mk. 3 rounds gives us a PEN of 108 up to 180 mm with the average of 144mm
Damage is between 83 up to 138 with an average of 110 hp's
Standard AP is 68mm to 91mm with the same damage; HE is not worth equipping as top damage is 175hp's but almost no AP value.
ROF is a 9.5 when crippled up to 20 RPM when fully upgraded with 16.67 being the average so a reload of 3.6 seconds
Turret turn rate is 42 degrees and this allows for quick tracking and placing of shots akin to the Cromwell.

overall ROF is very good, as well as a good reload and accuracy at 0.39 is tolerable (other sources have this as 0.42) as with all premium tanks the defining feature is that they are fundamentally weaker than a  regular counterpart, and in the case of the Excelsior it’s the gun, while perfectly capable at tier V it will struggle at tier 6, with several tanks being all but immune, however it should handle many tier 6 tanks with aimed shots.
View range is 360 and radio is a standard 570, gun depression is -13 degrees  which does allow for good hull down tactics while elevation is about 20 degrees.



(with other tier 5 premiums)



Great front hull and turret armor
Amazing rate of fire
Very few frontal weak spots
well protected tracks
One of the fastest heavy tank of it's tier

Decent view range

Adequate gun depression

Best back armor of it's tier



Weak AP and Alpha damage
Large arty target as 
Roof armor is only 19mm

very weak side hull armor

aiming circle spread a lot

bad at long range engagement
struggle when face another excelsior


Equipment recommendations



Configuration A

Configuration B

Configuration C




Med Cal. Tank Gun Rammer

Gun Laying Drive


Heavy Spell Liner

Med Cal. Tank Gun Rammer

Med Cal. Tank Gun Rammer


Suggested consumables to supplement the selected equipment: Automatic Fire Extinguisher, Large or Small First Aid Kit and Large or Small Repair Kit.


Crew Skills and Perks Recommendation









Brother in Arms



Sixth Sense



Brother in Arms


Snap Shot




Brother in Arms

Off Road Driving

Smooth Ride



Radio Operator

Brother in Arms


Situational Awareness


Signal Boosting


Brother in Arms


Safe Stowage


Adrenaline Rush


Improved Stats (with Crew skills and equipment)




The Excelsior is looking to be an excellent little premium and for me a keeper, it’s got the fast tracking and aiming of the Cromwell, with the durability and toughness of the Churchill, spaced armour on the sides allows side scraping and that thick frontal armour will rack up the Steel wall trophies like nobody’s business.

Having a good turn of speed for a heavy lets me get out of a pickle while the rapid turret and pew-pew gun will shred and lighter tank that thinks of circle strafing you. While your 100m of rear armor may shock the odd flanker.

For some of you this will just be a nice collectible, for others it will be a nice tier 5 break for those who don’t like Churchill’s lack of speed and turret issue or crusaders lack of everything.


However, as expected by a gun with a higher rate of fire, it has modest to low alpha values, varying from 88 to 138 damage, with 110 being average when firing standard AP ammunition.  Where this gun struggles, however, is it's penetration values.  The AP ammunition has only 91mm average penetration.  Against tanks of it's own tier, this is utterly insufficient and often the Excelsior cannot even reliably damage well known weak spots of other heavies.



  • Turret of the Churchill III, a known vulnerability of this premium heavy, has 88mm of armour.  The Excelsior will bounce as much as 42% of it's shots against this position.  This forces the Excelsior to aim at the driver's hatch or lower front plate for reliable penetrations.
  • The KV-1 poses a particular challenge.  The flanks along the upper hull (above the tracks) at 0' angling will bounce an AP round from the Excelsior 15% of the time.  The hull covered by the tracks will bounce it 56% of the time again with 0' angling.  Any sort of angle in these positions makes the KV-1 all but impervious to incoming fire from the Excelsior, forcing the British tank to focus on trying to bullseye a flush shot into the turret ring or to pick off the driver's vision slit or the machine gun port. 
  • Even a soft targer like the M4 Sherman has strong effective armour against the Excelsior.  Unangled, the effective armour of the upper glacis will repel 50% of the shots fired against it.  The lower glacis is proof against 27%. 


But it's not just the Excelsior's gun which predicates the selling of premium ammunition.  It's also it's armour.  The 114mm of frontal armour of the Excelsior is better than the average penetraiton of AP rounds from the top tier weapons on the following tanks:
All Light tanks up to tier 5 with the exception of the ELC AMX & Chaffee.
All Medium tanks up to and including tier 5 with the exception of the T-25 Premium, the M4 Sherman, Matilda II, Chi-Nu-Kai Premium and T-34.
All Tank Destroyers up to and including tier 4 with the exception of the T-40 & SU-85B.
Many tier 4 & 5 heavies, including the B 1, Churchill III, the T-14, KV-220,  and the Excelsior itself.



At a nominal cost of 1500 gold, would I recommend this tank?  I love my Excelsior.  It is hands down my favorite tank in the game.  But...


The Excelsior is not an expert tank, by any means.  It's not that it requires a particular skillset to do well in it.  However, premium tanks are usually bought with a purpose in mind, either as trainers or to make extra credits.  In this sense, the Excelsior works at cross purposes with itself.  If you want to do a lot of damage and make a lot of experience for your British heavy crew, it almost necessitates loading up a very heavy stock of premium ammunition.  Doing so, however, will cut into your winnings, reducing it's effectiveness as a credit-earner.


So to make money, you must reduce the amount of APCR you're carrying.  But in reducing the amount of APCR you're carrying, you're also greatly reducing the ability to do damage and those earn money and XP.  Finding the right balance is difficult, and even frustrating.  I carry no more than 20 APCR rounds with my account, and I do not see appreciable gains in my credits over a evening's worth of play.


If you want a fun tank, sure, the Excelsior is great, but you had better love it before buying it.

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kkriyad #5 Posted 17 May 2014 - 01:38 AM


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Premium  Excelsior

UK Heavy Tank Tier V
Battle Tiers
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Cost 1,500  Gold
Hit Points 670 HP
Weight Limit 41.05/44.1 t
Radio Operator
Engine Power 600 hp
Speed Limit 38 km/h
Traverse 32 deg/s
Power/Wt Ratio 14.62 hp/t
Pivot No
Hull Armor 114/31/108 mm
Turret Armor 114/92/92 mm
Damage 83-138 HP
Penetration 68-114 mm
Rate of Fire 15.79 r/m
Accuracy 0.42 m
Aim time 2.3 s
Turret Traverse 36 deg/s
Gun Arc 360°
Elevation Arc -9°/+20°
Ammo Capacity 64 rounds
Chance of Fire 20 %
View Range 350 m
Signal Range 570 m
Parent none
Child none
UK-GB51 Excelsior.png

The Excelsior is a British tier 5 premium heavy tank.

