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More packet loss registered but & ingame losing sync

packet loss server issues lag ghost rounds de-sync

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Quasinerdo #1 Posted 22 April 2017 - 06:06 PM

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Figured I'd start a new thread since the other has run its course and I am raising a slightly different issue.



hopefully more useful info than just the bulk reports of ping issues.


For  past weeks I have been logging ping data to the WG server in SG from my location in Australia (Brisbane) and still seeing quite regular packet loss. Ping is *reasonably* stable and rises during peak hour which I would expect as congestion on the main pipe will lead to that. Also to other targets in Sg for comparative assessment.


​1. Packet loss only is occurring on connection to the WG Server.

2. The ping to other Sg targets is similar to the WG server.

​3. The ingame ping is not reflective of monitored ping at times where Network issues exist (its higher)


The packet loss is inconsistent and across multiple routers/nodes. That suggests it may not be a specific hardware issue at one  intermediate node (as we saw in NA years ago with the charlotsville Level 3 router). 


I was experiencing gameplay issues and wanted to see if they aligned with the periods of packet loss being logged or high latency.


I am now keeping track of periodic "lag" in game which is occurring at times when no packet loss is being logged.


Gameplay problems:

​1. loss of sync / run on where tank is not controllable and or freezes then skips forward.

2. ghost rounds and or fire delays

3. worst cases disconnection.

4. ping ramping up and down outside the normal range for time of day [off-peak I get 120-130, peak 130-140.  Abnormal I am considering ranging to 130-160+].


- I will note the highest consistent variance is occurring at sg2-n5596-fe-1-vl231.fe.core.pw​ ( which is the node WG Server attaches to (1st hop). When I monitor this node I get the same packet loss I get tracking the WG server.


​- there is a correlation between the above router demonstrating increases in variance (delaying traffic or congestion) and the packet loss being registered at other routers/nodes.


- If I monitor the 2nd hop from WG server I get no packet loss recorded (I.e. the above IP is likely the culprit or the server).


WG may deny this is a server issue - and it may not be (I can't rule it in or out to be certain). I'd like some more specific feedback though regarding the behaviour of the IP I listed above as it is patently not giving good returns. Also, what steps are being taken to resolve this as it has not been resolved properly.


It's the WG anniversary and it would be wonderful to feel confident spending my money on the game but having problems like this lagging along ( :P )  makes my motivation to "invest" more rather diminished.


Supporting points:

1. Others I am on discord/TS etc with in Au, NZ and some Asian players are reporting same ingame issues.

2. I have had Telstra investigate my link to my exchange (I'm on HFC... not NBN yet thankfully!). I will continue speaking with their back of house Tech support to see if issue can be localised as they have more tools.

3. My PC is an excellent system and there are no configuration issues at cause that I can determine. Only mandatory windows updates recently which have not been coincident in timing with game problems.


I have not uploaded the data I've been recording. Don't see a point at this stage.



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camdy #2 Posted 22 April 2017 - 08:12 PM

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maybe a router died or something at the data centre ???

Ezz #3 Posted 23 April 2017 - 08:35 AM

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I thought they admitted it was a server issue but they just hasn't been able to fix it yet.


It was certainly no better when I last played as compared to after the patch.

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camdy #4 Posted 23 April 2017 - 11:39 AM

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that is without the client running so it might be a telstra issue then






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Sixtynineallthetime #5 Posted 12 June 2017 - 06:01 PM


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Has this issue changed for you, or been resolved?
I also live in Brisbane and get the EXACT same results. 
This really bothers me because it was previously not a problem..
Now I can't even play the game anymore, and considering I just spent $60aud on a T26e5P
please contact me regarding this, if you have found a solution? 
I've tried other things too like a VPN to see if it helps at all, maybe through a different route, but it does not help what so ever.

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