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Personal Privacy on CoAF Skype Channel

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Mobius99 #1 Posted 28 March 2017 - 02:54 PM

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Dear Commanders,


We would like to address to everyone again, WOT Forum Rules also apply to CoAF Skype channel, by our Forum rule, section 2.2, revealing other player's personal/real life information is strictly prohibited, and may result in severe sanctions:


2.2 Distribution of real life information and real-life threats

Postings and discussions which have users’ personal data (such as addresses, telephone numbers, emails, other contact information) - regardless of whether this is their own or that of other users - will be removed. Users who publish this type of content on the forum will be warned or sanctioned by an administrator or moderator.

No rude or disrespectful posts to or about any forum moderators or Wargaming.net employees, as well as no release of real-life information about moderators or Wargaming.net employees are allowed on this forum.

Real-life threats include both clear and masked language and/or links to websites containing such language or images which refers to violence in any capacity that is not directly related to the game world


In addition, collecting personal/real life information via CoAF Skype channel and distribute the information in game, to any official channel, and/or other public/private social media network and service, is also strictly prohibited. 


We also recommend all players to review your Skype ID/information and privacy settings (or on other comm application e.g. Discord/TeamSpeak), and remove, change or block any sensitive personal/real life information.


Please treat others the way you would like to be treated and respect your fellow community members.



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