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Premium Tank Review Contest "Valentine II"

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Elphaba #1 Posted 19 May 2014 - 03:44 PM


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Event Start Time:23 May2014 14:00 (UTC+8) 

Event End Time: 30 May 2014 14:00 (UTC+8) 


Hi Commanders,


Finding the right tank to add to your garage can be difficult. In our Premium Tank Review Series, we want to hear from our tank commanders their own personal opinions on our featured tanks to help other players make their choice when they finally decide to bring that long-coveted tank home!


This time, we'd like to read about your thoughts on the "Valentine II"!




  1. Post your best review of the featured tank focusing on the following details:
    • Pros
    • Cons
    • Equipment recommendations
    • Crew Skill recommendations
    • Gameplay tips
  2. Use of images in your review is recommended but not mandatory.
  3. Contest is limited to one entry per account so make it good!



  • 3 winners of 1000 gold.

Maksym #2 Posted 23 May 2014 - 02:26 PM


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First of all I have Valentine ll 

Pros: High armor, high HP for its tier, Easy to get Steel wall when versing tanks with auto loaders, premium match making makes it only battle it's own tier and under.

Cons: Has trouble to pen tier lV's, weak and slow engine.

Recommended equipment: try to buy an extra gasoline engine to make it accelerate faster as it is very slow.

Recommended routes: Try to take unusable routes as then you won't get overtaken by allies and also so you can try sneak in the enemy base and at least deal some DMG.

 In conclusion I like to play around with this tank but you need to be a patient and experienced player to have fun, but over all it like to have this tank in my arsenal.


Note to self: I hope I win :mellow: 



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srpk_khin #3 Posted 23 May 2014 - 04:02 PM


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At the beginning I have Valentine ll . And I enjoy to play with it.

 Very good armour for its tier
 High HP pool
 Small size, low profile
 Fast gun/track traverse
 Rapid rate of fire, reasonable accuracy, adequate penetration against tier threes
 Only sees tier 4 battles, unlike the regular Valentine
 Very good camo and light tank status gives it full camo on the move
 Nearly useless penetration for its tier, has serious problems penning some tier 4s even with APCR
 Only three crew members and dependence on APCR ammo make it poor for both crew training and making credits
 Weak engine, low speed limit, sluggish reverse, crawls uphill
 Low ammo capacity

Recommended equipment:Try to buy extra Rammer -10% reduction in gun-loading time . Second one is Spall Liner that Increases armor thickness when calculating splash damage from High Explosive.

and The Third one is Toolbox.

Recommended consumables: 1.Small Repair Kit,

2.Small First Aid Kit, and 3.Manual Fire Extinguishers.

Recommended Crew Skill: Commander is Sixth Sense,Driver is Off-road and Smooth, Loader is Safe Storage is great and it's perk.

Recommended routes: Try to fight in Ensk or something...but u need to find good and well cover your tank like building or some safe place but pls be patient.

In Conclusion When I play with this tank I am very happy and excited . And I think we need to patient when we lose or some enemy is shooting to your tank please find a good cover and wait for enemy.

Sincerely Yours,


The Graphic of Valentine ll

Valentine ll Graphic





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meowchai #4 Posted 23 May 2014 - 04:14 PM


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OneWingedDestroyer #5 Posted 23 May 2014 - 04:43 PM


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Having used the Valentine II many times before, I must say, it's one of the best tanks I've ever wielded.


Why? -Pros- 

1) Its armor is superior against most tanks below its tier (not counting tank destroyers), making this tank one of the ultimate sealclubbing and stat-padding tanks in WoT. It also has good HP, meaning it can withstand a good amount of beating. It can also angle and sidescrape to protect itself even further.

2) The gun is essentially an autoloader, as its reload time's (at least when I still had it) about 2 seconds

3) It has preferential matchmaking. This means that this tank's ALWAYS at the top of the list.

4) The lack of speed is overcompensated for by the agility and acceleration of the tank. Its fast hull and turret traverse speeds ensure that this tank is almost impossible to outflank.

5) When used right, this tank farms Steel Wall, Cool Headed, Ace Tanker badges, crew experience and of course, credits.

6) This tank, being small in size and LT in stature, has superior camouflage that doesn't wear off even when moving, making this tank a good ambusher.


However, it should be noted that there are also drawbacks:

1) The armor only works against tier 3 light and medium tanks, and the tier 4 heavies B.1 and Durchbruchswagen 2, and perhaps the AMX 40. But other than that, its armor is invalidated when tank destroyers and SPGs are present. One mustn't rush with this tank alone, especially when Matildas and Hetzers are present.

2) While the acceleration of the Valentine II is good, it unfortunately can't run very fast, making this tank a priority target for artillery. It also can't run fast enough to save your base when it's being capped, so it's advisable not to over-extend your advance, unless all flanks are safe and secure. Needless to say, this tank is also not for scouting.

3) Low penetration, damage output and acceptable accuracy force you to stick to one playstyle: brawler. When thinking of buying this tank, it's important to consider your own playstyle. Also, because of the low pen values, stalemates against tier 4 (especially heavy) tanks happen frequently, necessitating the use of APCR and flanking maneuvers when facing them.

4) Only three members fit in the tank. But don't fret: the Valentine II trains the Commander, Driver and Loader; three important crew members for LT use. So if you're eyeing an MT-25, why not try buying a Valentine II and training your future MT-25 commander, driver and loader with it?

5) The gun depression is not exactly a thing of beauty either. Since it's a British tank classified as Russian in World of Tanks, its gun depression is quite bad. You can still hull down by using buildings though, like, say, the ones in Ruinberg/Himmelsdorf.


All things considered, the following equipment are recommended:

Toolbox - so you can repair your track fast when an enemy shoots at it

Small Spall Liner - this lessens (but doesn't remove) the level of threat artillery and derp guns pose on you.

