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How You Can Help Make World of Tanks Better

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WGNews #1 Posted 17 June 2016 - 06:43 PM


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From Update 9.14 onwards, developers have been putting more emphasis on player feedback than ever before.

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JollyEnglish #2 Posted 17 June 2016 - 07:04 PM


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  1. only one tier spread
  2. skill based MM



Colwyn_Corsair #3 Posted 17 June 2016 - 07:49 PM


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One tier spread,

use all the maps  you say one side has a small advantage so cut maps and say bc of server load we have to play the same 4 maps 80% of the time. But that's rubbish MM determines wins for most games


Skills of the teams mater more than any map choice.. games load in you can call it when game loads 90% of the time because one team has 4 bots or players who are playing teir 10's with less that 1000 games..


Get rid of the bots common war gaming your allowing 42% win players with avg damage and xvm at 400 with 1000's of games into high tier matches.

17,000 games 42% win with 400 xvm and avg kills 0.2 playing tier 10's and you havern't banned em.

under teir 8, theres players with same stats 1k games but seeing 4+ per game bots again, you don't ban, ive got a count of 274 complaints against a bot  me and me mates over 4 weeks.. they go to north pole i guess so your full of it WG you dont do nothing..

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Starblade7 #4 Posted 17 June 2016 - 07:49 PM


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View PostJollySealClubber, on 17 June 2016 - 09:04 PM, said:

skill based MM

Armored Warfare recently implemented MM where it attempts to balance the average Win Rate of both teams. It's horrible because it meant that good players were guaranteed to get bad team members. Not fun.
It would be better to have teams with a roughly equal number of players at a given skill / WR.

MM class balance is still weird in WoT, though. Excessive SPGs is still unpleasant, as is having your lone top-tier tank being an SPG when the other team has a HT.

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TemplarReturn #5 Posted 17 June 2016 - 08:24 PM

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1. in 9.16 (if you have ^^) i think display in a battle should show win chance as mod of player to a gamer know how to play a battle with a 20 or 30% win.

2. I need IS 3A or IS 5 in tech tree of Soviet

3. You should buff gun 7,5 cm L/48 of panzer IV H and gun 75 mm SA44 of G1R add 10-12 mm pen. ex : 7,5 cm L/48 buff 10 mm pen it is 120/167 with AP and apcr and gun SA44 is 112 mm pen like 57 mm of T-34. Panzer IV H and G1R have good derp gun but some player want to be sniper.

4. I want you rename Marder 38T. It is Marder III Ausf. H like history.

5. I need buff gun of Leopard 1 increase rate of fire from 6.9 to 7.2 and Dispersion descrease from 0.3 to 0.29 like Gun of Grille 15.

6. Add APCR for Emil i think it is about 260 to 294 mm. I playe Emil and can not pen O-Ho in 300 with my 128 mm Kanone.


MickHo #6 Posted 17 June 2016 - 09:01 PM


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Ive got a good one !

Ban all mods and take them in house.

Write your software which will block any mods ( black screen) to any personal computer.

This will stop the cheating, which has destroyed  the Asian Server with there Aim Bot Cheats.

Mileena #7 Posted 17 June 2016 - 09:07 PM


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1.since their is such thing as xvm. i don't believe its impossible for you to make an algorithm for matchmaking to match up skilled players in their own group.


2."nightmode" like in the console. will breath a new atmosphere into the game.


3.continue with newer tanks like the chieftain. if balancing is an issue you can exclude them from tournament play or clans wars while their being balance.


4.to solve your issue with "SPG" and "boring sniping play" drop a lot of rocks or debris in the open fields for tanks to hide behind. make more ditches and  trenches so tanks can be safe from those play style.


5.color the game, the game color has a russian baltic vibe to it! hehe.. this one is kind of for laughs...

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With the blood of an enemy shall the marks be made upon the missile. Then bless the missile and present unto the mounting. Say the prayer of firing and curse the target. Do this rapidly lest the wrath of the weapon be wasted. Point the eye of the weapon so that it may see the object of its wrath. When the weapon has uttered its curse and eaten the soul of its victim, then shall you take up the next missile...

~Firing rite

borneomaulana #8 Posted 17 June 2016 - 10:09 PM


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i been losing this game directly for 3 days now.dropping form 49.47 to .43 already delete this game just now.because of the pressure.see u guys in 2 more years or so.:D

zidane1287 #9 Posted 17 June 2016 - 10:33 PM


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pls buff some tanks ex:obj 268 

also ban aimbot mods asia getting rekt here


MadHouse10101 #10 Posted 17 June 2016 - 11:33 PM

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keep wot how it is now but bring over the sandbox arty with nerfed shell shock.


Delete res_mods






warchild69 #11 Posted 18 June 2016 - 01:09 AM


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Get rid of mods.period. 1 tier MM spread.fix op arties.add some weather effects in your game like rain. night time battles :)

zaha #12 Posted 18 June 2016 - 01:20 AM


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1. MM, in regards of tier spread and vehicle classes.

