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CHRISTCHURCH, NZ 1.0 wot ROLLOUT night FEEDBACK>> Victor Kislyi

Victor Kislyi CHRISTCHURCH NZ 1.0

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fluffymouse #1 Posted 16 April 2018 - 03:23 PM


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Gamers in CHRISTCHURCH on the night of 12 APRIL were promised as follows;(this is what they sent us)


Hey Commanders! We’re looking forward to welcoming you at the Pegasus Arms Hotel this Thursday to talk all about 1.0! Representing our Wargaming team will be Alex de Giorgio (Regional Product Director), James Kozanecki (Player Experience Manager, ANZ) and Joey Garcia (aka ‘Conan’ Community Evangelist). We’d love to make sure that any and all questions you have about 1.0 can be answered for you, so to make sure we can get to everyone if you have anything you’re particularly burning to ask submit it as a reply to this email! If we can’t answer it for you on the night we can keep a record and get back to you here.


What we got. (about 80 stakeholder gamers turned up..mixture of grown men,fathers with children,some Mothers with Children,Older Teens )

1. When I arrived the first thing I saw was there was a large screen with quicky baby commenting.

BUT the broadband/wifi was NOT working.

Not even one tank game in 1.0 could be shown without the game freezing every 1 min. 

2. No computer stations were set up for gamers to try playing new maps. Not hard to do. Players next to me with their kids mentioned this to me.

3. Little if no Merchadise was evident. WOT James Kozanecki (player experience??? manager??) kept promising the merchandise following this event. Friday 13 April went by. Pergasus arms pub was caught in the middle fielding calls BUT confirmed even though email came to us, None arrived. Now its NZT 1900hrs 16 APRIL (Monday)..promised again today...still no promised merchandise.

4. Lastly. THE BIG ONE. Your rolling out some of the greatest gaming changes ever to hit gamers in WOT. Now I expected a discussion about the maps, the graphics, the things in development, the fps issue, etc. Even one discussion, please???

Nothing was discussed formally. You could argue that this above email did not promise this format?. All we got was a 45s announcement by Alex of a welcome. 

5. Food and drink was in plentiful supply. Some people were fortunate to grab a large WOT engraved clear mug to drink from. Mainly grown men and definitely no kids got one. Surely the kids should get first chance if there is limited stock . My kids talked about for this for a whole month. You know the type of thing," ..what if we get lots of gold...what if we get this...cant wait..".


Overall, Victor, you had a great opportunity to impress 80 stakeholders with this marvelous 1.0 roll out and to SPOIL rotten your loyal players. 


>Your employees have not followed through. I am disappointed as so are my kids. 



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_A_M_G_ #2 Posted 16 April 2018 - 04:51 PM

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I tend to agree, was a little disappointing compared to similar events I have attended.


Quickybaby is hard enough to watch when he is not buffering every 20 seconds. 


Thanks for making the effort however.


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K4izerr #3 Posted 16 April 2018 - 05:00 PM


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Yep i came in, drank free beer and was in a hurry to leave. Nothing formal, nothing professional, nothing discussed as a group. Parking was a nightmare, nothing for the kids but to see a bunch of grown men drink and chat. And no women there above 5/10 Kappa. Feelsbadman. 


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Centurion_IRL #4 Posted 16 April 2018 - 05:26 PM

    Wait I have'nt seen this mod before?

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You have already posted this in the announcement thread


Do not make multiple posts, better to post once and wait for an answer


Thread closed



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Conan #5 Posted 16 April 2018 - 08:51 PM

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Dear fluffymouse,


First of all, allow me to apologize to you that our player gathering was not to your liking. I would like to address the concerns you have brought up. 


Yes, our mobile internet could not keep up with the stream. We were under the impression that there were no TVs at the venue, so we were trying make the most of what we had. While it worked fine at first, the stream didn’t hold. Next time we definitely plan on predownloading videos ahead of time!  


Indeed, there were no computers on the venue, we intended this to be a player gathering where not only will we interact with players but for the different players to be brought together and interact with each other. The event was about interaction between people, which is why we gave everyone name tags to write their IGNs on. By doing that we were hoping people would recognize other player names and strike up conversations. This is why we did not announce having nor brought any computers to the venue. We have tossed and turned on bringing PCs in the past, but felt that due to the social nature of the event that people wouldn’t use them. If there’s interest, it’s something we’ll look into for next time! 


The merchandise got held up in Auckland due to severe weather conditions, this effected all of DHL’s shipments for the day, not just ours. Please accept our sincerest apologies. The only things that arrived were half of the mugs/beer steins - unfortunately only two of the four packages arrived, and in accordance with Murphy’s Law, the two boxes which were held up were the ones with bonus codes and the stress ball tanks. We worked really hard to come up with cool merch ideas and were excited to see how people reacted to them, so we’re equally annoyed that we weren’t able to hand out more on the night. However, we have told everyone there that they are expected to arrive soon. How soon is soon? That’s unfortunately out of our hands, as there’s a bit of a backlog of packages due to the mass volume delay. Regrettably there was some confusion on Friday about some boxes arriving on Friday, however we found out on Saturday (after we’d sent out the email on Friday) that the two boxes were not ours, so we tried to notify everyone about the mistake as soon as we heard. I’m sorry, I know that it is frustrating. 


We will be sending everyone emails to notify them of the arrival of the goods so that you can pick them up at the venue at your leisure. The bar has been kind enough to allow us to distribute the remainders of the other boxes, which we really appreciate. 


I will admit, I had fun in Christchurch and talked to a lot of people and discussed their concerns with the game and what they want to see in the future. Now, I truly regret that I was not able to talk to you. By the way you are disappointed this event, I know that you have a lot of questions and points to discuss with us. It may not be much, but we would like you to reach out to us since we missed the great opportunity to talk to you properly. Please do send us an email as you quoted us above. We have already received several of them from others. We will gladly answer them.


We are terribly sorry to have disappointed you and I would like to personally apologize for not being able to spend time with you. I only hope that you can reach out to us both so that you we can address your concerns and that you can help us improve our on ground events for everyone in the future.



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