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Re Roll, is the game dead?

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s70blackhawk #21 Posted 25 April 2018 - 08:02 AM

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View PostAoyama_Blue_Mountain, on 30 March 2018 - 12:15 PM, said:



View PostChewmatca, on 01 April 2018 - 07:26 AM, said:

The game is pure [edited] now, basically WG have released OP premium tanks - you HAVE to fire gold or shoot them in the arse or side on, they broke from mantra of balanced prems to OP.


Defender is tier 8 but has armor as good or better than a lot of tier IX and Xs. id call it tier 9.5. Youl note tier 8 is dominated by prem tanks now.


Tier 6/7 terrrible to grind due to imblance in MM (new "templated" MM where most of the time your are bottom until your reach tier X)and you are dominated with OP tier 8 prem tanks. Lorr 40t is insanely good in right hands, defender is just stupid in pubbies press w and win.


Second is that "good" players just fire premium rounds and play with premium consumables, so your armor is useless. Even not good players use regularly negating armor - auto win press 2 twice.


Third - Introduction of stupid OP tanks like 268-4 at tier 10. "nothing wrong" only thing that can pen them frontally is another TD, usually requiring gold rounds "again". New Tier X balanced around glass cannon or premium ammo. WG think nothing is wrong with this. Constant rollout of OP tanks like this makes game unenjoyable for anyone who doesn't play these new "meta" tanks in pubbies, or fire constant prem ammo.


Fourth - Introduction of higher levels of add on modules - only purchasable with bonds gives top players even more advantage. Sure anyone can get bonds but unless you are real gud youl be on the back foot grinding the necessary war bonds.


My recommendation is do not spend a cent on WG, enjoy what you can for free as game is in decline. Sure people will check out new GFX, but WG slow to catch on that it is Gameplay that keeps someone coming back.


The need for prem ammo if you want to be considered good is ridiculous. Grinding endlessly is the alternative to feed your high tier tanks unless you keep throwing cash at the cow that is WOT.


+++++++++++++++1 ^^ This This This.... Hello AW. Are you P2W?? No? Is it full of ePeen toxic WN8 stetpedders that PM after a match and quote your own stats to you like I care? No? Ok we can play for hours and hours. I know you'll get boring after a while, but so did Civilization. I'll come back WOT, but only to do my 2X for CW grind and play CW. Oh wait, CW is dying again? Never mind... oh look, rum and puppies and butterflies!

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1. the final stage of a game such as chess, bridge or World of Tanks, when few pieces, cards or players on the server remain. 
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Burbage #22 Posted 25 April 2018 - 12:02 PM


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View PostBrave_Sir_Robin, on 24 April 2018 - 10:36 PM, said:


Yup. They'd put 300mm of frontal armour on tier III tanks and increase the pen of premium ammo by a factor of 999% on calibres less than 47mm.


Probably. But tier three is currently the most balanced tier. They meet only tier 4s, no tier 2s or 5s and the premium tanks are all crap.


Tier 4s meet tier 6s. Tier 5s meet tier 7s, and no tier 3s, so the balance is way out. Tier 6s meet OP premium tier 8s spamming gold ammo. Tier 7 meet OP premium tier 8s spamming gold ammo. Tier 8 meet OP premium tier 8s spamming gold ammo. Tier 9 meet OP premium tier 8s spamming gold ammo, plus everyone else spamming gold which means you might as well not have armour. Tier 10s meet OP premium tier 8s spamming gold ammo and everyone else spamming gold.... View range stops working at tier 7 when most of the tanks are maxed out (tier ten mediums have more view range than tier ten lights!). Gold ammo "fix" in 1.0.1 won't work since spammers will just convert gold to credits. 


Perhaps tier 8 premiums need their own matchmaking where they only meet tier 8 premiums.


OP premium tanks and gold. There's your problem. 

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southerner #23 Posted 25 June 2018 - 06:09 PM


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I wouldn't say that the game is dead, just a lot of players are having a breather  for a few months.
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struth #24 Posted 25 June 2018 - 09:19 PM


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Nah it's cactus, all the reasons mentioned above, flat maps is probably the killer for me, get spotted on a lot of maps these days and half the map can shoot your position.

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