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Ranked Battles New Season


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Woo hoo! A net gain of... one chevron! I now have... one chevron! :sceptic:


The main problem seems to be that I have trouble consistently making top 5 on losses (usually around 7th place). I had a couple top 3s on wins and a fair number of 1 chevron wins, but the losses just kill me with me missing the cut by one or two places almost every time.


IS7 and STB were definitely better choices (and the STB is clearly my best tank here). Took the Strv 103B out a couple times and they were pretty much all disasters. With the random stupidly aggressive players at the lowest levels, the only thing it's good for is putting you in the top 5 on losses, since it's almost impossible to stay unspotted early.


I also noticed a much wider spread of ranks in a lot of matches... seems like not enough people are playing (oooh big surprise).


If I could just hang on to 3rd rank for a few games, I'd be placed with noticeably better teams (this happened occasionally, but the times I was in a game with 6 & 7 rank players we always seemed to lose horribly), but geez it's tough to get out of the drool-filled basement.

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