At the end of 1942, the Churchill tank's armament was deemed insufficient. New tanks, the A31, A32, and A33 were developed as new infantry tanks. The A33 was developed by the English Electric Company. The LMS Company participated in the development of suspension for a new tank. Two vehicles, which differed greatly from each other, were manufactured. The A33 was set to go into production, but in 1943 the decision to cancel mass production of the Churchill was reversed, and the order for the A33 was not placed.

The Excelsior can be thought as the British equivalent to the American T14. This tank takes the middle ground between medium and heavy classes, and can perform well in both roles. Sporting thick armor and decent speed,it can also dish out damage with its somewhat low penetration gun. Unlike the T14, it trades some speed for better armor.


Tier Name Armor Traverse Speed Traverse Arc View Range XP Cost Price Weight
V Excelsior 114/92/92 mm 36 d/s 360° 350 m --- --- 6,000 kg
Guns compatible with this Turret:
Tier Name Ammo Damage Penetration Shell Price Rate of Fire Accuracy Aim Time Elevation XP Cost Price Weight
V 75 mm Gun Mk. V 64 110/110/175 HP 91/144/38 mm 56 Credits/7 Gold/56 Credits 15.79 r/m 0.42 m 2.3 s

Front: -9°/+20°
Sides: -13°/+20°

Rear: -4°/+20°
--- --- 500 kg

Tier Name Power Fire Chance Type XP Cost Price Weight
V Rolls-Royce Meteor 600 hp 20 % Petrol --- --- 744 kg

Tier Name Load Limit Traverse Speed XP Cost Price Weight
V Excelsior 44.1 t 32 d/s --- --- 8,000 kg

Tier Name Range XP Cost Price Weight
IX WS No. 19 Special 570 m --- --- 40 kg

Historical Info

After the Dieppe Raid in August 1942, there was concern that the Churchill was not as good as expected and a tank to combine the infantry and cruiser tank roles was planned. While two lines of tanks were still policy, there was interest in standardizing on common components. The design used the Cromwell's combination of Rolls-Royce Meteor engine and Merrit-Brown transmission. English Electric built two prototypes on a Cromwell tank hull the first with the suspension of the US M6 Heavy Tank and the second with a widened Cromwell track and armoured skirts. The design included extra armour and an Ordnance QF 75 mm gun. When the problems of the early Churchill models were worked out, the project was dropped. The second prrototype vehicle is on display at the Bovington Tank Museum, UK.

Noob_Inside #6 Posted 17 May 2014 - 10:03 AM


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View Postkkriyad, on 17 May 2014 - 01:38 AM, said:

[copy paste from wiki.worldoftanks.com]

For damn sake guys,stop copy pasting EVERYTHING from the wiki.


We need some good read,And besides it's not your review,it's others' reviews on the tank.

Stats   Just played WoT after a year of break. 
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nmdelrio #7 Posted 18 May 2014 - 08:51 AM

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The British Tier V Elite Heavy Tank Excelsior Review.


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Colossal_Cabage #8 Posted 18 May 2014 - 02:58 PM


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"(A33) Excelsior" was a British Tier V Premium Heavy Tank. Developed in World War II, The Excelsior was an Experimental Heavy Tank Based on the "(A27) Cromwell" British Tier 6 Medium Tank. Made by Combining Infantry Fighting Vehicles (Churchill Series) and Cruiser Tanks Roles (Cromwell) .

 Pros :

- Good Vehicle Speed For a Heavy Tank

- Good Power / Weight Ratio 

- Decent Aiming Time

- Decent Accuracy

Engine Power 600 hp
Speed Limit

38 km/h

- Excellent Rate of Fire For a 7.5 CM Caliber Gun

- Outstanding 108 MM Of Rear Armor. This Can Protect you from Light Flankers and Avoid Engine Fire

- Surprisingly Mobile and Agile For a Heavy Tank

- Excellent Gun Depression From Cromwell

- Outstanding Armor For a Tier 5 Heavy



Cons :

- Very Poor Penetration Power 

- No Gun Mantlet, the gun will be easily Knocked Out if Penetrated 

- Requires Premium Ammunition To Fight some of Tier 6 Mediums and Heavies

- Very Highly Vulnurable Ammo Rack Damage descendant from Cruiser (Cromwell) Tanks

- Armor Doesn't Feel like it should've be

- Weak Tracks, Knocked Out Easily

- Very Low DPM

- SUper Lowly Armored Roof ( Even Tier 1 Can Penetrate it )

- Very Vulnarble From Side Shots, as it is Flat and Weakly Armored

- Not Much of a Money Making Vehicle

- Decent Amount of Weakspots in the Front Causing The Tank Itself to Struggle on Angle

As to much angle will cause you exposing your side armor



Recommended Crew Skills :

A. Commander

 Jack of All Trades

 Eagle Eye

 Brothers in Arms

 Sixth Sense


B. Gunner




 Brother in Arms


C. Driver

 Off Road Driving

 Smooth Ride

 Clutch Braking

 Controlled Impact

 Preventative Maintenance

D. Radio Operator

 Situational Awareness


 Signal Boosting




E. Loader

 Safe Stoage

 Adrenaline Rush

 Brother in Arms




Recommended Equipment :

WetCombatPack.png  Rammer.png EnhancedAimDrives.png AimingStabilizer.png 


Gameplay Tips :

 The Excelsior was surprisingly Mobile For a Heavy Tank, Consider Using it as a Flanking Tank As its Gun Penetration Power is not that good. Never do the Circle of Death as you are not mobile enought to do it. Try Not to Use in Face to Face to other Tier 5 and 6 Medium / Heavy Tanks as it mostly wont penetrate them. Platooning The Excelsior won't do much. It is a Bit Frustrating Tank as it will bounce more then it penetrates, try aiming for weakspots as you have good Armor and a QF 75MM Gun. Try to angle your tank as your armor has almost no slopes unless the upper glacis plate ,but do not angle it too much as your side armor is too weak, it can even be penetrated by Tier 4 Vehicles. The Flat Highly Armored Frontal and Rear Armor is a usual Target for High-Explosive Shells. Try to bring Backup as they will aim for the weaker targets first, while you get the Damage Output. Do Not Fight Tier 5-6 Heavy Tanks such  as KV-1 and KV-1Ss Head - On as you will get out-manuevered by KV-1Ss & you will Bounce off So many times, thanks to the sloped Armor of KV-1 & KV-1S Series. Excelsior has a good gun depression use it to shoot downhills. The Roof Armor of The Excelsior is trash... try not to put it on Lower Grounds



ganbenj #9 Posted 19 May 2014 - 08:45 AM


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Man!What have I to say to this hulking,awesome beast of titanium?? to start of, i'm going to introduce this vehicle:it is a tier 5 british awesome tank. It has 114/34/108 hull armor!! It has 114/92/92mm turret armor!!(almost the same as the kv-1!)and it's a premium tank,meaning that it's shell and repair cost is really low! When I had my elite kv-1,I didn't want to take on this immortal beast,I would surely die!to sum it all up,it is a British tier 5 heavy tank with impenetrable armor and decent speed and gun. why not rush,or drive,to your nearest tank store to test drive this awesome,immortal,thick skinned tank from heaven! 


           download (1).jpg download.jpg images.jpg

TacticaL_Mech_Tank #10 Posted 22 May 2014 - 12:08 AM

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     Welcome back to my review on another premium tank. This time, we meet a new guy, Excelsior, but his characteristics are close to those of our old friend T14: great frontal armor, a bit fancy side armor, good mobility and using a low penetration gun. Although Excelsior is a heavy tank (ht), its really roll in the battle is to be a medium tank (med). With the speed and some other features that I'll show below, you'll see this tank is truly a half-blood son of med and ht.



