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What to do when WG makes a mistake

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TinDingo #1 Posted 14 June 2018 - 08:24 AM


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About 1 year ago WG gave WOTBlitz update 3.8 (aka 3.h8).

3.8 introduced a new equipment system, even though there was nothing wrong with the old system and no one asked for it to be changed.

Instead of 3 equipment slots per tank, we now had 9 slots, each of which could be switched at any time between two choices, see attached image,

It was explained to us that this would give us more variety when it comes to equipping each individual tank, although everyone ended up selecting the same options anyway.

We didn't ask for this, but OK.


What wasn't OK was the introduction of timers which delayed the mounting of each piece of equipment by hours (for the 1st tier of equipment) to days (for the 3rd tier of equipment) - see image.

Of course we could get rid of each timer with gold.

Without gold, a tier 10 tank would a take almost a month to fully equip - assuming you had enough of the new currency, "Spare Parts" (aka Rare Parts), which was used to pay for equipment.

Nobody liked the new system (except for a certain YouTuber who likes everything WG does!).

WG went into damage control but wouldn't budge - until now.


One year later...

The next update (5.0) will get rid of the timers and the new currency.

Any new tank can be fully equipped immediately using Credits - just like before 3.8.

We will still have nine equipment slots instead of the three we had originally, and even though each piece of equipment does nothing noticeable, we can live with that.


So what is point of this post...

We, the players, bitched for a year to get this fixed but WG simply ignored us.

However, because the new currency (Spare Parts) became the only currency worth collecting and because you couldn't buy it with real money (pay to win), a lot of us became free to play.

There was no point buying premium time or premium tanks to get credits because there was nothing to spend the credits on.

Even using credits for tech tree tanks was a waste of time because there were never enough "Spare Parts" to equip the new tanks.

Dedicated players ended up with mountains of credits in the garage and most of their tanks were not being played because they were not equipped.

We told WG this would happen when 3.8 dropped but were told "the situation would resolve itself with time".

Well - one year later the situation has been resolved.

No more Spare Parts and no more Timers.

We can deplete our cache of credits equipping our tanks.

We can buy more tanks and will need more credits to equip those.

The in-game economy has been restored - people will start buying premium tanks and time again in order to earn credits faster.


In summary...

The only thing WG cares about is money.

When WG does something wrong/stupid/insane, there is no need to boycott the game - play it - just don't pay for it.

But you have to do it for whole year so that someone at the top can compare this year's financial report to last year's and notice a drop in revenue; This will get them to start asking questions and ultimately to fix what it is that has upset the players.

Nothing else will work.

Money talks and when it does, WG listens.


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mttspiii #2 Posted 14 June 2018 - 08:51 AM


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View PostTinDingo, on 14 June 2018 - 08:24 AM, said:

About 1 year ago WG gave WOTBlitz update 3.8 (aka 3.h8).


What to do when a Blitz player makes a mistake


Sorry, this is the WoT PC forum. We didn't really experience Spare Parts problem or such so we can't relate (we do have our own problems: 3-5-7 MM, SPG, Defenders, Polefenders, 268v4 et al)

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wasaabi #3 Posted 14 June 2018 - 09:07 AM

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