Improved Ventilation Class 1 - this improves your tank's overall capability


For consumables, you need:

Small Repair Kit

Small First Aid Kit

Manual Fire Extinguishers


However, if you want, you can replace the extinguishers with:

Lend Lease Oil - to give your already-agile tank some more agility (I don't recommend the Speed Governor since it damages the engine)

Extra Combat Rations - to improve the effect of vents


For Crew Skills, you may want to stick with this format:

Commander: Sixth Sense (to know when you've been spotted), Repair (to compliment the toolbox), Brothers in Arms (to compliment the vents), 4th and 5th skills are entirely up to you.

Driver: Clutch Braking (to increase your hull's turning speed, making your tank even more difficult to flank), Repair, Brothers in Arms, 4th and 5th skills are also up to you, but you may want Off-Road driving to lessen terrain resistance and therefore improve your vehicle's speed (although that's not necessary).

(I don't recommend Smooth Ride because you're slow enough to fire accurately on the move)

Loader: Safe Stowage (to increase your ammo rack's resistance to damage. You'll really want to protect your awesome reload time), Repair, Brothers in Arms, and again, 4th and 5th skills are up to you.



-When playing this tank, it's important to know that you're a front-liner for all your worth, and that you shouldn't advance alone. Forming a platoon is also highly recommended.

- When you brawl, always pay attention to the minimap, look for weakspots on the enemy's assault, and exploit them by going into their flanks (while they're distracted by your allies) and using your good front armor and good camo as cover.

- Another tactic would be to notify your allies or platoonmates (if you have them) about the assault's weakspots and tell them to go there, while you act as bait. Your armor will protect you from focus fire, depending on the tanks present of course.

Angling really helps. The tank can also sidescrape.

- Do not be afraid to seek help from artillery when things are looking bad and you're up against tier 4s. When confronted by such huge odds, ask the artillery to fire at them while you keep firing and blowing off the enemy's tracks. Such teamwork can really save your team from near-certain defeat.

- When facing tier 4 tanks one on one, blow up their tracks and keep firing at that point until you see the rear armor of the enemy. Once you're behind the enemy, switch to APCR to ensure penetration.

- Always stay on the move, especially when arties are present on the enemy team, or they will attempt to pound you to death.

- Your armor may be strong, but don't get too overconfident and rush like an idiot. You're not invincible.


Phew. That was long. :) Hope you found this review informative and happy bullying!


(If only I saved that screenshot of me having a winning match with the Valentine. :( *sigh*)

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Anyone who can help me find my precious little MAWRltese will get $1000.

(But.. you'll have to go to heaven and bring him back here.)

wizkaleacha #6 Posted 23 May 2014 - 04:50 PM


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this is my personal opinion for the pros of the valentine ll:
the valentine tank has a very good armor for its tier and it is very small in size and its a very low profile tank it has quite a lot of average penetration towards the tiers of its current tier class and the lower tier 3 class has a very good fast reload rate for the tier its in, it also comes with a very high hp for this tank surprisingly and its traverse speed is also surprisingly good as well.



this is my personal opinion for the cons of the valentine ll:
the valentine tank is a very poor speeding tank so i would advise not to use as a scout tank but it is a light tank comes with a tier 2 gun but this is a a tier 4 tanks so not a very good weapon and has a very terrible penetration for a tier 4 tank it has to have premium ammo to get good damage on enemy other wise wouldn't use the tank and burns through ammo like no tomorrow pointless having crew training on it when that is very useful on tanks,



this is my personal opinion for the equipment recommendations for the valentine ll:
i would add toolbox its not a bad idea for this tank but i defiantly would add improved ventilation for this tank and the enhanced gun laying drive the spall liner is not a bad idea to use but more importantly should use camouflage net.



this is my personal opinion for the crew skill recommendations for the valentine ll:

you can transfer from your Russian light tanks into the valentine ll tier 4 tank crew and would be the best option to do and would 




this is my personal opinion for the game play tips for valentine ll:

you cannot fight fair against a Matilda or a Hetzer your rate of fire is fast enough to keep a tank tracked while you make a quick get away around a corner The tank's small mobility helps a bit but your low mobility still puts you at risk against sniping tank and artillery’s You can push through ordinary lights or mediums tanks without problem but you still cant rush an assault alone best chance would be to team up with higher tank and work as team  make your teammate with better armor and whom can take more hits go first then you pop out and have your shot’s.


Thank you for taking the time to read my review WorldOfTanks hope you enjoyed!


                                                                             yours sincerely,
                                                                                                      Hayden Leach


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salaja #7 Posted 28 May 2014 - 07:59 AM


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Valentine II review


The Valentine II is a Premium Soviet tier 4 light tank. Historically, it was a British tank, and originally called "Tank, Infantry, Mk III* ", with about 700 being manufactured. The Soviets received over 3000 Valentines (including versions other than the valentine 2) during the war.


1. Pros

2. Cons

3. Equipment

4. Crew Skills

5. Gameplay

6. Conclusion


1. Pros

The single greatest advantage that this tank has is its relatively thick armor for its tier.

Hull: 60mm all around, with the only frontal weak spot being a 55mm viewing port.

Turret: 65mm all around except for the gun mantlet which is 40mm (with almost nothing behind it), and areas of 60mm armor on either side of the gun. There are also small areas of 125mm armor on the turret, but they are thin, and can not be relied on to deflect damage. If looking at the side, there is a small 95mm reinforced view port, roughly half way up the turret, which may allow the occasional lucky bounce, but nothing more.



In addition to its excellent all round armor, the valentine 2 has extremely high hull and turret traverse speed. Hull traverse is 50 deg/s and the turrets traverse is 48 deg/s. This speed allows you to quickly rotate your tank so that can always be perfectly angled to whatever threat you find yourself against.


Radio Range for this tank is 570m, which is decent for tier 4.


View Range is 350m, which isn't the best in the world, but it certainly isn't bad either.


This is one of the only tanks to have its match making limited to 1 tier. So you will never see a tier 5 tank, the worst you will have to deal with are other tier 4 tanks.