     This is my review contents:

1. Excelsior's stats and improvement suggestions

     a) Excelsior's information and stats

     b) Necessary improvements (equipment and crew skill)

2. Tips and recommended play style

3. Conclusion




     1. Excelsior's stats and improvement suggestions


     a) Excelsior's information and stats


_ Stats (without load and crew skill)



     Fire power: Different name but it's really the same gun of T14, with some changes (in fact, nerf :facepalm:)

                        + Penetration: Very low with only 91mm, you should expect lots of bounce shots from it, even on some low and normal armor tanks (T-34, Pz III/IV, ...). It'll be wise that you should have more than 20 gold shells for this gun.

                        + Alpha damage: 110, very low alpha damage, you can't use this gun in peek-a-boo style like other ht.

                        + Average damage: This time, God doesn't stand on your side. Your average damage isn't good enough to redeem your lack of fire power, since it's only a little more than the tier V ht standard (1811 damg/min compare to 1718).

                        + Accuracy: The accuracy is good, but others are nerf compare to the T14's gun. Excelsior suffer great dispersion while moving, and it's aim time is longer than T14's, so you need to slow down if you're close to an encounter, then stay while shooting.



     Mobility: Excelsior has the same mobility compare to the IS

                        + Acceleration: Reaching top speed (usually 34km/h, not 38 as it stated) after about 6s, Excelsior also doesn't lose its speed easily like the T-25. You can keep up with your med and in some cases, you can change the line, or back to defend the base.

                        + Maneuverability: Great hull and turret traverse speed (32 and 36 degree respectively), much better compare to T14 (sadly, this is the only superior stats), it's not easy for fast tanks to circle Excelsior.


     Survivability: 670hp isn't good or bad, it's enough for you to suck 4 - 5 penetrated shots from the KV1, or lots of hits from med and light tanks (lt).


     Scout ability:

                        + Camouflage: It's a ht, so nothing to say here :trollface:.

                        + View range: 350m, good view range compare to your counterparts, another point that encourage the med play style for this tank .


     Farming ability: Well, let's just say this tank is only good for training your crew, or an entertainment vehicle when you're rich already :glasses:. Only a little more credit farming coefficient, but you'll need to use lots of gold shells instead.



_ Armor layout:




     Well, most premium tanks are weak, but have some unique features in exchange. With Excelsior, it's about the armor layout.



     Frontal armor (114): No slope but the raw 114 mm thickness will guarantee a lot of bounce shots from same tier med and below tier tanks. You need to know that there's no weak spot on the frontal armor, although it has a machine gun and a driver hatch. When angling, your frontal can be up to 150mm, however, experienced players will then shoot to your weak side armor instead, so don't angle too much (about 20 - 30 degree only).


   You also need to be careful with the vertical angle, because the flat plate of your frontal armor is weak, the enemy only need a little higher angle to shoot through this platform (the picture below showing an AT2 penetrate it with an advantage angle).



     Side and rear armor (32/108): The stats show that your side is very weak (equal to that of the French ht), even with the skirt, your side is 55mm. Try to hide this part away from any kind of enemy, even lt. However, let's look at the rear, it's 108mm seriously :ohmy: you can use this for reverse side scraping tactic like the KV5, or just showing this sexy part to the enemy hunger med or lt when they're surrounding your with a pack.



     Upper armor (19 to 25): Very weak here, you should always consider that arty is looking at you :arta:. A simple method is, sketch a line from your position to the enemy base or some places on the map that has high potential of being arty's nest, then make sure that you're adjacent to a good cover on that direction. Then you can feel much pleasant to deal with your direct enemy.



     Turret armor (114/92/92): Good turret armor with well-rounded thickness, unlike other British ht. While playing Excelsior, your important crew members (gunner, loader, commander) will be safe (and having more enjoyable tea times :trollface:). Now, you can put your -9 depression in good use.


     A reminder here: you should also know that your ammo rack is located right in front of your tank, so in tier VI battle, be careful with the enemy's fire power.


_Summary: This is my summary about Excelsior main features


     + Pros: - Good rate of fire and accuracy

                 - Good acceleration, excellent traverse speed compare to the similar tank T14

                 - Better view range to other ht, another strong point that's good for med play style

                 - Thick frontal and especially, thick turret armor, unlike those British brothers

                 - Super troll rear armor


     + Cons: - Poor penetration, need a lot of gold shells to compromise

                  - Huge aiming circle spread, long aim time for a fast firing gun

                  - Thin side armor even with the skirt

                  - Useless armor in tier VI battle, plus a frontal exposed ammo rack


     b) Necessary improvements


_ Equipment: I'll focus on transforming Excelsior into a real med fighting tank. So here are my suggestions on the equipment, with the feature focus on each set

     Rate of fire: Medium Caliber Gun Rammer, Improved Ventilation, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

     Reaction speed: Improved Ventilation, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Toolbox

     View range: Improved Ventilation, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Coated Optic


_ Crew skill: The crew skill can be any ht crew, but you can max out your strength by learning the skills for medium tanks


     + Commander:       Sixth Sense,   Repair,                               Recon,                    Brothers in Arms

     + Driver:                 Repair,             Smooth Ride,                   Off-road Driving,   Brothers in Arms

     + Gunner:              Repair,             Snap Shot,                        Deadeye,                Brothers in Arms

     + Radio operator:  Repair              Situational Awareness,   Signal Boosting,    Brothers in Arms

     + Loader:               Repair             Safe stowage,                   Adrenaline Rush,   Brothers in Arms


     You can put Brothers in Arms on the third skill or even the first skill of you crew, however, to me, this little overall boost isn't as important as the specific boost to lower your weaknesses in aim time, expose ammo rack or frequently damaged track.

     Here are the stats after the improvement. The weakness in aim time has gone for good, and your view range has increased significantly.


For rate of fire


For higher view range



     2. Tips and recommended play style


     Tips: Excelsior has some little noticeable properties that didn't listed above, so here they are.


     + HE ammo: With good mm that only meet up to tier VI, Excelsior has lots of chance to participate in low tier battle. Since this time you use a good HE ammo with the same characteristic to that of T-25 (38mm penetration, 175 damage), you can knock out annoying (and dangerous) enemy like Pz.Sfl IV.c, T49 or Hellcat much faster.

