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TCSG guide to the WZ-111-1-4

TCSG WZ-111-1-4 why limit to 10 pics!!!!! increase the limit!!!!!

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crazib #1 Posted 18 March 2016 - 08:35 PM


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TCSG guide to the WZ 111 1-4


The WZ 111 1-4 is a tier 9 heavy tank from the Chinese tech tree that I have personally enjoyed playing it while grinding it to the tier 10 Chinese heavy tank, the 113. In this guide I am going to explain why the WZ 111 1-4 should be respected on the battlefield.



The grind




If you are new to the WZ 111 1-4 grind, you should have already obtained the modules of the 110 which are the 100 mm 62-100T gun, the A-220A radio and the 12150LS engine, mount them immediately. The 100mm 62-100T has reasonable AP and APCR penetration, but its alpha damage is low for its own tier at 320, but it has a decent 6.67 rounds per minute on the IS-3 turret.


Never use the 122mm D-25T gun, otherwise known as the stock gun on this tank; although the alpha damage on it is 390, the AP penetration is lacklustre for its own tier and while it does have decent HEAT penetration values of 250mm, the accuracy of the 122mm D-25T gun leaves much to be desired for.


So the order of research


  1. WZ-111 model 4 tracks
  2. WZ-111 turret
  3. 130mm 59-130T
  4. 12150LT engine


But really the WZ-111 1-4 becomes a beast after you obtained the 130mm 59-130T gun and I am going to explain in the next section about why is that so.



The gun



Now that you have researched the 130mm, it gets a huge upgrade in its alpha and penetration stats. It has one of the highest alpha of 490 for a tier 9 heavy tank which is competitive even in tier 10 matchups. It has a total of 40 rounds, which u can mix and match your preferred ammunition loadout.


It outputs 4.29 rounds per minute, which means with rammer and brothers in arm perk you can achieve a reload of 11.81 seconds. Use this reload time to duck into cover and peeking back out to inflict the pain at your opponents.


The 130mm gun gets 244mm worth of penetration for its AP rounds and a whooping 340mm worth of penetration for its HEAT rounds. Dealing with heavily armoured tanks should not be a problem as long your shots are aimed carefully. If you are using HEAT ammunition, try not to shoot into tracks and spaced armour as they will absorb HEAT shells and doing zero damage. The high explosive rounds though it has a low penetration value of 65mm, it has a meaty alpha damage of 640, against softer targets like the WTE100 line, use the high explosives for deadly effect for extra damage and a higher chance to knock out crew and modules.


However the accuracy is below average at 0.4, and its aim time is moderately long at 2.9 seconds. which makes the WZ111 1-4 feeling more at home at close quarters combat.


Gun depression is at -5 degrees which is actually workable for a low profile heavy tank as long you do not crest ridges and gun elevation is a comfortable +23 degrees.






The WZ 111 1-4 is one of the faster heavy tanks that can quickly get into key chokepoints with its 50km/h top speed and a reasonable 13.42 power to weight ratio. In a downhill race or once you gain enough grunt a WZ 111 1-4 might find itself ahead of some slower medium tanks. Sure you would not out climb medium tanks in a hill climb, but you will be able to climb hills faster than most heavy tanks. Acceleration is actually better than most heavy tanks of its tier. Reverse speed is 15km/h which allows you to reasonably pull back quickly into cover after you take every shot.


Hull traverse is at 28 degrees per second and turret traverse is at 27 degrees per second, which is actually decent for a heavy tank.  Still if you are dealing with nimble medium or light tanks that are trying to flank, traverse your hull and turret to engage them effectively.



As you can see in the gif, my WZ 111 1-4 had a damaged turret but it still has no problem in engaging a flanking medium by turning my turret and hull together.


Terrain resistance is actually very good for a heavy tank of its own tier, which helps in its ability to move around different terrain of the maps you might be playing in.


Hit points and Armor


The WZ 111 1-4 has 1850 hit points when fully upgraded so it can take a beating before it goes down.


For most heavy tanks, the armour is what makes them last in the battlefield, so let’s find out how the wz 111 1-4 fares.


hull armor: 120/80/60 (f/s/r mm)

turret armor: 230/120/60 (f/s/r mm)


f/s/r = front side rear




As we can see here the WZ 111 1-4 strongest armour is found at the front of the turret, however it does have two very prominent cupolas which is its weakspots. Also while the upper hull is well angled, it does feature a shallow pike nose, which means that you can’t really angle in the WZ-111-1-4. You have to be careful of tier 10 guns that shoot premium ammunition at the upper hull as it can penetrate it with ease.


Also you have to be extra careful of taller tanks shooting down your upper hull as the angling on it will be made less effective, lowering your effective thickness. Here is a simple tool to calculate and understand effective thickness http://www.wottools.net/


Try to hide your lower plate at all cost as even lower tier guns can penetrate it with ease.



The WZ 111 1-4 does have 30mm spaced armour located at the side of the hull as highlighted in the pink portion on the picture above. Depending on how you position the WZ 111 1-4, the armour values on it varies from 200mm -280mm; however the side spaced armour is not a reliable way to bounce rounds, as part of the side armour is not covered by the space armour.


Tips for making your WZ-111 1-4 armor to work.


1: Find hulldown positions, but try to make irregular movements on your turret, so that opponents have a hard  time shooting your cupola weakspots.