2. Cons


One of the most notable drawbacks of having so much armor is the lack of speed. With a p/w of 8.92 and a top speed of 32 kph (assuming you can even reach that speed), you will have difficulties climbing hills at anything other than a crawl.


Another significant disadvantage is the gun. With only 51mm of penetration with AP and 84 with APCR, you will have a tough time trying to penetrate other heavily armored tanks such as the Valentine, the AMX 40, and the Matilda. The gun has a fast aim time of 1.7s, but this isn't much of an advantage, as it is required to manage to bloom from its high rate of fire of 26.25 per minute. Due to its low alpha of 47 damage, this tank has about 1233 dpm, which puts it at the weaker end of the scale. With only 6 degrees of gun depression, this may have difficulty shooting down from some ridges in the game, and limits the tanks versatility.


This is a premium tank, however it doesn't appear to have very good credit making potential, and the Soviet tree has very few scouts that you would want to train crew for. As a result, the main reason you would want to get this tank is to have fun at tier 4 (which is still a pretty good reason).


Valentine II properties and statistics from Tank Inspector:

*note: Tank Inspector gives a slightly different dmp and reload time than what I calculated based off of the in-game stats. The listed in-game RoF is 26.25, this gives a reload time of 2.286 s, while Tank Inspector thinks it is 2.192 s. I am unsure of the source of the error.


3. Equipment


Recommended equipment for the valentine 2:

Camouflage Net - The valentine II has a surprisingly good camo rating (about the same as the AMX 12t). Combined with a low view ranges common at lower tiers, this can make you very hard to spot.

Binoculars - If you're sitting still using a camo net, the binos are an obvious choice.

Toolbox/Vents - With a 1.7s aim time the GLD would be of very limited value. Being limited to tier 4 games means there will be few HE derp gun around, so a spall liner would be a wasted slot. we already have binos equipped, so optics isn't needed. The only remaining options are the vent and tool box. Personally, i would go for the tool box, as you will be tracked a lot by other players once they realize they can't pen your armor.


Recommended Consumables:

Small Med Kit - always.

Small Repair Kit - always.

Large Repair Kit - to use the passive effect, and make repair speeds faster. Don't actually use this, other wise you will lose a lot of credits.


4. Crew Skills


The Valentine II has 3 crew members, a commander (Gunner), a Driver, and a Loader (Radio Operator). If you only use this tank as a crew trainer, then you should use skills and perk suited tot he tank you are training for. But if you are just playing this tank for fun, and the crew will never leave, then here are some recommendations:

Commander (Gunner) - 6th Sense/Camo/BIA

Driver - Camo/Repairs/BIA

Loader (Radio Operator) - Camo/Repairs/BIA


6th Sense is almost always the best skill you can get. Due to the small number of crew, skills like BIA, camo and repairs are better because you only miss out on 3 other skills, rather than 5. Once you have a bit over 2 skills trained, it may be a good idea to retrain to get BIA to 100% straight away, while keeping 6th Sense at 100% as well. As for the ordering of Repairs and Camo, it is a personal preference. do you want your tracks up faster? or do you want to remain hidden from the scout tanks?


Reasons against some other popular skills:

Clutch Breaking - This tank already has a very high traverse speed, sufficient to prevent anything from ever circling you.

Snap Shot - With an already very fast aiming time of 1.7s, the benefit to shot dispersion would be impercievable. this skill is much better suited to high alpha, low RoF guns.

Smooth Ride - If you wanted to build your tank around the idea of always moving forward, and shooting on the move, this may be viable. However, the combination of low speed (allowing you to stop very quickly), and the fast aim time, allowing you to return fire very quickly and accurately, cause this skill to be of very limited utility.

Situation Awareness - A 3% bonus to view range gives about 10.5m increase in view range. 100% camo skill makes you hidden for about an extra 45m (based on you being stationary,and an enemy with 360 view range), which is about 15m per crew member. BIA also boosts the view range by 2.14% (7.5m), and with all its other benifits, greatly outshines situational awareness.


5. Gameplay


This is a tank that is a tiny bit OP, so you should be able to get a win rate a few points higher than your average.


This isn't a fast tank, so you probably won be leading the pack. When you push a flank, it is entirely possible that you will be unable to defend your base, should it be capped. As a result, you will have to make your decisions carefully. Hills will take a while for you to clime, so if possible, avoid them, and push along flat ground instead.


Due to your poor penetration, and high armor, this tank excels more than most when it comes to beating up lower tier tanks. By learning what enemies you can, and can't penetrate, you will be able to maximize your damage, and remove more lightly armored enemies from the match. It may also be worth investing the time to learn about the weak spots of other tier 4 tanks, to make damaging them easier.


Heavily armored enemies like Matildas require the use of premium ammo, and very careful aiming. Though a wiser option would be to simply spot the target, and let friendly Tank Destroyers and Artillery kill him for you.


Because the Valentine II has 60mm of armor all around, you can safely angel yourself at 45 degrees. this will give you an effective armor thickness of 85mm, and about 78mm after normalization. Your turret is your main weak spot from the front, by moving back and forth while angled, and will force your enemy to adjust his aim onto your little turret, depending on his amount of lag, it may become very difficult for him to hit you in your weak spots (if he even knows of them).


Your armor is good, but not 'impenetrable' good. while playing, try to avoid fights were you may be hit by enemies with high penetration guns, such as Tank Destroyers. On the flip side, if you find yourself against enemies you know can't hurt you, try leading the charge to draw fire away from your softer allies.


6. Conclusion


The Valentine II can be a fun little tank. Bouncing shots from lesser enemies, and never having to see a higher tier tank, it can be a good stress reliever. It is similar in many ways to other premium tanks, which follow the formula of "good armor + low pen". If you enjoy those tanks, odds are you will enjoy this one.


Be aggressive when you can afford to, but avoid enemy vehicles with high penetration. If you're in a bad situation, fighting a stronger opponent, try and use your view range and camouflage to your advantage.