     + Frontal weak spot: there are really 2 very tiny weak spots on your front, although they're small and very hard to hit at, you shouldn't stand still in a close combat, 'cause any enemy you face could be a unicum that know how to exploit these undefable weak spots (in the picture below, hitting these hatch causing damage)



     Recommended play style


     Excelsior can be use in three ways just like T14: a support ht, a med attacker or a brawler in low tier battle.


     Support ht: If you want to go with your ht, or just simply must do it 'cause you're one of the little number of ht your team have, you should be prepare. Load some gold shells is inevitable if you see tough guys like KV1, T14, T1 or even your (evil) brother Churchill. When you're in the fight, always try to angle and hide your rear away from enemy's guns. Reverse side scraping is a good tactic since you have a good rear that still bounce shots. The good news is, unlike the T14's armor which mostly cannot stand a chance against ht fire power, you frontal still accomplish its duty with the effective thickness that can possibly up to 150mm, so you don't need to stay behind your team but in front of them to be a hitting target.


     Med killer: In some other battles, where there are plenty of ht, you can change your line, going with your med pal. The poor penetration gun isn't a problem if you fight this way, plus that your armor is completely immune to bullets now, your roll will be more vital to the victory. This tactic will help you unleash the strength of your mobility, rate of fire, view range,... However, as stated above, some sloped armor med can still bounce off your bullets, especially the Ram II, so sometimes you still need to call gold shells for help.


     Brawler: Only for low tier battle where you're at the top of the food chain.


     In any cases, your priority targets are enemy support tanks with low armor but reasonable damage out put (usually med or td with low frontal armor).



      3. Conclusion


     Thanks for reading my review. I hope you guys can find more help from the detailed information above. Excelsior is a good seal clubbing tank, but it needs some support, team up with your friends or be prepare with premium shells are solid choices. Remember that fighting in med style is much better for this tank than trying to punch enemy ht. Finally, the most important is, this tank isn't a good farming but crew training premium tank, so consider well before spending your gold on it.

     Good luck, guys. See you on the battlefield.


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Edit: Never mind. It was the pictures- somehow, I cannot post any images :(

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A33 Excelsior: Pew-pew, ding-ding!


Welcome to my tank review of the British tier 5 heavy tank, the A33 Excelsior, a true bully. The high mobility, coupled with a good rate of fire and tough armor makes it more of a “pseudo-heavy”. 


This review will cover the following aspects:

  •  Durability and Armor
  • Mobility
  • Firepower
  • Gameplay
  • Equipment
  • Crew skills
  • Should I buy it?



Durability and Armor


The Excelsior is fitted with 670 overall hit points, which is quite a lot for a tier 5 heavy. The KV-1 has 640 overall hit points while the T1 Heavy has 660. It can take quite a beating before it goes down. 


The armor is nothing to be messing about. It’s hull armor is as following (front/side/rear): 114/31/108.


114mm of frontal armor, with a bit of angling, can easily bounce of shells from most tier 4 tank guns and below, and even quite a few tier 5 guns. Anything above will go through like a hot knife cutting butter, but keep in mind that the Excelsior has special matchmaking- it does not meet tanks above tier 6, unlike other non-premium tier 5 tanks. Like the many tanks in the KV series, it does have an area with a great slope which will reliably bounce shots. Keep in mind that this sloping is very small though, and the rest of the armor is basically thick, flat slobs of metal. Whenever facing an enemy tank (or tank destroyer), regardless of tier, always angle your frontal armor and don’t expect to bounce every shot. I recommend not to angle the frontal armor past a 25-30 degree angle, as doing so would expose your weak side armor to the enemy tank. 


The side armor is unreliable at best, with only 31mm of armor. Unangled, expect any gun you meet to penetrate automatically. However, it is protected by two layers of spaced armor, its sideskirts and the tracks itself. Thus, you can bounce the odd shot or two but don’t rely on it too much.


The rear armor is, for a tier 5 heavy, simply astounding. 108mm of steel up your ass is nothing to joke about and the rather inexperienced flanker will certainly be scratching his head as to why he keeps dinging the backside of this heavy. 


The turret’s overall armor is pretty solid and is as following (front/side/rear):



So basically, the front of the turret has the same armor thickness as the Excelsior’s upper frontal glacis (the upper part of the hull armor, including the sloping). But this time, there are no “weak spots”. But then again, one could argue that the turret IS a giant weak spot. Tanks which can penetrate the flat areas of your upper frontal glacis will also penetrate your turret front with ease. To increase the chances of a ricochet, angle your turret to about 45 degrees toward the enemy gun.


This is helped by the fact that the side turret armor is pretty solid too, with 92mm of armor which can bounce shots well when angled. The rear turret, as with the rear hull armor, is surprisingly thick- 92mm of armor will happily ding any tank with a low penetration gun. 


In addition, the turret’s hatch at the top of the tank is tiny and ridiculously hard to hit from my experience both playing in and against the Excelsior. This serves as a bonus when in a hulldown position, which I’ll explain later on.




As has been pointed out many times before, the Excelsior does have extremely good mobility for such a well-armored heavy tank. Only the American T1 Heavy beats it in its acceleration of 14.6 hp/ton, but then again, the T1 is far less armored with huge, spaced-armorless sides and around 30mm less armor on the front. When compared to mediums and tank destroyers, 14.6 hp/ton might not seem much. But it has its hull traverse rate- an astounding 32 degrees per second- to make up for that. In comparison, the T1 Heavy has 25 deg/s and the KV-1 18 deg/s. This allows crazy maneuverability and the ability to keep up with basically any tank that tries to circle it (provided it isn’t tracked). It’s top speed is pretty good too, with 38 km/h, which is also quite high for a heavy tank. However, this will only be reached when going downhill or on roads. I usually find myself traveling at about 35 km/h. 


Overall, the mobility is on one of the big plus sides of the Excelsior.




Aaaaand now we get to the gun. The Gun. The 75mm Mk V. 

Here is a brief overview of The Gun’s most important stats:


  • 110 average damage
  • 15.79 rounds per minute
  • 91mm average penetration
  • 0.42m dispersion at 100m (accuracy)
  • 2.3s aiming time


So, lets start from The Gun’s (arguably) best stats. Every penetrating shot will do an average damage of 110 hit points. This is not bad at all, especially considering the rate of fire of 15.79 rounds per minute or around 3.7s reload between each shot. This combination of RoF and alpha damage can be deadly, provided you can penetrate. In addition, the 2.3 second aiming time, pretty standard for such a gun, will allow you to have a fully-aimed circle before your gun reloads again. To further support this, an almost American-like gun depression allows it to abuse the hills well. So, up to now, pretty acceptable, no?


Well, lets take a look at the average penetration. 91mm of penetration. It will cut through tier 3 tanks and tank destroyers like a hot knife through butter. It will cut through tier 4 tanks and tank destroyers like a relatively warm knife through butter. To sum it up, it will have no problems against lower tiered tanks. 


