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Connection Issues

lag. connection issues

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The_Tiger_Darell #1 Posted 11 May 2018 - 06:21 PM


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I have been experiencing high ping recently in both WoT SG and ANZ with about 300 ms of ping (used to be around 50 ms on SG and 100 ms on ANZ). But I don't experience the lag while playing other games, I also checked my internet speed multiple times online and it is what it should be. I tried playing the game without background apps running but it's still the same, I also tried opening the game in Safe mode but there is no change to my bad ping. 

I've also heard that my internet service provider had connection problems recently and had fixed the issue already. While they had this issue, I didn't notice a problem with my ping while playing WoT and other games. It's after they had 'fixed' it that I started having problems with my ping but strangely only while playing WoT. It might be just a coincidence that this happened and my internet service provider had nothing to do with it. Playing from the Philippines. 


Astorias #2 Posted 11 May 2018 - 07:35 PM


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Your post is pointless unless you live in Australia or New Zealand. All other countries playing on this region does not matter. Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and even players from Singapore itself have reported connectivity issues but response is ANZ going 24x7 for some time due to inconvenience caused to Aus and NZL plyaer base. It's a fact. So hush up if you are not Aussy/kiwi and bear with the remaining underprivileged.

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