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[Video] ASAP #33: Update 9.8

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WGNews #1 Posted 22 May 2015 - 06:14 PM


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Update 9.8 is coming to you soon, containing a whole slew of new features and upgrades to World of Tanks. Find out more in this ASAP video!

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R4Ging #2 Posted 23 May 2015 - 02:02 AM


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Komarin should have been dumped long ago.

Hidden Village limited to low tier battles... seriously? meanwhile, maps like Malinovka, Westfield (only reworked), and Prokhorovka/Fiery Salient are still played by high tiers.

T30, IS-8, and IS-7 falling behind statistically and so buffed? so once T30 is buffed, what happens to T110E4? - dumped by it's owners I'm sure. I already plan to buy back the T30. the other two are USSR HT (which are pretty much going to be buffed by the pen nerfs) so I'm sure everyone expects them to be buffed even if they fall just slightly behind statistically.


I wonder how domination mode points will be calculated. surely, having your tank destroyed multiple times must have some penalty right? otherwise, that mode will be filled by botters/suiciders. and just like assault/encounter was first implemented, I won't play it unless there's a good reason to do so (I still don't play assault btw).

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