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How To Play Mediums?

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ISnipe_ #1 Posted 24 August 2017 - 09:19 PM


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Hello Everyone , I am a quiet a bit experienced World of tanks and blitz  player and I decided to join the game again after a long time through a new account om SEA.

Before that ,I went around on a journey to understand everything regarding the game but there s one thing I don't understand , that is how to play medium tanks .


I went around searching for the answer and the most common one were flank,support,wolf pack,etc.


I understood this but I found out it is not that easy to play Mediums at all


- Wolf Packs were not frequency

- tried flanking a heavy in return he rushed me  and I really couldnt find a ally to help me out with flanking and some times  not evem better positions .

- I couldnt find people to support .


So I came here to ask you guys these questions 

-1 How to you wolf pack random battles without platoon

-2 How do I fight another medium without trading most of my HP

- 3 How do I fight a Heavy tank in a 1v1 ? Or when he s rushing you ?

- 4 How do you flanking correctly ?

-5 whom to support ?


Thank You very much for reading this and im sorry if I annoyed you with my long speech , Please do answer if you can and yes criticise if i messed up .


0__lol__0 #2 Posted 25 August 2017 - 09:19 AM

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All that generic advice often doesn't apply. For the most part you will find that apart from a few good players, and the usual YOLO numpties, everyone is playing as if they are in a TD.


Generally, unless you are very very good, aggressive play will just get you killed. I can remember only a couple of times that I noticed another player actively try to get me out of trouble when I've pushed to flank. Most of the time they will just let you die.


The best advice is to not try and force anything. See if the team has deployed to areas that make sense and follow along with the group that's going to a position you understand and can be useful.


Sounds boring right? Yeah, it can be.


So what else to do? Firstly, drive the most OP medium you can. Lots of tech tree tanks are nearly useless in the upper tiers, so that means buying with real money the "latest and greatest".


Secondly, drive the most OP medium you can. 







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waikinboom #3 Posted 25 August 2017 - 09:21 AM


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1) For one, wolf packs are for meds in a group of at least 3 (So you need to platoon). And usually you focus fire on specific tanks in a wolf pack to quickly take down larger tanks with more HP. So don't be too worried about wolf packs.


This really depends on the medium tank you are playing. But in my opinion heres what I generally do:


a) Go to the best sniping/advantageous spots in the beginning of the game. USE THAT SPEED. Once you reach a good spot where you won't be shot easily and have shots on the enemy, unload your clip and run away OR hide to reload. When I play the batchat ap, I like to find a tank to unload my rounds on, then reload and switch fronts. 

b) After unloading, pretty much spend the rest of the game finding lone enemies to do damage to or supporting your heavies.


You want to wait until the battle has progressed to the point where there are 2 clear fronts during the fight and you know the positions of all the enemies. You can then either choose to:

a) Support one flank that has the better chance of winning

b) Support the other flank that may be losing, but make sure to run away once the enemy comes in(basically farm from a distance)

c) Find a hole in the enemy line and assassinate lone tanks with that autoloader


2) Also depends on the medium, if you have a better gun and faster ROF, you can trade, but usually try to avoid these situations if your enemy is a better tank.


3) Same as number 2, but since you are faster you can circle them if they are in the open.


4) Flanking is something that I usually do after half the battle is done or if an enemy is a lone without any support. So for example if I see a gap in the enemy lines and I know my allies are winning on this flank, I will go to the back of the enemy front and unload. DEPENDS IF THE ENEMY HAS ANY TD SUPPORT THOUGH


5) I usually support the best players on the team (purples, blues and greens)


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Proloser_The_Atomistic #4 Posted 25 August 2017 - 10:55 AM

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If you're top tier go to an important part of the map and shoot red tanks. If not top tier just support your higher tiers if they are pushing an important part of the map by shooting red tanks. If you see red tanks flanking push harder; if you can't push harder, farm as much as you can from what is in your immediate vicinity. Also remember to look at the map to see if there are openings to push so you can shoot more red tanks.


Basically you just shoot red tanks where ever they pop up. A bit like whack-a-mole, actually.

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Matt_B #5 Posted 25 August 2017 - 03:37 PM

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I'd think the answer to question three is to not get cornered by heavies. Always keep an eye on the mini-map and bug out of corridor and corner fights before they can pin you down.


On the other hand, if it's a 1-on-1 fight in an open area and you've got a decent mobility advantage, circling them works a treat. Their armour is usually much weaker at the sides and rear, and if you can stay ahead of their gun you can sometimes avoid taking damage entirely. It's a good idea to lock on with the auto aim and concentrate on the driving though, as you could easily turn into a sitting duck if you run into an obstacle or another tank.

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