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Riots Riots Riots

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JordyBro #1 Posted 08 January 2015 - 09:12 PM


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Question, has the riot chance increased or decreased since map was changed?


In the week that CW has been back I am yet to see a riot...For the majority of the Aussie time zone there are what 4 or 5 landings, a serious increase in riots would spice up this dull boring map that has become. Not even 7 days in the map is more and more looking like a viet camp fest.


I recall a comment from Tanitha on a previous thread regarding the map shrinkage along the lines, small weak clans will have to move to the bigger clans or get better.

What is the state of CW if there are no new clans coming through, surely the idea is to encourage and promote clan wars to all, increasing the riot chance will at least give move options for the smaller/newer clans to attempt to land if not play CW on new maps.


COAF is for idea's to improve CW and I know there is talk of this almighty CW 2.0 but until then...



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