At tier 5 you will start to face a few problems. Against tier 5’s and 6’s, 91mm average penetration simply doesn’t cut it. To compare it with its non-premium competitors- well, almost every other tier 5 tank and tank destroyer have guns with far more penetration. The Panzer 4’s 75mm L48, which for me keeps bouncing annoyingly at anything that seems moderately well armored, has 110mm average penetration. Only the American M7 medium tank comes into range of the Excelsiors’ penetration range. Keep in mind, though, that it is one hell of a bloody fast tank which is meant to zip around the field and outflank and outmaneuver heavier tanks. 


Well, why not just aim at weak spots? Every tank has them. Surely, you’ll be able to penetrate?!


And this is where accuracy comes in. 0.42m dispersion at 100 meters is comparable to the russian heavies’ accuracy. Unless you’re right up in the enemy tanks’ face, you will have a hard time simply hitting the weak spots of enemy tanks, never mind penetrate them. 


Now, to a controversial topic in regards to the Excelsiors cannon: gold ammunition. With  around 140mm of average penetration, it is by far enough for a tier 5 heavy. But... it costs a mighty 2,800 credits per shot. 2,800 credits for 110 damage. Yes, you’ll be able to penetrate heavily armored vehicles now. But the cost of each shot will severely negate your net profit at the end of the battle and won’t help this premium tanks’ purpose of grinding credits. Well, if you’re training a crew and have loads of credits, ths won’t be a problem. Anyhow, I only use APCR rounds in emergencies and when it’s obvious that nobody else is in a position to help me. I recommend loading up around 15-20 APCR rounds for this purpose. 




In battle, the Excelsiors role is mainly in support, more of a jack-of-all-trades. It has the armor to take hits; the firepower to decimate targets that it can penetrate, the mobility to keep up with the pace of the battle. One thing I highly suggest is using the Excelsior in a platoon together with other tier 5’s with big, nasty guns; artillery, tank destroyers and other heavy tanks come to my mind. 


Use the combined speed and armor to get into hotspots quickly, find targets that the gun can penetrate and destroy them with it’s quick rate of fire. Be sure to abuse your almost American-like gun depression of -9 degrees frontally to force enemy tanks to fire at your thick, angled turret and increase the chance of a miss as a result of you hiding most of your hull. Rushing out alone is a bad idea and make sure that you’ve allies which can provided much needed fire support. In tier 6 matches, play cautiously and stick to supporting your heavies, and avoid getting hit by the KV-1S’ or Su-100’s 122mm gun. Avoid artillery at all costs. And of course, if a flanking opportunity presents itself- GO FOR IT! If you manage to sneak around to the side and rear of groups of enemy tanks, you will be able to wreak havoc. Especially since, unlike mediums, you do have a heavy tanks armor. 


When faced with more heavily armored targets, take your time to aim- and make as many shots as possible count. As with all “DPM guns” (guns with a high rate of fire but mediocre alpha damage), it is best to blast off the tracks first. Why? 


Firstly, it is much easier to punch holes into a stationary tanks’ weakspots than in a moving one. Secondly, you can put more shots into it! After all, that’s what DPM is all about. Blast away until the tank is tracked; best is to alternately fire two shots at the hull for damage, while firing the next at the tracks. Your high rate of fire will allow this. It will ensure that the tracked tank will stay “permanently-detracked”, or “permatracked”, which will allow you to fire onto it until it explodes into flames. Thirdly, this gives your allies and artillery easy shots on the target. As an artillery driver myself, I cannot stress how lovely it is to have detracked enemy tanks just waiting to get crushed by a massive HE shell. 


Permatracking is also a way of dealing with tanks that you cannot possibly penetrate. The AT-2 comes to my mind. When that happens, simply fire alternately at the one track, then another in quick succession. Then, sit back and let your platoon buddies or artillery finish the target off. If you see one track repairing itself, pop back out to put a shell into it. Also, try and keep your exposure to enemy guns minimized and don’t take any unnecessary hits or hits that you cannot afford to receive. 


In addition, with its 41 tons, it is pretty heavy. Coupled with the great mobility, the Excelsior makes quite a wonderful ramming tool. It is still beaten by the T1 Heavy, though; weighing just under 20 tons more, do not try to come crashing into it. 




This depends on which aspects of the Excelsior you wish to improve. I’d highly suggest a rammer, which will further increase your already-great rate of fire and overall damage per minute. Another helpful tool is the “Gun-Laying Drive” which will help with the awful accuracy of the 75mm and allow you to fire back fully-aimed shots quicker, and thus give you a better chance of landing a shot that counts. My personal favourite is the “vents”, or “Ventilations” which improves every aspect of the tanks performance by 5%. 


A tip: Before your crew reaches around 95% or so for its repair skills, I highly recommend installing the “Toolbox” to give one hell of a boost for repair times. Afterwards, replace the Toolbox with another piece of equipment. The best part is that you can transfer the Toolbox around WITHOUT the use of gold which makes it extremely valuable to me. Be sure to buy a couple of ‘em while they’re on discount!


The Excelsior’s view range is decent (350m), which is why I feel that binocs and/or coated optics would not be necessary. 


Crew Skill


First of all, train up all your crew with “Repairs”. As a skill, this will significantly help the tanks performance and its effectiveness will increase along the way. Once you reach 100% for the first set, drop repairs and select the first set of perks and skills. 


Recommendation for specialized skills/perks, in order of effectiveness:


Commander: Mentor, 6th sense, Recon

Gunner: Snapshot, Deadeye

Driver: Off-road driving, Smooth Ride

Radio Op: Situational Awareness, Signal Boosting

Loader: Safe Stowage, Adrenaline Rush, Intuition, 



As you would certainly (hopefully) won’t sell the Excelsior, “Mentor” is a good choice as it significantly increases the rate at which the other crew members train their skills up. After that, follow it with 6th, which is useful regardless of tank type, and recon to further improve your view range.



Reducing the aiming circle size (Snapshot) is extremely helpful in shooting back quickly. Deadeye helps to make that extra little difference in damaging the enemy tanks’ fighting capability and giving you an advantage. 



The driver has a wide variety (and often the most difficult) choices. Since you’ve already got Snapshot from the gunner to help you with your aiming circle, it might be wise to select off-road driving for the first, as it will help you in flanking maneuvers, retreat and rushing back to base/ to help a teammate. Smooth Ride should come next, adding on to the effectiveness of Snapshot in decreasing your aiming circle. After that, it’s really your choice.


Radio Operator 

Not a very exciting selection. Go for Situational Awareness first to increase your view range. After that, take Signal Boosting to, well, boost your mediocre radio range. What comes next is your choice. 



I can’t remember being ammo racked in an Excelsior before, but it never hurts to be sure. Safe Stowage first, and afterwards- your choice really, both Intuition and Adrenaline Rush are perks which present itself to be used in different circumstances. If you like switching between AP and APCR a lot, take Intuition. However, it won’t give much of a critical boost, as the reload is after all only around 3.4 seconds. 


Should I buy it?