The tank is usually 1000g in the store, but can be purchased for 50% off during sales, and it was 75% off during the valentines day sales in 2014. It can be a very cheap and fun tank to own.

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Aoyama_Blue_Mountain #8 Posted 28 May 2014 - 08:03 AM

    Blue Mountain Aoyama

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Angling really helps. The tank can also sidescrape.


Did you know that Valentine's front armor actually gets weaker when angled?

Andi #9 Posted 29 May 2014 - 10:27 PM


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Valentine II: A Steel-fisted Lover


This is my review of the Valentine II, the “Made-in-Britain” Soviet tier 4 “light” tank. Along with many other American/British vehicles, a version of the Valentine was hurried to Stalins Red Army which was frantically trying to stop the incoming Germans during World War 2. In game, the classification of a “light tank” is wrong; the Valentine is one of the most heavily armored tanks in game which is further supported by its unusually great matchmaking. 


This review will cover the following aspects of the Valentine II:

  • Durability and Armor
  • Mobility
  • Firepower
  • Gameplay
  • Equipment
  • Crew skills
  • Should I buy it?



Durability and Armor


The Valentine 2 has an amazing chunk of hit points for a tank classified as a light. With 380, it has more hit points than its counterparts, the AMX 40 (300), the Matilda (340) and its non-premium version, the Valentine (310). Coupled with great all-round armor, this allows it to take a great beating before it goes down. However, as with all tanks, manage your hit point pool well and do not take any unnecessary damage. 


On paper, the Valentine 2 has an armor thickness of 60mm on the front, sides, AND rear. 

The upper frontal glacis, the highly sloped area, is where you can expect the most bounces. This is where tier 3 and 4 lights and mediums will find themselves unable to penetrate, especially if the front is angled properly. Tier 4 TD’s, and some tier 3 TD’s present the biggest threat to the Valentine 2 as their either high-penetration guns or high alpha cannons (known also as derps) will rip through the armor with relative ease. 


Keep in mind, though, that the armor layout resembles the IS-3’s “pike-nose” a bit, with the two sides of the upper armor sloping both downward and sideways. What does this mean? 


Well, basically, if you’re facing the Valentine 2 frontally, you will find that these two areas have increased protection to armor-piercing, armor piercing composite-rigid or high explosive anti-tank rounds when compared to the midsection of the upper frontal glacis. But when angled, an known and useful method of increasing frontal armor effectiveness, these two areas’ armor effectiveness actually DECREASE, as they now lose their sideways-sloping feature. It’s hard to explain it without diagrams, and I apologize for not being able to put up a picture of it.


The side armor is flat 60mm of steel. Unangled, many tanks will penetrate it with ease. However, one can use it to great effectiveness when using the “sidescrape” technique, which will be explained in the “Gameplay” section. 


The rear armor is stated as 60mm thick, but that only applies to a thin block of armor which, as you might soon find out, rarely gets hit. Most of the rear armor is barely worth mentioning- tug it away, keep it hidden and prevent it from getting hit at all times. It will get penetrated by almost any tank you encounter. 


The turret armor is very similar to the hull armor, with solid 65mm of armor on the front, sides and rear. You will receive bounces from hits to the turret from nearly any direction. When expecting to get shot, angle your turret at around 40 degrees to one side to increase the turrets armor effectiveness. 




As with many heavily-armored tanks, mobility will always be a downside. With just under 9 hp/ton, you will find yourself at times struggling to keep up with the pace of the battle or returning to your base to reset. To- at least partially- make up for that, it has a simply astounding traverse speed of 50 degrees. Hell, true scout tanks would damn happy if they were given that traverse speed. The Panzer 2 Luchs itself, known to be extremely agile, has only 33 degrees traverse on paper. The Valentine 2’s agility should never be underestimated. Similarly to the Excelsior, circling tanks will soon find themselves in trouble to outmaneuver the Valentine, while the fast firing cannon will shred it to pieces. 


The top speed of 32 km/h does not help either as you will find yourself crawling downhill. On flat or moderately soft terrain, forget about reaching that speed. 




Pewpewpew! Let’s take a look at the 45mm 20KL guns’ statistics. 


  • 51mm average penetration
  • 47 alpha damage (hit points)
  • 26.26 rounds per minute (or roughly 2.2 seconds reload time)
  • 0.41m dispersion at 100m (accuracy)
  • 1.71 seconds aim time


This gun is essentially a modified, slightly improved version of the tier 2 BT-2’s top gun, the long and fast Soviet light tank. The low damage of about 47 hit points per shot is acceptable, considering the extremely quick reload speed of just over 2 seconds. This is helped by the excellent aim time of 1.71 seconds. In CQC (close quarter combat) situations, you will be able to fire immediately after each reload is completed. At mid-range, you might have to wait a split second longer before each shot which is pretty standard for such a gun. 


Now, as with the Excelsior (British tier 5 heavy tank), the problem lies with the penetration. 51mm average penetration is not bad for tier 3, but soon becomes a problem at tier 4. Luckily, it only sees tier 3 to tier 4 tanks- yes, it WON’T see tanks a tier higher. If I remember correctly, this tank is the only one with this special special-matchmaking (yes, other tanks, for example the B1 or IS-6 have so-called ‘special-MM’ too, but they see tanks a tier higher), which is arguably one of the best features of the Valentine 2. Anyway, back to the gun penetration. You will have to place carefully aimed shots when faced with moderately armored tanks. With AP, forget about penetrating Matildas and AMX 40’s. 


As for gold rounds, well... they really aren’t worth it. Firing too much gold will weigh down on your wallet, and they really should only be used for emergency purposes (when nobody else can damage a tank). I suggest not loading any more than 15 rounds of gold rounds. 




