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Tier 7 Clan Wars - Awesome change of pace

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dalcor #21 Posted 25 October 2014 - 08:20 AM


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For WOT to grow you need to encourage people to want to play the game,  to get people interested in doing the long grind to Tier X, to participate in Clan wars at the highest level.


So why not give them a taste of the fun you can have.  I would love to see Tier 1 clan wars and then every two weeks go to the next tier up.  You want the new players to say,  "that was great fun, i want to do it again, i want to do it in a tier X".  


Yes, i know you have strongholds for that, but its not the same without the World domination theme.  If WOT could split Clan wars to a purely Tier X level for those who only want to play at the highest level and a second one for those that are building up to the highest level.  This would be a good way to encourage new clans to grind and im sure to buy gold {wot is a business after all} to fast track to the top tanks.


just my thoughts




IZKWEENP #22 Posted 08 January 2015 - 11:25 AM


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I would like to see a CW for every tier.  I know this would be difficult to do but there are a lot of clans in the SEA server who just wont have a chance against the clans on the current CW map and the experience from this would motivate current players to grind towards a tier X.


When I started I was against getting a tier X for my own reasons and recently its been difficult because we just don't have the numbers and tier X tanks.  

I'm not say that this is a problem but maybe a chance to review what it is we have currently. 


We have a lot of clans who seems to sit in the same time zone.  Change it a bit.

Do round robins and then have the best clans going against each other. 

From what I saw in the last campaign Clans created alliances with each other and that fine.  But it took the meaning right out of the words "CLAN WARS".


and with SHs they should allow random battles in this section as well. For some clans, getting people online is difficult as there are 5 possibly 6 different time zones.  Yeah the solution is find a clan that suits your time zone, but what about wanting to be in a clan of diverse cultures?


I'm open to suggestions but that's just my thoughts.


​Gotta take it as it comes!!!:girl:

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