2: Always point your upper hull straight at your opponents, as it has a piked nose feature. Angling the upper plate will cause one side of the pike nose weaker then the other side. If you have to angle the upper plate, try to hide your flattest armour with an obstacle.



3: Sidescraping is a good defensive option if you can find hard cover to engage your opponent.


4: Face hugging is an option if you have no terrain to hull down or your opponent is engaging you aggressively. But just be careful of face hugging tanks that have taller profile then you, as they can shoot down to your cupola or your turret roof as shown on the gif below. If you have no option but to face hug, make irregular movements on your turret.



5: Finding opponents aiming at your lower plate? Wiggle your hull to so that there might be a chance that shots will be absorbed by the tracks.


Overall the armour on the WZ 111 1-4 is decent but it does have obvious weakspots for opponents to take advantage of. Try to find strong positions to hide those weakspots.



Equipment, consumables and ammo setup


In this section I will go over the recommended equipment, consumables and the ammo loadout I use on the WZ 111 1-4


Equipment and consumables


Equipment: Vertical stabilizer mark 2, Large-calibre gun rammer, Enhanced gun laying drive.


Basically the vertical stabilizer and the enhanced gun laying drive helps in reducing the 2.9 seconds aim time of the 130mm gun, thus enabling a small window of exposure time. Large calibre gun rammer for the faster reload.


Consumables: Large first aid kit, Large repair kit, Automatic fire extinguisher.


Quite standard load out for consumables if you value crew and module protection and recovery of damaged/dead modules or crew members. The WZ 111 1-4 does have a chance to catch on fire if its shot on the front of the lower hull, that’s why the auto fire extinguisher is mandatory.

However if you find yourself low on credits you can swap the large first aid kit and large repair kit for the small versions it.


Ammunition loadout


Generally I would load 20 AP, 17 HEAT and 3 HE. I have never ran out of ammo before, due to the 11.81 seconds reload.




Crew skills setup


This section I will list the 4 sets of optimal crew setup in the WZ 111 1-4.


From top to bottom and left to right



Commander: sixth sense, repairs, brother in arms, situational awareness


Gunner: snap shot, repairs, brothers in arms, camouflage


Driver: repairs, brothers in arm, smooth ride, clutch braking


Loader: repairs, brothers in arm, safe stowage, camouflage


Generally in your heavy tanks, you would want to get repairs on your first set of crew skills as you would want faster module repairs, especially on the tracks. Once you get your second set of crew skill, swap out the commanders repairs for sixth sense, so that you can have the full benefit of sixth sense.


Brothers in arms can be learned for the third set of crew skill for the overall improvement in stats.


Smooth ride and snap shot helps in the 130mm gun performance to minimize aim time so that you will have a smaller window of exposure while firing.

Clutch braking helps in increasing the hull traverse response, so that you can deal with flanking tanks much effectively.


Safe Stowage is a big must for the WZ 111 1-4 as it does get ammo racked frequently if damaging shots land on the upper hull.



Playstyle and conclusion


When I play the WZ 111 1-4 I would often think to myself, what tanks on the opponent team am I going up against and what my tank can do to fill in the gaps, so that I would play a crucial part in winning.


If the WZ 111 1-4 is needed to quickly choke a key position before my slower heavy tank team mates arrives, it can do that. Needed in a spearhead assault? It can also lead the charge. Basically the WZ 111 1-4 is versatile because of its combination of mobility and armour, it has a painful sting of a 130mm gun that can put the hurt on any who opposes it


Because of its good top speed of 50km/h it can actually go to medium tank positions and bully other medium tanks with its alpha damage and armour. But do take note, the hull armour on the WZ 111 1-4 is not that reliable, so do expect to take return damaging shots if you are up against equal or higher tiered tanks.


Overall the WZ 111 1-4 is a rewarding and fulfilling heavy tank to play because of its flexibility. And it could fit into heavy tank and medium tank roles.

Before I end this guide I would like to present a gameplay of my WZ 111 1-4 in Airfield and Kharkov to showcase its versatility.





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crazib #2 Posted 18 March 2016 - 08:36 PM


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again i cry everytime when i have to attempt to post a guide as the forums limits my pics to 10 ONLY!


so this version of the guide is the light version. await for the full version on the portal anytime soon?

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jpxerxes_24 #3 Posted 18 March 2016 - 09:29 PM

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not in the videos this time :(

_KayGeraint_ #4 Posted 18 March 2016 - 10:47 PM

    Rushes mid every game :^)

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nice guide, looking forward to mine, just bought 110 today :)

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Nimish_ #5 Posted 19 March 2016 - 01:16 AM


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Wow that review is really good with practical tips on how to play for noobs like me :) +1




raymond350 #6 Posted 19 March 2016 - 09:51 PM


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nice guide as always buddy!

crazib #7 Posted 22 March 2016 - 05:17 AM


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also not included in my guide:


its always good to have play experience gained in the 112 or the prem tier 8 WZ111. The playstyle is almost the same. As they are a dumbed down version of the WZ-111 1-4.

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anonym_YjmjLeoW3i0I #8 Posted 08 December 2016 - 01:01 AM


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Thanks Crazib for the detailed and instructive guide.  

Where would you take the WZ on Phrok if there is enemy artillery?

Based on someone else's suggestion i have mounted optics instead of GLD, what do you think of that?  I assume it will be helpful in late game situations when there are few supporting tanks, especially on any open/mixed maps.

My biggest problem at the moment us making the at our work consistently.  

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