The combination of great armor, low overall speed (but great traverse speed) and light-tank shredding gun leaves the Valentine II as a support tank, with the ability to lead a push at the right times. Its role depends on the line-up of enemy tanks, and their positioning. Its speed is extremely slow, and once committed to one area, it will find it very inconvenient if forced to change direction. The Valentine II will find itself at home in mid-range to close quarter combat as its gun has higher chances of landing penetrating shots. 


With 60mm of solid side armor, the “sidescraping” technique can be applied to great effect for the Valentine 2. It basically consists of hugging a solid object (a rock, stone or wall) and hiding the frontal armor and its weak spots, while exposing a highly-angled side toward the enemy gun. It does take a bit of practice, and when you find your window clustered with grey arcs, you will know you’ve got it right. I’m unable to post pictures for some reason on the site, so here is the link to the World of Tanks wikipedia site which explains sidescraping in great detail:




As the Valentine II has a forward-mounted turret, I usually use the “reverse-sidescrape” position. This is done by, instead of facing the front of the tank toward the solid object, facing the REAR toward the object and angling the side out. This allowed me to turn my turret backward and actually fire back without having to move out to shoot. Keep in mind that your turret might also be easily penetrated, so angle that well too. Experiment and practice the sidescrape position, then the reverse-sidescrape position and use it to maximum effect. 


As with many tanks with low penetration guns, it is dependent on teammates to get rid of highly armored tanks. But no worries, you can help with that. Use your high rate of fire to blast their tracks off, and keep them permanently detracked. As an artillery player myself, words cannot express the joy at seeing a nice target, sitting out in the open, unable to move. Tank destroyers will also grin in delight as they take carefully aimed shots from a distance to blast the annoying tank to hell. 


Another, more risky way of dealing with tanks with high frontal armor but weaker sides and rears (such as the Valentine II itself), one can simply blow its tracks off while make its way, slowly, around the enemy tank. The traverse speed will allow you to turn tightly around the enemy tank, while your rate of fire can alternately detrack the tank and fire punishing shots into the sides/rear. Keep in mind that in this case, the enemy tank needs to be alone (if he’s not, make sure his support is dead). 


In conclusion, like every tank, learn what the tank can do and what it can’t. Learn which areas the Valentine II can reach with its speed, learn the terrain it can abuse. While your gun depression, at -6 degrees, isn’t particularly good, with proper positioning you will be able to find some hulldown positions. Furthermore, learn what guns will bounce (ricochet off its armor) and what will penetrate. Most importantly, know what you can penetrate and what you can’t- it will be a deciding factor in your strategies and decisions. 


A small note- while I’d usually recommend joining a platoon, in this case, I would not. For the simple reason being that the gun is simply that ineffective against higher tiers and relies on its one of a kind special matchmaking to make that difference and impact on the battle. The problem is, even platooning with tier 3 tanks, you run the risk of bumping into KV-1’s, Pz Sfl C’s and other tier 5 monsters against which the Valentine II stands no chance. The only platoon I’d join in would be a joint or triple Valentine II. The downside, of course, is that all share the same firepower weakness.




Ventilations are always a good choice, as they improve every aspect of the tanks performance. In addition, they are cheap. After that, it’s up to you on what you feel the tank needs. A toolbox is always a useful tool, especially for brawling tanks like the Valentine II to repair its tracks quicker and utilize its amazing traverse speed. The Gun-Laying Drive is rather unnecessary as the Valentine’s gun already possesses one of the fastest aiming times in World of Tanks. If you like sitting in ambush, waiting for enemy tanks to cross your path and need that extra view range and camo, take a combination of Camo net and Binoculars. 


Crew Skills


This, again, depends largely on your preferred style of play. As with nearly every tank, I prefer to train up a skill- either Camo or Repairs- up to 100% first, then drop it and replace it with perks. My recommendation is as follows:


Commander: 6th Sense, Recon, Repairs

Driver: Offroad Driving, Clutch Breaking, Repairs

Loader: Safe Stowage, Situational Awareness, Repairs



For any tank, 6th Sense is a helpful tool in finding out that the enemy team knows where you are. Recon, in addition with Situational Awareness on the loader, is helpful in increasing your view range. If you’re not loaded up with a Toolbox, I recommend that you either have repairs on all three crew members as 2nd skill.



Offroad Driving decreases terrain resistance on soft terrain, improving your horrid cross-country mobility. After that, it really is your choice- Clutch Breaking is, in my opinion, the best out of the other skills but that really depends on your preference. You won’t need any skills improving firing on the move, as the Valentine II travels so slowly with such a small aiming circle that it’s completely unnecessary. 



Getting your ammo rack destroyed is rare, but damages to it, although not often, do occur. After that, Situational Awareness to increase your view range- the rest is your choice. Brothers in Arms (BiA) can also be useful, especially since with a small 3-man crew it will come into effect sooner. But I personally feel that BiA’s a waste of space, so that really comes down to personal preference. 


Should I buy it?


Sick of getting placed against tanks a tier or two above? Like “sealclubbing”, or playing against less experienced players? Enjoy tier 4? Are able to carry (to make a big impact  and win the game) in slow, heavily armored beasts?


If so, then of course! The Valentine II guarantees that, in every match, you will be top tier, a feature that should not be ignored. However, I wouldn’t recommend this tank to newbies to avoid utter frustration of not knowing where to shoot (hint: surfaces with less sloping will generate less bounces in general; common weaknesses include the lower area of the frontal armor, the commanders hatches on top of the turrets and the small but noticable machine-gun ports and driver viewports.) 


Well, once again, thanks for reading my wall of text. I hope you’ve learned something new. 


Happy Sealclubbing Hunting!




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Excellent match making. Encounter up to maximum tier 4 tanks, unless in a platoon.
Excellent signal range. Tier 9 Radio (WS No. 19R) with range of 570 m.
Great armor for its tier. 60 mm hull. 65 mm turret.
Good 'static' mobility. Traverse speed of 50 deg/sec, turret traverse speed of 48 deg/sec.
High rate of fire. 26.25 rounds/min.
Relatively low profile and small silhouette, making enemy shots harder to connect.
Very good camouflage value since it is a light tank. Hard to spot while on the move.
High hit points. 380 hp.
Above average view range. 350 m.

