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Tanking /w Science - Fun with Stun!

SPG Arty Stun 9.18

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4TankersAndDog #1 Posted 20 May 2017 - 01:43 AM

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WG seems to have made the new Stun effect of SPGs as complicated as possible, so let's do some testing and try to tease out some simple truths to live by:


1: Does Stun affect a tank's cammo rating?  No.


2: Does Stun affect a tank's repair speed?  No.


3: Okay, what DOES Stun affect and by how much?

WG made this as complicated as possible...from this document:


Engine-specific power decreases 30% and the speed—25%
Suspension traverse speed decreases 20%, while the turret traverse—40%
View range deteriorates 25%
Dispersion on the move increases 50%, dispersion upon turning the hull and turning the turret each increases equally
Reload and aim time increase 50% each
Accuracy decreases 25%


4: How much damage must an SPG shot do to deliver maximum Stun effect?

75% of the Stun effect is always applied when stunned, the other 25% scales up with damage, and is maxed out when the SPG's shot deals an average damage roll.

(I.E, the BC'58 must fully penetrate and deal 750 damage to deliver full stun effect (and at the same time probably wrecking the receiving tank in other gruesome ways as well))


5: How can a tanker reduce stun on their vehicle?

Spall Liners will cut Stun's duration by 10%, and Large First-Aid Kits passively reduce Stun time by 5%.  

Also of course using a large or small First-Aid Kit will trump Stun immediately and return your crew to normal.


6: What caliber or tier SPG do I need to get stun?

Tier does not matter, it's all about caliber.  As long as your gun tube is 122mm or larger in diameter you'll deal Stun to your enemies...or is it over 150mm?



In two different WG documents I see two different answers, anybody have a mid-grade SPG and can check this for us?


Any additional questions about Stun or suggestions for future editions of Taking /w Science?  Please feel free to fire away...thanks.

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kl19442 #2 Posted 20 May 2017 - 07:02 AM

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Great explanation of Stun... thx :)

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