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[BCFHS] BC Freedom Highschool Recruitment

BCFHS Girls und Panzer Vichy and Free France French Tanks Baguette BC Freedom Ribbon no musha Das finale Clan recruitment

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zemartix #1 Posted 21 October 2017 - 07:27 PM


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Welcome to BC Freedom High School!

Bonjour! We would like to thank you for your consideration to transfer into our prestigious institution, and it is our responsibility to show you the right way. Au pas!


BC Freedom High School is actually two in one; the former “BC” and “Freedom” all-girl schools. Both halves have a history of distrust (politically speaking, Freedom is superior to BC) but we have evolved. Once a minor and insignificant school, we are now stronger than ever before, with Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality! We shall scream from the top of our lungs the lyrics of Le Chant De L'Oignon and La Marseillaise, while our battalion of S35s and ARL 44s marches onwards to victory!


(Our clan is mainly a Girls Und Panzer fanbase but a clan nevertheless, so we will have normal clan activities.)

BC Freedom Arsenal:

Hotchkiss H35

Renault R35

Somua S35

Char B1 bis

M4A1 Sherman

M4A2 Sherman

M5 Stuart

M22 Locust

Panther Ausf. G

ARL 44

Renault FT-17

Renault AMR-35 ZT-1

Renault AMR-35 ZT-2

In addition we have a Valentine Mk. V but it is inoperable, and the M10 Wolverine is an open-turreted tank forbidden in Senshado. We also have an FCM F1, but we can't remember what happened to it.


(We prefer if you have the ARL 44, R35, H35 , and/or S35 to be anime and manga accurate.)

Rules and Regulations of BC Freedom High school:

1.) Respect the Students in the community

2.) Students must know how to speak in English (at least try to do so).

3.) Misbehaving will only be tolerated in certain situations.

4.) Students must have +40% Win Rates We are not strict, 39.50% will be considered.

5.) Students must have +50% Hit Ratio.

6.) Students must attend classes at least twice a month. If you fail to comply; Send a formal letter of apology to any Superior officer stating the reason of absence.

7.) Students must have basic knowledge of the game mechanics and battle tactics.

8.) Students must have seen the reference material "Girls Und Panzer" before applying.

9.) Students must uphold a minimum of 2 tanks from the list. (You can get away with the R35 and H35, you can even get away with the FT-17)

10.) Students must have a French, American, or German Tier 5 tank or higher.

11.) Enjoy your time with us.


To apply, Go to our Discord Link (https://discord.gg/KsW3Nsw) and send an application form.

Application forms must contain the following:

1.) In-Game Name.

2.) What is your favorite vehicle and why.

3.) What is your reason for applying.

4.) Why did you pick BC Freedom High school out of all the WoT SEA GuP Clans.




My Favorite vehicle is the AMX 65T and Char B1 Bis because they are very uniquely designed vehicles and that feature appeals to me.

I want to join BCFHS because- wait, I made it!

I picked BCFHS because i loved BC freedom from the manga and the upcoming anime series.


Afterwards, You will receive a reply from me about my decision. You may try to join again as many times as you like; the verdict is not final.

Thank you if you read the entire text and want to apply, À Bientôt​! (even if you don't want to, thank you for at least reading it)


Vive Our Alma Mater, BC Freedom!


Link to BC Freedom WoT page


(Just in case you still want to know more, these are questions i made up that might clarify some details)


1.) Who are you?

My In-Game name is Zemartix (It's actually pronounced as "Zima-r Ticks" as in "Winterr Ticks" but no one got the idea) and i have been playing World of Tanks since late 2012. My first clan was [PRAVD] (Please! Revive!) in early 2013 until mid 2017; I moved on and created [BCFHS].


2.) Why did you form [BCFHS]?

I formed [BCFHS] due to my passion of french tanks and love for BC freedom in the manga, Girls und Panzer: Ribbon no Musha.


3.) What are the clan activities of [BCFHS]?

Once i gather enough manpower, I will immediately start training and skirmishes. Clan wars isn't out of the question but i also plan to do roleplay skirmishes, troll skirmishes, abit of fun in the training, and many more.


4.) What happens if the requirements are not met?

If you don't meet the requirements, You will not be accepted "Temporarily". 


5.) Are you basing BC Freedom from the Manga or Anime?

I am basing BC Freedom from the latest appearance, in this case, the anime. 


6.) What do we do?

Let them eat cake. (*nods*)


7.) Who are the target audience of BCFHS?

My target audience is GuP fans, BC Freedom fans, Vichy and France history fans, and people passionate about french tanks.


8.) What is the Republic of Emile

BCFHS is now under new management, The Republic of Emile is the main group managing BCFHS.


9.) How do i become an officer?

Simple really, Ask me then i will observe your skills on the position.


10.) If i leave the clan, What will happen? 

Depending on your contribution to the clan, If you heavily contributed to the clan, A parade and farewell gathering will be held. If you just joined and left, only a mere mention. 




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CHAKA24 #2 Posted 21 October 2017 - 10:55 PM

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Good Luck and Greetings from Kuromorimine Clan.



scarlet_rook_4 #3 Posted 08 December 2017 - 10:42 AM


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Good Luck in the recruitment :honoring:

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