Cheap ammo and low repair cost.


Gun mantlet is an unusual weak spot.
Underwhelming gun. Low damage and penetration. Tier 2 gun (45 mm 20KL) with 47 damage and 51 penetration.
Low ammo/shell capacity. 61 rounds.
Limited options for specialized crew training on skills & perks due to three man crew.
Mediocre accuracy.
Weak tier 3 engine generating 140 hp or 8.92 hp/t. Low top speed of 32 km/h. Poor acceleration, reverse speed and slow on slopes.


:justwait:Equipment recommendations:
Improved ventilation class 1. Improve overall crews' role and non role specific skill(s) by 5%. (50,000 credits/100kg)
Light Spall Liner. Extra protection from splash damage and ramming from frustrated kamikaze light tanks. (50,000 credits/250kg)


Toolbox. Speedy repair of damage module especially tracks. (100,000 credits/100kg)


:honoring:Crew Skill recommendations
Commander (Gunner). 1st: Camouflage – Skill. 2nd: Brother-in-Arms - Perk.
Driver. 1st: Smooth Ride - Skill. 2nd: Brother-in-Arms - Perk.
Loader (Radio Operator). 1st: Camouflage – Skill. 2nd: Brother-in-Arms - Perk.

Note: Smooth ride makes shooting on the move more bearable. Camouflage for added invisibility. Brother-in-Arms to bump up overall skills level.


:medal:Most likely achievements:
Steel Wall.


:child:Gameplay tips
The Valentine II is a Soviet tier 4 premium light tank. It can be acquired for only 1000 gold and sometimes even less during sales.


Since Valentine II is blessed with a very favorable match making scenario, it is always placed in the top tier among tanks. AP rounds will make easy meal out of tier 3 light tanks and below. Light tanks will mostly avoid head-on contact with a Valentine, some may tried to ram you out of frustration. So the light spall liner and tool box may come in handy.


When faced with TD or tier 4 tanks such as M3 Lee, a more cautious approach is recommended. Equip ACPR premium rounds is one way to increase the odds of penetrating thicker amour. Since each round cost 2 gold, take time to aim at enemy weak spot, pick your targets and watch your ammo count. Another way to deal with TDs is to destroy their tracks and let quicker tanks flank. With good camouflage value and view range, Valentine II is also a decent scout. Moving around undetected while taking out light tanks is a role this tank perform admirably well. That is provided that it is not flanked by other tanks leaving the weak sides and rear exposed. Therefore it is recommended to scout with other more maneuverable tanks or have some backup.


Traditionally for light tanks disguised as heavy tanks, you are expected to spearhead the assault. This is somewhat true but take cover and employ peek-a-boo shoot and hide tactics ensure better survivability. Against more experienced enemy aiming for your gun mantlet weak spot, the shoot, rotate/wiggle turret and run for cover technique is useful to avoid penetration.


The Valentine II is a potent light tanks if played right. It is a good semi-assault and scout/support tank. Great money maker with favorable match-making and low operating cost.

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Test posting here :tongue:

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Well, in my opinion, there are many tier IV tanks that can do a lot of magical things thanks for the characteristic of each tanks. For light tanks, in order to compare with the Valentine II, my favorite is AMX40 and M5A1 Stuart. Sadly, Valentine II is the combination of these tank's disadvantages. :trollface: 

But don't worry, since you are a premium tanks, nothing is too tough. My general point about this vehicle is like a lucky snob. I means, his power is not much but he can only see the weaker opponents so... :veryhappy:

I was thought that my Panzer III is the hardest thing to play with, but then I realized, Valentine II deserves to be the champion in this :trollface:


Valentine II in real life. There are many series of Valentine tanks with nearly the same appearance. 


This "heavy tank" have the price of 1000 gold, good enough for a tier IV premium tank.

About the history of Valentine II, this is the boring part so I will put it in the Spoiler. 



Now let's start the fun. 


1. Survivability 

This tank is a special case, as normally Survivability is not important with a light tank. BUT Valentine II is NOT a light tank, it's more relevant to a heavy tank and it has some special points in the armor that you should notice.


In overall...

From here you can see the equivalent about armor with the color bar. Some basic information that you can also find in game database:


Hull armor is 60/60/60. Very good and balanced armor for a tier IV light tank. However it contains lots of strong and weak points that I will show you later. Nothing much to say in here but pay attention about your very slender roof-top armor (only about 20mm). Since you're slow, artillery can finish you very easily due to these weaknesses. 

Turret armor is 65/65/65. This one is much more better than your hull armor since your frontal turret have a special design and it's really the same in all around the turret. However you can't use hull-down technique because of your gun depression is only -6 deg

HP is 380. Very good for tier IV light tanks. 


Here are some special things that you should remember about this tank's armor:

Special-designed turret...

Sadly your gun depression is poor so you can't use this as your main advantage.


Most places in your turret is well-armored. In average it's about 80mm, but some places is only 60mm, even 40mm in the gun mantlet. Anyway if the enemy is negligent, your turret can bounce many shots from them since the most thickness part in here is 210mm. 

Thanks to good matchmaking, this is enough for everything, so don't worry too much if the enemy is focusing in your turret.


Your rear armor is 60mm?  Nope! =))

Boom... No more dreaming =)) your rear armor still to be the most easy part to be penetrated. 

60mm is only available in the orange colored part. Not very big, huh? =)) 


Thanks to your good traverse speed that i will mention in the next review part, you still don't need to fear too much about this. But be careful with the Panzer 1 Ausf.C, if he can get to your rear, then you are done. :trollface:


That's all for this light tank's armor. It's better than most of other LT, but everything has a price and you'll have to pay for it.


