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Tier 8 Matchmaking sucks

tier 8 mm sucks

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Tazeredge #21 Posted Today, 12:07 AM


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Also I forgot to add, you should always aim to track your enemy by aiming at front drive wheel or rear drive wheel depending on how he is positioned relative to you, doesnt matter if you're using HE or not.
But if you dont have time to aim for tracking shot, or if theres a good chance rng takes your shot away from the drive wheel, then aim at somewhere like the middle of his hull where you have a higher chance of doing damage.

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BadAtLightTanks #22 Posted Today, 12:53 AM


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I am still not sure why all the super unicums in EU & NA servers kept saying in their streams that Tier 8 is currently broken. Maybe it is broken if you are playing certain tank classes but Tier 8 LTs players like me honestly can't tell the difference.:amazed:

FramFramson #23 Posted Today, 01:55 AM


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Well, most people don't play one class of tank exclusively (let alone one tank, period, exclusively). ;)

LT-playing masochist. It's too much fun to be a mosquito.

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