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Council of Armored Forces reopen for new application. (With latest list)

COAF Reps Application

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Mobius99 #1 Posted 13 January 2017 - 06:38 PM


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Hi everyone,


Council of Armored Forces representatives has been updated and reviewed, with a new Skype CoAF channel online at the same time.

Please refer to "Welcome to the Council of Armored Forces" if you wish to get a seat in CoAF for your clan.

Current CoAF Representatives


Current Clan Rep 1 Rep 2
CoAF Guest JOC469  
CoAF Guest Devilish_Vix  
Moderator/Contributor GTC_Richo  
Moderator/Contributor AALG  
Moderator/Contributor Elite911  
Moderator/Contributor Centurion_IRL  
1AR struth JordyBro
2MEKE Kiwi_Freedom  
4S ibianconeri  
AAS moyzie  
AGILA GamVino _Tessa
ALLY TR_Rosemary  
ANKOU U12D13 _UnbridleD_
ANZAF/ANZAR/ANZAS shadowmonkeyX  
CALM aurora97  
CIV AC_Akimiya  
CROWN Active gearppuccino
DETOX Papa_Wiskey  
DPX InSnakeWeTrust  
EMPYR stewiejp Jerminator
FURY/WRATH/RAGE DeerHunter666  
G-I NobleOne KuroYukiOuji
GOT LynnTa_ArmyFamily Somtui
HARM IronhideV8  
HMNZ Taney_Local Kiwi_Nightmare
LANCR/LNCR3 Robert_68 Mwhahaha
MP Twisted0ne  
NIMBN Bluedog77 cjhunt2001
MJB alphasave1 marimo2_2
NFB FozzieBear  
NOS Fecon uiui86
NZAD tekno thommo_nz
HODOR MadHouse10101  
PBKAC TE_UnKoalafied_Opinion Flying_Elite
PERTH cplripley Doug_
PVP _Mcgallyver_  
PYRO Hilly SkimsAU
RAISE tankload  
RATZ mrempireman4 TxTheBest
RAVN T_Natori  
SCREW Cryomancer_Sub_Zer0  
SAF Valve  
SMP Prosatanos  
SUPER naic7  
SVDF BiteUrLips Maorigoat
T1RKX teysanook  
TFF Slydersneak  
THINK Austins543 Perikles
TIM DreadAngel21  
UAD lucky_alvin  
VEER Ritz_The_GodSpeed MAYUR0007
VN-F Atom_AriesArsenal  
VPA 0oBahamutho0 vOzer_RyS
WUSEA Timbob  


Don't forget to send me your Skype name if wish to join our CoAF channel.

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Updated Mar 28th.

IND_Rayudu_ #2 Posted 12 February 2017 - 11:29 AM

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I have a request to remove elite commando he don't have skype

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Mobius99 #3 Posted 20 February 2017 - 12:24 PM


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List Updated.


btw, Skype benefit clan reps to a direct contact to other clan reps and WG staff, but you don't need to have Skype to join CoAF.

thommo_nz #4 Posted 25 February 2017 - 05:04 AM


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Can someone please enlighten me.. 


JOC is in as a Guest yet he's in TIM (who currently only have 1 rep)...



slydersneak #5 Posted 09 March 2017 - 03:31 PM


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 sorry been added




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