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Let's try this again...

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FramFramson #61 Posted 11 July 2018 - 01:20 PM


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Not really the best game for me - a too-aggressive start (thought i'd try to spot for the 4005) meant I spent a long time frustrated, though I got some okay damage/kills in the endgame.




Just a simple question. At about 12:10, after I fire, I know my camo net hasn't kicked in yet (jumped the gun by just a fraction of a second since the IS7 was backing off), but I have a full camo skill crew, with BiA and paint and everything else... HOW in the [edited] was I spotted? I am literally on the very edge of the IS7's spotting range and while the IS7 has good view range for a heavy, I though I'd be okay to fire a shot at LITERAL MAXIMUM SPOTTING RANGE in a tank with one of the highest camo ratings in the game. Nor did I see any other tank that might've done the spotting when I looked at the replay.


Was it another tank? What the hell happened here?

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