If you play british heavies, and have fun at tier 5, I don’t see why not. However, I would not recommend it for a newbies first premium as the low penetration can at first be hard to cope with. One thing I can assure you is that it will certainly take some time to get used to. Learn what this beast can do, and what it can’t- most importantly, learn what its gun can penetrate and what it can’t and fit your decisions and strategies accordingly. And remember always that platoon helps, especially in this tank. In random battles, you will certainly find yourself with unreliable teammates who might not understand your policy of “I track- u kill, k?!” or the “I flank, get his attention and pew-pew his azz; you support me an’ shoot his side turret, k?” 


So, thanks for reading this wall of text; I hope you’ve learned something new. Good luck on the Battlefield!


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The shepherd of the lost sheep


The world needs leaders, and leaders need tools to help them carry out heroic deeds. When you find a leader, you find an Excelsior.


Let's start off by seeing the pros and cons of the Excelsior.


Good speed with good reaction

Superb frontal armor, best if angled

Very good rear armor, protects your rear flank pretty well

Good APCR rounds with effective penetration, plus a excellent rate-of-fire gun.

Spaced armor at the sides with tracks behind, acts as a very good damage sponge from howitzers.



AP rounds lack penetration value, requires players to aim at weak spots

The thin roof ensures you get crushed by artillery shots


The Excelsior is, in my opinion, the best tank a leader should have in a tier 5 match. What do I mean? The Excelsior is able to influence the battle with great efficiency due to the combination of qualities the tank possess. 


We all have to agree in some way that tier 5 battles are not mature, they are as unpredictable as tier one games these days. I may be  exaggerating, but we often see poorly coordinated teams in tier 5 battles these days. One may be discouraged to keep a tier 5 tank because of this immature play. But no fret! The Excelsior is here to help! Here are some of the annoying issues we face in low tier matches and how the Excelsior can save the day:


Team is camping...

No problem! The Excelsior can roll into good spotting locations to scout, thanks to it's adequate view range. The good frontal armor will protect you from hostile fire while your thick rear armor can protect you from friendly fire from newbies. Fire HE rounds to track opponents if possible.


Team is forming a lemming train...

No problem! The Excelsior can hold a flank with little support, just roll into the neglected flank and stand your ground. You may want to conceal yourself here as the later the opponent spot you the later they fire, be sure there's available cover near you. Angle your frontal armor, swap between the different ammunition types that will be most effective to the target and let your rate of fire crush the invaders.


None of your team even knows the enemy has capture 70% of the base...

No problem! The Excelsior can use its speed to rush to the base or capture circle to reset the cap. Simply load your HE and charge, fire at the invaders and ram if need be. Hopefully your teammates realize the threat and respond, otherwise, hold your ground and keep shooting and see the red bar disappear.


Team is too subdued by enemy fire...

No problem! The Excelsior can spearhead assaults pretty well thanks to the combination of good speed and armor. Break the stalemate by rolling across the hill and charge at a diagonal direction and watch your screen get filled with gray arcs. Your team will be greatly encouraged as they react to your heroic leadership action, watch how they turn from timid rats to hungry gorillas in a few seconds.


Opponent team filled with howitzer addicts...

No problem! The Excelsior can use it's sides to effectively absorb explosive damage, but be sure only howitzers should shoot at your sides as AP round can slice through your sides. You may want to drill their guns with HE rounds until they are jammed, or, just rattle them down while they reload.



To allow you to carry out your heroic deeds, get ventilation, gun rammer and spall liner for your equipments.

Your fellow crew should go


Commander: BOA, Sixth sense

Gunner : BOA, Repairs

Driver: BOA, Repairs

Radio Operator: BOA, Repairs

Loader: BOA, Repairs


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The chicken is king! 

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Along with others tier V heavy tank, Excelsior is one of the most dangerous thing when you have to facing with them. First time fighting with it in my Pz III/IV, I was lost because of it's unexpected mobility and fast reload time. Anyway, nothing is perfect. You will have to pay for it, Ex! :justwait:

In my opinion, this tank is very similar with the T14 about firepower and armor but better in mobility. So, my general point about Excelsior is a heavy supporter. You can also consider it as a medium tank in some cases. :trollface:


A33 Excelsior in real life. You can see that it's very similar with the Cromwell because they are using the same hull.


This perilous heavy tank appeared in version 8.6, with the prize to see it in your garage is 1500 gold

One interesting thing, in old language, "Excelsior" means "standing" or "moving up". It's somewhat describe about how you should use this tank. A33 Excelsior is also the upgraded version of Cromwell, in the attempt to replace Churchill. You can read more in the History part, I put it in the Spoiler.



Now let's start the fun. 


1. Survivability 

For most of heavy tanks, HP and armor is very important things. A33 also have the same case, but don't expect too much because the enemy still can bring you down easily if you're subjective.


In overall...

From here you can see the equivalent about armor with the color bar. Some basic information that you can also find in game database:


Hull armor is 114/31/108. It says that this vehicle armor contains both important good and bad points.

Good news is your frontal armor can't be penetrated by most of tier 5 or lower vehicles, except some places, but don't worry 'cause it's small and not everyone know it. =))) Another benefit is your rear armor is very special, 108mm, nearly the same with frontal armor. When this is the place that people think it's slender parts, now they will see an exception.

The weaknesses in this is your frontal armor can be penetrated easily from HTs and TDs because you're nearly have no sloped or spaced armor in your face. Another big weak points is your side armor. It's the most slender parts in your tank, so please be notice in it.

You can also see that the roof-top is almost no armor, so be careful from artillery. They can deal a lot of damage to you since the ammo can penetrate to inside. 


Turret armor is 114/92/92. Nothing much to say but it's enough for a lot of bouncing ammo since it's thickness is the same with it's hull. Your gun depression is -9 degree, consider it as a good condition to hull-down if you want to.

HP is 670, standard for most of tier V heavy tank. 


Here are some special things that you should remember about this tank's armor:


Well-armored back side...

Don't ask me why, but this is fun when everyone is trying is shoot this place and cry after that :trollface: 

Don't be happy when you come from behind me. It's almost the same when facing with my frontal armor.


In the illusion above, the red-colored parts is 110mm (excepts the turret, it's only 92mm), orange parts is 70~75mm. One advice for the flank team, including most of light and medium tanks with average penetration about 100mm only, please pay attention about this before firing.


Your side armor is your biggest weakness...

It's also make you have to think carefully before trying to side-scrap. But don't worry since it's still can bounce many shots from low tier tanks.


The most thickness parts in the side armor is 99mm. In average it's about 58~90mm.


Despite the parameters say that your side armor is only 31mm, in facts it have a spaced armor that you can see from the overall armor picture, increase the armor equivalent up to 60 and 90mm. Not much but it's enough to do this dirty work: Reverse side scrape. :coin:


Reverse side scrape and how to use it?

