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Relaxed Calm Clan

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Yes, do not be afraid to message me if you wish to become part of the ANZ division, we would really love to get it off the ground as soon as possible.

If you do apply, flick me a PM while you are waiting for it to be processed, that way it could possibly be sped up as well as bettering your chances as I prefer to go off of recent stats rather overall as it gives a better indication of how you currently play, not how you used to.

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3 M.O.E Tanks: E-75, Tiger II, StuG III G.

2 M.O.E Tanks: Panzer VII, Mäuschen, WZ-111 1-4, Leopard PT A, VK 100.01 P, VK 45.02 A, 110, Schwarzpanzer 58, Indien Panzer, Tiger (P), VK 45.03, Panther, T-34-1, Jagdpanther, VK 36.01 H, VK 30.01 P, VK 30.01 D, VK 30.02 M, Type 58, Jagdpanzer IV, Panzer IV H, Panzer III/IV.

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