2. Fire Power and Manoeuvrability

Here is the first thing that you have to exchange for the good armor,

Penetration depends on which kind of ammo you're using. For AP (default) is 51mm, HE is 23mm and APCR is 84mm.

Parameters for 100% crew with no skills and no equipments.


Very bad fire power...

Honestly, I can say that this gun is can be the worst for tier IV. Poor penetration, even still can't pen some vehicle's frontal armor such as AMX40, StuG III B, T-70, T-80, most of sloped-armor tank. Using APCR will be useful in many cases but it will reduce your income very much since each bullet price is 3 gold. More bad news is even you can penetrate the enemy, but look at the damage that you've just deal with a lot of your effort, it's makes no sense! 

Reload 2.1s, decent accuracy 0.41 and good aim time 1.7s can't help much. You can be noisy and fervour, but you can't deal damage to almost anything. :trollface:


However it's not finished, still more nightmares for you. :teethhappy: 


3. Mobility

You checked this tank's information and see that it's a light tank, so you think it's must have good speed and easy to maneuver, you think you can rock'n roll in this vehicle, you think you can ride at max speed and say "YOLO!". My answer is....

"Oh my T-50 what is this sh*t !?" 

I can say that even a bicycle can have the better speed than this "light tank". :facepalm: 

Max speed 32km/h with the h.p/t is 8.9, means that you're moving like a T28 but with a little higher speed. Forget about the name "light tank" for this. 

One good new is turret and chassis traverse speed is very good, about 50 deg/s, although you're slow but nothing can move behind you easily.


4. Other notable characteristics

Matchmaking: IV is maximum. At least your gun still can do something to tier 2 and 3 tanks, that's what your 1000 gold used for.

- View range is 350m, best for tier IV tanks. However scouting is not a good choice, so use it as a reason to be a sniper.

- Your light tank's camouflage value in stationary and moving have no differences.

- High income to compensate for the lack of firepower in this tank.

- Only 3 crew makes it inconvenient for training.

- Move shot is available.





After researching with me about most of the parts of this vehicle, now you can get the conclusion about the advantages and disadvantages, some advices in gameplay... 



- Armor is good enough to immune with many light and medium tanks.

- Perfect view range combined with good camouflage value. 

- Good reload time and aim time.

- Better HP for tier IV light tanks. 

- Premium tank matchmaking. ( Max tier IV )

- Perfect turret and chassis traverse speed.



- Rear armor very weak, not 60mm as the parameter shows.

- Very bad penetration and alpha damage. Decent accuracy.

- Slow like a heavy tank even classified as a light tank.

- Poor gun depression.

- Not good for training crew.

- Using APCR not only useless for some cases but also reduce the income very much.


Recommended play style

This tank is quite hard to play because it does not have a correctly classification. It has too many problems and combinations. It's slow and good armored like a heavy tank, fire power is bad and good view range like a light tank.

But because it's max matchmaking is tier IV only so you can play this tank as a heavy tank thanks to your decent armor. Or you can choose to be a sniper with your perfect view range. Anyway the main issue is your gun, so you can play like this, in my opinion:

At the early time in battle, you can move slowly to sniper's position and expect your scouts do their job well. Focus on light armored target such as light tanks and TD. 

- After that depend on the battle's situation, you can continue to be a supporter in medium range or go to help your HT in close range combat. I think you should choose the second way because your armor is somewhat very similar with a tier IV HT and in close combat you can shot at enemy weak spots much more easily. 

- In some cases, you can be a passive scout using your advantage in view range and good camouflage value.

- Pay attention to avoid artillery shot. 

- You should prepare about 20 APCR ammo for some necessary situation due to the lack of penetration. Anyway remember that you're playing premium tank to make more credits, so don't use them permanently.


Recommended crew skills

With only 3 crew members, using this tank to train skills is not a good idea. Anyway, to increase your battle performance, try to learn these important skills first, respectively

As a passive scout/ supporter:

For Commander: Sixth Sense - Recon - Camouflage - Brother in Arms - Repair.

For Driver: Camouflage - Repair - Clutch Braking - Brother in Arms - Off Road Driving.

For Reloader: Camouflage - Situational Awareness - Call for Vengeance - Brother in Arms - Repair.


Recommended equipments

As a passive scout and brawler, i think that your gun is almost useless, so in my opinion i will focus on boosting scoutability first:

Binocular Telescope + Camouflage Net + Coated Optics


OR you can play as a heavy tank, focus on improving firepower ... 

Improved Ventilation + Enhanced Gun Laying Drive + Toolbox


Remember that the tank will love you only if you love it. Don't force it to do what it couldn't. Be a good friend with it and be a good soldier in battle! 

Good luck!  :medal: 


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     There's an idiom said that: "All is fair in love and war". Valentine II is a war machine in the name of love, produced by the British, but was transported to support the USSR. You can find out that all of its stats are 'fair' except some ridiculous one, especially the mobility and armor :tongue:. A special feature of this tank is its mm, only face up to tier IV tanks, make it become a medium-heavy tank more than a light one. Here is my review about this little interesting tank.




     This is my review contents:

1. Valentine II's stats and improvement suggestions

     a) Valentine II's information and stats

     b) Necessary improvements (equipment and crew skill)

2. Tips and recommended play style

3. Conclusion




     1. Valentine II's stats and improvement suggestions


     a) Valentine II's information and stats


_ Stats (without load and crew skill)



     Fire power: Not much to say as this is a light tank (lt), and equips a tier II gun :ohmy:

                        + Penetration: It's may be low, but you should compare it to other tier IV tanks' armor: 51mm penetration can almost penetrate any one equal or below your tier. So don't hesitate to shoot at any enemy spotted on the map instead of running away, except some tiny bunkers like Matilda, AMX 40,...

                        + Alpha damage: 47, it's pretty low. Don't worry, as your enemy are low tier tanks, this is fair enough.

                        + Average damage: Also low, of course.

                        + Accuracy: Good accuracy and aim time, plus great move shot ability, at least you can count on this point of your gun.



