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Mcmole #1 Posted 29 March 2015 - 10:17 AM

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So I took the liberty to come through Mick's old post (from patch 8.2) and update everything..

It took me around 4 hours to do... Even whilst using micks old FAQ as a basis.


You would be surprised about how many "questions" has been implemented into the game, I had to remove ALOT around 10 or so, in regards to tanks, or upcoming game-mods ect..

There is now over 7100 words here and I would encourage ALL not just new players to read the below.

I am still in the process of updating it and fixing links/adding new things, so it will be consistently updated over the next few days and weeks to come, If you think of any new questions that you think should be in here please tell me below. Have a good day out there and Happy tanking.

 And if there’s a mistake or a typo, please tell me. :P

PS. This thread Made by Tanitha, Will answer A lot of questions about what is and isn't a violation, within the games and the forums. "Link"


Using control + F to search for your questions probably a good idea.
I've tried to display as few opinions as possible, if I have and fact is available (Or, Wargaming's opinion), inform me and I'll change it.

Table of Contents:

1. Common Questions. (These are the most often asked questions. They aren’t ordered.)

2. Future Content and suggestions. (Questions relating to upcoming content like and proposed content)

3. Gameplay. (These are questions that directly relate to gameplay. It includes anything that is a literal part of the game, including matchmaking, balance, tank questions and game mechanics, among other things.

4. User interface and the Client. (Anything directly relating to the interface and the client. This means invites, platoons and commands).

5. Mods. (Anything about mods, how to install them, what the more common ones are, and any rules relating to them.)

6. Rules. (Rule based questions. This means forum rules and in game rules as well.)

7. The Forums. (Any questions relating to the forums).

8. Moderation. (Questions relating to the moderation of the forums and ingame.)

9. Misc. (Unsorted questions that don’t fit into anywhere else, like stuff about clans.)


When will 9.7 be released, and what will it contain?·  In Iteration 2:

·  New permanent teams and ranking structure for Team Battle mode (more info at the start of the Notes)

·  New vehicles: M56 Scorpion tank destroyer (US/VII); T-54 mod. 1 medium tank (USSR/VIII)

·  Removal of Northwest map from random battles

·  New lineup of French light and medium tanks

·  New "Overlord" map, inspired by the 1944 Allied landings in Normandy

·  Implemented separation of new and experienced players in battles (for tier I-III vehicles)

·  New HD vehicles (some we showed earlier!)


Common Questions And Future Content and suggestions:






User interface and the client:




The Forums:











Well that's it for now. Like I said at the start, Please tell me about error's or new questions you think should be here below.

Have fun out there.




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