2. Map rotation.

 *R.I.P p0ndas*


SynthWave_Nights #13 Posted 18 June 2016 - 01:44 AM

    Mr Scout

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-bring back VN server and send them back so they can do their illegal stuffs without affecting everyone.

Resurrected, and battle ready.

Col_DribblyBottom #14 Posted 18 June 2016 - 05:14 AM


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1. Add a map spam filter. If I put someone on my blacklist it is mainly because they are multi clicking the map. Blacklist, I no see their click, easy to do and will save my hair!

2. Arty is too powerful, you cant be aggressive in a slow heavy, guaranteed to get almost wiped out. Arty are fire support and in the era we are talking took a long time to set up, so they should pick an area and stick to it, All the fire power they had/have but once they click in a square the closest six squares is all they can fire into for three minutes, disengage and it takes a further minute to select another six squares. That way heavies can avoid certain areas once they know its dangerous, but can still risk it if required.

3. Add a hitlog.

4. Ban all mods and remove in-battle stats like winrate, it promotes elitism and encourages toxic behavior.

5. Team kill mechanic, easy fix, you hit a team mate the HP comes off your vehicle at 1.25% and not the player you hit, will keep the game mechanic in and ruin the efforts of idiots or people that re less careful, you would certainly improve your aim if you killed yourself! As for arty doing it, be pointless suiciding by shooting a team mate, arty suicide generally happens at the end when they are the final player.

6. If an arty drowns they still pay all repair fees as if they are destroyed, this will stop endgame suicides.

7. More creds at tier ten, I understand why its there but its not right. I'll still play my 78 prems and I'll still want a prem account, but tens which I worked hard for or XP'd too need to be more rewarding.

8. Mine laying function for lights, they find a spot, its marked for friendlies on the mini map, they stop and take a risk to lay consumable mines for 45 seconds, they cant move whilst laying but when they go it leaves mines that track enemy vehicles.

9. Machine guns on tanks, used to destroy arty and light vehicles as in real life. Shoudl be easy to add and if you are firing at a heavily armoured vehicle it just disrupts their vision. Need to limit rounds though to make it work.

10. At lower tiers, reduce MM spread, tier threes cant kill a KV1 generally, the jump is too high. Up till tier 5 it should be -1/+1 MM.

11. RNG for tanks like T34-3, how can you miss when fully aimed at less then 100 yards? shouldn't be possible.

12. Ban the words N***er, R*pe like we do N*z* and so on, we really dont need it in game and people that do that should get significant bans automatically.

13. Too much elite tanks being given to a select few. I understand that there needs to be endgame rewards, getting a free tank if you are good should be enough, for scrubs like me, lets buy the thing, give the elites free and unique camo so we can see they are awesome. Most will say Git Gud, well I'm not good and likely wont but I love the game and want to spend money on it.

14. Tanks like the Type, I didn't start to play the game until after it was removed like a few other tanks, want to keep them special and limited? fine, put serious conditions on it, you cant buy it until you have an equivalent level tech tree tank, you must own at least one/two/three or even more other prem tanks of the same tier and then charge 100 USD for one, I'd buy one and so would many others but not eveyone will. For people that say wallet warrior, I say this, its paying for the game, if you are good enough not to pay, good on you, wish I was good enough, but I am not.

15. Once a year server roam, I play from NZ, I just signed up as I had no idea to the SEA server, mostly non English speakers, its dreadful. I'd like to switch to NA, especially as its closer and I'd get a better experience. This should be a close to free paid service, its not that difficult to do as its done for the test server and sandbox so we know its technically feasible.

16. Ban or seriously limit gold ammo on test, pointless going into a turkey shoot where its mostly people just spamming, It limits the validity of the testing and makes it fun for people that are not there to test but to just have fun in other tanks.

17. Remove Mittengard, sucks....

18. I payed good money for my low tier prems and you gave us loads too, lets have the maps to play on. If you are low gamecount, then sure, limit the maps but if you still like to play there lets play. Please note...Im not even good enough to statpad so thats not my motivation and see point 4 re winrate.




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jhuldenz #15 Posted 18 June 2016 - 08:10 AM


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there is only 1 thing that im concerned about wot. it is the cheating. using illegal mods. sometimes it lessens my interest in playing wot, and and im playing this game for almost 4 years now and this is the only online game i played because this game pertains to reality at some points.i understand wargaming is doing their best to make this game worth to play. listening to passionate players and to the community of wot is the best move to wargaming. pls do something about illegal mods. it breaks my heart as a passionate wot player. its unfair and not good the game. pls do something about it.

RalphTheTheatreCat #16 Posted 18 June 2016 - 09:38 AM

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It looks like a lot of these posts are about what an individual needs out of the game when we should be looking at what the game needs to retain us as a collective.



WG needs to engage the modding community.  Establish CLEAR rules about what's illegal and perhaps licence mods.  Follow this by then stopping any non licensed mods being used.   The management just does not have the will to do it and the community despises a weak stance.  the recent hulk smash of T--'s proved that the community will support management if they are strong in policing illegal mods and cheaters.


