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New player looking for a clan in Australia!

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VnA164 #1 Posted 12 January 2018 - 11:47 PM


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Hey fellow tankers! I'm a relatively new player and yes I'm a total noob as you can see from my stats. For a long time I didn't really pay much attention to the mechanics of the game and so first 2.5k games involved me I trying to progress to another tier as fast as possible by running around like a headless chicken. However, recently I decided to finally take my time to pay attention and learn different aspects of the game that would at least make me an average player. I've been reading up the forums and watching youtube videos but I feel like the best and most fun way to learn is actually to get people to play with you and show you how to do stuff, and unfortunately it's been a completely solo journey for me from the very beginning (something that numerous times discouraged me from playing further). Also, I'm ashamed to admit that at 5k games I have never participated in clan wars or strongholds, both of which I still have little understanding of.


So at the moment I'm looking for a clan to join in Australia (I'm actually Vietnamese but I'm studying in Sydney). You can see that I'm a part of my uni's clan but they are 99% dormant and the commander of the clan left to join QSF, so nobody really plays anymore. I'm not looking for an super competitive clan, because at the end of the day I'm a casual player, and I probably won't satisfy the minimum requirements anyway. I'm also only available for 2-3 nights per week since I have a big study load. And most importantly, I play this game for fun so I would rather avoid a toxic community.


Feel free to look at my stats and if you know any good clans out there that I might fit in, please let me know. Thanks a lot guys!!!!


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