This skill is very useful for well armored but many weak points vehicles. First, you have to know what is side scrape:


The chance to ricochet or no damage from this position is increased sharply. But it's useless if the enemy is moving close to you. Anyway it's still a good tactic to troll them. =))

Because the A33 Excelsior have a turret in the front side and your rear armor is very good, so you should try to reverse side scarp. It's the same with the above picture, but you will have to... facing your ass to the enemy :veryhappy: 

In this position, the enemy will be very confuse on where to shoot at you. Noticed that in the above picture position, your rear armor is covered by the obstacle. 


Practice this tactic and you'll see the effectiveness. Notice that this is just one way to hide and use your weakness about side armor becomes your advantages, which means that i'm not recommended if you're new in this. Remember to put the angle correctly or the enemy will still can pen your side armor.


2. Fire Power and Manoeuvrability

Poor firepower...

Get out of the advantages from the armor, now suffer the consequences :trollface:

As i say before, the Excelsior's fire power is somewhat the same with T14. Penetration is only 91mm for AP and 144mm for APCR. You will have to aim carefully to enemy weak points before shooting because even gold ammo still cannot help you much, but with the accuracy 0.4, this won't be easy.

Alpha damage also a disadvantage, 110 for each successful shot. However, good reload time 3.6s (2.9s for Tank Gun Rammer and Brother In Arms skill) increase the DPM up to 1800.

Aim time 2.2s is very good, allow you to get max accuracy before reloading complete when in stationary. 


3. Mobility

Max speed 38km/h with the hp/t is 14.62, not bad with a heavy tank. Sometimes you can play as a medium tanks, go flank and support your friend to destroy the enemy. Anyway, it's only helpful if you're playing in tier VI battle.

High terrain resistance reminds you that you're not really a medium tank. For most cases, you will have to fight as a heavy supporter.


4. Other notable characteristics

- Matchmaking: VI is maximum. What you can do if you have to fight with tier 7 ? Even I won't help much for the team. 

- Very good view range 350m combine with your decent camouflage values will help you a lot to shoot at the enemy without being spotted.

- Your ammo rack is in the front so if the enemy can penetrate it, you'll die easily. 

- You'll have to use APCR in some cases, but notice that the price is 7 gold/ammo and your income is just above average. (30k silvers for about 1k damage)

- Aiming circle spread is very large. 




After researching with me about most of the parts of this vehicle, now you can get the conclusion about the advantages and disadvantages, some advices in gameplay... 



- Armor is good enough to immune with many light and medium tanks.

- Special rear armor. Thickness almost the same with frontal armor.

- Very mobility for a heavy tank. 

- Perfect view range combined with good camouflage value. 

- Premium tank matchmaking. ( Max tier VI )

- Good reload time and aim time.

- Can be used in many battle situations, from a supporter, brawler, to a passive scout. 



- Side armor very weak, but can be used for reverse side scrape thanks to bonus spaced armor. (Not recommended)

- Low penetration and alpha damage.Decent accuracy.

- Ammo rack placed in front of the tank. If penetrated it will be damaged very easily.

- Aiming circle spread is very large.

- Income not very good for a premium tank.


Recommended play style

From the above characteristics, we can see that this heavy tank is very special and can be played in many position depend on the battle situation.

- At the early time in battle, you can play like a medium tank, but don't imagine too much. Use your advantage in mobility, armor, massive weight, fast reload to attack the enemy when rushing in one line. In the defense situation, you can hull-down and firing - moving quickly to slow the enemy down easily.

- Despite you're a heavy tank with a classic plane surface armor, don't expect too much in bounce enemy ammo because KV-1 sometimes can penetrate your frontal armor, even TDs. Moreover, your ammo rack is placed in the front, so consider carefully before trying to attack at close range as a brawler.

- If you're in a tier VI battle, be a supporter is recommended. Use special skills such as reverse side scrape to confuse the enemy as much as possible. 

- Focus fire on light armored vehicles first.

- You should prepare about 10-15 APCR ammo for some necessary situation due to the lack of penetration. Anyway remember that you're playing premium tank to make more credits, so don't use them permanently.


Recommended crew skills

- Thanks to the standard number of crew (5), you can use your British heavy tank's crew easily. If you don't have, then try to learn these important skills first, respectively


For Commander: Sixth Sense - Repair - Eagle Eye - Brother in Arms - Camouflage.

For Gunner: Repair - Snap Shot - Deadeye - Brother in Arms - Camouflage

For Driver: Repair - Off Road Driving - Controlled Impact - Brother in Arms - Camouflage

For Reloader: Repair - Safe Stowage - Intuition - Brother in Arms - Camouflage

For Radioman: Repair - Situational Awareness - Call for Vengeance - Brother in Arms - Camouflage 


Recommended equipments

Because this vehicle can be using in many position, even as a medium tank, so you should use the standard equipments for most kind of tanks:

Tank Gun Rammer + Enhanced Gun Laying Drive + Improved Ventilation


Playing as an sniper/supporter which is much more passive and safer.

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive + Improved Ventilation + Binocular Telescope


Remember that, the tank will love you only if you love it. Don't force it to do what it couldn't. Be a good friend with it and be a good soldier in battle! 

Good luck!  :medal: 


For some bonuses, here is the poetry about Excelsior, by Longfellow, inspired from the meaning of the tank's name. 


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A Review of the



Deciding which premium heavy tank to use when going down the British tank line is between the TOG II and the A33 Excelsior. I have examined both for several months, and would suggest the Tier V Excelsior superior in earning credits and crew skills. The TOG II is a good tank, but it's such a large and slow moving tank that that you can not adjust to changing situations quickly. Once spotted, artillery makes quick work of you, it's easily tracked, and has huge weak spots.

The A33 Excelsior is a fun tank that moves out quickly, fires fast, and can rapidly adjust to dynamic situations. I would say is similar to driving the Soviet KV-1, or the American premium T-14. The Excelsior is at its best in a supporting role at close to medium distance fighting. 


Some of the PROS: very fast acceleration to a top speed of 38.5kph

                                 strong frontal armor of 140mm

                                 rear armor of 108mm that's great for bouncing shots

                                 great rate of firing at 15:79 per minute

Some of the CONS: flat plate armor with no sloping, must angle the tank when facing opponents

                                 weak side armor, avoid exposing

                                 the gun has weak penetration, with bad accuracy of 0.42 dispersion at 100m

                                 gun's low velocity causes the shell to loop towards the target, takes getting used to


The first heavy tank on the British line is the tier V Churchill. Getting a premium tank like the Excelsior will help to rapidly develop crew skills. Initially I chose for the Commander Sixth Sense. I need to know when I have been spotted in order to decide how I can best help the team. The Gunner needs Deadeye. This helps in getting the first shot off with accuracy. The Driver got Camouflage. Using this skill helps along with an exterior paint job. The Radio Operator got the Repair skill. This helps in fixing broken modules. The Loader needs Safe Stowage skill. This helps in preventing an ammo rack, or an internal explosion. Eventually all crew members will have the repair skill, and then by the third skill I will build on their specific job. My intent is to have a tank first skill, then a job skill second.


