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Vehicle Upgrades in Update 9.13

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WGNews #1 Posted 17 December 2015 - 11:30 AM


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Familiar vehicles across several nations have gotten performance adjustments! Read this article for the full breakdown.

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rasco4000 #2 Posted 17 December 2015 - 02:09 PM

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Where are the m60 buffs when the m48 was the same tank then got buffed and is getting buffed again

Lawiez #3 Posted 18 December 2015 - 12:51 AM


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Oh gosh, the raging begins...


Well, I for one am glad to see some of my fav tanks getting buffs!


The KV-4's top gun was a little underwhelming with its alpha loss from the 122mm, but I still loved that beast. Now with more dpm and aim time buff? YES PLEASE!


Jagdtiger has been unlocked for a while, but from my experience fighting it, it did seem to be penned quite easily for its battle tier. Really enjoyed the JpantherII with its mobility and bounces when angled properly. But now... 17% HP buff? 15% off? BOUGHT IT!


I've currently got fully researched pershing, slowly getting the exp to research the M46 Patton (like 1 game a month if even). Not really my style, and rarely see the tier X m48 Patton in random battles. So, gonna pass on that


Also stopped working on the T28 and T28 Prot, dunno why but I prefered every other nation's TD. Although it seems the T28 hp buff seems quite appealing. Maybe i'll continue that line if i'm done with the others


And finally, my current fav tier 9 (my babyyyyyyy) the WZ 111-1-4. Can't explain but somehow this tank just feels right for me (more so over the IS8 /T-10). The alpha is just amazing. Before moving up from the 110 to the WZ 111-1-4, I looked around on youtube for reviews about the tank, and i remember one of the reviewers saying that this tank is super fun, and that he makes this tank work by favoring getting more shots off, rather than getting fewer fully aimed shots off. Glad I got this... and now back to topic, LESS DISPERSION? OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG YAYYYYY. 113 is researched, but unlikely that I will be getting that if its alpha isn't on par or higher than the 111-1-4.


Oh, the WZ120 is also awesome, almost got the 121 researched, but dunno if I wanna get it. Im afraid to get tanks that may be a downgrade when you compare it to its tier. 


And now onto the WHY DIDNT THIS TANK GET BUFFED rant...


surprisingly the list is quite short for me:


Centurion 1 and the Caernarvon


These two tanks (fully researched) have always been bleh to me. Maybe people will argue that the cent 7/1 is so OP, gotta go through the grind, bla bla bla. But honestly I couldn't think of any other fully researched tier 8 tanks. Other tanks went from bleh as stock, to pretty playable, or downright awesome. Maybe its just not my playstyle.


Anyways, enough ranting. Overall, a pretty awesome update to see quite a few of my "keepers" tanks get buffed. THANKS WG!



I should have discovered stat-padding much much earlier...

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