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D-Day Anniversary - The Dieppe Raid and Hobart’s Funnies

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WGNews #1 Posted 06 June 2015 - 12:46 PM


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For this year’s D-Day historical article, we’re delving into the story behind the specialist tanks that were devised for the Normandy Landings.

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afnan #2 Posted 06 June 2015 - 05:10 PM


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19 August 1942


Dieppe Raid is a disaster indeed,Allied need to rethink plan to make a good frontal assault on beaches combined arms with tanks and infantry.So many fully-trained British commandos and Canadian Regiment wasted,including some Scottish too.This raid involved of more than 200 ships and landing craft,and also 74 squadrons of aircrafts(most of them are fighters).Main problem of this raid is the german coastal gun batteries on the flank,they can fire to the landing beach.A job for the Commandos,but not all the batteries can be captured,only some artillery captured on the West is a succesful.This is because the german patrol units(sea and land unit) saw them,alerted others batteries garrison to arms.Now the fun part is the landing,a bloodbath.Tons of Canadians from the landing craft under heavy fire from artillery just to take a harbour frontally,even the RAF aren't capable protecting them from Luftwaffe,because of a new german fighter aircraft:Focke-Wulf 190 more manoeuvarable.RAF lost 106 aircraft to Germans around 48 aircraft.For the german beach defenders,it's like shooting fishes.Most of the Allied landing took part near cliff,a fun shooting sports by the germans,also the Churchill tanks are very vulnerable to aircraft and Anti-tank(The introducing of 7.5 cm Pak Anti-Tank Gun,the gun that destroyed so many Russian T-34 in the Eastern Front)Some Churchill tanks make a very deep breakthrough too,but ran out of fuels and lot of high buildings already fortressed by Germans,the Allied went everywhere,and they met german everywhere.It is really unknown is the german was alerted quickly before the Invasion. One survivor said they taken a german prisoner,that german said they already prepared to hold the port a week earlier before the beach landing.9.50 am and the full scale is a catastrhope,surviving landing craft tried to get as many survivors to the sea,leaving tons of bodies,gears,tanks and some light cars behind.The evacuation is a messed,they tried to leave the beach under fire from every direction.Over 500 Canadians dead,the another 900 surrendered.More than 6000 soldiers took part in this raid,1000+ were dead,more than 2000 made prisoner.

So,a frontal attack in the morning daylight is a not a good idea after all,also attacking the harbour and port head on.It is a massacre.

Artillery makes fun of the church tower,
Bombs blacken bread, turn the milk sour
Among the wounded and the already dead
I saw you turn, to comb your small neat head.=Falaise Gap Poem,referring to German Artillery.

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