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Finally reached tier 8 and I am getting absolutely slaughtered. Tips?

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womba #21 Posted 12 May 2018 - 10:06 PM


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of course you are getting your arse kicked playing tier 8.That is war gamming for you & their bs game..wait till you tell someone in game that they are on wrong server [Content removed]


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VJ19 #22 Posted 13 May 2018 - 01:57 PM


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Congratulations for getting your first tier 8. IS-3 will only shine when you fully upgrade that tank, its a pure BEAST at tier 8. Believe me, I did not liked the tank initially when I got it and the grind was real pain. But once it was fully upgraded, I really liked it. So, till you get it fully upgraded, don't worry about stats, ignore them. Just grind the tank, keep focus only on the tank which you currently grind. I am no amazing player in my IS-3, but I love most of my matches in it, after it was fully upgraded. And I will be available to roll my IS-3 with you, invite me to platoon if possible. Godspeed to you!

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LordJohnny #23 Posted 22 May 2018 - 12:37 PM


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Basically, fire gold when matched up against higher tiers. It tends to help penning the lower plates of E75's and other stupid high tier heavies that need gold spam. Run away from type 4's and type 5's, in a IS 3 your useless unless you get their back side. If you don't like the engagement that your in, change it up to where your playing the strengths of your tanks, or make it a even playing field with the enemy tank. Let the higher tiers push first unless its completely safe, or it would give you a advantageous position (be careful of being yoloed by auto-loaders, it happens a lot in higher tiers). Make sure this advantageous position is not to far away from allies because there is a 50/50 chance that people will yolo you especially if your in a tier 8 vsong tier 9's and 10's. Use third person to look around corners, go around and shoot when they have fired or are not looking at you (judge this carefully because higher tier med's have higher dpm, and fast turret traverse and dont get BAITED around the corner) It may sound scummy but use allied wrecks to get hull down. DO NOT depend on the hull armour of the IS 3, it is utter trash when up against higher tiers. Have some kind of support with you, even if its 1 tier 9 or tier 10. Run away if the fight is not in your favour, some may think this is cowardly, but this increases your in rate (don't make it a habit). Only run away when your absolutely sure that you cant win, otherwise if you run away when the fight is a possible win, it will affect your team negatively. Because your in a IS 3 with rubbish view range, take optics because medius will just out spot you and farm you from 400m away. The rest of it is just normal situational awareness, be aware to whats going on the map, try and anticipate what flank is going to fall based on the minimap, and, yeah, that's about it.

ZULUL_Warrior #24 Posted 23 May 2018 - 02:04 PM


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i won't confuse you with a wall of text but here's my tips if you find yourself in bottom tier in a is3


1: never ever go alone, stay in a group and keep your gun firing. If you see a flank empty and you feel in your gut that you must defend it. Make sure you have cover fire and never isolate yourself


2: always go for tracking shots, even better tracking and damaging shots.


3: see something you can kill without taking much damage in return? go for it


4: always go hulldown/ sidescrape, but if you see OHO/type4/5 please do not ever expose any part of your tank to them.


5: use your terrain to your advantage

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