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COAF - Clanwars Update - Offsetting

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Tanitha #1 Posted 30 June 2016 - 05:47 PM


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Dear Clans ..




By the looks of this forum section it appears dead..


However that would be due to the COAF "Council of Armoured Forces" thriving in our main communication platform designed for COAF / Clan leaders, "Skype"

If you wish your clan to participate within the clan / clanwars community, then please refer to these instruction for adding your clan to the COAF group within the forums and the COAF skype chat channel.




Please play within the spirit of the game, as the game was intended.

Exploiting for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage is not permitted, in any form. This includes alts, alt clans, alt clan leaders for the purpose of exploitation / unfair play.

And offsetting with such clans / etc ....


These rule violations are reported regularly, and actioned regularly..

But to give you an example, here's one from today.



With, Clan  KINGS and K1NGZ (Containing too many alts / inactives / etc) offsetting for clan KINGZ

This resulted in the usual sanctions placed.


clan leader perma ban, officers 7days, clan disbanded.


clan leader 30 days and officers 7 days ban as warning.


KINGZ (main clan)-
clan leader and officers 3 days ban as warning.


Reporting Clan related Exploitation / Rule violations


Please do so through your COAF rep, through the skype channel provided.



Please be mindful of playing within the spirit of the game. Exploitation of mechanics is not permitted, and is sanctioned.



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