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Tier6's map pool

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Survivalism #1 Posted 19 February 2016 - 06:10 PM


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Hi dear tankers.

Im a japanese, english is very dificult. But japanese forum and support is andependable. :(

So I write this to english forum.


In Tier6' Strongholds.
There are not all maps in a map pooland there is only a constant map in a map pool.

The map that a new map and re-implementation were done remains a state removed from the map pool now

without probably a map pool being updated since strongholds implementation not it being in the map pool.

ex)Ruinberg,Swamp (battle tier 6?) ,Overroad,Fjords (I've never seen...),...and so on.

I do not understand the selection object to a map pool a little.

I wanna know about Strongholds's Map pool.

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