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About Historical Inaccuracy : Japanese Super-Heavy Tanks

Historical Japan Tanks History O-I

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Kanna_The_Goldammo_Eater #1 Posted 12 October 2017 - 04:59 PM


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(Well, Most of us are known that most of those Japanese Heavies is fabrication, But I gonna write it anyways)


This articles is made for giving some accurate trivia about tanks in World of Tanks, Not to complain about balancing or arcade mechanics.


At first, When I returned into World of Tanks after my old account was removed due inactivity. I found that a lot of things had changed and added into the game.


The stuff that put my interest on it is Japanese Giant Heavy Tanks. The moment I saw it, I was like "What? Did Japanese also build giant freaking tanks?"


After that, I started playing Japanese HT, It's fun to play, but. because its size, It also gave me some trouble. that also so makes me wonder that "Why WG put such a overly big tank at low tiers?".


So, I searched information about this vehicle, The first information I got is that O-I had 3 variants; 150 tonnes (just known as O-I in-game), 120 tonnes (known as O-Ho in-game), and 100 tonnes (known as O-Ni in-game). That also makes me wonder why these tank are so different from each other and doesn't look like it was modified from each other.


Later I discovered that there's only O-I variation that ever build; The 150 tonnes. Which its prototype is turretless and didn't mounted full-armor. That makes me can confirmed that O-I "experimental" which appeared in-game is pure fabrication


Also, I later found out that the O-Ni and O-Ho is never existed, But based on some concept artworks from the book “Imperial Japanese Army Ground Weapon Guide 1872-1945”. These artworks is basically speculations of "what O-I would have looked like?".


O-I_pict_1.jpg    O-I_super_heavy_tank.jpg

Concept art of the O-I 100 and O-I 120. Both of these never existed in real life.

So, My answer on the question I wondered that "Why WG put such a overly big tank at low tiers?" is "Just for making this line full"

You know what? Wikipedia articles still said that O-I had 3 variants and used O-I 120 pictures to show that "what O-I is looking like"

that makes me feel that Wikipedia can be unreliable sometimes.


Now we'll moving on into another Japanese Super-Heavy Tank project; The Type 4/5 Heavy. As we already known, It was not modification of O-I project, but it was separate project.


I'll talk about its design of both of these tanks. Unfortunately, there's no sketch of Type 4 Heavy, at least we got an image of rough sketch of Type 5 Heavy's hull



Type 5 Heavy's rough sketch.

  As we seen on image above, Type 5 Heavy's turret size is takes almost half size of hull, It also didn't have hull cheeks.


Since there's only one rough sketch of Type 5 Heavy, WG put some imagination on Type 4 Heavy's hull design. If you look closely, Type 4 Heavy's hull shape is somewhat similar to Chi-To/Chi-Ri medium tanks.


800px-Type_4_Heavy_scr_3.jpg      800px-Type_4_Chi-To_scr_3.jpg

Type 4 Heavy and Chi-To Medium tank. Note the similarities of hull shape.


Type 5 Heavy in-game hull design is also modified from Chi-To/Chi-Ri hull. While mixing the original design with existed design of both medium tanks based on the some information of purposed improvements of Type 4 Heavy which said that Type 5 Heavy is "modified variant of Type 4 Heavy which had improved engine cooling system, smaller engine compartment, and less weight".


Yea, So it's some information about Japanese Super-Heavies. If you want me to do some more information about other tanks, You can reply me in this post. Thank you.

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Otakubouzu #2 Posted 12 October 2017 - 05:12 PM


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There is also alleged photos of Type 4/5 turret taken in Manchuria by Soviet soldier iirc.
Found it, its this one:




struth #3 Posted 12 October 2017 - 10:03 PM


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I must say that "Rough Sketch" is an understatement, the old drawing on the back of a napkin analogy proves correct.

But we must please the larger market segment on this server.

Laserdisc #4 Posted 12 October 2017 - 10:23 PM

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It's a sketch of how the air flows into the engine.
The sketches were found by a Russian engineer.

Jagdpanzer_General #5 Posted 12 October 2017 - 10:47 PM

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Type 4 HT is like a Fatter O-Ni, while the Type 5 is like the Fatter O-Ho


Notice the Hull on the rear got "lowered" for O-Ho and Type 5.

And also, I dont even think that Chi-Ri style suspension can hold of that 100-160 tons of lump Steel, not with just 1 layer of Track

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hate_pubbehs #6 Posted 13 October 2017 - 03:05 AM


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They took the hint that the Japanese would build the worlds largest Yamato class battleships and worlds largest OI class heavy tanks if only they could steal enough resources, and ran with it.

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