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Crew List / Summary for ease of crew management

crew export

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AdrianK #1 Posted 09 October 2017 - 04:16 AM

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As a player that is well into the game (has a non-trivial number of tanks and crew in the garage) I regularly grinding new vehicles and needed to re-train crew; I would like a feature that makes it easier for me to see what crew I have (what vehicle they are trained for, where they currently are and what their level of training / skills & perks are); so that I can more easily review what crew i have and plan crew-training plans in preparation for getting new tanks.


A solution I think would work for me is a CSV export, because I would often like to look at / review my crew when I am not able to use the game client - such as on public transport / on my mobile.  


The in-game UI is ok, but you cannot see crew training at a glance - you have to mouse-over each and every crew member.


I would also like the ability to get this data via the WG API.


The data I would like made available for each crew (i.e. through the CVS export and/or API) is: 


  1. Nation
  2. Class (LT, MT, HT, etc)
  3. Current location (e.g. barracks or name of tank)
  4. Current vehicle trained for
  5. Role (Cmdr, gunner, etc)
  6. Role training level %
  7. Number of skills / perks
  8. Training level of the most recently skill/perk
  9. Name
  10. Gender


#7 & 8 could alternatively be a list of the skills and perks, with name of the skill/perk and training level, however, for a simple CSV the simple way would be okay for me.

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