     Mobility: The first ridiculous stats

                        + Acceleration: (reject my eyes for cleaning, put it back) Yes, behold, the slowinator of the lt family :trollface:. But, on the bright side, your track terrain resistance is really good that you can reach the average speed fast, about 20km/h after 4s, but very slow to top speed (usually 30km/h), after 10s later.

                        + Maneuverability: It's funny when this tank can turn so fast while it's speed is awkward. You can feel the same when driving the Matilda or Rhm.


     Survivability: The second ridiculous stats

                        380hp, hell yeah! It's tougher than a tier V td. You can pretty be a tanker in the battle (talk about mm again, you only meet tier IV). And come to the armor, you can even get Steel Wall with this tank.


     Scout ability: Luckily, you have this strong point of your type.

                        + Camouflage: A funny 'fair' stats is that you have the same camouflage (camo) value when standing and moving :trollface:. Anyway, it's a little better than other lt.

                        + View range: 350m, good view range, it can compete with some tier V med or lt.

                        + Radio range: (checking my eyes again) a tier IX radio :ohmy: with 570m of radius. You'll never be lost :trollface:.


     Farming ability: Pretty good when it's income is equal to tier V tanks. A fair match can earn more than 20k credit.



_ Armor layout:



     Funny fact: it's another Matilda armor style. But this one is a premium, it's been nerfed a bit from its brother.



     Frontal armor (60): Be a heavy tank in using your armor. Valentine II's armor is great if you take a look at your enemy: no one can scratch you except tank-destroyer (td) and arty. I even saw some guys using this tank and got Steel wall, or Cool-headed when they met a Pz IC. You can angle your tank and increase the armor to 75, a very tough nut like the KV1. The frontal armor also looks complicated with lots of strange edge and slopes, so it may confuse enemy when they're aiming at your face (especially in low tier, where there are lots of newbies roaming around).

    Sharing a little weak point just like the Excelsior: the slope part between Valentine II's lower and upper hull is very soft, so enemy can hit it with ease, and this time, they don't need to be on higher position.



     Side and rear armor (60/60): Lol, so now you can get the idea when I said that this tank has a bunch of 'fair' stats. The hull armor is the same 60mm all around, even in the rear. This armor remind me of the KV line of USSR, and so, side scrap is very useful if you want to play as a heavy tank (ht). Nevertheless, please note that the rear upper armor is only 17mm like the roof one, so enemy can shoot through if they aim at it (and sure they'll do, because it's larger than the lower part).


     Upper armor (10 to 20): Looks like this is the mutual weakness of British tank (this is an original British tank). Your slow speed is also a factor that causing you to be notice by arty too. So, try to stay away from their range.


     Turret armor (65/65/65): It's easy to type the number here. Yes, a tough and balanced turret armor, more KV1's style here. You can feel free to rotate your turret to any direction without caring about the enemy. You can use it when facing with multiple enemy, angle your hull to the most dangerous one and turn your turret at the priority target.



_Summary: This is my summary about Valentine II main features


     + Pros: - Penetration is suitable against low tier tanks

                 - Good rate of fire and accuracy even on the move

                 - Great traverse speed

                 - Really good view range, camo and signal range

                 - Amazing armor with very well-rounded thickness, large hp pool

                 - Very good mm that only meet up to tier IV

     + Cons: - Poor penetration against same tier tanks.

                  - Disappointed mobility for a lt

                  - Useless armor to td

                  - Low ammunition

                  - Only 3 crew members, not recommended for crew training.


     b) Necessary improvements


_ Equipment: At least Valentine II can be turned into 2 ways: a brawler or a support med. Turn it to which way is based on your equipment and crew.

     Brawler: Improved Ventilation, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Small Spall Liner

    Support med: Improved Ventilation, Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, Coated Optics


_ Crew skill: The crew skill can be any ht crew, but you can max out your strength by learning the skills for medium tanks


     + Commander (Gunner):       Sixth Sense,   Camouflage,                      Snap Shot,              Brothers in Arms

     + Driver:                                 Camouflage,    Smooth Ride,                   Off-road Driving,   Brothers in Arms

     + Loader (Radio operator):    Camouflage,    Situational Awareness,   Relaying,                Brothers in Arms


     If you like to go on the front more often, you can switch between Brothers in Arms and Camouflage.

     Here are the stats after the improvement. Most of your stats now turn into green, means they're better in comparison with the same tier IV lt.


For brawler


For support med



     2. Tips and recommended play style




     + HE ammo: Since your penetration is already low, you can see that 23mm of HE penetration is nearly as good as AP penetration. So if you don't want to use much APCR, you may swith to HE shells to shoot enemy.


     Recommended play style


     Since you're always on top, you can use these tactic in the battle.


     Brawler: Watch the score board, if there's not much td or tough enemy, feel free to apply this tactic. You can chose to move in ht or med line, as this tier has only a few ht or med so it's not important. Use your armor and hp to help your team deal damage. You can also shoot enemy, with about 90% penetration but low damage will low down your firepower. Remember to angle and side scrap, because your armor is flat. And your turret doesn't have space armor on the front, means it's completely the same every side, so just ignore the enemy standing ahead and focus on get rid of the one who's trying to make a flank (as there are many lt running around at this tier).


     Support med: When there are more tough guys and td, you should be careful to choose your position. This time, let's move to somewhere you can shoot at the enemy weak part, and avoid their bullet. You better have some experience to implement this tactic since it's more difficult.

     With your fast rate of fire but low alpha damage, you may need to have a good targeting skill to aim and kill the low hp guys that are trying to retreat.



      3. Conclusion


     Thanks for reading my review. I hope you guys can find more help from the detailed information above. Valentine II is a funny named tank, with very funny stats, too. It's somewhat very fit players that want to be a seal clubber (strong armor, good enough gun, and very special mm). Credit farming and crew training may not be a good idea when driving this tank.

     Good luck, guys. See you on the battlefield.

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