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Could anyone help out?

Help Gold Premium Tank Grind

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Araceli #1 Posted 17 June 2018 - 11:37 PM


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So first thing's first, I'm from the visayas (Cebu city to be exact, Hi sa mga bisdak diri)


Di kaayo ko comfortable mag binisaya so I'll talk in english nya ginagmayng bisaya


I started playing WoT for so long (on and off lang kay tungod sa pag skwela) and so far I've only gone up to the 7th tier

I haven't really got to the 7th tier without actually selling my previous tanks (and a few more) just to cope with the cost of buying (doesn't include the upgrades, ammo, consumables) and right now I've given up hope on my main (which is yet to purchase the Tier 7 German TD Jagdpanther) I've practically given up because I've sold all my tanks (no premium tank on this account to grind credits without losing any to repairs) and I still haven't hit the price of 1.3m, Yes, I know "you should've waited for a sale" or "kasayang sa imong mga tank nya nausik ra" so since I abandoned this account I started a new one, it actually reached O-Ni (yes, I got to purchase it) and also has 2 premium tanks, namely, LTP and that tier 3 russian premium MT, and I would've gotten that tier 7 French LT if I also had the credits (Yes, I sold my T6 LT and T7 HT to try and buy it) but I still couldn't reach the amount, no matter how hard I try to grind on my low level premiums it still wouldn't be able to cut it. So I hopped over to another tech tree to try and focus on getting the Tier 10 German Heavy Tank Maus, I bought a Pz. IV H and worked my way up (trying so hard to minimize my cost of credits per battle) until finally I afforded to buy a VK 30.01 P, once I bought it, I worked my way up to fully research the parts I need to grind (still trying my hardest to spend less credits per battle, like using the small repair kit, small first aid kit and whatnot only when absolutely necessary.) and it happened again. I'm back to square one, exactly like my first account, I'm on a downward spiral and grinding credits on my low tier premiums just wouldn't cut the prices I need to get to Tiger P, I did everything, I sold useless modules (not related to the current tank I'm grinding for) right now I'm at 40k credits and it just pains me every time I finish a match on my T6 MT and see the credits barely even increase. I am so desperate for gold or credits just to help me with my problem, I joined a clan (PME, Philippine Marks of Excellence) so that I would get gold in participating in the clan battles but I didn't have a Cromwell or a tier 6 medium at that time so I didn't really benefit from joining, if anyone here would want to share advice, maybe help me get a premium tank that would help me grind credits faster than playing on low tiered premiums, maybe allow me to join their clan I would appreciate it!


P.S. sorry kung mura kog nanglimos sa ending kay nanglimos mn gyud ko:teethhappy:

MM_is_Broken #2 Posted 18 June 2018 - 04:23 AM


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Hi suggest you dont play above tier 6 if you have no credits

are you doing the campaign missions? heaps of credits there


oooh and this week hopfully the soccer will come 


PLAY THAT ALOT and you will help your credit problem



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I was cared then i shared , not want or who i wanted to be, but this will come to the sum or even the long lost stare, if we could just fix the bus i might just look and smile but since i no care that you swear the evil will once transpire

if i could i would ban arty from from my games because it sucks it ruins gameplay pity the stupids cant see it and how to attack the problem in font of them 


CaptainNoch_01 #3 Posted 18 June 2018 - 05:41 AM


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Reading your post, I've already seen many faults that you have done which contributed to your financial issues and your gaming experience I suppose.


Believe or not, this game requires some planning if you want to enjoy playing without facing such drawbacks. Finances is one of them and sadly to say, it is something that you have to micromanage for the entirety that you play this game. 1.3 Million credits, that may seem monstrous to you and any new players but that price tag will continue rising. Tier 8s will cost you 2 Million, Tier 9 will cost you 3 Million, Tier 10 will cost you a whopping 6.1 Million! 


You mention the desire to participate in Skirmishes/ Clan Wars to earn gold/credits/etc. You can earn them but be prepared to invest heavily on your clan tanks. Gold rounds at higher tier matches, equipment to fully utilise your tank's capabilities in clan wars to increase the chances of victory.


Lastly, despite being a new player, you have already endeavoured in 3-4 different tech tree lines. I hate to admit it but that could also be the reason you lack credits to move up a tier. Even veterans and rather average players like me restrict to 2 trees at a time for efficiency and due to financial constraints. 


These are the points I can provide that may save you from your issue.


1) Purchase back atleast a Tier 5 tank. Why? Why should I purchase back a tank I have finished grinding? Well, you can earn credits from them! Tier 5 and 6 are by far one of the most profitable tiers in the game. Your StuG III is good for its tier and rather fun to play if TD is your thing. Furthermore, as a new player, this will help you build up your skillset. Tier 5 is a good tier to start if you want to learn some of the mechanics and how the game runs as a whole. 


