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Light tanks for beginners


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Ensign_Brendoonigan #21 Posted 06 July 2017 - 08:11 PM

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Thanks guys


What's the difference in match making for lights at higher tiers?


Anyhow I have the BT-7 now and picked up the T-127 for a crew trainer (though I don't know if a tier 3 prem really can be defined as crew training). Is it worth getting a 75% or 100% crew for her or should I just put up with a lousy crew until I get the A-20. I've already decided no higher than the A-20 until I have the crew with 6th sense. I have to admit I'm wondering if I should just use gold for a 100% crew and then use more gold to retrain them on the A-20, as I've already seen the difference a 50%, 75% and 100% crew makes.


And of course is it worth specking the BT-7 out with equipment? If so any recommendations for her and my A-20 which I will def' be specking out. 


Many thanks


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Inglorious_Aussie_Tanker #22 Posted 07 July 2017 - 06:37 AM


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Yeah it's worth doing the Equipment any tank you use, as it provide you a better Tank to use.

Vents, a Rammer (if Available), Optics or Binocs even a Spall liner all help, and can then be demounted and transfered to your NEW tank when you buy it.

The T-127 should work fine, you just need to put the effort in.  If you do them Damage you get the XP and the Money.  So making the Tank as BEST as it can Be through Equipment and Consumables will benifet your crew training and tanks abilities.

Vision is probably your biggest benifet as, if you see the Enemy first, you have the upper hand in first Spotting Damage and then the choice of wether you engage or let your team take them out while you continue to spot unrevealed.


Good Luck.

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Profanisaurus #23 Posted 07 July 2017 - 06:58 AM

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I run the A-20 with Vents, Nets and binos.  In a tier 4 game you can mobile medium.  Same in tier 5, look for flanks etc (just watch out for the German Machine guns - Luchs and Leopards) tier 6 generally try and scout rather than getting involved too heavily in brawls. 


With 6th and BIA along with binos you can have max view range for passive scouting on maps that allow it and vents gives you the mobility to go ham and [edited] when some clubber with 5k games in a Luchs comes chasing you.  You could optics for a more active scouting role but I've found that I have better results by being passive and staying vewwy vewwy quiet.


127 is fine as a crew trainer and often the gift tanks are Russian lights so keep them as well.  I find that with my Tetrarch, 127, LTP, M3 Light, BT-SV, BT-7 Art, and Val II plus the tank they are trained in over a 2x crew XP weekend and with a personal reserve I can have 6th sense on a commander in an evening session.  Usually at a disgustingly high win rate and WN8.  You may need a shower afterwards.

GOLDEAGLE_2015 #24 Posted 24 July 2017 - 02:17 PM


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the American light tank line is good fun love the sheridan!!!!!! and m7

crazib #25 Posted 24 July 2017 - 06:24 PM


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i started off playing the french lts when i 1st started out in wot and i must say i did horridly in them at 1st.


please don't play lts until u get a better understanding of map positions and view range mechanics

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