Get back to basics.  Lights scout, meds flank, heavies brawl, TD support and Arties.....well  That's a whole different thread (and I don't mind arty)   This has to be done through better mapping.  The corridor maps and foliage/cover reduction we have seen has created a wasteland for the scouts.


WG needs to realise its community is its source of income and space stations.   When the community cries foul over the pissweak handling of cheaters its not isolated.  The gradual bans are just too weak.   if you are identified as a cheater then it is a complete ban and then only allowed back with a wipe of any gains apart from current gold. prem time and prem tanks.   7/30 day bans do nothing.  Start working outside the realm of WG and finding them in other places such as game sales sites/facebook etc


DONT ever introduce a CO OP mode.   One other tank game did this and it was the death of their PvP mode well and truly.


Everyone bleats about wanting 1/1 MM.  2 tiers is fine as long as there is a good hard look at class weight/balance.  I'm sure the community would endure longer wait time for better MM.


Stop bowing to the entitled generation.   Make Clan wars T10 only.   The watering down of the mode seems to have taken the prestige away from it.   The idea of working your way to T10 tanks was for this mode.   Now it is just a "who has the largest e-peen" status.  Don't ever reduce the running costs of the higher tiers.  I reckon it should even be increased to cull us bads out of the high tiers and encourage better gameplay


"My hovercraft is full of eels."

2DragSoul #17 Posted 18 June 2016 - 10:10 AM


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I have a few ideas that i would like to suggest.

Firstly i would like a module to be created that decreases the "stun" effect by 50% or the severity of the "stun" effect by 50%. 

Secondly i would like the french Auto loading artillery to have maybe only a 50% chance to stun due to it having an auto loader.

Tha is all thankyou - 2Dragsoul :)

Eliamanator #18 Posted 18 June 2016 - 12:26 PM


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MM needs a fix to make remove the 70/30 type matches .


Mods needs to be removed and the best features provided in game.


An Italian tank line is needed, they played a major part in the North African campaign of WWII and had tanks after it as well (even if they were other nations).

Dfektiv #19 Posted 18 June 2016 - 12:27 PM


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Whilst I see the value of allowing players to make mods, enhancements like the x16and x25 zoom and mini map enhancements wouldn't have come about otherwise, some files should be locked, such as the skins files so "hitspots" can't be implemented.

I'll admit I use "quickbaby's mod pack", some features I can't use, others are broken again after (the extra filters in garage are one), the most handy one for me is the "down the line of fire" sniper view for arty when I can't work out why the whole shot arc is green except for that one 0.01 of a degree, (apparently you can shoot through a tree trunk, but not through where that one leaf joins the twig on that one branch... [edited]???) before everyone jumps down my throat about using this mod, I think I've only fired 3 shots with it... and missed... think that's called Karma. and I forget I have it most of the time.


Match Making is a lot to be desired, having my T4/5's being thrown in against 5x T7/8 heavies and sometimes T9's is getting boring, since I won't even bother to fire a single shot.

Damage balancing also needs to be fixed, my T4 medium can't damage a T5 medium, but kills a T9 medium in 3 shots.. I bet you're as confused as me.. as was that T9, he was laughing at the start of the match but not long after :teethhappy:


Suggested improvements (besides from the above)

Mini map overlay in high transparency for the entire screen for when in Arty sniper

Further zoom out on the camera in standard view so I can see about 4 tank lengths behind me when I'm facing forward

Locking down the files that enable illegal mods and bots is a must, or stop the server from sending the require information.


I am willing to forego all mods if it means fair play and slower releases of improvements to get rid of the ability to cheat. 

Tempeh #20 Posted 18 June 2016 - 01:13 PM


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There's three changes I would like to see:

1. Only 2 tiers per battle. E.G. Tiers 3 & 4, or tiers 4 & 5.  Trying to battle a tank two tiers higher than yours when you can't penetrate it at all or have to achieve 20 penetrating hits to kill it, can't outrun it, and it can one shot you, eliminates any skill and is no fun.  For those who really like this silliness, perhaps an option that allows the choice of tier spreads in battles.

2. Create a key that will allow manual elevation or lock the elevation in sniper mode.  If a tank is running along a ridge I have to "lead" it to achieve a hit, but if I'm "leading" it my elevation is taken from the background i.e. the sky/infinity.  I would like a key that would allow me to highlight a target, press the key to hold that elevation while I "lead" the target to shoot.

3. Fix the ridiculous visibility settings.  Recently I was on one edge of the base ring while a large heavy tank was inside the other edge of the ring in plain sight but it was invisible to me.  Another game had me stationary looking down a street. I could "see" a tank behind a house about 1/3 of my sight distance away.  He started moving towards the street, vanished, and reappeared behind the house on the other side of the street.  I could see him while he was hidden behind the house but not when he was moving across the street directly in front of me in plain sight?  Or the time I was completely out of sight behind a ridge and was spotted - nearest opponent was near limit of visual range. How?

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