2) Don't immediately sell your tank. Before you sell a tank, you will be told of how much you will earn from selling the tank. Do some simple calculations first. Will you have enough credits to move up after selling the tank? Tanks sell at half price and so if you were to pick up my first point, you have successfully spent 350k + the half price forgone from selling the StuG for example. Sometimes, it is better to keep the tank before to grind some credits. Certainly, that's better than selling the tank from the getgo.


3) Sell the premium consumables you earn as rewards. Some may disagree but if you see yourself not using them, sell them. Go to your 'Depot' menu and under consumables, sell the premium ones. They each sell for 10k credits so selling 20 premium consumables will earn you 200k credits! It is minor but they can help especially if you lots of them sitting there.


4) Don't grind multiple tiers. As a new player, take it slow. By grinding up one line, you can better micromanage your expenses. Multiple lines will force you to spend on tanks of different tier and lines and it can exhaust your balance if poorly managed.


5) You mentioned clan activities. Yep, Cromwell is a tank used a lot in clan related activities. I suggest you grind for it. It's not a bad grind to get the Cromwell and the Centurion AX (Tier 10) isn't all that terrible too (maybe?). But at your current stage, I strongly disencourage joining clans for clanwars. You should get a solid foundation on the game first before picking up CW strats. Randoms will never be like CW where three tanks actually focus fire or rush an entire line on the map. Brush up on the basics and grind up the trees you want rather than making your desire to join clanwars dictate what tank you grind for. Take it slow!


6) As MM_is_Broken has mentioned, play the soccer campaign that is to come this week! Free credits and it will be a relaxing getaway from Random Battles (hopefully). Play some tank soccer while you earn 25k credits and such from missions! Really, exploit the missions that rewards credits or credit boosters.


There are many more 'tips' I can provide but it all boils down to one key word - 'Discipline'.


You need to have the discipline to manage your credits. You need the discipline to not embark on numerous tank trees that will drain your finances sooner or later. You have to discipline yourself to control your greed. If you can't afford the tank, don't go and sell all your tanks. Instead, take your tier 5 or 6 and play as much battles as you can. You will be surprised that you've earned a million credits.



Why do I still play this game? 

Hype_ #4 Posted 18 June 2018 - 08:40 AM


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Absolutely amazing points from CaptainNoch, try following what he's saying, I know even for me there was a bit of handy info in there.

Also, Clan activities are more of an end game thing. If you want to learn to play and plat with some good people I hear WOT-U is a good place to go https://asia.wargami...wot/2000011185/

Best of luck.


Zynth #5 Posted 18 June 2018 - 10:52 AM

    Aufklärungspanzer Panther

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Let the self-proclaimed credit scrounging miser of PBKAC give you some credit saving advice.


Stop rushing up tiers. The cost for maintaining upper tiers is only going to increase. If you aren't a good player you -will- lose credits per game in tier 8 onwards. At tier 10 credit loss occur even for decent players.


Keep a mid tier to help maintain credit income. Tier 5 and 6 are ideal. If your clan is participating in Strongholds, having a tier 6 like a Cromwell will help a lot.


You tell me you rushed up to the Jagdpanther but my heart and wallet screams in agony. You're telling me you bought a tank that isn't on discount?! Sales come on periodically, wait till the tank you want goes on discount and buy it at a discount ranging from 50%(!) to 15% depending on tier and event.


Speaking of discounts, buy equipment during discount periods as well. Why buy a Rammer for full price when you can buy it at a 50% discount? At that price you can buy 2(!) Rammers!


If you've saved up enough cash, then perhaps it is worth investing into consumable discounts. Consumables are necessary and will generally cost maybe about 3000 credits per game on average. This number can pile up after a while. The solution is to stock up on consumables when they go on discount. 50% consumable discount? Just invest a million credits into it or something. It is a long term investment that pays for itself in the long run.


Finally, you're in dire straits right now and you mortgaged your house to pay for whatever it is you wanted to buy. You feel like restarting your account. Wait! There is hope! Go to your "Depot" or Armory or whatever they call it after that stupid UI update. Sell the old modules you don't need anymore. Ground up to the O-Ni? There is that old O-I 100mm gun sitting around somewhere. Sell it to free up more credits.


The main issue you have is that you are rushing. Why rush? To get a tier 10? Getting a tier 10 is meaningless if you don't have the ability to maintain it. This game is not a race. The only prize for rushing to tier 10 is crippling debt.


RIP Aufklärungspanzer Panther 16th July 2015. You will be missed, friend.


But not for long. For "Heroes never die."

Rylevon85 #6 Posted 26 June 2018 - 06:33 AM


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If you got extra tier V don't sell em. Ako tig kwarta sauna kay KV-1. Ayaw pagdali jud kay ang credits imung problema. Use some of those personal reserves pud if naa ka. If mkapalit ka ug tier 8 premium huwata mag sale. 



CHAKA24 #7 Posted 11 July 2018 - 06:30 PM


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So bai, mo gamit og Tier V tanks just like me, para mogrind, grind, grind kadaghan sa imong credits.

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