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US Premium tier 8 medium tank M47 Patton II suggestion.

Premium tank

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Belljidanto_3000151085 #1 Posted 15 March 2017 - 04:18 PM


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I always want to have a regular M47 Patton II mass production type, but this model is not in this game.


The only reference of US M47 Patton II in this game is a tier 9 US medium tank : M46 Patton full upgraded version.


However this model is M46E1 which is a prototype of M47 Patton II combined with T42 turret and M46 Patton hull.


Would you kindly create the M47 Patton II mass production type for US tier 8 premium medium tank?


This tank is not much operated in USA but has a mass production and low variations such as 90mm M36 and 90mm M41 gun/ Number 2, 4 return roller or tension idler existence. 


It has a similar usage history with tier 7 US premium TD : M56 Scorpion (Mass production, short period of use, Most of production using by other country)


Also, this M47 Patton II model will assist the Tier 9 French SPG HD model design progress Because of sharing same hull model.


Or easily make M47 Patton model by combining modified M46 Patton upgraded turret and Tier 9 French SPG hull. (If the french tier 9 SPG HD model is in progress.)


Thank you for reading through.

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