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Massive packet loss at certain port?

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Co00olCat #21 Posted 24 June 2018 - 06:36 PM


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Back here with my 5 cents...


The problem seems to be intermittent...


Recently I was configuring new Windows 10 to be integrated into network... By default -> it constantly downloads something -> My guess -> it is trying to update itself using local network and then closest in reach PCs (default settings).... When I was taking that PC out of the network -> packet loss was going away (to a degree, if my hypothesis is correct -> over PCs are causing similar issue down the line). I cannot fully confirm - that this is the cause of the issue, but, my guess is that new PCs in network with default settings are flooding the network with search queries and update requests -> as a result we get choking and pocket loss...


Solution?: Gamers should google "windows 10 optimize performance for gaming" -> This will allow to remove yourself from the pool of flooders.


Correct me if/where I am wrong.


Thank you.


Kind regards,


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