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Heavy Tank Type A

Possible New Premium Tank

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repac15 #1 Posted 25 February 2017 - 04:39 PM


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Hey guys i was wondering if someone could tell me how can i get in touch with wargaming ( if possible) about possibility of putting new tank in game as premium tank.


I think it would be cool to see something like  Teski Tenk Vozilo A ( Heavy Tank Type A) in world of tank as a Premium tank.


This was a 1949 Yugoslav tank based on the T34 design. A total of nine prototypes were built. They were designed and built at the height of the danger from Soviet invasion when Yugoslavia was building up its weapons industry. They were designed by reverse engineering of the Soviet T-34-85 medium tank without any documentation. They are recognizable by their angled front hull corners, modified hull machine gun mantlet, streamlined turret with cylindrical cupola, muzzle brake on the gun, and external fuel tanks that appear to be notched to fit the hull. An alternate version existed, armed with a gun and a mantlet from the M47 Patton. Two examples survive. One of the prototypes is on display at the military museum in the Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade.


i copied text from Wikipedia.


I Think it would be  a monster tier 6 premium or mediocre tier 7 premium tank.


Please let me know if someone could tell me how to get in contact with wargaming staff or even if just past idea to them.


Take care fellow tankers  :)




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mttspiii #2 Posted 25 February 2017 - 06:31 PM


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The Type A with the 85mm gun would be tier 6 at best; it's the T-34-85's gun. Basing on the description, Type A doesn't have improved armor either (unlike the T-34-85M) so it's definitely not a tanky HT. As an HT, it may be viable at tier 5 as a gun-centric HT, at tier 6 it would trade MT camo for HT levels of HP (+200, so 2 extra shots from a 75mm gun).


The alternate with the M47 mantlet and gun does seem viable as a tier 6-7 HT though if the mantlet is good enough, either focused on good turret armor if tier 6, or on a good APCR-spamming gun with decent turret armor if tier 7. Like a Caernarvon with actual alpha.

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