For the Excelsior the equipment selected was Improved Ventilation, Large Gun Rammer, and Enhanced Gun Laying Drive. The improved ventilation gives an additional 5% to each crew skill, the gun rammer decreases reloading time by 10%, and the enhanced gun laying drive adds 10% to the Excelsior's 2.3 second aiming time. All this adds up to improving the performance to the crew.


The tactics in using this tank are in paying attention to the positioning of your tank. Knowing that you have good frontal armor, and to take advantage of your good gun depression. That means keeping hull down, and using your high rate of fire on the enemy. This is also a good method to rapidly get out of the artillery's fire once you've been spotted. I have enjoyed playing this tank and have used it blasting my way down the British Heavy line.

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                                  So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak. - Sun Tzu (Chapter VI, The Art of War)


Historical Overview
In 1942, the Churchill Mk.II tank armed with an Ordnance QF 2-pdr (40mm) was considered inadequate for the infantry support role. Some of the flaws were the lack of HE (High Explosive) shells for the main armament; relying on the machine gun for infantry support; mechanical and design faults of the early Churchill tanks. The (A33) Excelsior was developed as an intermediate tank to combine both the roles of an infantry support tank (A22) Churchill and cavalry tank (A27M) Cromwell. In 1943, two prototypes were built and had undergone trials but did not meet expectations of carrying out both roles satisfactorily. Consequently, it was canceled in favor of the newer improved versions of the Churchill tank.


Excelsior in World of Tanks
It is a Tier V premium heavy tank with preferential matchmaking encountering up to Tier VI tanks in battles. As of version 9.0 there are nine Tier V heavy tanks inclusive of four Tier V premium heavy tanks with same preferential matchmaking available for the same price of 1500 gold.


A tactical comparison of these four premium tanks are tabled below:






Tier V Heavy Tank


T14 Heavy Tank

Churchill III


Hit Points (HP)





Hull Armor: Front/Side/Rear (mm)

114 / (32+25) /108

50 / 50 / 50

176 / 76 / 50

100 / 100 / 80

Turret Armor: Front/Side/Rear (mm)

114 /92 /92

101 / 101 / 101

88 / 88 / 76

90 / 75 / 75

Speed : Fwd / Reverse


38 / 12

34 / 10

28 /

33 / 10

Hull Traverse Speed






Turret Traverse Speed






Shell Penetration AP/APCR/HE (mm)

91 / 144 / 38

92 / 127 / 38

110 / 180 / -

99 / 121 / 38

Shell Hit Points damage AP/APCR/HE (HP)

110 / 110 / 175

110 / 110 / 175

75 / 75 / -

110 / 110 / 156

View Range (m)





Rate of Fire (r/m)





Reload time (s)





Accuracy (Dispersion at 100 meters)





Camouflage Value






Camouflage Value

In Motion





(Net) Credit Income [stats @ vbaddict.net]






Overall, the Excelsior has the best speed, excellent all around armor protection, good view range, good gun depression of -9 degrees, quick rate of fire and best camouflage values making the Excelsior a well balanced heavy tank in Tier V. Nevertheless, the offensive capability is hampered by the low penetration and hit points damage of the 75 mm Mk. V gun. As an example, the AP shell cannot penetrate the Tier V KV-1 turret anywhere except for a weak spot on ball mounted machine gun on the aft of the turret.


An interesting fact about the side armor of the Excelsior is that it is well protected with an additional 25mm thick spaced armor. The total thickness of the side armor varies from 100mm to 57mm. As a result, the Excelsior is excellent at side scraping.


Although, the net credit income statistic for the Excelsior does not look good, good players regularly get good net income of 20,000 credits per battle or more with premium account in Tier V battles when premium APCR rounds are used wisely and sparingly. Learn and shoot at the weakspots.


As a training tank for Churchill I crews, a single gunner can be trained one at a time because the Excelsior has one gunner position. The other drawback is the radio operator of the Churchill I cannot be trained in an Excelsior.


Excelsior Gameplay Tactics

An Excelsior spearheading an attack from zero countdown accompanied by a M7 medium and VK30.01(H) heavy tank in a Tier V battle. It is important to get to the strategic positions on the map in the fastest possible time to gain an upper hand against the enemy.


In general, the heavy tank has the firepower, thick armor and high hit points for absorbing damage than other class of tanks in WoT. The role of a heavy tank is to spearhead an attack on an enemy position; pushing through their defenses or defend a position from enemy attacks.  It is not for hiding behind tank destroyers nor artillery units. :wink:


Nonetheless, heavy tanks also have drawbacks such as relatively low speed unable to pursue faster and more maneuverable light tanks and vulnerable to indirect fire from artillery. The outcome of a battle is usually determined by the heavy tanks;  and how other classes of allied tanks support them during the battle. In short, teamwork is necessary for swift victory! Even without effective support, a good heavy tank player can turn the tide of the battle against an unorganized enemy team.


Thankfully, the Excelsior has the best combination of speed and armor in its tier that makes it more of a heavy and medium tank hybrid that can keep up with most medium tanks in a fast moving battle. Useful in tier VI battles, whereby the Excelsior can take the role of supporting Tier VI heavy tanks instead.


An overwhelming concentrated attack by an Excelsior supporting an M6 (Heavy) and Cromwell (Medium) Tier VI tanks against a single enemy M6 with a foreseeable outcome. Which side of the team do you want to be in? :smiles:


Concentrated firepower destroy enemy tanks quickly before it has the chance to retreat to safety or reload and return fire. The faster an enemy tank gets destroyed, the less potential damage it can do;  gaining an advantage in numerical superiority in later encounters in the ongoing battle.


Lastly, it affects the morale of the players on the other team.


The Excelsior has good gun depression. 2nd best in its tier. Useful in pressing in an uphill or downhill attack or defense. Learn every tank's strengths and weaknesses and utilize the terrain to your advantage. In this case, the Hetzer cannot use its 105mm Stu.H. 42 L/28 gun effectively from such a position.


Tank Ramming Lesson 101: Ramming a heavier tank in desperation never helps anyone except the team on the other side. :laugh:



  • Excellent overall armor protection.
  • Good gun rate of fire.
  • Low ammunition cost. An Excelsior AP shell costs less than half the price of a VK30.01(H) or BDR G1 B AP shell.
  • Good camouflage values.



  • Vertical armor plates reducing the effective armor thickness
  • Poor AP and APCR shell penetration and hit points damage.
  • Gun has high dispersion rate.
  • Poor training tank for Churchill I tank crews.


Recommended Equipment, Skills and Perks Setup









Sixth Sense




Brother in Arms


Snap Shot


Designated Target


Brother in Arms



Smooth Ride

Off Road Driving

Preventive Maintenance

Brother in Arms



Safe Stowage

Adrenaline Rush


Brother in Arms

Radio Operator

Situational Awareness


Call for Vengeance

Signal Boosting

Brother in Arms


Coated Optics

Med. Cal. Gun Rammer

Heavy Spall Liner


Large / Small Repair Kit

Large / Small First Aid Kit

Automatic Fire Extinguisher

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