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How to minimize being permatracked

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0__lol__0 #21 Posted 15 August 2017 - 09:46 AM

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View Postdhi67540, on 14 August 2017 - 06:27 AM, said:

So my biggest problem is being permatracked out in the open (yesterday I was a tier 6 heavy where I was permatracked and destroyed by a tier 7 LT who was not spotted - I just had to sit there for 2 minutes and twiddle my thumbs till I was destroyed - didn't see any enemy and didn't get a shot off).  I have seen lots of players fixing their tracks virtually instantly - how?  I carry consumables but I tried clicking on the track when it was repairing and nothing happened.

Different maps have different battle "meta" which evolves over time.


Getting to know where scouts/anyone scouting goes, and the spots they try and catch heavies in the open are, is VERY important.


The general rule in HTs is take the furthest possible route away from the enemy. That generally means the longest, and slowest way.


So, while you are probably keen to start shooting enemies, you just have to be patient and go the long way in many maps.


For example, Erlinberg from the south. Generally the meta is the HTs will want to go west to be behind the castle. But, because we all know that, anyone with a fast enough tank will try and spot them going there IF they take the most direct route. So, as a HT, you need to go directly west through the river and use the terrain to stay unspotted. If you use the bridge, or go directly to the castle from the river, there is a good chance you will get spotted and shot repeatedly.


Each map has its safe route. Or safer route.


Learn them.


At no point in the game do you really need to drive a HT in the open at your skill level. Drive safely to where makes sense, and fight there. When you are a whole lot better, you can make calculated risks if needed. 


Also, as others have said, you are effectively nerfing yourself by training BIA. HTs should be repairs for everyone except the driver, which should be clutch breaking or off road driving.

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Matt_B #22 Posted 15 August 2017 - 02:14 PM

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The YouTuber 4TankersAndDog has an excellent set of map guide videos that are regularly updated here:




There's no guarantee that your team won't just lemming train off in the opposite direction, but at least you'll know where on the map to be pinging indignantly when they do.

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