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Crew training and transferring to another tank

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Arane99 #1 Posted 28 February 2017 - 09:22 AM


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Ive read that crew members can get new skills when they reach 100% basic training and that if you transfer them to a new tank, their basic training will go down. Right now Im playing tier 5 medium and my crew's basic training is around 90%.


Question: Should I continue to grind until my crew gets 100% basic training to get their 1st skill? Or should I transfer the crew to a tier 6 medium tank (with basic training loss) and continue towards my 1st skill? Thanks in advance.


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Ezz #2 Posted 28 February 2017 - 09:33 AM

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I find it easier to explain by referring to them as training and skills separate.


Ie your basic training gets to 100%, and then you can start adding more skills (which also go up by percent).


When you shift to a new tank, your basic training % is impacted, but not any additional skills you were working on.

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reasnd #3 Posted 28 February 2017 - 10:08 AM

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I think the answer is a matter of what is important to you.


If you are done with a tank and looking to play the next tank you should probably re-train your crew. 


For me unless the tank is a real dud I keep it and can't bear the though of retraining another crew in it so I normally get a new crew. My stats aren't anything special so I don't have to worry about the drop in performance because I have a 75% crew in a tank. Just remember that if your crew don't have a lot of exp then transferring them can sometimes be worse than getting a new crew. I'm not going to go into it in depth but in your case, transfering your crew to another same class/nation tank for credits would reduce their exp by 10%. So a 90% crew will drop to 81%, purchasing a new crew for credits (same cost) will give you an exp level of 75%. I think its 20% exp reduction for free, which in your case would leave you with a 72% crew compared with a 50% crew if you were to get a new free crew. Of course if you have the money of spare gold you could retain all your exp.

It's up to you.


EDIT: Bear in mind crew exp does have a bearing on game enjoyment. No one likes to see and M41 Walker Bulldog charge up to an OI, miss 10 shots in 20 seconds with a potential of 1500 damage and get ammo racked running away. All because their crew skill was low and they couldn't adjust their play style to compensate.

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_WMD_ #4 Posted 02 March 2017 - 05:20 PM


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If you dont have a premium tank then start a new tier 6 crew at 75%, keep training tier 5 one
Then keep tier 6 tank as a credit making tank, move the tier 5 crew into tier 7 thus giving you two reasonable crews. Instead of just 1 good crew

You'll want tier 6s to make credits, because at tier 7 onwards losing a battle will cost you credits and running higher tiers gets more expensive
As a Note WG often run yearly special events (modes) which gift 100% crews out.


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